Levels by Kabal


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Lara, sporting a cowgirl outfit, drops down into a sand-filled room. Pick up the large medipack and shotgun ammo, note the NW keyhole and the closed door in the W wall, and pull up into the S crawl space.  Find the small medipack in the next room and note the nearby pushblock.  Push the floor lever to open the SE door and enter to encounter a ninja (who's probably trying to run away from you). When he dies the NW door opens. Pick up the nearly invisible KEY in the doorway and pull the pushblock once.  Go around and pick up 2 x uzi ammo it was covering.


Use the slope in the NW opening to slide down to the previous room, where two more ninjas are waiting (one drops uzi ammo).  Your key doesn't fit in the keyhole you saw earlier, so climb the blocks against the N wall to find another keyhole.  This one works, so hop into the opened doorway and slide down a long slope that you saw in the opening flyby. As you near the bottom you see a wall covering that appears to  be a climbing surface possibly leading to a secret, but don't waste your time exploring that possibility. You'll drop to a second slope and continue to slide.  Jump with a roll so you'll come down sliding backwards. Grab the edge of a hole in the slope.  Shimmy all the way left and safety drop to land next to a flame.  Enter the crawl space to your left (the flame goes out) and pick up a GOLD DRAGON in front of the grate for SECRET #1.


Crawl back out, stand in front of the W slope and save your game.  Pull up (it helps to start from the left side), slide down the slope and jump to a second slope. Slide and jump to grab the overhead monkey bars. Monkey swing along the track while being shot at by two ninjas. At the end, drop and grab the pillar.  Pull up, shoot the ninjas and pick up the small medipack at your feet.  Take a running jump W to where the ninjas where and find the large medipack and small medipack they dropped (unless one of them fell down the hole in the process of dying). Climb down the N ladder and engage another ninja (drops uzi ammo) and a scorpion.  Walk through the green film and take the SHOTGUN from the plinth. Run off onto the SE ledge for shotgun ammo.


If you want all the secrets, climb back up the ladder to where you shot the two ninjas.  Save your game, stand at the E end of the ledge as far up on the slope as possible, facing N, and take a running jump slightly NE to grab a crack in the N wall.  Shimmy right, passing over a receptacle, and pull up into the crawl space.  Crawl forward for a small medipack and a GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #2.  Crawl back out and shimmy left.  Drop down onto the block in front of the receptacle, hop down to a lower block and stand jump SW onto a ledge beneath a burner block. Go to the SW corner and jump S to grab the ledge where you found the shotgun ammo.  Jump back up to the plinth where you got the shotgun, go through the green film and continue down W.  Shoot a cobra and continue past it into the next room.


Shoot two jackals and get the NE small medipack. There's shotgun ammo near an empty pool filled with ice-cold water, but stoop to get it because of the protective darts. Pull up onto the W wall, turn around and jump to grab the E ladder.  Climb up, shift left if necessary and pull up onto a sandy ledge. Jump over the gap and pick up the EYE PIECE. Hang from the ledge, shimmy over the pool and drop down into that icy water. Climb out quickly and get back up onto the W wall.  Drop down into the next room. Pick up the large medipack and hop up onto the N dune for 2 x revolver ammo.  Get onto the S dunes and jump to a crawl space in the E wall.  Pull up inside and crawl forward until you can stand up.  At the opening to the next room, face SE and jump to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy left until you can pull into a crawl space. Drop out W and slide down to find a GOLDEN DRAGON at your feet for SECRET #3.  Grab the large medipack and uzi ammo before going toward the N gate which opens upon your approach.


You're back in previously explored territory.  Enter the W room, climb the W wall and drop down into the room beyond. This time go up the stairs in the SW passage and pull up into a large room. After the flyby, pick up the shotgun ammo and small medipack you'll find on the floor before pulling up into the W opening.  Climb the blocks inside the structure and hop out E onto a ledge. Three ninjas are probably shooting at you from down on the floor, and they're within your range.  They drop a small medipack and revolver ammo.  There are also two jackals roaming about, so you can go back down and dispose of them now if you like.  In any event, jump from the higher ledge to the SE ramp and look up to see the spike ball.  Walk forward to near the end of the first square, turn around, hop back to trigger the spike ball and run forward to jump back to the ledge.  Hop back to the ramp, and about halfway up look down to your left.  You can see a hole that's inaccessible from ground level, so run N off the NE corner of the ledge with the action key depressed and you should glide into a pool of ice-cold water.  Pull out into an alcove to step on a trigger tile which turns off the flames guarding the key you'll get next. 


