BtB 2015-20- Dionysian Rite.


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.



Saves Folder.


1 secret, tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.


Preparations for a Timed Run.


Go up the steps NE and open a blue door on the right, inside go to the next room on the right as well and get the Shotgun ammo on the floor.


Outside again take a right to the village square and then aim for the far left corner (NW), up the stairs, loop around to the left to the Upper Terrace, keep on the left till you bump into a wall with a small window, a Harpy appears behind you. Jump up and grab the roof (S), shimmy left to the next balcony and use the floor lever there to open a gate in one of the houses.

Shimmy back and loop left around the house and open a wooden door. Inside go left and into the hole in the floor. Follow through, through the gate opened with the floor lever and around the corner on the left a door opens and a Gladiator comes in.

In the windowsill on the right (E) you can find Flares.


In the house go to stand on that raised tile left, climb up into the passage. Follow through and in the passage on the left is a door that opens with a timed lever (for later). For now go straight and find Dionysian Wine (Medipack) between the wine barrels.  

Go S and down the stairs, get Flares after shooting the box in the corner and then open the double doors. This is a shortcut for that Timed lever, so step outside.


Timed Run.


You are back in the first house where you opened the blue door, go outside and take a right, find another blue door further down on the right as well and get in. In the next room is a TIMED lever around the corner. Pull/roll take a right and left, outside through the blue door, go left and through the next blue door. Through the double door, up the stairs on the right, loop around to the right, pass the barrels and go sort of straight (bit left/right) through the open door. (Savegame.0)


Go left and run against that flowerbed in the right hand corner, then jump to the right to a ledge. Go to the right and get the Uzi clips, turn around and go right around to the back of the house. Take a right through a dark passage. The Gate on the right (E) is also a Timed one, for later.


The Vase Puzzle, the Warehouse Key.


Jump down left over the balustrade onto a block in the yard, go straight (N) and left. Upon entering spikes pop up on a carpet left. Next to it is a lever that will open a door on the left (S wall), use it. To the left in an alcove is a vase with Dionysian Wine (Medipack). The other carpet is also a spike trap. Nothing else to do so go back to the yard and open the glass door (S).

In the room on the right get Shotgun ammo from the windowsill, the lever near the blue door (S) lets you get back to the main square, but stay inside.


Get the Vase.


Go back to the first room; use the floor lever (raises a pillar on the yard outside N). Turn around and grab the crack (S wall) and ledge jump up into the room above. In the corner (NW) are some Uzi clips; then open the double doors (S) creating another shortcut. Go out and loop right around the house, through the dark passage to the balcony, now jump over the fence to grab the raised pillar and shoot out all the windows, go inside. For now DO NOT use the floor lever as you need it later to bring a huge vase up here.

Open the double doors on the right of the burners, creating another shortcut back here later. Go through those double doors to the terrace and shoot a Harpy if you didn’t do that already. I jumped over the balcony to the square below, turned around and went into the door (N), the room with the spiked carpets.

Lara looks at a huge vase.


Raise the Vase.


Pull back the vase twice (E) then push it twice N onto the corner of the spiked carpet and immediately back flip. Go out the door and left around the corners into the door there, take a right to the second room and then a left into the yard and at the end a left again. Pull the vase from the spikes (will cost you quite some health) and push/pull it through the door E and into the yard and almost to the end. Then push it in between two blocks on a different looking tile between the blocks (W wall).


Go into the house (S) straight ahead and use the crack to get upstairs, go left to the balcony and loop around to get to the NW corner, go left through the gap in the fence and right into the house, right again to the room with the burners and use the floor lever in there, the vase goes up one level.

Go outside to the pillar and safety drop down. Into the room S again and use the lever to bring down the tall pillar. Push the vase on it, back to the last lever and push it again to raise the vase.


Timed Run.


