The Trident


Level by City of Lara


Walkthough by City of Lara



Start off in a large room and collect ammo on the ground. There is some pistol ammo (the pistols have limited ammo but there no enemies that you are able to kill) on the ground. Step on the tile but hop back because a rolling ball is triggered. Pick up the ammo and go to the dark room you see in front of you. There are mummies and ammo inside the room. Once you collect the goodies, go back to the main room and use the lever to open the door to the next room. When you go in, look to the left and you will see a crawl space leading to another room. Pick up goodies and the shotgun and head back to the second room, you'll spot another lever to use which opens the door to the trident. Look behind you, there will be a small medipack. Collect it and go the Trident and pick it up.

There is no finish trigger :(