Level by Kyle Kirkpatrick


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Start in an enclosed outdoor courtyard.  You have your pistols and shotgun in your inventory.  Quickly pick up two small medipacks before you're attacked by two thugs and two dogs.  The dogs stay on the grass until you're ready to deal with them.  One of the thugs drops 3 x shotgun ammo, a dog drops a small medipack.  Vault over the green hillock and shoot two masked henchmen (3 x automatic pistol ammo and the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS).  Three more thugs magically appear (3 x uzi ammo, grenades).  Head toward the waterfall (the closed gate requires a key) and when you step on the wooden decks you hear footsteps.  There's nobody else around to shoot, however, so jump into the water, swim to the other side and pull out.


Oh, fun, fun.  Shoot the two masked henchmen and a dog, pick up the GRENADE LAUNCHER and jump into the canal.  Find a GUARDHOUSE KEY in one corner and a small medipack in the opposite corner.  Pull up onto the wooden dock and get into the motorboat.  Drive through the passage into an open area, dismount (alt + arrow key) and shoot the masked henchman (shotgun ammo and another GUARDHOUSE KEY).  Pull up into a higher area and dispatch four rats, two masked henchmen and a thug.  Use your keys in the receptacles and get back down.  Jump into the water, swim into an alcove in the far corner and grab the K3.  Get back into the motorboat, drive back to the previous dock (or swim, it makes no difference) where four more masked henchmen await, and dispose of them.  Collect the large medipack and 2 x shotgun ammo and swim back toward the mansion.


Pull out and engage three thugs (shotgun ammo and automatic pistol ammo) and two dogs.  Your key won't fit the nearest lock, so hop over the hillock and greet seven masked henchmen and two dogs.  No goodies this time.  Insert K3 in the lock here to open the gate. 


There's a large medipack in the corner to your left as you enter.  Grab it first, as you'll encounter too many enemies here to mention with any precision.  The first wave consists of three dogs, three thugs (3 x shotgun ammo) and two masked henchmen.  As you approach the rows of crates, three more masked henchmen and a thug enter the gate from behind you.  There are more masked henchmen hiding behind the crates -  six of them, to be exact, together with two dogs.  One of the henchmen drops a large medipack.


Enter the enclosed alcove for 4 x large medipack, the UZIS, 3 x grenades, and a RUSTY KEY.  Of course, this triggers another wave of enemies.  I just stood there and waited on them, and the bodies stacked up so thickly that I soon lost count.  My best guess is six dogs, four thugs and five masked henchmen.  No pickups, but none are needed at this point.


You have a good idea where the key goes, so retrace your steps past the open gate, over the hillock and to the far wall.  Your key indeed fits the lock here, so open the gate and run down the passage to end the level.