Levels by Nick


Walkthrough by José





The Rusty Key


Turn right (W) and use the sloped blocks to get to the top of the central big rock, take a running jump to the NW rocks and continue W to the top of the great wall with battlements. Drop down to the W lake; in N side there's a hole with a closed door where you can pick up the Rusty Key. Go back up to the top of the wall you came from jumping to the S rocks and use the key in the N keyhole.


First Secret


Inside the tower, pick up the flares and the small medipack near the skeleton, climb to the higher ledges, shoot some spiders and use the switch to open the UW door in the hole where you got the key. Go back there and swim through the UW passage to a second lake. Just from the entrance of this lake, dive to your right and locate a small UW cave SE with SECRET #1: Silver Seraph.


Northwest Tower


Go out of the water in the NE side of the lake, continue N under the wooden bridge, pass the sloped block and turn W around the building to your left; continue climbing W and S to the top of this building, find a switch to open a door in the SW tower. Now go E, cross the bridge and in the next wall you'll get a camera shot of a golden key located in the N tower: don't worry about this key, you'll get it much much later when playing the last level of this adventure. Shoot the crow and run S and to the tower with the open door.


Second Secret


Detour for a secret: once inside the tower there is a small ladder in a ceiling hole in NW corner you can grab; do it so and get to the top of the tower, use the zip line and when you land onto the breakable tile quickly turn left and climb the block; jump to the next NE ledge to get SECRET #2: Jade Seraph.


Underground Traps


Back to the SW tower and run over the floor trapdoor. Slide backwards, grab the edge, drop and sprint fast W and to the right to avoid the boulders. When sprinting you must jump at middle way when sliding to avoid Lara stops the run, and in the tile just before the blade you're not really safe (one of the boulders will move there) so quickly walk to the very NE corner of that tile if you want to take a breath and save; if not, jump over blades and breakable tiles to a new room with rolling wheels. There is a safe (2nd) row of tiles in this room: collect the shotgun and the remaining goodies here.


To safety climb the ladder near the corner you'll need to situate Lara against the N wall just between the two last wheels (on the line separating the last two rows of tiles) and wait the right moment when the wheel is going S to quickly climb the ladder. Climb the next ladder and arrive to a place where you'll shoot a small spider.


Shallow Waters Channel


The S switch opens the door back to the 1st lake, but you do not yet have the wheel has come for so advance N through the corridor with shallow waters. Jump into the pit and swim through the UW passage to a narrow ramp; run up the ramp and when you see the ball falling, time the run onto the breakable tiles so the ball moves over Lara's head and you have enough time to jump and grab the edge before the last tile collapses. Continue up the ramp, shoot the crow and pick up a second shotgun near the skeleton. Climb the block to your left and take a curved running jump to grab the crack in the opposite wall, shimmy left, hoist up and pull the switch to open the trapdoor in the corner.


Dangerous Slide - First Prayer Wheel


Run off the edge, jump right to the central row of tiles and later to the left when the first boulder have passed to finally jump to the left opening. Jump over the blades or even to the solid floor to your right, run to avoid the moving wall and drop in the corner where the tile breaks. Pick up the first Prayer Wheel and continue through the dark passage.


Spiked Room


Climb the block in front of you, run and jump to the SE slope, shimmy right and back flip with twist to grab the edge where the ledge with the rolling wheel is. Hoist up in one of the corners, wait for the wheel so it's next to you and run behind the wheel jumping to the right slope at the end, shimmy left and around the corner, hoist up and slide with a left curve to the next S slope, back flip with twist to grab a crack in the central pillar, shimmy left and around the corners, drop, slide and back flip with twist to grab the next crack behind, finally shimmy right to a safe ledge. Climb the next ledges, take a long running jump slightly to the left to the W opening and cross the bridge.


Third Secret


Detour for a secret: from the S side of the bridge (rocky tile) turn left and take a running jump to the E slope, shimmy left, drop to grab the crack below and continue around the corner to grab a ladder. (It can succeed that Lara refuses to go left to the ladder surface; in this case release and press repeatedly the “Ctrl” key while doing the same with the “Left arrow” key, being sure not to fall to the spikes; eventually Lara will shimmy left and she will grab the ladder).


