BtB 2015-18- The Horn of Amalthea.


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


No secrets.


Dive in the water SW and pick up some Flares. Swim around the pillar under the jetty to find the Crossbow. Get back on the jetty and go to the land. At the back of the houses you can find some Arrows.


City Gate and Perseusí Sword.


Go into the cave and a Gorilla and some birds attack. To the left as you come into the cave is a crowbar lever (later).

Go in and to the N wall, jump up to a stone slope that goes to the right (E). At the end hop over S and find the City Gate Key. Go back to the start of the slope and now jump up to the other side (W) for Flares. Get back to the ground floor and to the right (W) and meet some goats. Use the City Gate Key at the gate at the end.

Go to the left, around the house and left again under an arch to a courtyard with a cat and follow through to the right to a fence with pink flowers. Behind it is a Gladiator, kill it and get his Perseusí Sword.


Open the Church.


Now you better go all the way back to the entrance of the cave to that crowbar lever that needs this Sword. Go S and around the corner left, left again and then a right, around the house and right through the gate and all the way down. Watch the flyby and make your way back to the gate and to where you killed the gladiator and follow through to a square with a fountain.


The Church, the Guardian Goddess.


The doors you opened are on the left. First go to straight and then to the right around a yellow house and behind the big tree (also right) are 2x Arrows.


Go S, stay close to the wall and get 2x Shotgun ammo from the terrace and then head left a bit to the Church doors you opened. Inside is a Harpy. Along the left wall you can find the Shotgun on the floor. In between the benches are Flares.

Pull away the statue NW to the E (pull it the other way and nothing will happen) and the floor opens, when you jump down a ball starts rolling so jump away and another ball comes down so jump back when it does. Go down the slope and around to the right next to the balls is a crawlspace, crawl through and run over the first breakable tile but stand still on the second one to drop down safely.

Go to ledge on the left for Flares and down the steps for the Guardian Goddess. A skeleton keeps harassing you so shoot the cross (simply with the pistols) run back to the back wall (N), the spikes are gone, jump and grab up to the right and pull up. Go back through the crawlspace and up the small pillar.


The Baths Key.


Go out of the church, take a left (in the garden left is Orange Juice (small medipack) and go up the stairs and place the Guardian Goddess next to the blue door there. Get in and follow through, on the left is a sarcophagus with 2x Flares and Ambrosia (Medipack).

Go back to the hallway, left and down the steps there. Shoot two vases for Shotgun ammo and a Baths Key.

Time to leave this house and once down the stairs take a left and go straight to the Building where you can use the Baths Key.


Bath House, Coins of Amalthea.


Shoot the Minotaur and inside find 4 doors you can open. Open the right hand door on the W and enter, into the water and up at the other side. Jump on the wooden counter and get Ambrosia.

Go behind the counter and pull the huge vase away so you can open the trapdoor in the ceiling. Get onto the counter and grab the crawlspace (W). Follow through and at the levers only use the one on the right (S).

Back through the crawlspace and through the pool, out the doors loop around to the right (W wall left) and open the door. Jump on the small pillar and climb higher and go left to push the button there.


Out the door and go straight to open the doors (E right), slide down. There is a ladder on the left side of the pillar and once down loop around right for some Flares. Climb up again and jump to the pillars avoiding the knives (Hop-running jump- running jump).

Pick up the Coin of Amalthea #1 and use the monkey climb on the ceiling to get back. Take a right and open the last doors.

Get through the first spikes and duck before the sliding knives, hit the sprint key and roll twice (duck & sprint) in one go through the next traps when they opened up. Go get the Coin of Amalthea #2. Hop back before the spikes pop up. Again duck in front of the spikes, roll (sprint key) through at the moment they open up, through the next spikes to get out of here.




Take a right and into another pool and swim in the open door in the left corner. Swim immediately left at the entrance, follow through and at a larger room keep to the left (SE) and right around the next corner (W) and to the next area there is an underwater ceiling lever in the SW corner. Pull it roll go back to that passage and keep going right to pull out at the open trapdoor.


Balls will roll down, run forward along the left or right hand side and then curve back to the middle again when you see a ball show up behind you. Around the left corner, stand somewhere in the middle and just slide and jump over the lava to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy to the right and around the corner.

Let go and place the two Coins of Amalthea on the wall (N).

This opens a trapdoor around the corner.

You are now in a huge cave, run straight through the waterfall before Medusa becomes dangerous and pick up the Great Horn of Amalthea from the pedestal.


G&D- Oct 2015.