Jump W to grab the opening, slide down and make your way back up to the ledge.  Hop to the spike ball ramp and can go all the way up. Jump to the N ramp, where you can see another spike ball poised up at the top.  This one is triggered higher, however, so you can run up the ramp and veer left about halfway up to jump to the W ladder block before the spike ball can reach you. Climb up onto the bridge and pick up the grenade gun ammo at the E end.  Go to the W end and jump to the platform for the KEY.  For a secret, stand near the NW corner facing W and hop back as if you were going to grab the edge. Instead, wait until you've cleared the edge before hitting the action key, so you'll glide down onto the block below.  Get onto the ladder, shift left around the corner and climb down to the bottom.  Release and grab the crawl space.  Pull up for a GOLDEN DRAGON and SECRET #4.  Safety drop to the floor and go to the hole at the NE corner.


Drop down and descend the stairs.  Go across the room to the corresponding stairs in the NW passage.  Pull up into another large room, this one with a gold theme, and kill three jackals.  Go into the NE alley for revolver ammo, and into the NW alley to find a keyhole for your Key.  The front door is now open, so pull up inside and stand on the highest portion of the sand.  Face E, jump up and grab the ledge.  Pull up and find the opening in the wall at the NE corner.  Pull up, slide down the other side and jump off with the action key depressed to land in a gold passage.  Follow around for a GOLDEN DRAGON, SECRET #5, revolver ammo and grenade gun ammo. Go back to the opening.  You can either safety drop here, with a substantial loss of health, or jump W through the opening and sustain less health loss.


Get back up to the ledge the same way you did before, but this time jump across W to the sloped block. From there stand jump S to grab the opening, pull up and slide down the other side. When Lara starts to stumble, jump off to grab the rope and wait for it to.  Swivel to your right until you're facing the NW opening with the grate behind it.  Slide down, swing forward and jump off to land in that opening.  Jump to the E structure, slide down and grab the edge, and shimmy left (you may have to shimmy right first to make Lara start moving) until you're opposite the next opening.  Pull up and back flip into the opening.  Go to the end of the passage and turn around to see the jumpswitch.  Stand beneath it and jump straight up to activate it.  Jump back to the E structure and shimmy all the way left to back flip into the final opening.


Follow the passage to the doorway you opened with the jumpswitch. From the next room you can see the flares, but you can't reach them now.  There's also a closed trap door in the floor.  Climb the nearby pole and back flip into the E passage.  Activate the jumpswitch there to open the trap door down below.  Get there and pick up the uzi ammo in the hole.  You can now pull up into the S crawl space, so do so and pick up the flares.  Continue along the passage, shooting a ninja along the way.  As you approach the end of the passage you get a cut scene of the area ahead.  Pause for the large medipack and run off SE onto the block below.


Take a running jump E into the ice-cold water and swim to the far end.  Curiously enough, Lara's health is restored when she surfaces for air, even though she remains completely submerged except for her head. Swim down to the bottom and enter the small opening at the SE corner. Follow the narrow passage, keeping close to the vertical wall to your left so you won't get stuck in the collision (the left arrow key helps a lot here). When you reach the SW corner, turn around, pick up the large medipack and the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #6, then return the same way, hugging the wall to your right as best you can.  Surface and swim across to the NW corner. Pull out onto the ledge and pick up the small medipack. Jump SE to the nearest block, then another SE jump to a block affixed to a pillar. Climb the latter and jump E to the next pillar. Pick up the shotgun ammo and stand at the NE corner.  Stand jump down to the sloped pillar, slide and jump to the next sloped pillar and jump off with a left curve to grab the S ledge. Pull up and follow the ramp for grenade gun ammo.  Turn left and take a running jump E over the slope and gap to grab the next ledge. Pull up and claim the shotgun ammo.


