Captain Alban Olympics


Level by TimJ


Walkthrough by manarch2



The Gold Key


At the start of the level the timer doesn't yet count, run through the starting portal – timer starts –and slide down into the valley. Head E, run below a bridge and run into the NE tunnel. Spot and climb up to a crevice in the E wall, shimmy left and climb up into the crawlspace. Get further and pick up the Gold Key here. Climb back out. Run SE now, into a passage to the left of the hut, passing a closed door with a keyhole (in which the Gold Key doesn't fit). Pick up Flares and further on Uzi Ammo. There are several passages and buttons in this area; the button SW is malfunctioning, the SE one is for later and the S passage is deadly for now. So head into the only free passage E and come to a pool room.


Timed Run Preparations


Pick up Uzi Ammo and use the switch nearby to open an underwater door below. Dive into the water, swim SE and climb out for a Large Medipack. Now get back in the water, find the open door SW and swim through the passage, left at the junction and pick up 2x Uzi Ammo. Swim back to the previous room, climb out to refill the coldness bar, then dive back in the water, follow the SW passage again (this time without swimming to the left). In the larger chamber use the underwater lever to the left to open a trapdoor so that you can climb out of the water. The left E button is only to close the trapdoor, which is not needed so leave it as it is. The N switch on the wall turns off the electricity in the corridor outside this room, but there's no need to use it now since it's only one of two pieces of a double timed run, the second is still to be prepared. So open the door leading back there with the SE button, not forgetting the Uzi Ammo on the SW engine, then head SE and open the door with the nearby button and enter the office. Don't use the left button – it only closes the door. From the boxes around the room you can find 4x Uzi Ammo, Flares and a Small Medipack. The button in the SW corner is the (timed) trigger for the door behind the electricity trap, this one needs to be activated after the other one though.


Timed Run, Garage


So return all the way to where you climbed out of the water. use the N switch to deactivate the electricity for some time, then sprint all the way back to the SW button in the office. Push it, then dash back around the tables into the safe passage and through the hopefully still open door. In this larger warehouse first push the button to the right of the entrance to reopen the door, then use a switch in the E passage to your left twice(!) to turn off the electricity when you return through the passage. Climb the box to the right of the switch to find the Uzis, then search the room for a total of 4x Uzi Ammo, a Small Medipack, a Large Medipack and Flares. On a block in the middle of the W wall where the camera angle changes you can grab the Garage Key from the higher slanted block. Now exit this room through the passage where you came from, head back N through the passages until you find the keyhole you passed earlier. Use the Garage Key and find a snowmobile inside. First push the button in the rear of the garage to open the door, inside the next room pick up the Large Medipack and exit (ignore the other button).


Snowmobile Ride


Mount the snowmobile and the garage doors open, drive over four soldiers and up the E ramp. Before jumping over the first pit, stop and dismount. Use the Gold Key in the keyhole to open the door and pull the first of three levers at the end of the tunnel to open one of three doors somewhere. Return to the bike, climb on it and jump over the first pit. Drive on and over two soldiers, then dismount again because the next pit would be too wide to jump over without extra speed. The soldiers have left the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Climb into the S tunnel and follow it until a cutscene shows three soldiers arriving, kill them with the Uzis and pick up a Small Medipack one of them leaves behind. Spot a free passage to the W and head through it.


The Fuel for the Big Jump


Use the lever at the left side of the pillar in the middle of the bridge to open three cell doors in the previous corridor. Only the N and S ones have something of importance – the N one a Small Medipack, the S one a lever which floods the hall below the last lever. Return there, dive into the water where all the dead monks are and use the underwater lever at the E side of the pillar to open the door S. Climb back onto the bridge, enter the new room and pick up a Large Medipack, the Uzis, 2x Uzi Ammo and a Bottle of Boosting Fuel. Exit through the just opened door. Use the Gold Key again in a keyhole to the left, the door opens and use the second of three levers to open another of the three doors. Get out of this passage via the way you came from – run to the very N of it and place the fuel on the bike. Now speed up maximally and jump over the large gap, soon afterwards you can't (better: shouldn't) get further with the bike. Dismount, climb up the ledge and head up the ramp avoiding several stalactites and spike gaps.


The Secret


In the large open area head to the right to find more Uzi Ammo, then run down E to the end, kill four snow leopards (one might not appear) and head further S. Pick up a Large Medipack here. Now open the last door with the Gold Key. This time there are some very nasty blades that will hinder your way. To deactivate them head back a bit and open the trapdoor in front of the lattice on the side with the ring, drop into the hole and use the jumpswitch. The spike passage is now safe, so you can climb up and safely head through, then use the third of three levers to open the last of the three doors just outside (expert challenge: try to get through the spike passage without using the jumpswitch). Head through the open passage here, avoid the water holes (picking up Uzi Ammo in the middle of the room) and head into the S tunnel. Follow the bridge to the right, pick up a Small Medipack (don't mind the enemy behind the fence) and return to where the bridge makes a turn. Spot an icy ledge SW, jump there, then hop onto the W slope so that you slide down backwards. Grab the edge and drop onto the ice pillar where you can pick up the Water (to Refresh Athlets) which is the only Secret of this level. Jump back up to the edge, shimmy to the right and climb onto the icy ledge, then jump back to the bridge and head all the way back through the room with the water holes and the door passage to the huge outside area.


To the Finish Line


Head a bit W, then S into a tunnel. Slide down the slope, then follow up the passage. Use the lever, the yeti will be out of reach, and climb the block. Kill the previously released soldier, head further up and use the next lever, but here you aren't safe of the next yeti – kill it. Run up the passage to its end. Here you can climb onto the zipline, enjoy a raid across the valley until you reach the finish line. A cutscene kicks in so enjoy a nice finale of this level.