Level by LoreRaider


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with thanks to Crazyboy124 for pointing out the locations of the three secrets)



Slide down into a fairyland with lots of dancing crystals.  When the flyby is over, step forward against the nearest crystal and nothing happens.  You have no weapons, so you can't shoot it.  When you step in front of it and press the action key, it bobs away as if it's playing with you.  There's a phantom crawl space in the wall there, just to your right.  When you crawl inside SECRET #1 registers, and you'll find nearly invisible flares at the end. Get back out and go N to the ice pillar.  You can mount it like a ladder, so climb to the top and pick up the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER


Runjump S to grab the next pillar, shift left around two corners to the other side and take a rolling back flip to grab still another pillar.  Continue in like manner from pillar to pillar until you reach the last one, then shift around to the W face and climb to the top to trigger another flyby.


There's a sleeping wolf nearby, but he doesn't awaken when you apply the Nitrous Oxide Feeder to the snowmobile and mount it.  Drive E to the bridge and dismount at the bobbing green crystal to your right.  Hop over there and go through the phantom crawl space for SECRET #2 and more flares.  Return to the snowmobile and continue E over the bridge and along the tree-lined path, passing an elk and another sleeping wolf, and use the sprint key at the next bridge (go up the right side, aiming slightly left, because of an obstruction on the left side) to engage the Nitrous Oxide Feeder and clear the gap. 


When you get across, dismount in front of the closed door and run N along the tree-lined path.  Behind the fifth tree on your left is a wall switch.  Pull it down to open that door.  Go back, enter and grab the BLUE KEY.  Get back on the snowmobile and continue along the tree-lined path, passing additional fauna, until you reach a glassy bridge.  Go on across and continue driving.  After a long monotonous drive you'll come to another bridge.  Jump the gap (no sprint key needed) and continue until you reach another closed door.  Here you can drive no further, so dismount, go past the closed door and behind the third tree on your right you see a jumpswitch.  Activate it to open that door, go inside and claim the RED KEY.  Go to your parked snowmobile, climb over the ice wall, and use your keys to open the doors.  Enter the final room, but before you approach the plinth go past it to the right and find another phantom crawl space in the wall.  Enter for SECRET #3 and some Christmas cheer.  Go back and take the artifact from the plinth to end the level.