TombRaider Tokyo 1 - Studio Ummo

Level by Mirai

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level: Early morning, Eastern Japan... Lara standing in a short passage. Light flare turn left and see the motorbike parking. You not need the motorbike so leave it and follow into the Studio, notice you walking onto an closed trapdoor. In the main room you can see through the glass door shotgun and another motorbike, but this door is closed and there's no way to open it. Climb onto the table and pick up the Binoculars get down and open the door to rest of the rooms Studio. Start from right open the door and enter into the room, pull the dead soldier and pick up shotgun ammo. Get out of the room and go over the left short passage past the stairs and open the door, oops a big toilet bowl, wondering who is living here lol. Well nevermind proceed into the shower stall and pick up the compass.

Now follow the stairs to second floor open the first door, another big toilet bowl take the Small Medipack. Light flare and look for opening right above where Lara standing, jump grab the edge and pull Lara into a small attic. Pull the jumpswitch the trapdoor open now, jump down and go to the next door. Enter into the bedroom proceed over the balcony and pick up Large Medipak, shoot the bats and get out from the room. Turn right into the music room and pull the jumpswitch, the room will turn to discotheque. Get out from the room proceed to the next open room front of you, pick up flare. You can't reach the Nitrous Oxide Feeder behind the clothes-line, so leave it and back to the main room.

Before you drop into the pit and if you want to the Nitrous Oxide Feeder and Nitrous Oxide Cannister, you should know they are useless. Jump and grab the ledge pull Lara into the space and pick them up, crawl over the pit and drop down light flare and save the game. Stand facing to the slope start to slide down and jump over the gap to next opening, soon as you land onto the small area it will cause an earthquake. Slide down onto the next slope and jump to grab the top of the edge slope in front of you, pull Lara up and slide the last slope but immediately take curve jump over the right block. Pick up the flare and jump down into the pool below but be careful not to swim over the lava, swimming around and get out of the water. Go toward the crawlspace crawl over the end, stand and pull the lever floor it opens the blue door and send you into a flooded passage and the level will get to the end.