TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 - TR2 Revised Sneak Peek

Level by Tombraider95

Walkthrough by Josť



After the slide, advance and jump into the small lake to your right. Swim through the E opening in the corner to find SECRET #1: the Silver Dragon. Climb the W blocks and shoot the tiger from this safe position. Continue jumping and climbing to the S and when you reach the sandy wall turn around and jump to the ledge attached to the W wall; continue in a clockwise direction and pull the switch in the NE niche to open the door of the S tower. Make your way to go up there.


Once inside the tower drag the wooden box to pick up a small medipack; run onto the grate and fall to the room below. Climb the ledge in the SE corner, turn Lara slightly to the left (E-NE) and take a standing jump to grab the crack in the E wall; shimmy all the way to your left and around the corners until you can hoist up; pull the switch to open the exit door.


After the flyby shoot two crows, advance and avoid the rolling boulder. Slide down the ramp to your right and jump into the water. There's a disguised UW door Lara can open with her hands in the NE corner. Dive through the UW passage and locate the UW lever in the NW corner of the room to open a trapdoor somewhere. Go back outside and out of the water; shoot the tiger and look for a dark crawlspace in the NW corner of this area.


In the next room there is the trapdoor you opened moments ago. Slide down a ramp and crawl again to reach the top of the cascade area. Jump into the lake in the W room and locate another UW lever when swimming through the SE passage (left side), pull it to open the door above and climb the ladder in the NW corner (new move water-to-ladder, see the readme file). If you get problems to go through the triangular opening, release the Ctrl key and immediately press it again so Lara grabs the edge of the opening with arms and legs straight. When in that position, quickly press Duck + Up arrow keys and she will go inside crawling.


Take a long running jump to grab the S crack, shimmy left and hoist up; now another running jump E-NE to grab the crack in the pillar, shimmy right and push the wooden box twice. From the top of the box you can take a running jump to the N opening (the door you opened moments ago with the UW lever). Pick up the Guardhouse Key hidden in the chest (don't stay too close, do a step back) and shoot the small spiders; pull the wall switch to open the exit door at the top of the cascade so, use the E ladder to climb up there, climb the next ladder and take a sidejump to your right to avoid the rolling rock; in the next water room look for a wall switch in the dark SE corner to open the exit door and continue to return to the outside area.


Shoot the crow and cross the valley to the very N side, climb the mound behind the tree and jump to grab the edge above, shimmy left until you can pull up and continue with a mixture of shimmying and jumping onto flat ledges in an anticlockwise direction to get all the way around the valley wall. A final backward jump/twist/grab will get you up onto the wall again.


Use the key to open the door and shoot the spiders, climb the ladder, shoot more spiders and pick up the Rusty Key from the chest. Turn around and take a running jump to the window sill to pick up the large medipack if you want. Use the new key to open the door in the corner, shoot more spiders and drag the skeleton to pick up the shotgun shells. Pull the moveable block twice to clear the exit and slide down the ramp. The current here is very strong so, take a curved running jump to your left to grab the crack in S wall and shimmy all the way to your right, drop near the corner and continue W.


Run over the breakable tiles, turn left and sprint down the ramp next to the left wall, at the bottom jump over the spiked pit (not too close), slide and quickly turn left and climb the opening in N wall before you are impaled. Jump over the blade and make your way to avoid the next circular blades; the next tasks are very similar to the original TR2 game: run like a fool running and jumping to avoid the moving spiked walls and in the final room run onto the breakable tile in the corner to avoid the last moving wall.


Turn around and light a flare, when the spiked wall have stopped, climb back to the room and pick up SECRET #2: the Jade Dragon near the dark corner.

[NOTE:] It could happen that the moving wall stops just in the middle of the opening; in that case climb and quickly drop to trigger it again and when the wall has disappeared climb up again to get the secret. [End note]

Back to the hole, pick up the small medipack near the skeleton, time the rotating wheels and advance through the crawlspace to trigger a flyby and finish the level.

December - 14 - 2015



Alternate walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Slide down into a dark valley.† Run forward and watch Lara's helicopter fly away, leaving her to get soaked in the rain.† Look near the NE corner for flares, then jump into the small pool and locate an underwater NE alcove where you'll find the SILVER DRAGON for SECRET #1.† When you get out of the water you're met by a tiger.† There's a second tiger lurking about nearby, but it didn't show up until I started making my way up toward the temple and dropped back down again.† Stand on the sandy shore and jump N to grab the moss-covered block jutting out into the water.† Pull up and follow the path S to a lighter-colored ledge.† Turn around, grab up higher and follow around clockwise to an alcove in the N wall.† Pull the wall switch inside to open a temple door.


Go back the way you came, climb up to the temple, jump over E and hop into the opened doorway.†† Move the block away from the corner and grab the small medipack it was covering.† For a probably unintended shortcut in the next area, you can move the block onto the closed trap door, then climb onto the block to open the trap door and drop the block into the water below.† Safety drop onto the block, and from there it's an easy jump to the wall switch described below.† If you prefer to play as the builder likely intended, simply step onto the central trap door.† Your weight opens it and you'll fall down into the water below.† Get into the SE corner and jump to grab the crack in the E wall.† Shimmy left around three corners and pull up into the opening.† Pull down the wall switch to open the S door down below.† Hop back, grab the edge, and shimmy left to pull up into an alcove for some shotgun ammo.† Drop down and step out onto the Great Wall, where a flyby kicks in.†


Shoot two vultures, then explore the E terrain if you like.† There's nothing to find there, as far as I could tell, but you'll trigger a boulder at some point.† Slide down a break in the W side of the Great Wall into a pond.† Locate and open the underwater door in the NE corner.† Swim inside, loop around left and pull the underwater lever to lower a trap door elsewhere.† Swim back, get out of the water and deal with a tiger.† Go to the NW corner of the valley and find a crawl space in the W wall near a tree.† Crawl inside and find a small torch-lit room where you opened the trap door.† Pick up the flares and drop down through the hole.† Slide down to a subterranean area.


