Venice Building


Level by City of Lara


Walkthough by City of Lara


You start in a building with some ammo around the area. Pick them up and use the lever to open the door and shoot a baddie with the pistols then pick up the shotgun ammo to your right and left. Go up the "Stairs" and pick up more ammo around, now use the lever to your right and walk into a room with blades, Save your game and dodge the blades (The best way to dodge them is to swan dive). Use the lever (Sorry about that camera) and pick up the shotgun. The other door will be opened after using the lever and you will need to dodge some traps (Save your game and the best way to dodge the traps is to walk to the edges and jump where you will lose the least amount of health if possible). After dodging the traps, you'll enter a room with a pool with an Underwater Switch. Before going into the pool, try to find some ammo around. Each pickup will trigger a white suited enemy. Use the shotgun to kill them faster and go into the water and pick up some goodies and use the water switch. The next room will be more blades you have to dodge. Open the door and kill the enemies by using the revolver (found in the water). Pick up some ammo and be careful where you step because two tiles will trigger two boulders (The tiles that trigger are the ones that lead up to the boulder room). When the boulders are gone, then it's safe to go. Continue forward and the level ends.