Use the crack behind you again to get up and on the balcony go to the back of the house, take a left through the yellow flowers fence again and use the door there to get to the room with the burners and pull the vase inside. Push it right into the corner to free the window and access to the tall pillar. Go to the last window N and shoot it. Take a running jump to a well-hidden opening in the wall behind the yellow flowers in the corner and use the TIMED lever.

After using the lever, jump back to the window across the yard, run in and left, jump over the lever and go left onto the tall pillar, line up and run jump over the balustrade to the balcony where the Timed gate is left (savegame.1).


Use a flare to spot a crawlspace and get in. Avoid the nasty trap and use the lever.


The Warehouse Key and Uzis.


The emitters are gone, now retrace your steps and either jump over the balustrade or take the long way around to get to the room with the vase (in case you pushed the vase into the corner like me, it is a bit of work, but you can squeeze Lara in between the vase and the wall, she can’t pull it out of that corner (savegame.2).

Now push/pull it to the different looking (yellow) tile at the other side (N).

Go into the door left and around to the right that gate has opened.

Watch out for spikes then grab the Warehouse Key from the pedestal and the Uzis from the one on the left.


The Warehouse, the Antique Sword.


Get outside (S) and on the terrace a harpy can attack.

Jump over the fence down to the square and take a right, go around the corner up the stairs to the Upper Terrace and right around the corner to use the Warehouse Key at the door (N). Go in and loop around to the right, shoot the crate and get some Orange Juice. Time the burners (best is to reload and immediately run jump diagonally through to the left, use the Timed lever on the E wall and run around the burner to jump back through (diagonally to the left).

Now you can get the Antique Sword from the pedestal if you’re fast enough (savegame.3). Go out and take a right around the building, near a flower bush you can find some Orange Juice.


Gladiator’s Wine.


Back to the warehouse and loop around left, go down the stairs to the square and take a left. Use the Antique Sword on the door there.

Jump in the water and swim to the end, climb the wall with the vines and back flip. Jump to a crack in the E wall and shimmy to the vines, back flip/roll and grab the climbable surface of that pillar, shimmy around one corner and climb up grabbing the monkey swing. Loop around to the left onto a fenced off pillar. Grab the Gladiator’s Wine and see a door opening up. Jump into the water and swim S and get out, shoot two Gladiators (perhaps they are mad that you took their wine).


The Church Key.


Make your way to the SE into that street there. Go to the right at the corner and right again and then all the way straight ahead (W) into the door. Before going in get the Orange Juice on the left.

Once inside go through the open gate and on the left find Dionysian Wine and a bit further a trapdoor. Open it, climb down and shoot a crate (NW) for Uzi clips. Climb the stairs NE and open the door, creating another shortcut. Left on the ledge near the wooden door is Orange Juice. Go back inside and the way you came, up to the room with the trapdoor and now descend the stairs on the right (W). Follow through and get into a small area. Get the Church Key from the pedestal, two Wraiths starting to chase Lara. Make your way up the stairs and go straight first, then go left, down that trapdoor, through the room, up the stairs and once out the shortcut door you opened, take a left and around the corner to the Village square. Go sort of straight to the building behind the fountain (N-crowbar door) and jump in the water to get rid of the nasty pests.


The Church.


Get out of the water and to the square and then go around the corner to the right, up the stairs to the Upper Terrace and around the building to the door in the W and use the Church Key there. Two goats come out (they sound happy to finally see a person). Get into the church and find a trapdoor in the far right corner (NW). Slide down to a dark dingy place, go left and jump around a corner to a ledge (just below the slopes at the entrance here is Orange Juice, you can run jump back up to the entrance). Go down the steps there and get to a large hall. Jump to the column and turn left, jump and grab the edge of that triangle opening and follow through and up. A Gladiator is roaming around; in one corner is a floor lever (flip it) and in the other are Flares.

Go down the steps left of the lever (S) and you are back in the room where you encountered the Wraiths, a shortcut of sorts?.


Gate Puzzle, a Shotgun, Flood the Place.


