conceived by Elio (Lara's Boyfriend)
concluded by Maciej (DJ Full)
with package by Nadine (Horus)

Important pickups


The train station’s been taken over and the power cut off. You start in a catwalk zone occupied by three guardians. You have pistols but better wait for a shotgun. Go through any door open and step on the conveyor belt, it will drag you towards the control room. As soon as this happens a ninja drops into the main hall from a rope, runs to the switch and presses it to lock you in. You get a shot of another ninja trying to figure out the the train manual. Proceed to the control room and she tries to secure the book so kill her and take how to train your dragon, the shotgun nearby may be also useful in seconds. The switch near the shotgun stops the minor part of the conveyor belt in case if the book fell on it, the other switch inverts the belt. Put the book back on the pedestal. As soon as this is done a ninja on the trapdoor gets owned by a huge dragon. Some more ninjas come in so shoot them as you follow the belt back to the other end. Hop on the roof above the rope ninja switch and swing that rope to reach the above chandelier. From here, pick up SECRET #1: an additional pack of shells. Your train is waiting already, and since the carriage with the dragon-opened roof below is filled with blood, consider it your ticket and jump in.


Pick up the ninja sword (crowbar). There's nothing more inside except some eggs so get out. go along the carriage roof to the very first carriage, drop down and pry through the door. Inside, kill a cogbeetle and take a duranium plate (honey wafer recalls a conversation in Mists of Avalon thread). There's also a harmless dino in the cage, you can either blow it up with the grenade gun (this causes other dinos to roar in revenge so you will have to handle them soon) or wait with that for a later surprise. Picking up the plate activates another ninja - kill her for keys to manywhere. Near the point when she was spawned there's a switch in the pillar base, press it and that 1 of 5 required for a secret later. You can also visit the garden nearby and that's 1 of 6 for advent egg. With the keys' help enter the middle carriage for grenade gun plus grenades. Exit. Another door can be opened in the N wall where under a Christmas tree you can find some OP grenades, big medi and more flares. You can exit and visit other gardens (2/6 and 3/6) on the way to the receptacle in the far E wall near the station exit. Use the keys for the last time to open the glass cage, but before entering it stand on the metal bridge, hop from here to grab the cage wall and shimmy right to pull up into the crawlspace under the metal stairs. Roll inside for SECRET# 2: compass and phantom shells (1000 damage). Roll out, climb up, pull up through the fence and smash windows for SECRET# 3 a pair of uzis and some ammo clips. Also turn a valve switch (1/3) nearby (and shown in the loadscreen). Drop down to the crate room, notice a sort of control panel, obviously inactive - the problem of notorious power loss strikes numerous Steampunk levels while nothing is repaired easy (how did this world even work before Lara was dispatched into it?). Push crates towards the platforms which expand and close the circuit. This spawns some wraiths to activate a glider. Grab it and hold.


Drop near the end of the valley and climb from here to the bridge supports for SECRET #4 - revolver ammo and small medi. Go down. There's another switch to press on the central block (2/5). If you spawned the dinos earlier, shoot them for heart of now. Notice three valves in the NW part of the canyon. Climb behind them for SECRET #5 - shotgun with shells, guarded by a cogbeetle. Now turn the valves below, they raise blocks near the chain towers. Climb each one to pull their corresponding jumpswitches. That spaws another bunch of wraiths which ignite the fire and the well goes kaboom.


Dive in. With the switch suspended underwater proceed through the opened door. Swim into the sunken hall and mind the air pockets. Pull the levers surrounded with pipes looking like these shown by the camera, and the far door opens.  Activate a switch in the end. A torch falls down the cage. If you resurface where it came from, you will notice four receptacles – for their fuses we go, dive again and swim through one of the other ceiling openings. The four instances of floodium cell are scattered around, on the empty tanks. With all the items gathered, return to the lower floor and spot the crack in the top of the pillar near the switch which didn't have to be used for the puzzle. Swim inside for SECRET #6 - large medi. Resurface in the receptacle room and fill the slots. The room floods completely, giving you access to the upper one. Pull up on the floor.


Move the cog to raise a door in front of it and hop around the pool into the little storage. Hop on the table and smash the window behind. Jump through the solid one for SECRET #7 - another pair of uzis. Hop back on the table, pull the jumpswitch from here and the burners go off, also a torch is sucked to the valley only to be captured by some coyote. At least the burners are gone. Reach the open door from the table. Get out through the smashable window and jump to the chandelier for SECRET #8 - OP grenades. You can kill a ninja for small medi, shatter the window behind her for revolver pack, and the opposite glass for flares. Dive for the last time and let the sink push you back through the octagonal well into the valley.


