Levels by Nicolas Lepy


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with a special thanks to manarch2 for pointing out the locations of several secrets that I missed.


Note:  There's no english.dat file, so I'll render the level names in French as given by the builder.



Level 1: UN TEMPLE EN OUGANDA (A Temple in Uganda)


Slide down into a hilly area lined with palm trees.  Head forward (E) and pause along the left side for flares and a small medipack.  Light a flare in the dark NE corner to find a hole in the ground.  Drop down and slide down further into another hole for SECRET #1.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and pull out N.  Jump up slightly SW and run forward to pull out of the hole into the opening area.  Follow the SE path, shoot a bat and come to a building with a closed door.  Continue along the path to the rear of the building and push the floor lever to open that door.


Before going back, go S along the rear of the building, hop up W and grab the shotgun ammo.  Shoot another bat and return to the front of the building.  Enter and deal with another bat.   Go through the S opening and follow through a cave to a vast open area with several tiers.  Go to the flat-topped archway, turn around and pull up higher.  Go E and jump S to grab the higher ledge.  Shimmy right if necessary and pull up into the flat corner.  Hop forward and pull up higher.   You're at the base of a building with a closed front door surrounded by an invisible barrier.  Go counterclockwise around the building and find a small medipack for SECRET #2


There's nothing more to do here at the moment, so get back down to the flat archway and dive down into the water below.  Pull out N and note the closed door and receptacle.  Go to the SW corner, light a flare to see the hole and drop down for the BA CARTOUCHE.  You know where it goes, so insert it in the receptacle you saw earlier and enter the opened doorway.  Go right, around the corner and time jumps over the two flame blowers.  Go E, jump over another flame blower and come to another tiered area.  Drop down into the water below, pull out and go E until you reach the end of a ledge. 


Drop down into an area with two pillars.  Shoot two scorpions and find a SE crawl space.  Enter and go around left for a small medipack.  Return and follow the crawlspace to a hole where you can drop down into a dark lower passage.  Follow around for some flares in a hole and continue into a room with a pool.  Shoot two scorpions, then shatter the large vases and go around the ledges for uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and a large medipack.  Jump into the pool, swim into the E opening and around left for some shotgun ammo, then go back the other way and pull out into a dark room.  Push the floor lever and return to the main pool.  Pull out and go through the N opening.


Shoot a scorpion to your right and head E into the next room where the camera angle changes.  There are two spike-protected passages.  In between is an alley where you can take crossbow arrows from the plinth.  I took the S spike passage first.  Time a run past the first set, grab the shotgun ammo to your left and run past the second set of spikes.  Pause for the revolver ammo and locate the SE crawl space.  Enter and pull out at the end into a dark room.  Grab the flares in the corner, then squeeze between the statues and push the front one onto the designer tile.  A door opens elsewhere.


Crawl back, return through the spike gauntlet and go to the other (N) spike passage.  Go on through, shoot a vase for uzi ammo and find the door you opened.  Go on through and follow the passage to some water.  Dive in, swim along the SE passage and up a shaft.  Pull out and shoot the vases for more flares.  Push the floor lever to open an underwater door and swim back to the main pool.  Continue swimming N under the crawl space and follow to the opened door.  Continue along the passage to a larger room.  Turn left and pull out at the NE hole.  Shoot two scorpions and push the floor lever to raise a block elsewhere.


Drop back down into the water, swim W then N, follow through the opened gateway and under the S crawl space.  Don't try to surface here, as you'll just bounce up as if on a trampoline.  Instead, swim against a wall and then swim straight up.  You'll still bounce when you reach the surface, but you'll land outside the pool on the ledge.  Exit N, follow past the spike passage, turn left, then right into the passage leading back to the pool, continue on SW through the dark passage and crawl out at the end.  You're met by a skeleton in the two-pillar area, so run past it N into a new area. 


