Level by Mike Petruzzi (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] I had many strange looking objects in the level. They were probably supposed to be enemies created by TRWest. However, TRWest always crashed on me so I just created a tut1.tr4 level with the tut1.* files the author provided. As a result, most of the enemies did not appear and are not listed in this walkthrough. [End note]

Slide down an incline into a valley and go right. Notice an opening high up on the right wall. Continue forward and kill two dogs. Around a corner on the North wall, instead of a rock wall, you notice a column-like climbable wall leading to an opening. Climb up and enter the tunnel. Go through the crawl space and drop down to a ledge. Save now before the slide. On the second slide, jump into an opening to the right side just before a spike pit. Go to the end for shotgun shells and secret #1. Get back out and continue sliding down to land in front of a climbable wall. Grab it and climb up as a spike ball rolls towards you. When the ball stops, get down and run up the South ramp. At the top turn around and grab a ladder. Climb to the top and pick up the first Hand of Orion. Exit the hole and you are back to the starting valley. Continue down the valley and jump over a spike pit. Follow the valley some more until you reach an area with steps.

First go to the North end at the side and pick up flares. Then go back and go up the steps to jump the gap and enter a short tunnel. At the end drop to another tunnel and follow it. When you see a pool at a tunnel exit, sprint down and turn right as a spike ball follows you. Pick up two Uzi clips from the floor at the doorway. In the pool are a closed gate and an opening. Swim into the opening and follow the underwater tunnel to a room. Pick up flares, Uzi clips and use the switch. You get a cut scene of the underwater gate opening. Return to the pool and the gate is open. Swim in and follow to pull into a room next to lion statues. You can see darts shooting from the walls ahead. Go the pit and pick up shotgun shells. Then to the top of the ramp and use the monkey swing. Near the end, drop and jump from a slope to grab a climbable wall. Climb up and get Uzi clips. Get down and follow the corridor to a large room with columns. Kill two scorpions and pick up two shotgun shells from the both rear corners. To the South is a closed door. To the West is a closed door with flares at the left. To the North is a large medipack and a crawl space in the corner. Get into the crawl space and at end dive into some water. Swim to the end for a small medipack and secret #2. Get back to the large medipack, pick it up and the West door opens.

Enter the door and up stairs to a balcony. There is a closed gate in the North-East corner. Jump to the other balcony to pick up shotgun shells. Use the switch there and the gate opens. Jump back and enter the gate that closes behind you. Turn around and jump up to grab a ledge. Pull up and follow the tunnel to a room. Pick up the shotgun and a second Hand of Orion and get a cut scene of the other large door opening. Look North and notice that a small gate has also opened. Go there and drop into some water. This was where you found a secret so swim out and through the crawl space back into the big room. Run through the open doors, go to the end, and pull up to the left into a valley area. Follow the valley and kill two dogs. When you reach Petra, you get a flyby of the area.

Enter the building and see two switches, two closed gates, a single door to the North, double doors to the South-West and a spike pit. Use the gate in front of the spike pit and something moves away from the pit. Use the North switch and the South gate opens. Go there to get Uzi clips. Use the switch and the North gate opens. Go there to get a large medipack and kill a dog en route. Use the switch and the single door opens in the North wall. As you enter you get a cut scene of a white square near the South wall. Drag the statue over there and the double doors open. There are shotgun shells on the floor by the white square. Enter the double doors and get into the opening at the back left corner. Follow the stairs to a door that opens for you. You enter a multi-level room with a pool in the middle. Climb the block to the South and jump to a platform. Jump platform to platform around the room to an opening in the North wall. Follow to a pit, jump to grab a climbable wall and at the top back flip to a ledge. Save at this point. Use the switch there and get a cut scene of a hole in the room ceiling. [Bug alert] If a had to reload after this cut scene and before entering the final room, the game would crash when I use a lever in the room shown the cut scene. [End bug alert] Turn around and jump into a black hole in the wall. Pick up Uzi clips and secret #3. Safety drop down to the floor and return to the entrance.

Do not jump down but jump up to grab a third level platform. Go left and pick up three Uzi clips and a small medipack in front of an opening in the South wall. Jump into that opening, pass the closed gate, and go left to face sloped blocks over a spike pit. Slide, jump a few times and grab a ledge over the doorway. Go in for a third Hand of Orion and the Uzi's on the floor. Go to the end and drop into a hole. Follow the tunnel to a closed gate that opens. Jump to the third level platform and climb the climbable ladder from the cut scene. Enter the room and use the switch to get a cut scene of the gate at the pool bottom opening. Drop into the pool and swim into the tunnel. You enter a room with closed gates. Pick up the fourth Hand of Orion from the pedestal. Use the four items and the gate opens. Go in a shoot a vase. Slide down the ramp and at the end jump to a safe area on the right as a spike ball falls behind you. Go up the ramp to get a cut scene of a jeep with what should have been enemies. Go there and run South towards the medipack and the level ends.