Pull up. If you didn't kill the cage raptor, the other dinos appear now. Kill them for heart of now if not collected already. Enter the corridor with the extinguished burners, pull a switch and get locked in. A charger floats on honey so you can't pick it up (makes no sense, does it?). Approach the ladder so a ninja behind the glass window can notice you and open another door to let you in. Kill her and take her place in the control room. Insert the duranium plate in the slot to power the engine with fuel. Pull the lever to activate it. Rocks fall in the valley, an explosion opens the door in the same room, wraiths are released to charge the battery. When it's done use binoculars and notice eRIC tribute on the fallen medikit. Pick it up for a familiar tune... The charger of here is also pickable now, get it and combine with the heart for core of nowhere. Enter the door opened with recent explosion, turn the switch for teleport plug (ultimate power supply for the crate room near the station bridge) and leave the structure via the ladder leading to the top of the charger. Get attacked by another beetle, pick up his fresh honey bit and exit through the chimney. Before you explore the mountains drop back to the valley where in the hole carved by the fallen boulders a key of fulium has been uncovered for SECRET #9.


Use the monkey swing above the extinguished burners (or a perfect jump instead of the swing) and the subsequent platforms where the rocks have fallen, to get back to the mountain rim (alternatively climb the duranium cave once again). Search the Eastern wall cave for a switch (3/5) and a pack of flares for SECRET #10. With keys of manywhere, enter the hut in the SE corner and use the crowbar to raise a block on the other edge of this rim. On your way there visit the lookouts' shelf for SECRET #11: lookouts' sight and binoculars. Climb the block into the honey storage, get on the top of the lantern for slightly burnt one. Combine two bits into whole duranium plate. Get down, enter below the pipe for a switch to hide the expanded platforms in the crate room and approach the pickaxe near the honey heap for QRS tribute. Push the doors to get back into the station, get revolver bullets from the box which now becomes moveable, and push it towards the nearest pillar with a chandelier. If you want another advent egg you can push this block on the marked tile but this is optional. You can also visit the nearby garden (4/6) but for the real SECRET #12  climb the chandelier and hop on the train for large medi, small medi and a revolver. From here, jump to the opposite chandelier for phantom shells. If you spared the dino in the cabin cage, enter that cage now and the very same dino takes revenge for the other two killed in the valley. Use the heart of nowhere in the locomotive to open the trapdoor below it, but you will need another book for the slot inside. After all return to the crate room and plant the plug in the slot to activate the teleporter.


Go to the furthest bridge in the W for crossbow and arrows as SECRET #13. Proceed N and use the ladder to climb into the beetle hive for honey is the key as SECRET #14. Go along the conveyor belt cover to spot another switch in the tower wall (4/5). You can check the contemporary art sculpture nearby. Continue E to the switch. This one is just an emergency exit for the case if you fall here with the torch later. With no torch, you can also use the vertical part of the belt as a ladder to get out. Check the Easternmost part of the highest section of the roof for harpy fight and cross the roof to the S edge where two knobs protruding upwards indicate the top of a ladder. Go down.


A ninja opens the door, kill her or not. Grab her glider, break the window and end up on the island with a valve switch (2/3). Press it, do a perfect running jump with action hit to the Eastern shelf below and hop once more into the Eastern mountain for SECRET #15 - revoler and ammo. Hop back, proceed on the final island to the last valve (3/3), pull it and the key of elium appears for SECRET #16.


Drop to the rocks to the East and continue along the mountain rim until a coyote returns with the torch. On the way to it press a switch (5/5) and a lever is spawned on the rooftop (we'll be there in minutes). After picking up the torch you get ambushed by a chandelier ninja. Kill her, grab the torch and jump the chandeliers into the window in the W wall.


There is a feeling yellow already key among the honey-fed cacti. Pick it up, go through the passage into the room with thumpers. Place the duranium plate to raise them and pull three levers for how to dragon your train on the table. Get this book and the torch in your hand. Crawl under the train with the torch and use the book. A mutant is summoned on the tracks and its fiery breath sets the stack inside the train on fire so you can ignite the torch from here. Exit the loco and go to the very Western end of the station where you can visit garden 5/6 and light a fireplace to hatch the snakes on a train (The Asylum reference for Scottie). Climb the pillar, kill the snakes for key of nadium as SECRET #17, get out and into the opposite garden (6/6). When all the gardens are visited you get certificate of curiosity.

Take the torch through the teleporter into the roof. If you lose the torch in the belt cover area, mind the raisingblock to get it out. Also don't even think about throwing the torch into the snake tank. I'm serious, just don't. But now visit the SW edge of the roof and pull that lever activated by five switches. Watch the dance to the end for SECRET #18 - large medi. Drop the torch on the catwalk below. Go down the known ladder in the SE corner, fight a ninja boss and insert honey is the key into the receptacle for SECRET #19 - a piece of nowhere. Retrieve the torch, light the fire in the belt area and drop down into the room with three keyholes. Place keys of fulium, elium and nadium for SECRET #20 - the curse of teeth (same QRS tribute but now as a pickable pickaxe). Open the trapdoor to fall down the ladder on a top of the Xmas tree and grab the missing cog (that's it!) for the wraith freedom and the final item. Exit to the locomotive, use the cog and set off to nowhere. According to a conspiracy theory, the ending explains the whole level as a prequel to bigfoot's game.