You can take refuge in the trench.  When the coast is clear, jump up into the NW alcove and follow for some crossbow arrows.  Get down and into the NE alcove for a small medipack.  Locate and activate a jump switch on the E side of the central ramp.  A door outside is opened.  Retreat S to the two-pillar room and pull up W.  Use the raised SW block to pull up higher W.  Time a jump past the first flame blower.  Just before you reach the second one, go SE up the ramp.  Pull up into a dark cramped room for SECRET #3.  Shoot the vases and pick up shotgun ammo and uzi ammo.  Get back down and past the remaining flame blowers to get back to the multi-tiered lake area.  Make your way up to the highest tier, using the route described earlier, to find that the front door to the building is now open. 


Go inside and hop over the dormant skeleton to awake it.  There's also another fully awake skeleton inside to add to your woes.   Go S through the blade trap (alas, the skeletons follow) and hop down into the trench.  Locate and active the jumpswitch on the W side to be taken to the next level.


Level 2: LA GROTTE (The Cave)


Run N along the cavernous passage and past a shallow pool.  As you enter an open area with pillars, head for the NW corner and shoot an MP.  Enter the crawl space at the floor of the W wall and enter what appears to be a maze.  Take the first right and get past the steam blower for 2 x uzi ammo.  Go back the same way and take the opposite S branch.  Go left at the intersection for revolver ammo, then turn around and crawl straight W past two steam blowers to where you can stand up.  Pull up into a room and shoot the cover off the S fuse box.  Pull down the switch to release a spike ball elsewhere.  The buttons next to the hole appear to be ornamental, so drop back down and crawl past the steam blowers.  Make two lefts and follow to another hole where you can pull out.  You hear the sound of snapping spikes as you do so.


Pull the crate back once toward the lasers.  Get around it and push it two times N.  Get up on the crate and walk to the W edge.  Jump to grab an opening in the wall.  Pull into a room and shoot the fuse box.  Pull down the wall switch to deactivate the deadlier stationary lasers in the next room.  Run off onto the crate, face N and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing N past the lasers.  Drop down at the end and push the NE floor lever to neutralize some lasers elsewhere.  Get onto the raised W ledge and take a running jump over the first pair of lasers.  Get to the lower floor and crawl underneath the last laser. Jump into the SE hole and crawl past the steam blowers to exit E. 


You can either go straight or right.  Turn right (S) and run through the cave tunnel past another shallow pool.  At the end find a SW block to you can pull up onto.  Jump up W and make your way up to a ledge with a closed door in the far corner.  Jump NE over the gap and enter the N doorway.  Follow the passage into a room with many crates.  Shoot the MP and use the crates to access a higher metal ledge.  Hop down S and shoot a soldier.  Enter the E opening and crawl onto the NW crates for crossbow arrows and uzi ammo.  The button in the SE corner opens a nearby door, but only for a second, so push the button (wall switch animation) a second time. 


Leave this room and run W along the ledge to see the open doorway.  Run past the flaming can and go down the ramp just before the next doorway for uzi ammo.  Continue W along the passage and shoot an MP in the next room.  The nearby crate is moveable, but ignore it for now and go to the NE corner.  Pull the crate there back two times, get up on it and find a crawl space.  However, you can't access it.  Move the crate S and push it into the hole next to the first crate.  Now you can push the first crate S onto a tile that opens a door somewhere.  Before leaving here, return to the crawl space and jump up to grab it.  Pull up inside and crawl to the far end.  Drop down into a hole and pull up into a new room with another flaming can.


Shoot the fuse box in the N wall and pull down the wall switch to reveal a fuse somewhere.  Return via the crawl space to the previous room. Exit E and look down to your left in the room with the flaming can.  Hop down and pick up the BLUE PASS lying on the tile.  Jump back up, using one of the corner ramps, and exit to the room with the metal ledge.  Get down to the room with the crates and exit S.  Go down through the pit to the cave floor and get down to the lower tunnel (beware of illegal slopes).  Follow the tunnel N past the shallow pool and turn right at the pillars.  Go toward the E wall, hop up NE onto the ledge and surprise an MP.  Insert the Blue Pass in the receptacle to open the gate and go inside.


