Level by BHM Productions


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



"Collect the five cursed notes, and defeat the evil cult!"


Lara has misbehaved, so she has been made to stay after school and stand in the corner.  The nearby vase is empty, as is the one in the other corner. You can crawl over the crates in the dark SW corner, but all you'll find there is another empty vase. Get up onto the block in the NE corner and jump up while firing your pistols to shatter the vase beyond the E wall crack. The N door opens, so escape this classroom and proceed to the hallway that's strewn with dormant mummies.


There's a closed door NE, so turn left and tiptoe past the mummies to find a number of closed doors and receptacles at the W end of the hallway. There's nothing to do here at the moment, so head down the N passage into what looks like an abandoned library. Shooting the vases here is more productive. The one on the SE shelf hides a CURSED NOTE (one of five), and you'll find flares and explosive crossbow arrows under the NE vase. The other two larger vases are empty, but you hear a strain of foreboding music when you shoot the smaller jug in the SW corner. Note the closed NW door and nearby cartouche receptacle, and leave this room.


Turn left in the main hallway to find that the NE door is now open.  Enter a room with a fixed camera and tap the look key to restore camera control. Shoot the vase in the SE corner and the wooden barrier behind it. Enter the E crawl space and stand up in the opening when you hear warning music. Deal with three scorpions and continue crawling E. Turn left and enter the NE alcove at the end. Pick up the CURSED NOTE (2 of five) but don't drop down the other side (spike trap).


Back out and crawl all the way S to a dark room where you can stand up. No need to light a flare, as flames ignite when you step forward. The marked tiles in this room are hidden spike traps, so avoid them.  Crawl S along the E wall underneath the flame blowers to the far side of the room and pick up the flares. Turn around and vault up onto the central slab for the ENCHANTED SLAB.  Crawl back the way you came, skirting the spike-trapped tiles. Before leaving this room, vault up NW and pick up the STAR OF FIRE for SECRET #1.


Crawl back N and turn left at the intersection to return to the previous room. Exit S to the main hallway, where you find an awakened mummy.  Run past it and turn right about halfway down to follow the N passage back to the abandoned library. Go to the NW corner and insert the Enchanted Slab in the receptacle to lift the door. Enter and push the floor lever to get a cut scene of a door opening in the main hallway. Pause for the small medipack before dealing with four scorpions.


Exit to the main hallway after discovering that a second mummy has revived.  Turn right and find the N door you opened. In the next room shoot the N blue jar, then the smaller E jar.  Hop up onto that E block and pick up the CURSED NOTE (3 of five).   Don't climb up onto the NE corner block, or you'll find yourself stuck and will have to reload. The W door is open, so enter and run down a red-tinted pathway to three closed doors.  The open one in front of you slams shut as you approach. At the same time the one to your left opens, so enter and go down the S passage until you hear the sound of a door opening behind you.  Ignore the trench with the American flag suspended overhead, as it's deadly. Reverse roll and run N through the open doorway.


As you approach the next gate, it slams shut and a ninja pops out from your right, dropping a large medipack. Go down the W side passage, and the door to your right opens.   Walk up to the edge of the spike pit, jump forward and hop back twice to avoid the spike ball.  Hop back over the pit and run forward up the ramp.  You can hear the door behind you opening, but pull up W into the dark crawl space and crawl forward for SECRET #2. Pick up the STAR OF DEATH and crawl back out.


Kill two waiting ninjas, and the E door slams shut when the second one dies.  Go back up the ramp until you hear the door opening again.  Turn around and run down the ram, jump over the pit and sprint into the far passage before the door can slam shut again.  Run forward and turn left at the closed door. Go around the floor lever and push it to open a door nearby. Exit, turn left and go to the next door that opens as you approach. Go inside and pick up the CURSED NOTE (4 of five). Step forward and the next door opens in front of you. Turn left, then right and exit this area.


In the room where the mummy is waiting, hop up onto the NW block and climb the ladder in the N wall.  Time your way past the flame blowers in the upper passage and squeeze past the mummy.  At the end of the passage pick up the CURSED NOTE (5 of five, although no bells or whistles go off, and although there's no place to use them). Go back the same way, climb down the ladder and exit S.  Back in the main hallway, insert the Stars in their receptacles and enter the S room.  Heroic music indicates you've accomplished something noteworthy, but the UZIS, 2 x small medipack and 4 x uzi ammo you'll find here are not of much help against the mummies. 


Anyway, exit this room and the far W door is now open.  Go down the winding stairs and slide down the long E slope. At the bottom shoot two scorpions and three ninjas. Pick up the uzi ammo and ENCHANTED CHUNK 1 that were left behind. Continue E down the stairs and mind the dart traps (the blue electricity is harmless). Shoot another scorpion and two more ninjas, then pick up the ENCHANTED CHUNK 2. Continue down the stairs past more dart traps. Combine the two chunks at the bottom to form the ENCHANTED SLAB, and insert it in the cartouche receptacle to finish the level.