Climb the ladder to its top, shimmy to the left side, hoist up, jump back to the slope behind and jump again with a left curve to land onto the flat pillar. Turn around and take a long running jump to the next ladder, climb, slide and jump to grab the crack in the wall; shimmy right to the crawlspace in the corner and follow the path to the room with the zip line. Run and jump to the SW opening with the zip line, now a standing jump to the block under the ladders in the corner and go up to get shotgun shells and SECRET #3: Golden Seraph. Drop down from the N side and use the zip line to get back to the bridge.


Exiting the Level


Cross it again, climb the steps and the long ladder back to the passage with shallow waters shooting spiders and picking up flares on your way. This time go to the S, pull the switch and go out to the lake; watch the flyby and jump to...





The Yellow Pass Card


Climb down the S ladder, go E and fight with a thug and two dogs; jump into the pool and use the UW switch to open the door. Continue and stop when the camera shows you the card; first swim left to use another UW switch to stop the fan and now safety pick up the Yellow Pass Card. Swim back and notice that the door in the first corner is now open; go to the room with the beds, pull the switch at the end and climb the ladder near the entrance; up to a small room and pick up a shotgun; back to the pool room and use the card.


The Green Pass Card


Shoot the thug and pull the switch to open a door in the NW corner of the pool room. Go there, shoot another enemy who drops uzi clips, continue and in the next room shoot a bunch of thugs and dogs and pick up the Green Pass Card one of them drops. Explore this hub room to find 2 x shotgun shells and a large medipack.


The Red Pass Card


In this hub room go through the W door first; at the end of the passage you can pick up a large medipack and find a small door which opens as you approach; don't go there yet but climb the high opening to its right. Run to the end of the corridor and pull the timed switch to open the closed door you left behind. Once inside the small room place the moveable block into the W niche to clear the way and press the button twice to reopen the door. Pull the block in front of the open door several times inside the room with the other block, pull it aside and go out to the corridor were the block was to pick up the Red Pass Card, falling through the open floor trapdoor and go back to the hub room where another dog awaits.


Second Pool Room -The Second Yellow Pass Card


Go again through the W door, but this time go through the automatic door at the end. Use the green pass card to go to the ledges above the big pool. Climb to the crack in the E wall and drop onto the NE ledge, the door opens automatically.


Detour for a secret: don't go inside yet, but turn around and jump over the railing to the lower platform with two barrels, notice the broken railing in the higher platform in NW corner and jump there, go around the pillar and pull the switch, jump into the water and explore the NW corner for SECRET #4: Silver Seraph. Swim to the S exit and go back again to the NE platform as you did before.


Now go inside the small room and pull a switch to open a timed door in the pool, swim there (E wall) and pick up the Second Yellow Pass Card. Continue through the E corridor and to the hub room shooting a thug on your way back. This time go through the S door to use the card.


The Circuit


Ignore the opening to your left and continue all the way S to use the red card. Don't touch the button or the switch at this moment and drag the block in the corner out and aside. Climb the ladder and go up the next N ladder (there's a room S but I found nothing there more than a single enemy). Push the block twice to the N, pull the next one out and aside and finally pull the third block once. Go back down and to the opening you ignore moments ago near the beginning of the passage, climb the long ladder to your left and back flip with twist at middle way (watch the yellow line in the wall to get oriented) to grab the crack behind, shimmy right to the opening where the block was before, climb down the ladder and pick up the Circuit.


Timed Run


Go all the way back to the room with the button and the switch and use the circuit to stop the flames in the adjacent room; also use the switch to open the nearby door and save your game in front of the timed button (perhaps you want to enter first to take a look and kill the thug and the sniper in the S balcony too). Press it and run fast to the E room with a pool, climb onto the burners off, go right and use the slope to jump to the catwalk and reach the E side of the pool where the timed door is. Pull the switch at the end to dry the pool. From the first step take a standing jump N-NE to grab the upper balcony and press the button there to reopen the exit door.


Fifth Secret


Detour for a secret: From the S edge of this ledge with the button, jump to the S slope, shimmy right to the corner, hoist up, back flip and push the block to get SECRET #5: Golden Seraph.