Kill the approaching soldier and check the W passage for a closed gate and a disc receptacle.  Continue N, then E and find a ramp with a spike ball poised at the top.  Enter the N alcove for a small medipack.  You can push the spike ball down the ramp, but don't do so.  Instead, walk down the ramp with pistols drawn and engage two soldiers.  One of them will lob grenades at you, and the explosions should shatter the cannister blocking access to the E opening at the bottom of the ramp.  (The spike ball would do the same thing, but it would also block your access.)  Enter and find shotgun ammo in front of the closed door to the armory.  Vault up SW and follow the passage to a crawl space.  When you can stand up, go left to another crawl space which brings you to a room with a button (E wall).


Pushing the button opens a door in the adjacent passage, so crawl back, head E along the passage and enter a new room.  Hop up into the NW passage and locate a pushable crate.  Push it W so it drops into the channel, then push it S into the room below.  Get down and pull the crate S three more times to the other side of the doorway.  Get on the crate and pull up W into a crawl space.  Follow around the corner for SECRET #4.  Pick up the flares and large medipack, then get back down.  Go to the computer table and pick up the DISC.  Exit this room, crawl out W, run past the armory and up the ramp, follow the metallic corridor to the SW doorway and insert the Disc in the receptacle.  Enter the passage and follow to a new room.


Wait for the MP to arrive and take him out.  He drops a small medipack.  Hop down W to the lower floor and get into the crawl space near the SW corner.  Enter the next room for SECRET #5 and pick up the flares and shotgun ammo.  Return to the large room where you first entered, get on one of the crates, jump W to grab the roof and pull up.  Shoot another MP and get down W to the other side.  Locate the lone pushblock and move it to the NW corner.  Use the pushblock to access a higher alcove and pull up W onto a long ledge.  Follow the ledge to the other end and jump E to grab the higher ledge where you see the white pipes.  Monkey swing E to the next ledge, drop down in front of the pillar and take a running jump with a curve to the right to grab the next ledge N.  Pull up and take a running jump slightly NW with grab to land in an upper alcove.  Approach the closed door to finish the level rather abruptly.


Level 3: LES SOUBASSEMENTS (The Subframes)


You start in a city setting at night, standing next to what appears to be a police car.  Jump over the harmless barriers and look around.  There are flares in the SE corner and three closed doors.  You can open the door in the E wall by the unorthodox manner of standing in front of it and pressing the action key.  Draw your pistols before entering and shoot the ninja inside before he can steal the small medipack.  He drops uzi ammo.  You can shoot the central structure in case the ammo falls within it.  Push the button in the N wall to open the NW door outside.  Shoot the ninja who emerges and enter the new doorway.  


Get the revolver ammo in the SE alcove and locate the crawl space in the NE alcove.  Pull up inside and crawl to a dark room.  Emerge to awaken two slow-moving knights.  Run around them, note the closed door N and follow the S passage.  Turn right, and before you reach the green-tinted opening W look to your right and hop up for the SHOTGUN.  Shoot a ninja and continue W.  Loop around right and enter another green-tinted area.  Shoot two ninjas and pick up the shotgun ammo dropped by one of them.  Look in the SE corner for more shotgun ammo, then find the crossbow arrows behind the NW pillar.


Activate the jumpswitch on the back side of the SW pillar to open the door back in the knights' lair.  Note the closed door in the N wall here and return to where the knights await.  Enter the opened doorway in the N wall and pause for the flares in the near corner to your left.  Light a flare at the next N opening and take a running jump and grab over the deep pit.  Pull up and continue forward into a large room where a flyby kicks in. 


There appears to be a rising block at the NW corner of the central structure.  There's also an open W passage, at the end of which you can see a floor switch, but don't go there yet.  Pull up onto the central structure to find what appears to be a trigger tile.  There's a similar tile at floor level, near the E wall between two slabs.  Jump from the central structure to the raised SE platform.  On the higher ledge, run past the pushpiece and locate the jumpswitch on the back side of the NE column.  There have been reports of bugs in this area (although I tend to doubt that after having played the following sequence), so save your game now before going further. 


There's an invisible barrier surrounding the jumpswitch which makes it hard to activate, but jump at it from a slight angle.  You'll eventually grab it.  What you've done is to open the N door below, but don't go there yet.  Move the pushpiece onto the platform you used to get up here.  Drop to the floor and go through the W passage you saw earlier.  You can either run around the small pool in the next room or swim across.  Push the floor lever to lower the platform in the other room, and the pushpiece with it.  Note the closed underwater door in the SW corner of the pool and return to the large room. 


