The Shrine of Water

Level: Monga.

Walkthrough: Dutchy (with a little help from Gerty).

NOTE: Look for Ammo when you drop enemies.

The Pool.

You stand in a big outside area with a bridge over a pool, jmp to the bridge and shoot all the big Vases, the door in the end will open, go shoot a Ninja thatís coming out and enter, shoot the next Ninja and look for a switch in the NW corner, go to the SW corner and sprint down the sloped passage with a Boulder on your heels, when the camera view changes, jmp onto the higher ledge over the pit. Shoot the Ninja in the next room and the 2nd one when approaching the next room.

Timed run (easy one).

Stand on the Tile in the E (the gate in the W opens) and face the room, aim for the centre of the slope and run to the edge, jmp to the L side of the lower centre ledge in the pool and take one step to the L far corner, standjmp onto the ledge on L wall and do a runningjmp onto the high pillar in front, runjmp off to the gate and in, slide and jmp/grab to the ladder on the second slope, get Secret #1, the MP in the alcove, run out and slide to the end, land in the room with the MS.

3 Gate room.

Climb down the ladder, shoot 2 Scorps and go into the brown passage E to the next room, L and runjmp/grab the crack in the wall R of the steamblower, go R and pull up at the wooden walkway, (the grating over the walkway is where one of the Hands is we have to collect) get the Shotgun and go to the end, climb down the ladder L and backflip to the ledge, go over to the lever and throw it to open the 3 gates, Ninja and Mummies come out, dive into the water and let the current take you to the far SW corner where you can follow the tunnel back to the entrance of the room. When you drop, a Boulder is released, turn R quick, sprint to the Gate room and up the ladder L, shoot the Ninja from the safe ledge and use the MS to go over to the top gate. Follow this passage up the blocks, shoot the Ninja on the wall, notice the ledge in the L corner and hop into the E room.

Deadly Pool room.

The pool is deadly, thereís a Ĺ MP in it and there are 2 Statues R, push/pull both one square to the W and a door opens at the ledge in the previous room and one above your head, you canít reach. Notice the lever on the other side of the pool and climb back out to the room with the ledge, runjmp/grab over to it and climb up in next room.

The 6 Pillar room.

Go to the R side and throw the lever to drop a rope from the ceiling and go to the W side to climb the ladder, backflip to the beam on the pillars and jmp to the balcony with the Statues, runjmp/grab over to the sandy ledge E and jmp to the pillar beam R, turn NE and see the Grenadegun, go get it and make your way back to the balcony with the statues, enter the passage and follow to a deep pit with sloped pillars, standjmp around the R corner to a hole between the sloped pillars in the corner and get Secret #2, Ĺ MP and pull up on the L side of the N pillar, slide and jmp with a L curve to land on the ledge in front of the opening in the wall, go up into a room with gratings in the floor.

The Sphere, Hand of Orion.

Drop into the hole and in this water filled sphere you can find the Hand of Orion on the pillar. (A gate opens at the receptacle for a Cartouche.) Go back out, shoot the Mummies with the Grenadegun and get Cartouche part 2 one of them will drop, drop back on the ledge in front of the room, stand with your back to the sloped pillar you came from and backflip to it, jmp/grab the ladder on the opposite block, climb up and jmp to the lower ledge L, runjmp/grab to the exit and go back to the 6 pillar room. Drop to the sandhill in front of the balcony and return to the 3 Gate room, shoot the Mummies there too and get Ammo and Cartouche part 1, return to the 6 Pillar room and go all the way up to the SE top ledge (picking up some Goodies on the way) and use the rope to swing to the W side, get the Ammo L and go to the big ledge over the statues, enter the passage and follow to the roof of the 6 pillar room, shoot all Enemies and get some Ammo in return, drop into the hole NE and slide back to a ledge in the 6 pillar room, jmp into the NE corner and follow to the Cartouche receptacle.

Hand of Sirius.

Combine both parts and use them to destroy the Sphere, so the pit below fills with water, runjmp and dive into the pool, get out on the low opposite side after you took a Ĺ MP on the bottom and shoot a Ninja on the higher part of the stairs, get some Ammo on the stairs and exit in the SE, back to the 6 pillar room. Go to the room with the deep pit in the S and see it filled too, dive in and swim up in the 1st tunnel up, get out on the other side of the deadly pool and throw the lever to release the Spike Ball, climb up R and up into the passage it came out of, shoot the Ninja and follow down to the passage where you opened the doors before, follow to the end and shoot another Ninja, get the Ammo, Ĺ Mp and most of all the Hand of Sirius. Go back to the hole on the other side of the deadly pool, which is drained now, so you can pick up the Ĺ MP (watch out for the open trapdoor), follow the tunnel further to the Spikeball there, go down and follow all the way up to the pool in the beginning of the level.

The Pool Area.

Go L, avoid some Crocs and climb out on a low ledge, jmp to the wide passage W and roll as soon as you hear the Boulders coming, jmp back and enter when itís safe, go up into the CS R and follow to the top of the pool area, runjmp around R corner to the pillar and jmp to the ledge S to get Secret #3, Ĺ MP and jmp back to go E over a brown ledge. Run off L onto the pillar below and go jmp to the crack in the E wall, go R and follow that passage through a room with a closed gate and drop/hang from the S edge, climb down the ladder on the R side to the lowest point where you still have your feet on the wall, backflip/roll/grab into the passage there and follow along the pool to the W where you can place the 2 Hands, the gate in the upper E room opened, so get back up there and enter, shoot the 2 Ninjas and throw the lever to end the level.