The Mystery of London Zoo WALKTHROUGH


level built by: BHM Productions

walkthrough by: Nina Croft (the walkthrough was revised and authorised by the level builder)


Abbreviations used: CS - crawlspace, SMP - small medipack, LMP - large medipack

Colours used: orange - interactive items (keyholes, receptacles, shootable items), blue - key items, green - supplies (ammo, medipacks, weapons), red - enemies (kills), violet - hazards (traps, immortal enemies...)


When you launch the game, select “New Game”, then scroll down to “Mystery of London Zoo” and press Enter to start the game.



First part: The Zoo


There is a video walkthrough of this part available here:


When the level loads, you will be started at the front-door entrance of the zoo. Go forward and the gate will open for you when you approach it.  Enter the large room before you, the zoo’s Main Hall, decorated with palms, a front desk, a small (but closed) store, and Egyptian items. On the left, there is a locked gate (and a “fake” door). Straight ahead, there is another locked gate with a receptacle for a coin. In the far left and far right corners, there are two crawlspaces protected by some planks. Go first into the far right corner, shoot the planks and crawl into the dark room. Light a flare if you need and locate a flat block on the left as you enter the room. Climb onto it and jump onto the flat block in the corner. Run andjump onto the two following corner blocks. Eventually, you will reach a high block with the GATE KEY resting on it. Pick it up. There are two options to get down; safety drop to the floor, or face the other side of the room and jump forward, you will land on a slope and slide down to the bottom floor. Crawl back to the Main Hall. Go straight ahead towards the second crawlspace. Blast the planks, crawl in and pick up FLARES and RED SHOTGUN SHELLS from the floor. Return to the Main Hall.


Go right and unlock the locked gate (down the stairs). In a small, dim storage room, climb onto the dark block in the far left corner (press Crawl to squeeze between the block and the ceiling) and retrieve a TOKEN. Return to the Main Hall and go to the other gate. Use the Token in the receptacle to open the sliding gate and enter the next hub area, a series of outdoor corridors leading to different parts of the zoo.In the flyby, you’ll see a golden star receptacle and another locked gate. You can also hear footsteps of crocodiles wandering within the fenced-in gardens. Once the flyby is over, run forward and take the passage to the right, which will lead you up some steps and into the Reptile Room.


On the left and right side of this large room, you’ll notice a few terrariums (dry, plant tanks) and also an aquarium (water tank), all with crocodiles. As you enter, go to the right and take a look at the aquarium tank. A fixed camera shot will show you a key at the bottom of the tank that you must collect. For now, head to the opposite side of the room to the terrariums and pick up an SMP from the block. To the left of that block, there is a vent near the ceiling, but for Lara, it’s obviously a CS(press Crawl when hanging on the edge of the opening to crawl in). Follow the CS and drop down in the cage with two crocodiles. Kill them and pick up a TOKEN from the corner. Climb back into the CS and return to the main area.


Directly opposite the main entrance, there is a closed gate which opens when you throw the Token into the receptacle. In this cage you’ll encounter a wild boar. Kill it and pick up a SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS shaped as a gem. Back in the main hub of the Reptile Room, in the far right corner from the entrance, there is a closed gate with a receptacle for this gem. Go there and use the Pass to open the gate, leading into a dark passage. Go down the ladder and follow the passage. Jump across the burner and you’ll be at a fork. Crawl into the tunnel on your left to find the first SECRET: a SHOTGUN and RED SHELLS. Once you have it, crawl back into the passage with burners.


Run-jump across the burner ahead and stand jump across the other two. Go up the ladder and a block until you reach an opening with water. You can try and shoot the crocodile swimming in the pool below if you want and if you’re patient enough, but you can also outswim it, it’s not so hard. Jump into the pool and retrieve the GATE KEY in the far right corner (near the glass wall), that you saw earlier with the fixed camera. Return to the Reptile Room via the dark passage with burners. Once you’re back into the Reptile Room, leave through the main entrance and back out to the outdoor corridors. Back behind the Gold Star receptacle, there is a gate you can unlock with the key you found back in the aquarium.


