Levelbase Advent Calendar 2015 - Home in Heart and Spirit

Level by Sponge

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Enjoy the opening sequence, with the cleaning lady mopping up after hours in what appears to be a hostel.  When the game starts it appears as if Lara has just gotten out of bed.  Note that you have something called Painting Materials in your inventory.  You also have a Diary, which remains blank for the duration of the game. Go to the next room and pick up an orange (small medipack).  Enter the S hallway and turn right into the kitchen.  Look on the oven and see a recipe.  To make cookies it seems you need a cup of oatmeal and two bananas. Turn around and find the OATMEAL in a container on the refrigerator.  Return to the previous room. Turn on the stereo if you like for some discordant music and open the doors next to the breakfast table.  Go out onto the balcony and hop over the fence down to the street.  Run S toward the red-tinted area and turn left just before that area into a green-tinted area.  Note the poor guy mulling over his busted bicycle and turn left into a small courtyard.  Pick up a ROSE in the NE corner and get a cut scene with a view of the street.  Go into the NW corner past the "don't feed the pigeons" sign and drop down through the disguised crawl space (or press the jump key and Lara will vault down).

Hop down into a lower passage and find a GOLDEN BOX in the S alcove for SECRET #1.  Pull back up W and return to the courtyard via the crawl space.  Go back to the street, turn left and run all the way S to the area you saw in the cut scene.  Step past the candles to stand in front of the photograph and place the Rose on the wall.  A flyby shows a moving train car and a moving automobile.  Step to your left and pick up the small SCREW in the street. 

Squeeze past the SW gate into a dark enclosed area and move the short crate underneath the opening in the W wall.  Pull up inside and find a METAL BOX in the SW alcove for SECRET #2.  Get back down to the street and follow it N and around the corners until another short flyby is triggered.  Turn right and follow the sidewalk to a trash bin.  Push it (up or down arrow key, makes no difference) forward and pick up the INCOMPLETE SKATEBOARD.  Combine it with the Screw to form the completed SKATEBOARD and take it to that guy with the incomplete bicycle.  Stand in front of him, offer him the Skateboard and watch him take off on it. He leaves behind a SCREWDRIVER on the sidewalk underneath a street lamp. 

Go W across the street and use the Screwdriver in the fuse box to open the gate to your left.  Go inside and vault up onto the air conditioning unit to pick up a LETTER and trigger another street scene.  Return to the street, turn left and follow the street a long distance (using the solid center white stripe as a guide) until you reach the area shown in the cut scene.  Place the Letter in the red mail receptacle NW to open the W door to the chapel to your left.   Enter and hear the door closing behind you.  Go to that gray contraption to the right of the altar and move it onto the tile with the star design and blue center dot near the center of the room.  Move the glass-enclosed Bible SW onto a similar tile near the NE corner, next to a glass-enclosed cross.  Move the cross S across the room onto a similar tile with a red center dot.  Organ music starts playing and an opening appears in the floor at the SW corner.

First, go to the altar and push two ornate buttons in the W wall to make a rope appear above the gray contraption, then climb down the ladder in the SW corner into a crypt and follow around past a closed gate to another ladder.  Climb up to trigger a cut scene of a door opening ahead. Pull out of the opening, hop onto the slab and jump W over the closed gate.  Loop around left and hop down into the shallow alcove for a WOODEN BOX and SECRET #3.  Get out and push the button next to the alcove.  Go to the SW corner and move the short crate so that you can push the second button.  A HOLY CROSS appears in the W alcove, so go get it. 

Go to that white pillar next to the first button and press the action key while standing in front of it. It acts in the same manner as a missing trident on a Poseidon statue, so Lara will place the Holy Cross on top.  A gate opens down in the crypt, so return there (use the ledge to swan dive over the gate) and enter what appears to be a wine cellar.  At the back is an alcove where you'll find the PASTORAL STAFF.  Kneel (fittingly enough) by the lone casket near the S wall for an orange and exit this room. Turn right and use the ladder to return to the chapel. Go to the golden door in the N wall and use the Pastoral Staff to open it.  Use the Pastoral Staff again to open another door at the end of the short alley.  In the next room is a baptismal font in one corner with a COG WHEEL in it, and an orange in another corner.

Pull down the switch in the SW alcove to raise a block in the chapel. Return there, climb the block and jump to grab the rope. Turn all the way around to face E (the rope animation here is rather unusual), then swing and jump off to grab the opening high up in the E wall.  Pull up inside and, instead of using the vault move described earlier, turn Lara around and lower her down the other side until she grabs the ladder surface.  Back flip into the upper room and place the Cog Wheel in the receptacle to re-open the chapel door.   

Safety drop through the hole in the floor, using the ladder to minimize your loss of health, and exit the chapel.  There's a brief cut scene with a view of an outdoor area.  Follow the center line of the street until you’re headed E and you'll see a ramp to your left leading downward, opposite a green building to your right.  Go down the ramp and enter the doorway.  Pick up the two BANANAS to complete the recipe ítems you noted at the beginning of the level.  Exit and follow the center line of the street back to the chapel. 

Turn right at the street barriers, go up the ramp to the right of the stairs and the door ahead will open automatically.  Pull up left just past the stairs.  Go down the steps past the ambulance, turn left into the area you saw in the cut scene and climb up onto the scaffolding next to the N wall.  Loop around right, climb up higher and find a large first aid supply on the ledge.  Jump W onto the balcony and pick up some glow sticks (flares).  Jump back and get down to the scaffolding where you pulled up.  You could now finish the level, but let's first go back to Lara’s apartment for some unfinished business.

Return to the street and follow the white center line until you reach the N buildings with the red and green tinted areas to your right and Lara’s apartment to your left.  Go up the NE ramp, loop around left and hop onto the corner block.  Jump SE onto the balcony and enter Lara's apartment.  Go to the kitchen, combine the Oatmeal and the Bananas to form the COOKIE DOUGH, and place it in the oven by pressing the action key.  The baked COOKIES will appear behind you next to the sink.  Take them with you outdoors through the open window. 

Go back up the nearby ramp and this time head to the NW corner.  Use the Pastoral Staff to open a door for a rather useless (as it turns out) short cut through a dark alley back to the scaffolding.  You're still not ready to finish, however.  Turn around and return to the street.  Go back as if you were returning to the chapel, and when you're facing W with large pink windows in front of you, bear left and enter an enclosed shopping area.  Approach the gentleman with the dark glasses and white beard, and offer the Cookies to him. The chimes of SECRET #4 are your short-term reward. 

Now, return to the chapel and turn right to go up the ramp as you did earlier and go through the doorway past the ambulance.  Turn left into the scaffolding area, climb up N as before and use the Pastoral Staff to open the N window there.  Enter the hostel where you saw the cleaning lady in action at the very beginning of the level.

Go left around, past an occupied room with the door open, and find a door that you can open (middle door, E wall) after politely knocking.  Inside is a sleeping figure on a bed.  Use the Painting Materials that you've been carrying around with you all this time to awaken Lara's friend and engage in a discussion about the finer points of art.  Enjoy the concluding flyby, and as a final reward for collecting all four secrets, there's a second flyby with the bearded guy apparently engaged in some Christmas pyrotechnics.