The Blue Pass Card - Exiting the Level


Go out of this room and drop into the now dry pool, climb the hanging ladder to the ledge where the sniper was and get the Blue Pass Card, down to the empty pool again, climb the W ladder and use the card in the SW corner. Continue up the stairs to...





The Key


Climb one of the longest ladders I've ever seen in a custom level and continue through corridors and up the stairs (notice the closed door with the keyhole to your right) to the top of the tower, where you will shoot a thug and pick up the Key he drops (hard to see if he dies into the shadows).


The Blue Pass Card


Go back to the closed door, use the key and get the Blue Pass Card and 2 x large medipack near the entrance. If you want to explore the bedroom you'll find 3 x shotgun shells and 3 x uzi clips, but that way you'll alert a bunch of thugs and dogs.


The Circuit


Either way go back up to the top of the tower, inside the central building, open the central timed door, climb the ladder up to the heliport and use the card in S wall to open the nearby door. Shoot another thug, go down the steps and pick up the Circuit; use it in the receptacle next to it to restore the power in the tower (notice the closed door here; this will be the exit of the level, later). Go back down and use the now functional button in SW corner to open the trapdoor.


The Red Pass Card


There are three ladders to use so you can safety drop to the bottom of the tower. Climb down the first and the second ones but don't climb down the third one to the very bottom; from the top of this third ladder, take a long running jump to the metal ledge attached to the E wall, now jump to the roof structure to your left (N), shimmy left three tiles from the corner and back flip with twist to the metal ledge behind. Run and jump N to the ledge with the broken railing and another running jump W-NW to the corner with another broken railing in the metal bridge. Climb the S ladder and kill the thug to get the Red Pass Card he drops. Now make your way down to the very bottom of the pit.


Sixth Secret


If you want the last secret from this location, when you're at the very bottom use the switch in the W pillar (closes a door up). From the bottom, go to the S side and climb the first and the second ladders, go right (E) and drop from the broken railing onto the platform below, now take a running jump to the W sloped pillar, slide and jump to the small fenced ledge against W wall, another jump to the N ledge and from here to the ladder in the central building with the closed door in the middle; climb to the top, turn around and take a last running jump to the W platform to get SECRET #6: Silver Seraph. Now make your way to descend to the bottom of the pit, go to the S side and this time climb the three ladders to the very top of the tower through the open trapdoor.


Flooding the Room - The Second Prayer Wheel


Now use the red card and the switch in NW corner to flood the room. Back to the pit, jump into the water and pull the UW lever between the N pillar and the metal platform to lower a platform (there are water currents now 'cause the working fans, but not too strong). Make your way to go back up to the high ledges where you killed the thug and got the red pass card, now jump E to the lowered platform and continue to pick up the second Prayer Wheel. Go all the long way back up to the heliport where a last door (I talked about when you picked up the Circuit) have opened and fly to...





The Sewers Key


Follow the W water channel to the closed doors, climb the S blocks, jump to the N side and go up the stairs to the balcony; jump W and use the switch. Continue through the open doors and when you reach the first corner with the pole turn left, climb the ledges, turn around and take a running jump E-NE to the pillar, form here jump to the W sloped roof, shimmy right and around the corner, hoist up and back flip with twist to grab the next roof, now shimmy all the way to the right until you find a flat ledge so you can stand up. Shoot the window, jump inside, go down the stairs and pull the switch to open the big double doors. From the right side of the edge jump N-NW to the bricked block to your right and to the N ledge with the windows, shoot them and enter to get the Sewers Key. Jump into the water (there are 2 x uzi clips on the nearby W ledge near the pole) and swim all the way back to the very beginning.


The Sewers


Use the key, shoot some enemies, pick up the flares in the corner and go through the W passage; shoot a rat and at the very end of the swim (there is an UW crawlspace in the NW corner first) look for a moveable bricked block near the wooden crates.  Inside the dark room shoot some rats, pick up 2 x uzi clips and shoot the painting in S wall; climb the ladder and pull the switch to open the painting-door. Pull the next switch, shoot a thug and climb the bookcases to your right; shoot some rats and pull another switch in the corner to open doors below.


Seventh Secret


Detour for a secret: shoot the windows, go outside and kill the sniper on the roof, pick up the shotgun shells he dropped and now jump to the red awning (N) and a final running jump N-NW to the ledge behind the pillar to get SECRET #7: Silver Seraph. I found nothing in the water so you can go back to the library the way you came or via the lower windows in the water channel.


