Hardcore Project 2

Level by Coco Gamer

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: You can also find a video walk, provided by Scottie.

At the start Lara drops between two slopes. Make sure she faces W, then take continuous jumps bouncing up between the slopes. When you are at the top, hold the Forward button when the jumps ahead (W); this time you'll eventually land on the next slope. From here you can do the same again but it's also possible to directly jump to the next slope. Either way quickly jump over the gap and head S to the marked tile. Getting close opens the N door; head through, pick up the Grenade Launcher and Flash Grenades. Walk to the middle of the N ledge, turn W and then slightly NW and take a curved jump around the sloped pillar (if it never works try holding Forwards with the Left button this time to not fall from the pillar). Place Lara a half step S of the N edge, walk to the W ledge and face the lower SW ledge. Hop up once or twice, then hop back, turning slightly in the direction of the low ledge, and jump to that ledge, which can take many tries.

Kill the ninja, then jump over the S illegal slope row; always jump before Lara reaches the end of the slope and take right curves so that she lands on the safe platform SW. Shoot the next ninja and jump on the next illegal slope row which is even harder than before, going around some corners you also have to jump to the right block as when you head to the end of the row you'll reach a dead end passage. Pick up a Small Medipack on the upper ledge, then climb the invisible ledge W, walk to the SW corner, then two steps back. Make a curved standing jump to the ledge behind the W slope, then a relatively easy jump to the NW pillar (you can even grab the edge after the jump, no need to land on the pillar directly). Standing in the NE corner take a one-step running jump to the SW platform (face S-SW, start walking, make a right curve, release the Walk button and jump to the ledge) but you can also make use of the far NW pillar.

Get up the steps. Run W into the gap without releasing the Forward button, then press Action to land safely on the ledge. Shatter the mummy with the Grenade Launcher, then run forwards to the crawlspace and in the last moment duck to get down the step. Get down as far as possible, then hop back once and make a run-jump holding Action after midair to land on the low edge. Climb the blocks and jump on the slope so that Lara slides backwards. Don't move her from this point, but jump up twice (it worked better if those two jumps are not separated from each other) to move a tiny bit forwards. Now stand-jump and press Jump, Action and Up when Lara is just about to land on the top of the slope, after some tries Lara should climb up to the upper ledge. Drop down and repeat the same action once more. Do some (comparatively easy) jumps across the slopes to land on the left ledge, kill a ninja and climb up to the top ledge.

Stand a tiny bit left of the middle of the ledge facing W, take a run-jump and press Action after midair to land on the slope, then immediately jump to land on the safe ledge. Shoot the next ninja, climb the ledges and take another long run-jump with holding Action after midair to land on the far ledge. Jump on the left slope (best on the right side), then jump in the last moment over the second slope, grabbing the edge of the third one. Hoist up and jump to the safe right part of the triangular ledge. Drop down to the right (the floor in this room is safe so you don't need to use the slopes; if you do so another ninja appears too). Head out of this room SW (after climbing on the block row). There are two possibilities to get to the W opening either jump there directly with a (not that hard) curve jump or drop down, follow the illegal slopes route with jumps (at the SW corner you need to jump on the left slope or you'll fall in a deadly abyss), then climb the blocks, kill a ninja and follow the marked tiles to the W side, then jump to the opening.

Either way kill a ninja to the right and jump on the S slopes (similar to those directly at the start), but don't try to jump up, but make curve jumps so that you land in the far S alcove where you can find both pieces of the combinable Eye of Horus. Jump back on the slope row (there's an alternative, shorter, but also harder way I won't mention here), jump upwards like you did at the start, then make curve jumps so that Lara is on the far S side (facing W), then hold Forward when you jump forwards, eventually you land on the rear slope, directly curve left on the next slope pair and do the same again. After landing on the other side directly jump forwards on the last slope and you'll get carried to the finish trigger.