Follow the passage to a new area and just ignore the sarcophagus, it’s not an enemy. Enter the Boar Room with palms, an open ceiling view of the sky, and cages with wild boars. On the right of the room, you’ll see boars running wild in an outdoor cage, and underneath the palm tree, another GATE KEY, but you’ll get that later. Go up the stairs in the far left corner and run jump from the highest block to grab the slanted block ahead. Slide to the lowest point and jump off to land on the last flat block ahead. From there, jump to grab the horizontal ladder. Climb along the ladder to the right, drop on the next flat block and run jump to grab the block ahead. Again, run jump to land on the structure in the corner. Drop into a hidden trench here and pick up the TOKEN. Drop to the floor and use the token to open the gate opposite the main entrance.


You have now entered the MAZE. As you enter the maze, go left into the first passage and follow it to the first fork. Take the left-hand passage, turn right around the corner and then left. Here you’ll see another fork. Kill one wild boar coming from the left-hand passage towards Lara and notice a locked gate ahead. Instead, you can enter the right-hand passage here and climb the ladder at the end of it. Save your game before dropping onto the lower ground. There is a ramp with a boulder and a trench full of deadly spikes next to it. You have a split of a second to clear the boulder and also, mind the spikes below! Here’s how I did it: Drop onto the lower block in front of the boulder ramp. This is not the trigger tile for the bolder. Turn to face the ramp and the boulder. Roll to land on the trigger tile (first tile of the ramp) and immediately jump diagonally to the right to land onto the raised block above the ladder. Once you clear the boulder, jump acrossit, go up the ramp and retrieve another SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS. Return to the maze down the ladder.


This time follow the passage through which you came here and ignore the locked gate which is now on your right. If you want an extra kill, go left at the next fork and kill a lone crocodile waiting in the shadows. Otherwise, just keep following the passage back to the entrance area. Once there, go left towards the climbable wall. On the other side of this wall you’ll find another TOKEN. Return to the other side and go left. There are several passages here, take the leftmost, but also, find some SHELLS around the corner on the right. At the fork, keep going to the left and again, to the left. Kill a wild boar near the dead-end. It will drop an LMP for you. Then take the last passage on the right. At the next fork, follow the left-hand passage to the end and open the gate with the Token.Back up and kill three wild boars coming out of the cage. Once they’re dead, enter their cage and pick up the GATE KEY near the palm-tree you saw earlier from the indoor room. Return to the maze, take the first left and before you return to the entrance, notice a sloped passage leading to some deadly spikes.


Walk to the edge of the slope, hop back and run-jump to grab the climbable wall. It’ll seem very close to the spikes, but Lara will grab the wall just fine. Climb the wall to the left to the corner and back flip to land on a ledge behind. Pick up the second SECRET: CROSSBOW and ARROWS. Climb the wall near the arrows and you’ll end up back in the maze. Follow the passage further towards the entrance.


Now when you have the Gate Key, you can open that gate on the left-hand side of the maze (near where you dealt with the boulder and crocodile). Go back there, open the gate (kill the boar if you haven’t done it already) and go through. Before you jump into the pool, find a receptacle on the supporting pillar and place the Pass there to open the underwater gate. Jump into the pool and pick up the CROWBAR from the bottom of it. Then swim through the open gate. Follow the underwater passage and outswim the crocodile (alternately: lure the crocodile back to the pool, climb out of the water and kill it from safety. Then swim through the underwater passage). Climb out of the water into a dark room above. There are three crawlspaces here. In the left-hand CS you’ll find a GOLDEN STAR (use Crowbar to pry it off). In the right-hand CS you’ll find an SMP. If you crawl into the middle CS, you’ll have to kill a crocodile. You can skip it if you want, there’s nothing therein. Once you have everything, return through the underwater passage back to the maze, and leave it for good. Leave the area and return to the Golden Star receptacle. Use the Star here to open the gate behind the receptacle.