Room with two Chandeliers - The Garden Key


Go through the next E open doors and shoot all the rats and a couple of enemies in the high ledges left and right. Don't go to the N opening and jump into the water or you'll get stuck forever. Climb the N ledges, pick up the uzi clips, jump to the first chandelier and to the S ledges, pick up the goodies here, climb the right bookcase and turn around; take a very long running jump to grab the hanging bookcase in E wall, climb to the top and use the switch to open the high painting-door in N wall. Go back to the S ledge, this time climb the left bookcase to the top and drop into the hole in SW corner to pull a rope and raise the lamps. Down to ground floor, climb the N ledges again and this time jump to the upper E windows; from the middle of the windows ill take a standing jump to grab the edge of the bricked pillar outside, take a running jump to the small roof SE, grab the edge, hoist up and back flip with twist to reach the windows behind. Break it, jump to the S ledge again, climb the bookcase and use the chandeliers to reach the high opening in N wall and get the Garden Key; back to ground floor, break the windows and go outside to the garden with the gazebo, shoot the dogs, use the key and watch the massive flyby.


The Cellar Key


Go always to your right until you eventually are being shot by a sniper in a high balcony, continue and when reaching the water area there's a corridor to your right leading to the N with no way out; shoot the thug there and get the Cellar Key he drops (if you explore the S water channel you'll find shotgun shells in the first ledge, but another sniper will shoot you). Back to the courtyard with the sniper, use the key, shoot the rats, climb the ladder and take your revenge.


On the Balconies


There's nothing to do in the W courtyard yet so, from the stone bridge shoot another sniper, jump to the awning, and follow the balconies to the S (collect the uzi ammo the sniper dropped). In the last balcony turn Lara to face W-NW, jump back to the sloped roof in the other building and jump forward to grab the edge of the roof attached to the balcony; shimmy a bit left (not around the corner), hoist up and jump back to land onto a flat ledge. From here a running jump S to the garden wall, climb the bricked block to your left and another running jump to the NE roof; follow the obvious balconies and awnings path until you reach the balcony where the 1st sniper was, shoot the N window and continue shooting some rats on your way, jumping and shimmying to a balcony with a couple of open doors and prepare your guns.


Main Room with Four Chandeliers - The Flat Key


After the massacre, pick up a large and a small medipacks from the corpses; there is also another large medipack to the right of the entrance and a couple of snipers on the upper wooden ledges. Once the calm is restored, break the NW windows and jump into the water; climb the NE ledge, go up the stairs and shoot the dog and the thug to get the Flat Key he drops. Back to the water channel swim S and take the first to your right, climb the first ledge you see where a closed door is and take a running jump N-NE to the opening in E wall. (You can also go there all around swimming always to the right side). In this room shoot the rats and pick up the ammo in the N alcove; climb the SE opening, jump to the opposite ladder, climb and shoot the sniper in W opening. Jump there and press the button to open the double doors below in the water channel in E side where the boat is (shortcut to the room with 4 chandeliers).


The  Key to Forgotten Roof Garden


But don't go there yet, jump back to the ledge near the ladder and jump S to the roof; shimmy right to the very end, hoist up and back flip to land onto the ledge behind. Take a running jump to the S bricked ledge, to the next one and climb the awning in E wall. Jump to the SE balconies and follow the route around the corner (tricky jump) to a balcony with a closed door. Shoot the window right of the door and pull the switch to open the double doors (the ladder takes you down to the water channel to create a shortcut near the gazebo area). In the new room, press the button to open the NE door and create a shortcut to the courtyard where the key is and alert another thug who will drop a small medipack. Back inside, climb the E ladder up to an empty terrace. Nothing to do here except go to the very NW corner (do you remember the massive flyby?), jump W over the sloped roof, slide and jump to the next flat part of the roof to get the Key to Forgotten Roof Garden.