Crawl out S into an idyllic area with a pond and a waterfall.† Dive down into the water below.† There's a well-disguised underwater lever near the NE corner.† Pull it, and although there's no visual clue as to what just happened, it's likely that you've opened the gate leading to a key you need.† Swim back W and find two facing ladders that extend into the water.† Swim in front of the W ladder and press the action key to make Lara mount the ladder.† Climb up as far as you can, shift left, release and immediately press again the action key along with the crouch and up arrow keys, and Lara should pull up into the triangular crawl space. Crawl around left, stand up and take a running jump S to grab the crack in the pillar ahead.† Shimmy left around two corners and pull up onto a block.† Turn left and take a running jump slightly NE to grab another crack.† Shimmy right around a corner and drop down.† Hop E through the triangular opening and push the wooden crate forward two times so that it drops into a gap.


Step onto the crate, turn left and take a running jump N to grab the opening.† Pull up and run forward to crouch in front of the treasure chest and pick up the GUARDHOUSE KEY.† Three baby spiders start nibbling on you, so dispose of them.† Pull the N wall switch to open a gate in the waterfall area.† Go back, jump into the water and swim to the E ladder.† Push the action key to mount, then climb up to a ledge near the waterfall.† Run through the water and find the S gate that you opened with the wall switch.†† Follow the passage to a ladder, save your game and climb up to trigger a boulder.† Take a step or two forward, and when the boulder is close, jump forward a bit to your left.† You'll land on a slope and slide down, hopefully after the boulder has safely passed by you.


Continue up the ramp, pull up left and follow to a waterfall area.† Hop down into the water, pull out and go to the dark SW corner.† Hop up into the alcove there and pull down the wall switch to open the N exit gate.† Go there and slide down into the valley next to the Great Wall.† Shoot a vulture and run all the way across to the N side of the valley.† You need to get back up onto the Wall, but it's going to require some work.† Locate a block against the N wall and jump NE onto it.† Face the N wall and jump up to grab the slope.† Shimmy left until you can pull up onto a flat spot.† Turn left and stand jump toward the W wall.† Slide down, grab the edge and shimmy left as far as possible and pull up onto a triangular ledge.† Turn left and runjump to a darker flat ledge.† Take a running jump S to a sandy-colored alcove and continue with a standjump S.† Walk forward as far as possible, then turn right to face the W wall.† Side flip left, slide down and grab the edge, and shimmy left around the corner and continue until you reach the far wall.† Pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the tall pillar jutting out of the wall.


Pull up and take a running jump slightly NE, curving right to land on the ramparts.† Hop down onto the bridge and use your Guardhouse Key in the lock to open the S door.† Enter, shoot some baby spiders and† go up the winding stairs.† At the top, take a running jump NW up into the window sill and pick up the large medipack. Jump across S to grab the ladder and climb up to face more baby spiders.† Stoop in front of the treasure chest in the corner and retrieve the RUSTY KEY.† Get back down and use the Rusty Key SW to open the door.† Run through some spider webs and take out more baby spiders.† Pull the skeleton out of the way so you can grab the shotgun ammo.


Pull the block out of the S wall and push it aside.† Enter the passage and slide down into a flooded area.† Pick up the floating flares.† You can't swim against the current, so pull back up into the opening.† Face the S wall and take a standing jump to grab the crack.† Shimmy right past the waterfall and drop down into the water.† Pull up W, save your game and follow the passage.† You'll run across two breaktiles (deadly spears below) and enter the next passage to trigger two boulders to your left.† Turn right and sprint to another spear trap.† Jump across and land in a lower passage to trigger two converging spear walls.† Turn left, run to the opening and pull up N before the spears meet.†


There are more breaktiles ahead, covering more spear traps.† There's also a swinging horizontal blade trap.† Make your way past the hazards with a simple runjump and turn left at the corner to face two can opener traps, with breaktiles between them.† Side flip through the first one when the blades are open and get up close to the second one where it's safe and catch your breath before flipping through. Next you'll come to more breaktiles, and three horizontal blade traps.† Start with a stand jump over the first blade and take running jumps over the next two.† When you've passed them you'll trigger spear walls to your left and right, so continue quickly forward (N) with running jumps over more breaktiles until you reach the end and slide down to trigger another moving spikewall.† Roll and run to the breaktile in the corner, where you'll fall through safely just before the spears arrive.†††††


The adrenalin rush is now over, but before proceeding, pull back up into the previous passage and locate the JADE DRAGON in the NW corner for SECRET #2.† Drop back down through the hole and start heading W to trigger two rolling blades.† Pick up the small medipack at your feet and time a run past the blades to a crawl space.† Crawl through to trigger a flyby though the dark valley ahead.† As you approach the zip line to continue your adventure, however, the finish trigger brings things to a screeching halt.