At the end of the wide passage you’ll find what appears to be large, closed metal doors. To the left is a raised crawlspace partially concealed by vines and leaves. Climb into it and follow it to the end. About midway through the CS, you can look down into a room below, which you will be dealing with later. Drop out on the other side.


Part two: The Secret Lab


There is a video walkthrough of this part available here:


You will now be in a dark hallway with multiple rooms and dim lights on the walls. Take a look around and notice a big double gate with a gem receptacle. There is also a small storage to the left of it and a crawlspace to the right of it. Opposite the gate, there is a closed door. For now, enter the CS and follow it to the room with a large burning floor.


Drop carefully onto the safe tile. A burning tile next to it will go off, so side step to the left onto this second tile. Another burner will go off (below the locked gate), so jump carefully to land onto it. As you go across the deactivated burners, you will notice others deactivating. Repeat the process until you can jump into the passage opposite the entrance. Run up the ramp and you’ll find the next GATE KEY here. Drop into a hole on Lara’s right, to land on a tile which opens a gate back in the room with burners. However, this gate will soon close, so climb up quickly and run to the left (back to the burner room). Once there, you’ll notice that most burners are now off. Don’t waste any second, keep running and turn left. Jump through the open gate and retrieve the third and final SECRET: BLUE SHELLS and ARROWS. (Hint: The best way to reach the gate before it closes is to sprint, just be careful of the few flames left on the burning floor). Drop back into the burner room and follow the CS back to the main room.


Now enter the storage straight ahead. There is a trigger tile in the far left corner of the room (with a metal, brown-tinted texture on it). Step on it. You can choose to watch the flyby, which shows that the trigger you just landed on opened the nearby timed door. However, you can also cut the flyby with a Camera/Look button. Immediately sprint mad out of the storage and steer to the right. Keep sprinting and dash through the gate on the right before it closes. In this room, first unlock the door with the gate key you got in the burner room and pick up the SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS. Then step on the metal tile next to the sarcophagus to open the entrance and dash through. Now you can unlock and open the big double gate at the other end of the passage, which leads deeper into the lab.


Follow the passage behind the gate, down some stairs. You will arrive at another large, closed metal door. At this the fork, first go left. In a raised and very dark CS, you’ll find an LMP. Pick it up and take the other passage (towards a locked gate with another passageway behind it). In an alcove next to the gate, there is another raised CS (light up a flare if you cannot locate it). Climb into it and follow the path. You will end up in a small room with a view of a skeleton lying on the ground, stuck behind a glass cage. When you walk forward up to the glass, the skeleton will rise up and walk around. You can watch him for now, he won’t harm you. Pick up the FLARES, SHELLS and GATE KEY. Crawl back to the locked gate and open it.


Jump into water and enter the underwater tunnel. Notice two openings, one to the right and the other on the left. Swim to the left and into another tunnel. Again, swim through an opening on your left and carefully time your swim through the spikes (stop swimming in front of the spikes, wait, and press Swim button again as soon as the spikes pop out). Pick up the SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS from the block, swim back through the spikes and into the previous tunnel. This time go to the right, then straight ahead through another opening, ignore the crocodile, and enter the passage in the far left corner of this tunnel. You’ll be able to surface and climb out of the water soon. Use the gem to open the gate ahead and proceed through.