Stand jump NE down to the lower ledge against the E wall. Walk down for the small medipack, then take a running jump N with grab to land in the opening.  Find the flares in the alcove and hop down into a dark sandy room. Pick up the large medipack and locate the two pushblocks at the NE corner.  First push the one on your left once.  Then pull out the other one and push it to where the first block was. Enter the revealed passage, shoot the large vase and pick up the small medipack.  Now reverse the process, moving both blocks into the revealed passage so you can enter the new passage. Follow around to another pushblock.  Pull it back once, then look up to your right and pull up into the high crawl space.  Crawl around and drop down on the other side of the pushblock.  Step back and pick up the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #7.  Return to the dark sandy room via the crawl space.


Go to the SW corner and pull up into the crawl space. Drop down the other side while being fired upon and reverse roll while drawing a weapon to engage two ninjas and two jackals. Pick up the uzi ammo and the revolver ammo and proceed to the S opening while watching out for the triggered teeth doors in the passage. Take the UZIS from the plinth in the next room and follow the ledge to the S end for the second EYE PIECE.  Look down E for the block and drop down onto it. Hop down W to the lower block and jump W across the gap to grab the ledge.  Pull up and use the familiar N ladder to climb down the hole. Slide down W and enter the room with the ice-cold pool.  Get past the darts and climb up the W wall.  Hop down into the sandy room and run forward to the far wall. Combine the two Eye Pieces to form the EYE OF HORUS and insert it in the receptacle to open the doorway.


Go to the W end, turn left and back flip onto the N slope.  Jump off and grab the ladder.  Climb up a long distance and pull up into a small room. Pull up into the SE opening and climb up higher to your left.  Stand against the E wall and pull up into the opening. Crawl S and go to the far end of the passage. Drop down onto a platform and pick up the HAND OF ORION. The water below is deadly everywhere but in the SW corner, so if you want the next secret drop or climb down from the S side next to the wall.  Swim N through the ice-cold water and take an immediate left through the triangular opening. Follow around to the GOLDEN DRAGON and SECRET #8. Return and climb back up the ladder. Go across the bridge and pull up E.


Follow the passage and shoot a scorpion.  At the intersection turn right (all you get if you turn left is another cobra to kill) and shoot the scorpion around the corner before jumping over the gap.  Continue past a sloped opening and pick up the large medipack. You appear to be at a dead end, but return to the gap and find that the surface in the W wall is really a ladder.  Jump to it, grab and climb down the long shaft. Follow the passage E and slide down the slope. Hop down into the room below and shoot three scorpions. Jump into the shallow pool and find the large medipack. Pull out N and grab the small medipack in front of the nearest column. Near the NW corner of this room you'll find some flares. Pull up into an opening near the E wall for shotgun ammo. Near the middle of the room you can pull up onto a block for uzi ammo. From the NE corner of this block turn around to face W and back flip onto the slope. Jump off and grab the W ladder. Climb up and pull up onto a familiar ledge surrounded by flaming columns.


Walk up to the NW column, hop back and take one step back.  Stand jump onto the corner of the column, where you'll be safe from the flames, and turn to face E. Stand jump and grab the column.  Pull up and insert the Hand of Orion in the receptacle (cut scene of a door opening to your right).  Safety drop to the platform below and jump E to the ledge.  Pull up through the open doorway and draw a powerful weapon.  In the next room you'll meet up with three ninjas and three jackals. When the battle is over, look up E between the columns and locate the jumpswitch.  Activate it to raise a block behind you. Use the raised block to get up onto the adjacent column. Jump N to grab the column across the room.  Pull up and save your game before sliding down the slope.  You'll have to get past a set of teeth doors and two swinging blades, and near the bottom you'll have to draw your pistols or uzis and shoot a wooden barrier so you can jump into the opening ahead of the pursuing spike ball.  All this will largely be a matter of trial and error and may take several tries.  The way I did it was to start at full health with a lighted flare.  When you get past the teeth doors and the two blades, draw your weapon of choice. As you slide down the final slope, shoot the wooden barrier and jump off at the last instant to land safely in the opening.  Pick up the large medipack.


