Neptune’s Lost Palace.

Level by rufierto.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Lara slides down long slopes into a pool, she swims forward to an impressive room.

A Shotgun and a Torch.

Swim over that submerged block in the middle of the pool and dive down into an opening there. Keep left and at the second T-junction go left again, at the next crossing a bit left and then straight (S). Up in the end and use a lever left around the corner to open a gate in one of the underwater tunnels. Go back into the water, swim back N passing the crossing almost straight (N) and to the right at the end. To the end of that tunnel and left where that gate opened up. Follow through and climb out on top of the waterfall where you find a Secret, the Shotgun. Just run and jump down into the pool again, swim down under the block again.

Swim to the left and at the second T-junction go left again, at the next crossing right this time and up. Once out of the water, go left into the SE corner and find a push block in a niche. First climb the block, up into the passage above and follow through, drop down. Use the lever in the corner to open the gate (NW) creating a shortcut to bring a Torch out later. There is another gate in this room and the lever for it is in the SE corner.

Go through the gate (NW) back to the room you just visited and turn right just after the gate, pull the block once, go around it to get behind it. There’s a skeleton in a niche, pull the skeleton away and hop over it to get a Torch (there’s a spare Torch).

Go into the opening right to a closed gate with a burning bowl, stand against the gate and ignite the Torch through the gate. Turn around and take the Torch through the gate S; loop around the wooden structure to the Main Hall.

Take the Torch to the right (E) and drop it for a bit, use the lever on the wall all the way in the end (E) and blocks go up. Climb the one behind you and hop up to that burning bowl (don’t get too close) to grab some Shotgun ammo. Get down and pick up the Torch, jump over the water to the N side and stand against the block there. Jump up and hit the #1 key to draw pistols and Lara drops the Torch on the block (you can also lower the block with the lever and drop the Torch on it to bring it up). Hop, with the Torch, onto the ledge with the bowl, stand in the corner of the bowl and ignite it, the gates left open up.

Hop in there (you can leave the Torch) straight ahead (N) is a gate that needs a Key.

But first we go through the opening left and jump left around the corner onto a block. Then hop onto the block on the pillar and walk across the rope to the next block. Hop down (use Ctrl) into the opening in the wall and follow in slowly. When you step into the next hallway, a spiked wall will start on the right so go left and you can outrun it to the end of the hallway and turn left to push the block there; thus de-activating spikes… OR trigger the wall and hop back, go after the wall and now push the block.

Push Puzzle, the Dining Hall Key.

Go through, jump to the block on the pillar and walk the rope. From the next block a jump down to the right and follow the passage to the right. Drop down into a large hall. On a ledge to the right is a pushable fish statue; we have to get that down.

NE are Flares and to the right is a lever raising a block near the fish, don’t use it yet.

Climb the nearby ledge with the Neptune statue and grab up left to a higher ledge. Take the Explosive arrows and get back down

Go down into the lower section S, you can use the ledges with the columns at the sides to get down there. Shoot the two small benches and get a small medipack and the Crossbow. Down S is a pool we need to flood. Go back up to the higher floor N and select the Crossbow with Explosive arrows, aim the bow by looking at the bowl then shoot it to ignite it.

Two gates open up in the W wall. Go into either one of them and find two push blocks in that room. Push the block on the right (S one) just through the gate and go around through the other gate to pull it once to the N. Go back inside and get the block on the left (N one) out, and put that one in front of the fish statue. Pull the statue once and climb up the ledge on the left next where the fish was for some Shotgun ammo. Now go use that lever (NE) and pull the fish onto the push block, then move it to the raising block (S) and lower it to the floor by using the lever again.

Go into the gate (NW) to get behind the fish, push it once onto the tile with a water main. The water will flow and several hours later that pool will be flooded. Dive in and swim across to that pedestal S to pick up the Dining Hall Key. A gate opens on top of the ladder NW. Get up there and follow through to the Main hall

Go right, jump over to the other side of the canal and climb back up to the open gates N. Go straight this time and use the Dining Hall Key on the left.

The Dining Hall, a Waterskin.

Drop down into the Dining Hall, to the left is a pool where we need to raise a block, so go down the stairs right (E) to the kitchen. Loop around to the left, through the W section and right around the corner to find a push block, pull it just only once and go look behind it.

A burner in a passage, but you can see a barrel in the back of that passage, shoot that and go back. Go all around this structure to the other side and push a block into the wall (twice). Go in left and find a Water Skin on the floor. Go back out, up the stairs to the Dining Hall and to that pool (W). Fill the Skin and go back into the kitchen, in the E section is a pot over a fire, save and get close to pour the water onto the fire. Now you can get behind the cook pot and use the lever, which will raise the block back at the pool.

A Sword (1).