Go back the way you came (down the hole in the floor) and I found it easier to hang from the triangle opening and do a back flip to the column. Jump to the steps on the left (SW) and safety drop down. Go to the right (W) and notice an underwater lever on the left. Go further and in the next opening open the sarcophagus for Uzi clips. Go back to the SE corner to climb up to the steps. On the top use the lever in the alcove, go out to the right and jump into the open gate. Get the Shotgun and jump back to the steps. Use the same lever again. Jump back to the column (NE) and then to the other side (N). Go left and jump/grab the climb wall on the pillar and shimmy to the other side and climb up, using the monkey swing, drop down at the end. Grab up to another ledge straight ahead (W), turn around and jump to the ledge with the gate E to shoot the skeleton off the ledge. Turn to the right and jump to the column with the stone block and grab it. Ledge jump up, turn right and jump over (with Ctrl) to the ledge W and get the Shotgun ammo, look up (W) and use the jump switch. Jump back and turn S and jump to the lever in the open cage there. This fills the lower part of these ruins with water.  


A Torch.


Jump in the water and swim to the right, you’ll see an underwater lever there (under the steps), that is for later when you have the Torch. So climb out at the steps and use the floor lever again. Jump in the water and swim to the ledge in the NW corner (you can also jump there over the new pillar SW) and climb up to the double iron gate and grab the column with the stone block, jump up and jump to the column on the left and from there into the open gate. Get a Torch and jump via the column into the opening in the wall (N).


Ignite the Torch.


Shoot a skeleton of the ledges and NW you can see a wall torch that needs some fire. For now go straight (N) and jump over the first waterhole. Leave the Torch here (not in front of the gate because when that opens the Torch disappears into the water), and get in the water swim straight and around the corner loop to the right and use the underwater lever. Get back to the passage and get out. Grab the Torch, go in and light it on the wall torch (in the room with the gate are Flares if you want them).


Jump over the balustrade in the E direction (to land on the floor and not in the pit) and from there jump around the corner to the S wall as before, down the stairs. Jump over to the column and to the steps near the floor lever. Run jump to the raised pillar in the water (NW) and from there to the ledge N. Hop up the blocks and ledge to get to the double gate. Leave the Torch there.


Lower Level Key.


Jump to the column with the stone block, up and into the opening N again, just inside drop down to the ground floor and look for the double gate S, open it with the lever and step out. Dive into the water, swim to that underwater lever under the steps and use it to switch the blocks. Swim back to the ledge NW, get out and grab up to the ledge W, get the Torch and jump to the block W, over to the ledge under the ceiling so you can jump to the pillar with the stone block. From there into the opening N and follow through to the wall torch NW and ignite the wall torch. Leave the Torch.

Jump with Ctrl. into that small opening on the left of the wall torch (W).


Ball Trap.


There is a Ball, so run like hell down and to the left, over a breakable tile and jump to grab the crack (savegame.4) and shimmy to the right and pull up. Run jump towards the opposite side and grab the monkey swing (green), go to the end, let go and grab, shimmy left and around the corner back jump from the wall.

Climb up and get the Lower Level Key from the pedestal and Uzi clips on the side (S). Walk to the W wall and jump to grab the jump lever, slide and back flip to a safe block. The lever lowered spikes in the E part where that ball is. Take a running jump to the other block (N), then right to the crack on the corner and shimmy to the right as far as possible and back jump. Make your way to the opening the Ball came from and up the slope.


Use the Lower Level Key.


Jump out to the ledge where you left the Torch.


Secret preparation: Take the Torch and hop down from the ledge,

go E into that pit, run jump up to the E floor, turn around and jump left around the SW corner as you did before, go to the ruins and jump to the column. Turn left and hop up into the triangle opening, follow up over a closed trapdoor to the room where you shot a Gladiator before. Ignite the wall torch N. Go into the opened gate E and grab the Secret Handle.

Pick up the Torch again, go down the hole in the floor (N) and drop the Torch ON that closed trapdoor and leave it there (we need it one more time). Go down to the passage, jump into the water and swim NW, get out, climb the ledges to the double gate. Go in and you are back where we left off.


