LB Advent Calendar 2015 - Pegasus Fairytale


Level by Mr XY


Walkthrough by Josť





Follow Curtis to the pit and drop down to pick up the GATE KEY in the N opening. Go back up and take a running jump to cross the pit. Use the key to lower the bars and continue with your friend. He will lower the next bars for you.




Continue W and in the courtyard with the fountain move the vase under the N arches to the W corner to open the nearby door. Climb the block near the vase, take a standing jump to the N ledge, hoist up and drop E; shimmy all around the N roof, climb and jump from the battlement to the E pillar and to the E rocky ledges; drop/grab/shimmy right to reach an opening near the entrance to get SECRET 1: Pegasus' Feathers.




Back the way you came to the battlements and all the way to the high S opening; from the edge take a running jump with a left curve to the E ledge and drop to ground floor. Go to the S alcove with the switch and drop. Continue S to the next room and pick up the flares. Go through the NE opening in this room and pull the lever at the end of the passage to raise a block under the open trapdoor in the room to your left. Go back to the previous room and notice the closed door with the padlock in the W alcove (secret for later). Go inside the E opening with the ladder and climb it to go back up to the courtyard with the switch (use the switch to your right to open the exit door).




Now you can safely use the switch (raised block below) where the trapdoor was, Curtis enters and opens the W bars door. Run to the SW pillar (the bars go up behind you and Curtis goes out), grab the crack in its W side, shimmy all around and hoist up; take a standing jump W-SE to the top of the next pillar and from here a long running jump to the E rocky bridge with the balustrades. Now go left and jump to the W broken pillar and finally to the E ledge with the switch. Use it and Curtis will enter and open the door where the GOLD KEY 1 is (SE alcove).




Go N to the main courtyard and continue N through the arched opening to the left of the moveable vase you used before to lower the bars. In this small courtyard, start by stepping onto the platform which raises the block and jump only onto the remaining ones to reach the raised block (if you touch the floor, the block will lower). Climb the block and cross the tightrope (jump at the end over the balustrade and pick up the small medipack under the S arches). Climb down the ladder in the corner and use the switch in the S niche to open the exit door. Pull the vase in N niche so you can use the timed switch to raise the trapdoors above. Quickly run, climb the ladder, right to the raised trapdoors and get the GOLD KEY 2 at the end.




Drop down to ground floor and through the S corridor to the main courtyard with the fountain. Don't go up the wide ramp, but either left or right to use your keys in the keyholes behind the ramp.


[NOTE from Gerty]: After using the two Gold Keys, two pillars appear. Please move them first from their tiles before you save because when you reload they are gone and you are up the creek without a paddle so to speak. [End note]


Move the N pillar 2 tiles S and 1 tile E against the tree; move the S pillar 1 tile E against the sidewalk and 1 tile S. Now you can go E to the key holes, continue right, turn around and run up the wide ramp; run and jump from the corner of the balustrade onto the first pillar, from here to the second pillar and finally take a running jump SE to the ledge with the button. Push it to open the N bars door; go there to the stables and turn left to pick up the CROWBAR.




Go out and left (E) pass the keyholes and to the courtyard with the fountain; through the SE arched passage and directly to the S corridor left of the niche with the switch; continue down the ladder and to the opposite closed wooden door with the padlock. Use the crowbar there to get SECRET 2: another Pegasus' Feathers. Make your way to go all the way back to the closed door where Curtis is (screenshot when you picked up the crowbar).




Use the crowbar to open the door and drop into the pit to find a switch into the N opening to open the door above. Climb and continue to the next courtyard. Climb the blocks in the SW corner and go running and jumping anticlockwise to the pillar with the burning pot. Climb it and from its SE corner take a very tricky running jump with a hard right curve avoiding the right wall and a final grab to get SECRET 3: another Pegasus' Feathers.




Safety drop down to ground floor and take the same route to the pillar with the burning pot, but this time from the top of this pillar take a standing jump to grab the monkeyswing and pull the floor lever at the end of it to lower the bars in SE corner of this courtyard. Go down there, climb the rocky E ledge and take a running jump N with a slightly left curve, slide and jump to grab the jumpswitch to deactivate the spikes. At that moment Curtis climbs and opens a door somewhere, giving access to the torches. Go back to the previous room and pick up a TORCH in the W alcove.




Climb the block with the candles opposite the alcove with the torches, turn right, jump to the broken SW pillar, to the rock in the corner and follow the path all around the courtyard in an anticlockwise direction the same way you did before to the block with the burning pot near the 3rd secret. Light your torch there. Drop down and light the pot near the E side of the courtyard to open the door where Larson is waiting (S side of the courtyard). Enter and watch the flyby to exit the level.


December - 25 - 2015