Enter the opened N doorway and pull a second pushpiece into the room.  Look on top of it and see the letter E.  Place it next to (but not on) the tile between the slabs at the E wall, and not on the nearby shimmering tile you see at the NW corner of the central structure.  Now go to the other pushpiece that was dropped to the floor by the lowered platform.  Look on top of it and see the letter N.  Move it onto that shimmering NW tile.  Now go to the other pushpiece and push it onto the E tile to raise the block with the other pushpiece.  Get up onto the central structure and move the other pushpiece onto the trigger tile.  Mission accomplished.  A door opens in a previous area. 


Exit this area S and take a running jump and grab over the pit.  Run past the knights in the next room, follow the SW passage and return to the room with the strange hourglass-shaped structure in the middle.  Run past it into the open N doorway.  A ninja runs away from you through the W doorway in the next room. Follow him along the passage and engage him and a second ninja.  Enter a small room with a burning police car.  Go into the dark SE corner to hear the chimes of SECRET #6, although there's nothing there to pick up (so it may simply be a trigger of some kind). 


Return to the previous room, shoot the barriers and push the button in the N wall to open a door elsewhere.  Exit S and return to the knights' lair.  Go through the crawl space in the N wall and drop down the other side.  Exit E to the starting room and find the opened door SW.  Go through the passage and into the next area.  Turn around at the portal and find the jumpswitch.  Activate it to drain the pool back at the pushpiece area.  Drop down to the street below.  Go W, jumping over or shooting barriers you encounter, and loop around into the NW alley.  Pick up the CROWBAR and go back to where you dropped down.  At the NE corner shoot a barrier and push the button.  Enter the opened N doorway, go up the stairs and the door ahead opens automatically to bring you back up to the passage by which you entered this area. 


Turn right and return to the pushpiece area via the NW doorway, through the NE crawl space and the knights' lair, into the N doorway and across the deep pit, and into the W passage.  Hop into the drained pool and open the crowbar door (weird animation).  Go inside for SECRET #7.  Pick up the large medipack, the revolver ammo and the UZIS.  Pull out of the pool and return to the starting room.   Enter the SW doorway again and go to the ledge overlooking the street where you activated the jumpswitch earlier.  Locate the crack in the W wall and jump up to grab it.  Shimmy left around two corners and drop down into the alcove.  Go to the W end and take a running jump SW to a ledge.  Jump SW to another ledge around the corner and take a running jump W to the next ledge.  Take a running jump W with a right curve to land inside an alcove.  Grab the crack in the W wall and shimmy left around two corners.  Drop down at the end and hop W across the alley to the ledge.  Enter the open doorway and run forward to end the level.


Level 4: LE QUARTIER (The Neighborhood)


Begin in a dark passage.  Walk to the outside ledge and take a running banana jump W, curving to the right around the pillar to land in the adjacent alcove.  The box is empty.  Take a running jump S across the street to the facing balcony, then run forward and around the corner to the right for SECRET #8.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and uzi ammo and jump back across to the N alcove. Walk to the lighter gray wall W and jump up to grab the crack.  Shimmy left around two corners and drop down into the next alcove.  Pick up the GOLD KEY and safety drop to the street.  Go back E to where you came in and find two more empty boxes.  Note the barriers surrounding two keyholes on the other side of a crawl space.  The weapons you now have won't shatter the barriers.  Besides, you have only one key at the moment.


Go back W and turn right, passing a police car.  Continue to where the paved street ends and meets raw dirt.  There's a closed door in the N wall.  Continue E into an area where two police cars are parked and shoot the SAS.  Proceed under a number of bridges and turn right at the far wall.  Enter a four-pillar room with two empty boxes.  Enter the SE crawl space and follow to a room with a bat and an empty box.  Shoot the all the barriers (to make sure you can get back up when you return) and drop down into the trench.  Follow E to an underground tunnel and turn right.  Light a flare so you won't fall into the deep pit and die.  Jump over the pit and continue S.  Turn left at the wall and find the HOUSE KEY in the alcove.