Go back up to the Dining Hall, up on the block and grab up to that fire basket, stay on the side, as the centre is too hot and deadly. Turn around and hop onto the basket S, turn left and walk (you can only take one step at the time when walking slow) to the E ide, jump to the ledge on the pillar and then down to the right to a ledge. Run jump and grab the nearby basket and climb up on the right hand side. One side step left and turn a bit to the right. Run jump to the ledge on the right hand side of the pillar N. Go through a passage around the next pillar and run jump to grab the basket. Jump over to the ledge S and grab a Sword (1).

When you picked up the Sword, some gates opened up near the pool, so drop down, go to the pool (W) and then to the right through the gates to the Arena.

The Arena, Spike Swim for a Rope.

Climb down the ladder into the lower section and go N, weapons ready. A whole platoon of Warriors will come for you. After dealing with them go to the right (NE) through the big open gates and come to a canal. Save and swim to the deep end turn right carefully and when the spike wall start going left, swim along the right hand wall, don’t stop and get through the second one too, swim a around the corner and then to the wall left (E). Get out of the water (left) and use the lever you find. Back into the water and swim back to the first set of spikes but around the corner swim up and go into the opening. Turn around and jump up and use the monkey swing to get to the other side. Follow through and back to the Arena area, pick up a small medipack on the left and use the lever at the S wall. Go back through the passage and use the monkey swing again (it seems impossible to pass the pass the spiked walls a second time) to get to the alcove. Swim S through the second pair of spiked walls to the opening in the corner (SE). Swim along the left wall, then swim when the spikes go to the right and try to keep swimming straight through the next spikes when they also go to the right.

Climb out at the middle ledge and use the lever and see the gates open up in the Arena.  

A Sword (2). 

Leave through the left corner opening (SW) and those gates you opened are W. But first go to the left into the corner and up a ladder, all the way up and turn right, there is a push block. Push it once so it will trigger a rope in the Arena (we don’t get to see that).

Climb back down the ladder and go out through the doors (W), look up and spot the rope.

The Throne Room Key.

Go into the open gates straight ahead (W) and get the Sword (2) from the left pedestal and a Medipack from the right one. Go out and go the passage on the left, then look to the right for a small opening with stairs. Follow all the way up, and at the next crossing go left and around the corner there use a lever opening a gate where we go now. Turn left from the lever and in the end of that passage climb up left where you find that gate overlooking the Arena. Jump to the block, then to the rope and turn left to swing and jump to the block SE.

Jump over to where you see the gates (E) and combine the 2 Swords. Place them in the receptacle left and go inside to get the Throne Room Key.

Safety drop down and go out S to the Dining Hall. To the right of the pool you can open the gates to the Throne Room (W).

The Throne Room.

Go through and the next gates open and close automatically. Have a look around in this impressive room. In an adjoining room right (N) is the Skribblerz Stone, protected by fire.

To the Treasure Room.

Go jump to and climb up the waterfall ledge to the right of the Throne, turn right and jump to grab the opening N. To the left is a keyhole. Turn right and walk to the (E) wall, turn right and run-jump to grab that ledge you see (S). Turn to the left and go to the end, jump and grab the jump lever on the wall (E). That will open a gate to the fish tank behind the Throne.

Climb out of the pool, go N to the Stone Room and into the pool there, swim into the left corner (SW) and use the chain to open a gate on route to the Treasure Room. Get back to the Throne room.

Go back up via the waterfall to that same ledge where you did the jump lever, but now climb up on the right (W) onto a block, up again and through that open gate (jump lever). Swim down to the lower level, to the N side and up left into a corner where the Treasure Room Key is. Go back out of the water, down from the stone ledges to the dark one and jump down left into the ledge NW. Use the Treasure Room Key on the left and the gate opens. Go to the end of that passage.

Stand to the right at the slope overlooking the Stone room, slide and jump onto the basket (stand on the outside again). Jump to the next and then over to the block E (this is where the gate opened when you used the chain in the pool). Go the end of the passage, down onto the lower ledge and stand jump to grab up to the ledge where the jump lever is. Go right, climb the ladder on the left and go over the top of the room, down the other side. OR jump to the left and run to the end then jump into the opening left (S wall).

Turn right from the ladder and head to the E end, face the right hand wall and hop with Ctrl into the opening S. Through that open gate (opened with the Treasure Room Key) and hop to the ledge SW. In case you fall and have to get back up, there’s a ladder near the entrance NE.

The Treasure Room, a Large Pearl.

Jump from basket to basket to get to the opening S. Follow through the passage and jump from basket to basket to a niche N where you find the Large Pearl. Drop down, go to the closed gates NE and climb the ladder to the ledge. Go out the gate left and jump down into the water of the Throne Room.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Go to the Stone room, between the pillars N is a big oyster, give the Large Pearl to the oyster and the flames at the pedestal stop. Go there and claim the Skribblerz Stone.

“That’s another Skribblerz Stone for my collection”.

A gate opened NE, go there and run up the slope…

G&D- March 14 - 2015- August 15 - 2015