Hardcore Project 5

Level by Coco Gamer

Walkthrough by manarch2

Getting Started

At the start of this level turn right. Jump onto the slope so that Lara slides backwards. Don't move her from this point, but jump up twice (it worked better if those two jumps are not separated from each other) to move a tiny bit forwards. Now stand-jump and press Jump, Action and Up when Lara is just about to land on the top of the slope, after some tries Lara should climb up to the upper ledge. Pick up the Flares. The door in the passage below you has opened but it is very tightly timed. Stand in the SW corner facing W, light a flare and sideflip left in front of the passage. Just before Lara lands on the floor throw the flare and Lara can directly run further without ducking first. Immediately sprint through the door into the main room. Climb the block in front of you (another timed door opens, but no need to hurry yet) and pick up the Grenade Launcher and Flash Grenades. Drop down, head to the N end of the hallway and run up the NW stairs. Follow the ramp until a boulder comes down, turn and sprint back, then right to avoid the boulder. The timed door is on top of the ramp, so return all the way to the block, climb on it, jump down (to save some time you can do the flare trick again, but it's not necessary this time) and sprint all the way back to the stairs, jump up cleverly and then sprint up the ramp and through the door.

Quick Finish

Roll just when you get past the door and sprint back before it closes. The tile behind the door is a timed trigger for the exit door. Sprint down the ramp and the stairs, dash through the open door and climb the long ladder to a crawlspace (the slope leads to a dead end with two sentry guns). Drop down on the other side, kill or avoid three soldiers and jump to the ledge to the right of the painting to finish this level.


Additional Gameplay:

If you didn't make the turn the first time or want to explore the level further, enter the maze. In case you like you can shatter the mummy and pick up Flares if you go a little bit left near the entrance, but the most important thing is to stay on the right wall (jumping over a gap) to quickly find the exit (hidden behind a slightly differently coloured wall). Drop down the gap and find yourself in a room quite familiar to the first one. Use the slope and flare tricks again to exit and return to the slightly altered main room. Shatter the vase on the block for the Compass and deactivate some flames (not so tightly timed this time), then follow the NW stairs and the ramp. Don't try to pick up the Large Medipack, just dash upstairs and drop on the ledges below to land in another (not very confusing) maze. There is the Shotgun and also Shotgun Ammo at one end, then head into the other direction, jump over the gap and move the pushable statue at the right passage so that you can enter the left passage.

Shatter the mummy, follow the passage and go right at the only real crossing. Follow until you have to avoid a boulder (by quickly dashing into the left passage), go straight at then left to notice, but not yet use a floor lever. Go back and left to the end of the passage for a Large Medipack, then return to the floor lever, use it (it's also timed) and go back, then right and left at the marked tile, then sprint to the end of the passage, climb the block and dash through the timed door. Jump on the rightmost part of the slope with a backflip in midair, then curve jump left into the safe alcove. Shatter the mummy, head straight twice to find the Uzis, then return (straight, head into the left passage and jump over the gap.

Follow the left passage, go right at the marked tile passage. When you see a ramp to the right hop back to avoid a boulder, then use the slope to jump over it (if you didn't jump far enough and you're embedded in the boulder make continuous jumps and Lara will slowly reach the other side). Jump over the gap, shatter the mummy and climb the hard to see ledge just E. Drop down left and head left all the way to pick up the first Cartouche Piece. Return, follow the passage and first ignore the hole, jumping over to the passage left of it, get to the end to find the second Cartouche Piece. Now drop into the hole, follow the tunnel to a gap, monkeyswing over it and head down the stairs; avoid the deadly tile to the right and kill two scorpions.

You arrive in another slightly altered main room. Shatter the vase for Flares, ignore the open doorway (another deadly trap) and combine the two pieces to the Ba Cartouche you can place in the receptacle. Enter the next maze and go N, jump over the gap and shatter the mummy. Go straight at the junction, jump over the gap, go straight, shatter the next mummy, be careful of the next boulder. Go right, then head to the NW and climb the invisible ladder to a high crawlspace, head to its end, run downstairs dashing away from a boulder at the end. In another version of the main room, don't shatter the vase nor pick up the Binoculars (it only triggers some flames), but enter the only open cell and climb the unmarked ladder just to the left of the entrance.

Avoid the arrows coming out of the walls, shatter two mummies and follow the marked path over the otherwise deadly field. The first tile is a timed antitrigger for the flames at the end but you can just jump over them and it's not very tight anyway. Quickly run over the first tile to avoid a boulder. Use the pole to get down, then use the flare trick on the timed trigger to reenter the main hall. Return to the paragraph “Quick Finish”.