Retrace your steps, jumping over the pit and pulling out of the trench at a raised spot.  Use the crawl space to get back to the four-pillar room, exit to the area with the bridges, run past the police cars into the dirt tunnel and turn left into the paved street.  Turn left onto the sidewalk just as you enter the street area, face the N wall and pull up onto a ledge.  Turn left and take a running jump W across the street to grab the balcony.  Pull up and use the House Key to open the door.


Go inside, shoot several small boxes (one hides a small medipack) and enter the huge but sparse dining room S.   Go across the room and the S door opens upon your approach.  Turn right in the bedroom area and stop at the edge of a pit.  If you look to your left you can see a crawl space in the far S wall.  Get on the raised slab and take a running jump to grab the crawl space.  Pull inside and crawl forward for SECRET #9.  Pick up the revolver ammo near the end of the long passage, continue to the very end for crossbow arrows and return to the opening.  Drop to the floor and follow the dark street around the corner into a base-like room.


There's nothing in here, so proceed through the NE passage and come to a larger room.  Continue across to the NE corner and enter the ramped passage.  Jump into the water at the end and find yourself in a large underwater cavern.  Locate the hole in the floor at the N wall and swim down for SECRET #10 and shotgun ammo, flares and an extra pair of UZIS.  When you return to the hole you dropped down into, you find that it also is afflicted with the trampoline effect.  Swim against the S wall and up to bounce and land erect at the end of the ramp.  After your air is fully replenished, jump back in and swim E toward the green-tinted area.  Swim up at the end and pull out.  No trampoline effect here, but you're met by an ice wraith


There's an opening ahead (N), but don't go there.  Instead, go through the opening on the right (E) while the wraith gives chase.  Slide down into the next room to alert a fire wraith.  The two enemies will start chasing each other and won't be concerned about you.  Now that you have time to look around, explore the side alcoves in this room for shotgun ammo, crossbow arrows and flares.  Note the boulder poised above the central trench with a gasoline can down below. 


Enter the passage in the S wall and come to a pushblock puzzle.  Push Block #1 in front of you (S) two times, pull it W once and push it S once.  This gets it out of the way, which will help you later.  Go back N into the passage, turn left at the opening and push Block #2 one time W.  Go around clockwise past Block #1 and push Block #3 three times N (past Block #2).  Go back around counterclockwise and push Block #2 one time W, into the passage.  Go back around and pull Block #2 back S two times.  Go back around and push Block #2 one time S into the small room.  Go back around and move Block #2 so that it doesn't block your "go back arounds."  Now go to Block #3, move it S into the small room as you did Block #2, and place it so that you maintain a clear circular path.  Block #4 is in front of where Block #3 used to be, so pull it back S two times, go back around and pull Block #4 E into the side passage.  You now have a clear path to the button that had been blocked all this time by Blocks #3 and #4.  Push it to drop the boulder in the previous room.


Go there and push the boulder down the ramp.  A door opens elsewhere.  Exit this room NW and in the next room go through the E passage to a room with crates.  Shoot the SAS and pick up his uzi ammo.  Locate the floor lever near the NE corner.  Pushing it toggles two rising blocks, one in the SE corner and the other in the SW corner (which is the one now raised).  Move the sole pushblock, which is clearly marked, into the SE corner and push the floor lever to raise it.  Move the pushblock along the S row of crates, and at some point go back and push the floor lever again to raise the SW block. Move the pushblock onto the marked tile to open another door elsewhere.


Exit this room NW and return to the W water hole.  Dive in and swim to the exit hole where you once again have to fight the trampoline effect.  Run S up the ramp to a room you visited eons ago.  Exit NW and into the next room, continue SW and trigger some rather meaningless action music in the cave tunnel.  Go a short distance into the tunnel and turn around to shoot two SAS who were stalking you.  Continue to the E wall and pull up on the left side.  Go through the sparse bedroom into the sparse dining room and exit N.  Go through the crate room and emerge on a ledge overlooking the town streets.  An SAS may be shooting at from you from an inaccessible rooftop high up to your right.


