Level by Leona


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Lara slides down backwards into a dark passage.  Turn around, step forward and shoot two bats.  Zigzag to your left and right into another dark area where you get a fixed camera and a burst of action music.  A spiked wall is coming toward you, so reverse roll and drop down into the deep trench for SECRET #1 and a SECRET SHIELD.  Climb out using the SW ladder, but drop down to your right on the way and activate the jump switch.  Get back onto the ladder, and as you pull up drop back down to avoid another approaching spike wall.


Pull out and enter the open W doorway.  Hop into the pool and swim W into a new dark area.  Look in the NW weeds for SECRET #2 and another SECRET SHIELD.  Drop down into the trench and find some flares in the S weeds.  Go through the N crawl space, where the camera again becomes fixed, and on the other side you'll trigger a flyby through the area ahead.  Go along the ledge (the floor below is riddled with spike traps) to the E wall and pull up left.  Crawl under the flames and pull up onto the block.  Note two suspended flaming blocks ahead.  Pull down the timed wall switch and get back down S.  Take a running jump W and grab the first suspended block.  Pull up and jump N to the next suspended block, then jump N to the crawl space in the wall before the flames return. 


In the next room, move the pushblock to reveal the GREEN KEY.  Pull up into the W passage and use the Green Key to open the door in the N wall of the previous room.  Pull up inside and hop down into the next dark area.  No need to investigate the upper alcoves on either side.  Both are empty and one is spike-trapped.  Step forward onto the ledge and engage three baby spiders.   There's nothing in the water below, so get onto the bridge and take a running jump W to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right until you can pull up into an opening.  Follow the passage around, pausing for shotgun ammo, and drop down into a small room with a central pool.


Jump into the water and swim along the passage until you reach an area with short columns.  Swim left and note the air hole in the corner ahead.  Continue N and come to a junction.  The left branch takes you to an underwater lever (the right branch to a dead end).  Pull it, swim back for air if necessary and return to the area with the short columns where you've opened a trap door.  Surface and pull out into a room where you hear baby spiders scurrying about nearby. Pull up higher E and engage two or three of them, then pull back the skeleton to reveal a SHOTGUN of apparently questionable operability.


Pull out the block in the S wall and push it aside.  Follow the passage and you'll trigger a minor earthquake.  Climb up the S ladder and ignore the alcove to your right (spike trap).  Pull out to learn the source of the earhquake: a rampaging shiva.  Pull out your shotgun to find that it indeed works.  Dispose of the shiva with a few well-placed shots and climb up onto the W ledge where you see a closed door.  Jump over the low fence into the SW enclosure and push the button.  Get out with a swan dive (alt + shift) and enter the crawl space at the E ledge. 


Drop down into a green room to find two hand receptacles.  Enter the SE alley and pick up the KEY FOR THE SECRET from the weeds.  Drop down into the NE hole and kill two baby spiders.  Find the lowered trap door and pull up W.  Jump through a clump of underbrush and take THE HAND 1 from the plinth.  Return to the room with the receptacles and place the Hand in the left one.  Crawl out W into the room with the ledges and use the Key to open the S door.  Go in for SECRET #3 and take the SECRET SHIELD from the plinth.  Exit and climb up onto the W ledge, where that door is now open.  Go inside to find THE HAND 2.  Take it with you through the E crawl space and put it in the other hand receptacle.  The W door opens, so enter and shoot two bats.


Go through the NE doorway and hop back to let a spike wall pass by.  Shot a baby spider and enter the room.  Go up the E ramp into the next room and note the spike trap on the floor ahead. Don't try to jump over it directly, but step up close to it, face NE and jump onto the ramp just beyond the ivy.  You should slide down safely past the spike trap.  Climb the E ladder into the next room and push the two pieces onto their adjacent marked tiles.  A trap door lowers nearby, so climb the ladder to an upper area.  Pull down the E wall switch to destroy a barrier protecting an artifact below.  Climb down and take the KEY from the raised tile.  Use it to open the NE door.


Jump into the water and pull out after swimming a short distance.  There's that CRYSTAL you've been searching for, so take whatever time you need to worship it or whatever, since there's nothing else to do here.