Follow the passage, past another glass cage containing two angry skeletons, and then to a pit with spikes. Slide down the ramp, jump off and grab the ledge ahead. In the next room, notice the Golden Star receptacle on the left as well as another skeleton cage, containing some interesting objects. Crawl into the tunnel on the right and follow it to the room with the skeleton. You can use your Shotgun to blast the skeleton into the pit with burners, but it’s a huge waste of time and nerves. You can simply blast it with the shotgun whenever it gets in your way and keep moving quickly. (Hint: The skeleton will not follow you into the room with the burning floor nearby). Notice the key protected by the spikes in the corner, and a passage with burners on the opposite side. Take a running jump from the highest floor across the burners and land onto a wooden (trigger) tile. This will deactivate the spikes, so run-jump across the burners into the room with the skeleton and pick up the GATE KEY. Use this key to unlock the gate next to it and pry a GOLDEN STAR off the wall. Doing so will awaken the second skeleton that was lying on the floor. Shotgun blast the two out of your way and quickly climb back into the CS and return to the Golden Star receptacle. Use it to open the gate and proceed through a reddened corridor.


Part three: Lava Hall


There is a video walkthrough of this part available here:


Run into the very large room surrounded by lava pits. A flyby will trigger, and don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems :) The goal here is to locate two Secret Passes and open the gate directly opposite the entrance. A total of five skeletons will try to prevent you from achieving this, but you can either outrun them pretty easily or blast them into the lava. In any case, you need to visit two side areas, one on the left-hand side, the other on the right-hand side of the hall.


Left-hand side area: Run forward from the entrance of the room, triggering two skeletons, and run jump from the higher block to grab the ladder beneath the opening. Climb in and save your game. Walk carefully to the edge above the deadly pit and observe the cycle of the spikes ahead. Hop back from the edge to prepare Lara for the running jump and start running as soon as the spikes pop up. You should land on the spike tile safely. From here, quickly jump ahead to pick up the SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS. Roll and stand with Lara’s back against the wall. You won’t be able to see the spikes at first, but if you hold down the Look button, you’ll get a nice view of their cycle. Start running as soon as they pop up, jump, land on the spike tile and quickly jump forward again. Finally, take a running jump across the lava trench onto the central structure with skeletons. A few more will be spawned now. Alternative method: Once you climb up from the ladder, stay right where you are. The spikes ahead are not yet activated. From here, run and jump to land on the spikes. Keep running (pressing Forward) and jump onto the wooden tile with the Pass. Then return back as already described above.


Right-hand side area: Run past the several skeletons and to the higher block on the other side. Jump from the higher block to grab the ladder beneath the opening. Notice a closed gate on Lara’s right as you climb in. Again, save your game before sliding towards the pit with spikes. Observe the cycles of the spikes. As soon as the first set of spikes pops up, slide down and jump to land onto the tile beyond it (it’s safe). Watch the second set of spikes and jump to grab the ladder when these spikes pop up. Go up the ladder and enter another passage protected with spikes. However, this is now much easier. Turn left, walk towards the spikes and wait for the ceiling spikes to retract (they won’t pop out again). Time the first floor spikes, notice another set of ceiling spikes pop out and retract for good and time the second set of floor spikes. Retrieve the second SECRET EMPLOYEE PASS. Roll, clear the spikes again and keep going towards the gate which opened in the meantime. Walk through and a set of wall spikes will pop out. Hop back to prepare Lara for the running jump and observe the cycle of the spikes.Start running as soon as the spikes pop up, jump and grab the climbable wall above the lava. Climb to the right.


Drop onto a block to pick up SHELLS and SMP and grab the wall again. Maybe you should save your game here, just in case. Climb further to the right, until the camera angle moves. You’ll now see that you have to jump off the wall and through the wall spikes behind Lara. Just stay calm and time your jump carefully. Position Lara a bit above the lava and jump off when the wall spikes pop out. You’ll clear and back at the ladder where you entered. Run jump across lava to land on the central platform with skeletons.


Once you have both keys, unlock the double gate (outrunning the skeletons and guiding them away from the door is the best way to deal with them). Go up the ladder and pick up PHAROS KNOT from the pedestal. You can now get a good view of the entire Lava Hall from the glass windows of the room. The gate nearby will open, so go through and follow the underwater passage to an outdoor area, and run to the end of the path to reach end of the level...




In Niš, on 19 May 2016