Drop down to the street, go N and find the doorway that you opened earlier.  Enter and follow to a crude stairway.  Go partway down the stairs, climb up onto the ledges on either side and execute banana jumps E around the pillars.  At the end of the NE passage is a large medipack, at the end of the SE passage is a floor lever that opens the door at the bottom of the stairs.  Go there and note the jumpswitch in the S wall.  However, leave that for later.


Enter the E doorway and save your game.  If you slip and slide into the water below, you'll die.  Take a curved running jump SE to the near corner, then jump to the NE alcove and take a banana jump N around to the next alcove (save your game first).  Activate the jumpswitch to purify the water behind you.  Don't slide down into the water, however, or you won't be able to get out again.  Instead, take a banana jump N around the pillar, make your way counterclockwise around the room and pause for the flares along the way, and exit W.  Now it's time to activate that jumpswitch in the S wall, which changes the configuration of the previous room (it wouldn't have done so earlier) and provides a flat spot for you to pull out of the water.  Jump in and pick up the GRENADE GUN and some grenade gun ammo.  Pull out W and exit this room.  Go up the stairs and return to the street.   


Go SW and look for a yellow trash bin next to the police car.  There you'll find the other door you opened in a previous area.  Enter and follow N up a long ramp and enter a new area with four pillars and two closed doors.  Slide down SW and find another closed door.  Jump back up the slope and exit this area.  Obviously there are other things you need to do before you come here.  Back in the street, head N, right at the dirt mounds and continue E past the two police cars.  Just past the second one, turn left into a dark alley and jump the block to a wooden barrier.  Use your grenade gun to shatter it and enter.  In the mercifully bright room is a jumpswitch.  Activate it to open one of those doors in the four-pillar room. 


Return to that room via the open doorway next to the yellow trash bin and locate the opened door in the N wall.  Enter the alcove and pick up the REVOLVER (at last).  Go back to find that you've awakened two knights.  They've come from the opened E door, so go there and go to the end of the N passage for the almost impossible-to-see GOLD KEY.  A cut scene reminds you of the Knight of the Living Dead.  You've got what you came for, so leave this area (another cut scene shows more menace in the street) and go down the S ramp and out the E door to the street.  Avoid the knights while engaging three ninjas and an SAS.  Don't attack the brutish knife-wielding guy, however.  He's waiting for you at the barriers you could do nothing about earlier.  However, now that you have the grenade gun, draw it and blast those suckers. 


Crawl inside and use your two Gold Keys to open the door between them.  Loop around right and find the CROSSBOW in the SE alcove.  In the larger N alcove is the LASER SIGHT and some revolver ammo.  Exit to the street.  The brutish dude is still there, waiting patiently for you to do something.  So are the knights.  Run W into the open doorway next to the yellow trash bin.  Go up the N ramp and turn left to slide down into the area with the final closed door.  Combine your laser sight and revolver, look up W and see the white top of a vase.  Zoom in and shoot it to open the SW door.  Enter and proceed S.  Ignore for now the area underneath the dark trench. Hop into the S opening and drop down into a large tiered room.   


Hop down and go to the SE corner where you'll find the first of several floor levers that raise and lower blocks.  It's not necessary to use them all, however, so what follows is just one way to reach your objective. Push the lever to raise the nearby block to your right.  Get up on it and jump W to grab the bridge.  Pull up and note the glint of a faraway jumpswitch in the top right corner of your screen.  That's where you need to go.  The light gray surfaces are deadly, so take a running jump W to the next bridge and ignore the floor lever near the W wall. 


Hang from the N edge and shimmy left until you're past the gray textures (the builder may not have intended this short cut).  Pull up, run forward and push the floor lever to raise the block right in front of you.  Get on it and pull up to a higher bridge.  Get on the block in the NW corner and activate the jumpswitch to flood the area underneath the dark trench you saw earlier.  Get back down (the simplest way is by retracing the steps you took to get here) and exit N.  Jump into the water-filled trench and swim down left.  Find the previously inaccessible crawl space in the W wall and swim inside.  Pull out into a passageway and follow to a room where you'll meet up with Captain Hook.  When he dies he leaves behind the HOUSE KEY.  Find the keyhole in the N wall and open the door.  Grab the SCEPTER just inside and watch the door ahead open automatically.  Run forward to end this adventure.