Another Chandeliers Room


Now it's time to go all the way back to the room where you killed a lot of enemies and the snipers in high ledges (remember the shortcut in the W water channel where the boat is; the shortest route is take back the way you came to the balconies). Once there, run up the stairs and all around to the N opening (another sniper appeared up in the beams), shoot another thug and go through the right corridor to use the flat key. Shoot the SW window and from there jump to the NW roof; running jump to land onto the S fenced balcony, shoot the windows and in the new room, go inside the fireplace and push the block in the left side, climb the ladder and go to the end of the passage to pull a chain and change the chandeliers in the N room. (If you approach the N doors, you'll alert a thug and two dogs and get a small medipack). Pull the switch to open the doors to the N room, go to the right of the fireplace, jump/grab/hoist up and back flip to the chandelier. A couple of jumps to reach the SW ledge, break the windows and drop down.


Using the Last Key in the Main Room


Break one of the S windows and go E to pick up shotgun shells; from this tile look up to see the ladder, climb it to get SECRET #8: Jade Seraph. Back down and up the W wide stairs, pull the chain at the end to change the position of the chandeliers in the main room with the piano and the snipers. Go back there the way you came, jump to the first lamp to your left and directly up (facing N) to the wooden beams. Shoot the W windows, jump to the sloped awning, shimmy left and jump back to the next windows. Shoot them, enter and jump to the SE corner where you can use the key to forgotten roof garden. (Don't forget the uzi ammo the snipers left)


Ninth Secret


Detour for the last secret: shoot the E windows left of the keyhole, run and jump to grab the edge of the roof, shimmy left and around the corner to the next roof and continue to get SECRET #9: Golden Seraph.


The Third Prayer Wheel


Go back the way you came and to the N open painting-door. Pick up the 3rd Prayer Wheel under the gazebo in the next garden, continue through the S crawlspace and shoot the E windows at the end of the passage. Run S to finish the level and return to China.





The Detonation Key


Notice that a crate with explosives appeared near the bridge. Drop down W and move the wooden box under the bridge in front of the entrance. Go S and to the open door in front of the campfire, pick up the medipacks and notice the detonator; enter and continue to the room with shallow waters; move the box onto the marked tile. Now go outside under the bridge and look SW: a sniper appeared in the tower with the zip line. Kill the baddy, go inside the tower and climb the ladder as you did before in first level to get the secret. Look for the Detonation Key. You already know what to do now: go S to the campfire in front of the door you've crossed moments ago and use the detonation key facing E.


The Guardhouse Key


Go to the place where you placed the moveable box and see the changes. Go inside the S tower from below (shoot a spider), go up the steps and climb the block; take a running jump to the crack in the E wall and shimmy right and around the corner to the S window to get the Guardhouse Key. Do you remember the unused keyhole in first level? Drop, shoot another poisonous spider and go all the way back out and to the 1st lake, climb to the wall and use this key to open the door in the S tower.


Inside the Monastery


Shoot another spider, climb to the E opening and use the zip line to get inside the monastery. Run straight ahead to the E and pull the switch near the SE corner to open the doors to your left. (There is nothing to do in the main courtyard). Enter, shoot a thug and pull another switch to open the next doors; advance to the junction and take the first left to pick up the flares. Back to the junction, go left and approach to the closed doors. Turn left and go down the wide stairs, pull the switch to get access to an outside area with a small lake.


The Way to the Roofs


Notice the key lock to your left for later. Go to the mound in SW corner and climb the W ledge, from here to the S balcony. No need to shoot the windows this time; run through the S corridor and inside the room to your right if you need flares. If not, continue S to the next room, turn left and cross the bridge. Advance and take the first opening you'll find to your left, shoot the W window and jump to the roof, grab the edge of the upper roof and shimmy to the NW corner.


The Key


In this area there is a passage with several fires and a timed switch, but the switch doesn't take off all the fires. This is what I did: I went down the steps and pull the timed switch, run to the fires and jump first NE onto the lower roof and continue jumping back and forth with left curves onto the higher and lower roofs until I landed in the E recess and avoided the first two fires. If you were fast, the next three fires are still off so, quickly run and jump to the N courtyard and prepare yourself for a last battle. Pick up the Key in the hole, shoot all the enemies (not always you trigger all enemies, but at least one thug appears); go back out from the S ledge and make your way to go back to the outside room with the small lake to use the key and open the W door. Advance to the last room and place the prayer wheels in the niches to finish this fantastic adventure.


February – 19 - 2016