Hop down from the ledge and go into the passage N to use the Lower Level Key on the right.  Behind you, in the NW corner is Dionysian Wine. Go into either one of the gates and follow through, jump down and slide jump over the spikes. Climb up the wall.


Fiery Push Puzzle.


In the next room go to the far left corner and jump on the column, turn left and jump the next one. Turn to the right and a running jump will get you to the next (NE), from there jump to the one with the stone block on the left. Face the grate in the ceiling and a stand jump forward so you can grab that grate. Monkey swing to the sloped one and if you want Orange Juice, first jump to the column SW. Get back up to the sloped pillar (long way over the columns) and the last jump is to the NW corner (no Ctrl). Use the jump lever on the wall.


Now you have to move the 4 ornaments in the 4 corners towards an ornament with a burner nearby so they will be heated. You can crawl underneath the flames.

-NW two times to the S onto the tile (crawl around the pillar under the flames)

-SW two times to the E

-SE two times to the N

-NE two times to the S and then two times to the W.


A short flyby and all Burners are off.


Go to the S wall as the vines are burned down, and jump down. (Secret hunters, scroll down first). Go W to some Flying Shoes..


For the Secret: Go left (E) and into that passage, up some steps and shoot the vase in the right hand corner behind the wall torch for some Flares.


Turn around and go down on the E. Around left you can see three poles in the spike pit. Run jump to the first and turn to the right so that Lara is looking straight to the wall, back flip and roll to grab the edge of the alcove. Get the Uzi clips and line up to run jump NE to the most left pole (skipping the second pole), turn around, climb up a bit and back flip (no roll) to a ledge (if you come up short, just slide and jump to the pole again). Climb up on the left (W) and use the lever there. The trapdoor will open and the Torch drops. Turn around and go up the steps opposite the lever to grab the Torch.


Down the steps to the lever and just run left (W) into the hole and slide down to where you can now ignite the wall torch (S) to open the gate. Go into the open gate and get the Secret Head. You can leave the Torch behind.


Go N through the passage to get back to the cave where we left off.

Back in the underground cave go W and at the Flying Shoes go right where you can use that Secret Guardian (combine Handle and Head). Climb down to the Secret, 2x Thunder bolt ammo and Zeus’ Thunderbolt. Go back up and now go to the Flying shoes.


Get up to the Shoes and be ready to rock and roll. Better save first as you have to go over a burner, when the burner starts, slowly count to 3 and then go. After the flight, grab the crack (savegame.5) and shimmy to the right around two corners, back jump/roll and grab the vines and climb all the way up. Back jump with roll so you can grab the edge and climb up. Shoot the two Minotaur’s and pick up some Orange Juice and Shotgun ammo from the alcoves W.

Up on the same wall are trapdoors and the levers under them.

They should go up by levers: up – down – down – up. Now jump on them so you can jump onto that middle island.


Get the Dionysus’ Scroll and read it:


Pitty Mortal, pour wine for every prisoner and you shall see their fate. Remember, always take one less drink haha!


Get left and right the Small and Large Amphoras (the tile under the scale is deadly). Jump back to the pillar and at the second one jump into that passage on the right (NW). Push the button and see spikes at the scales go down. Safety drop down, push two of the levers so that they are: up – down – up – down and go to the middle opening in the W wall to fill your Amphoras.


There are two endings, it all depends the amount of water you pour into the scale. But only one will set the villagers free…

The end #1.


Fill the large amphora and combine it with the small to leave 2 litres in the large (for every prisoner you can see through the gate S, there’s 3 of them and one drink less =2).


Get onto the island to fill the scale (face W), the prison gate (S) opens, go down there again, get the Olympic Laurel and watch the flyby.


The end #2.


3 Litres (any other amount will do; but you have that in the vase anyway after getting 2 litres in the large).

Go up and put that 3 litres in the scale, go down again and to the slope N, more doors will close and the prisoners are lost forever…


G&D-Sept 2015.