Level by Miroslav Pavlovich (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a room and the west door opens. The other three doors are closed. Go west and enter a tunnel. At the end is a room with blocks and a lava floor. Slide down the slope and jump to the first block and then jump onto the block at the west wall. Turn north and jump the blocks to finish in the north-east corner. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the east door opening back in the start room. Use the blocks and slopes around the edge of the room to get back to the entrance. From the entrance block, you can kill two ninjas that are next to the corner floor lever.


Enter the start room and go into the east door. This is a simple jump to the east wall platform Use the floor lever and jump back to the entrance. Go back to the start room and enter the north door. You gate a flyby showing the item you need. Climb the ledge in front of you and jump to grab the ceiling. Follow the obvious yellow and black monkey swing around the room and release on the column by the north wall. Pick up the Hand of Sirius. Monkey swing back to the entrance.


Go back to the start room and use the Hand of Sirius to open the south door. Go down the tunnel and get a flyby of the underwater tunnels and another item. Enter the pool and swim into the south tunnel. The tunnel branches are long and you have to go back for air often. The first right branch has nothing. The first left branch has the Eye Piece. The second right branch has the Uzi's. The second left branch at the end has nothing. Back at the pool, the east underwater tunnel has Uzi ammo. The west underwater tunnel has nothing.


Pull up the south ledge and enter a tunnel in the south wall. At the end, slide down the slope to jump the lava and grab the ledge in front of you. Pull up and use the floor lever and the door in the east wall opens. Jump to the east slope, slide and jump into the east tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a very dark room. Kill four scorpions and pick the revolver and revolver ammo. Go east and pull up onto a ledge. You get a flyby of the lava room and another item. The vases against the walls are empty. Jump the ledges and jump into the water near the pedestal. Swim to the bottom and pick up the actual Eye Piece.


Continue swimming to the east and see the circular door under water. Swim up to the surface and pull up to a room. There is another circular door on dry land. Kill four ninjas and make the Eye of Horus to open the circular door. Enter and sprint down the slope. At the end jump over the water to avoid the rolling spike ball behind you. Shoot the vase for Uzi ammo. Jump into the water and swim in the north-east corner. Follow the underwater tunnel and pull up into a large dark room. Go to the north wall and stand on a small step against the wall to the left of the picture. Turn around and pull into a higher room with a paper-thin floor.


The vases contain nothing. Climb the blocks in the north-west corner and shoot the vases. Pull up to another room. Go the very dark south-east corner and use the floor lever. You hear a door open somewhere. A mummy and a scorpion attack. Climb the blocks in the north-east corner and pull up into another room. You see a deep lava pit with five ropes. Use the five ropes to get to the other side. The three vases contain nothing. Approach the north double doors and they open.


Enter the room and get a flyby of the area showing four ninjas hanging from the ceiling. Go forward to kill four scorpions. Pick up the Hand of Sirius off the pedestal and kill two scorpions. Avoid the four mummies and run up the north stairs. Kill two ninjas and the gates open as you approach them. Drop down the other side and run to the north wall. Use the Hand of Sirius and the gate opens in the west wall. Hop into the opening and see a column of weapons. If you go near them the floor catches on fire and the flare bug is active. Go left to walk beside the lava and avoid the weapons and the floor is safe. In the next room, all those vases have nothing. Go east to dive into the water and pick up two flares.


Get out of the water and stand on the block of the south-east ledge that is closest to the water. Light a flare so that you can see where to pull up into another room. Go north to get Cartouche Piece 1 from a pedestal. Then enter the north opening into another large room with a hanging ninja. The deep pit has two poles in it. Slide down a pole to the floor of the pit. Use the floor lever and climb the pole back up. The door in the west wall is open. Enter there and see ninjas hanging by ropes into the lava. Use the obvious yellow and black monkey swing to get over the lava. The double doors open as you approach them. Enter and move any three statues to the light brown tiles and the three doors open. Do the middle tile last as this tile starts fires on the floor. The north and south rooms just contain a statue.


Enter the west door and drop into a hole at the end of the room. Go down the steps but you cannot get the item on the pedestal. There is a large medipack on the east floor that is similarly protected. Go to the south-east towards the large medipack and fall through the floor into water. Pull up to a ledge to the west and pick up Cartouche Piece 2 from the pedestal. Dive back into the water and swim into the west underwater tunnel. Look at the brick design on the north wall. Where the brick design is different and looks vertical, you can swim through that wall and you hear the secret sound. Follow that tunnel to pull up into a dark room. Go north and make the Ba Cartouche to use in the receptacle. The door at the south wall opens. Run into the white light and the level ends.