Hardcore Project 4

Level by Coco Gamer

Walkthrough by manarch2

Climb the long ladder to exit the pit, then shoot two SAS, head out of this room NW by jumping over the slope. Drop down into the room, slide down and carefully go forwards along the W side, when the boulders are triggered hop back, wait and run past them when they don't pose a danger anymore. Climb the ladder into a darker room; slide down the N slope, follow the passage and climb the ladder to the right. Pick up the Shotgun and jump between the N slopes to reach the ledge with the Large Medipack. Drop down and return to the dark hall S; dash E and then SE avoiding the bullets of the sentrygun best as possible. Follow the SE passage and step on the marked timed trigger to open a door far up in the NW. Climb and jump up the various blocks N and then jump NE to quickly enter the timed door. Drop into the next room, kill a ninja. Shatter the vases for Uzi Ammo and dive into the N pool for the Uzis. Use the S floor lever (timed!), then dash to the left side of the pool (watch out for a strange collision here, you can avoid it by sprinting closer to the pool at first) and into the door.

Slide down and in the left room (noticing a receptacle door for later) kill two ninjas. Back in the corridor head N, avoid the arrows and get through the self-opening door. At the junction head through the crawlspace to the left, jump over the fire tiles (a moment before you reach the fires; best from the left side); pick up the first Eye Piece, but better not the Crossbow... Jump back (this time with aid from the left hill), return through the crawlspace and head E, follow into a room where you can kill a scorpion. Climb the pole, backflip on the platform on top and pull out the right statue, then run around it and find the second Eye Piece from where the statue was. Make all your way back to the crossing, head S, past the arrows, and into the right room where you can combine the items to the Eye of Horus, which you can place on the door to open it. Run up the steps and the level ends when you come close to the ladder.