Level by Kabal

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (scroll down for walkthrough from the author himself)

After the opening flyby, get out of the water and pick up the nearby shotgun ammo, flares and large medipack. Hop onto the NW block for a SILVER DRAGON (1 of 6). Each of the twelve dragons you'll find in this level registers as a secret. There's a small medipack on the SW block. Activate the jumpswitch on the N face of the central structure and watch the amusing animation as another SILVER DRAGON (2 of 6) materializes to your left.

Locate the floor hole near the W wall. Climb down and enter the crawl space. Follow it around and a gate opens to provide a convenient exit. Lower down into the next hole at the end and pick up the JADE DRAGON (1 of 4). Pull out E and climb back up to the beginning room. There's a closed gate in the NE alcove. Hop up into the NW opening and go up the ramp for the SHOTGUN. Continue forward and you'll soon come to a flaming area guarded by two soldiers. Stand between the flames and hop over to grab the large medipack dropped by one of the soldiers. Pull up E for a JADE DRAGON (2 of 4) and drop down the other side into the beginning room.

When I stood in front of the SE gate and bumped up against it, it opened for me automatically. Enter, pause for the shotgun ammo and do battle with three soldiers. Get up onto the block against the S wall and jump to the W ledge. Drop down the other side for a JADE DRAGON (3 of 4) and a small medipack. Pull back out, drop to the ground and go to the blue structure in the center of the room. Jump into the water and swim down for a SILVER DRAGON (3 of 6). Pull out and go to the NE corner for a SILVER DRAGON (4 of 6). Go up the ramp against the N wall for another SILVER DRAGON (5 of 6).

Enter the opening in the E wall, follow the corridor a short distance and look for an opening up in the E wall. Pull up inside and follow the dark corridor to a dead end. Hop down to your left and pick up the JADE DRAGON (4 of 4). Go back the way you came, drop down into the corridor and pick up 2 x large medipack and 2 x small medipack, at which time you'll be interrupted by the appearance of two soldiers. Grab the SILVER DRAGON (6 of 6) in the corner and continue along the corridor until you trigger a boulder up the slope to your left. Hop into the alcove to the left of the slope and climb the W ladder. At the top, shift right around the corner and drop down at the end onto a stable surface. There's nothing in the N alcove, so pull up S into a corridor. Follow the corridor around to your left until you reach the GOLD DRAGON (1 of 2). Slide down the slope and go around the corner to find another ladder. Jump up to grab it and climb to the top. Pull up into an alcove and face a dormant spike wall. You bring it to life by walking through it, so save your game here.

Time your way past the teeth doors and jump over the blade traps while the spike wall follows you close behind. When you reach the end of the passage, hop onto the platform, but beware, as the spike wall continues to follow and finally disappears into the far W wall. Go to the SW corner of the platform, hang from the edge, release to grab the crawl space just below, and crawl inside for a GOLD DRAGON (2 of 2). The gate in the NE alcove opens, so drop down and pull up inside.

Run forward and slide down into an unavoidable trap where you die and the level ends.



Walkthrough by kabal

Choose the level “Play me”.

At the beginning of the level, the camera shows you a hint of one of the golden dragons. You have to pick this one up in order to open the gate to the exit.

Get out of the water. The black gate opens slowly as you approach. Go there if you don’t care about getting the first 4 dragons in this area. Pick up the large medipack, the shotgun shells and flares. At each corner of this room there are blocks with the inscription “todos” on them, and in top of one of them there is a small medipack, in another one it’s the silver dragon #1.

Look for a jump switch in one of the walls of the structure. Jump to pull it (a weird animation by the way) and the silver dragon #2 appears at your left.

There’s a hole in the floor. Drop down onto it. You can see the jade dragon behind the door. To get it, follow the passage crawling and the door will open, so you can get out without crawling back. Pick up the jade dragon #1, go up where the door opened from and climb up the ladder.

Roll and notice an opening in the wall. Go there and pick up the SHOTGUN. Follow the passage to a room with fire and 2 guards. You can kill them with pistols or with your new acquired shotgun. Jump over the fire and pick up the large medipack one of the guards dropped. Climb up to get the jade dragon #2.

Now approach to the black gate and wait for it to open. Step into the next room. The camera shows you a quick preview of the green room with some beautiful music. Pick up the shotgun shells and kill the 3 guards that approach.

When facing East, you can notice a block at your right near a palm. Climb onto it and jump over the blocks you can’t reach if you’re on the floor. There’s a small medipack and the jade dragon #3 here.

Get outta here and jump into the blue pool. Swim to the bottom to find the silver dragon #3. Swim back up.

Face East again and at your left there’s a hill. Climb it up to an alcove with the silver dragon #4.

You can find the silver dragon #5 near a palm in this room, at plain sight.

Now go into the next room, where the camera started flying from. Pick up 2 large and small medipacks (2 of each size). The silver dragon #6 is in front of you. Now you’ve found all silver dragons. Kill the 2 guards that approach.

Near the entrance of this room, you can climb up into a dark room with 2 holes of fire. The jade dragon #4 is on your left. Jump over the hole, pick up the dragon and drop down.

There’s a slide on your left. Run past it to avoid a boulder that falls from there. Stand in front of the slide where the boulder rolled from. You can see a ladder. Jump onto a flat spot on the left and grab the ladder. Climb up, then go to the right to grab the other side of the ladder. Jump backwards and from there to the opening in the ceiling. Follow the passage and you’ll find the golden dragon #1. Grab it and drop down.

You can see the golden dragon before following the passage, but you’ll bump with an invisible wall.

Slide down and go to the left, then jump to grab a ladder and climb it up. Pass through the spikey wall which is harmless for now, but after you pass it, it’ll move. Here it comes a set of traps, save the game if you want. Pass through some doors (these open and close), then through a blade, then other doors, a blade again and finally some doors. Don’t wait too much or the spikey wall will reach you. Now follow the passage, sprinting if necessary, and jump to the rectangular structure. You’re above the beginning of the level. Stand with Lara’s back near the edge, hop back and grab the edge. Traverse until you see a tall block below, let go and immediately grab the edge of that block. Crawl and pick up the golden dragon #2. The camera shows you the gate opening. Drop down but first make sure you have health, because Lara will lose some in the process.

Go there, slide down and…




You can still use medipacks, light flares and even draw weapons and shoot. All this before your life drains down.


You can cheat here to have infinite medipacks, flares and ammo. Just go to the inventory and face a small medipack. Press the letters G, U and N. Get out of the inventory and enter again. You have to face exactly North, but if you just slid down without jumping and nothing else Lara should be facing North already. Now you can use medipacks and shoot any weapon. When Lara’s health runs down, she dies (obviously).

Dying here is inevitable, so here it ends Lara’s adventure. See you, hope you liked it and sorry if you didn’t expect that! J