Hang from the edge, shimmy left to avoid the spike ball down below and safety drop at the cost of some health. Pull up E three times and then pull up N four four times. Finally, pull up W onto a platform.  Go to the open SE corner and jump across the gap to the ledge. Follow to the other end and jump onto the slope so that you slide down backwards. Drop and grab the opening below, pull up inside and follow around for a small medipack and shotgun ammo. Then step forward to pick up the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #9.  Go back to the opening and save your game before embarking upon a treacherous breaktile run.


Stand left at the edge. Stand jump to the first three breaktiles, then turn right and runjump S to the next breaktile. A series of stand jumps from here will bring you to the breaktile against the W wall. Turn right here and try to standjump to the higher breaktile so that you can grab it instead of jumping onto it.  If you're successful, save in a different slot while pulling up. Stand jump to the next higher breaktile, and take a rolling back flip so you can grab a stable ledge and pull up safely. Run jump to the E ledge and pull up.  Grab the uzi ammo and jump NE to the grated ledge. From the far end jump to the N ramp and turn left near the top.  Jump to grab the ladder, shift right or left around two corners and climb up. Shift right and drop down into the upper passage. Follow to the end and climb up S. Slide down into a room where you'll see a floor lever. Push it quickly, as a spike ceiling is now descending.  Exit this room and continue to a SE opening where you can escape the spike ceiling. Pick up the large medipack just inside the doorway and locate the nearby revolver ammo. Take the REVOLVER from the NW plinth and avoid the flames while taking the KEY from the other plinth.


Return to the room with the spike ceiling (the spikes are now gone) and turn left into the SW passage. Pull up N, follow the passage and pull up N at the end, then pull up W and climb the N wall. Shift left and continue to climb up until you reach the top.  Shift left and drop down into a passage. Find yet another long ladder and climb to the top. Pull up into the starting room where a demigod is waiting for you.  Pull up into the S crawl space and find a GOLDEN DRAGON to your left  that wasn't in here before. The final SECRET #10 registers in your stats.  Leave via the NE slope and insert the Key in the NW keyhole to open the SW door.  Enter, pick up the 4 x flares and take the GRENADE GUN from the plinth.  Go ahead and draw it, hop down S into the next area and blow away four ninjas and three jackals.  Pick up the small medipack, uzi ammo and 2 x grenade gun ammo dropped by the former.  Pull up into the high SE crawl space and lower yourself down S to change levels.




Drop down a long shaft into a pool of water.  Pick up the small medipack before pulling out. Proceed E and collect the large medipack, small medipack and grenade gun ammo along the way.  Emerge in a large open area where you're met by a veritable sea of assassins. I didn't bother to count them, as they kept popping out of thin air.  Put your grenade gun to good use (best to wait until a group of five or so gather), and when the carnage is complete go around the area to collect the 2 x large medipack and small medipack. Exit NW and follow the passage to the end.  Safety drop down into a lower dark passage and pull up N at the end.  Slide down into another battleground, where Seth waits with his thunderbolts.  You can't kill him, of course, so grab the 2 x small medipack from the center of the room if you can and jump up the slope against the N wall.  Pull up E and step forward to pull up onto a ledge where you're safe for the moment. Run to the S end and take a running jump W to grab the next ledge.  Pull up and continue around the room in an upward spiral until you can jump to a suspended platform.


Pull up and grab the large medipack, then jump to the SE ledge and pull up.  Finally, jump to the SW ledge and take the ANKH from the pedestal.  A headache-inducing earthquake ensues, so endure it as best you can while making your way back down the same way you got here.  When you reach the floor, run past Seth into the open E doorway and slide down into the bright outdoor sunshine. Run forward E until the camera angle changes, turn left and climb up onto the N ledge (camera returns to normal), then turn right and run toward the NE corner where you'll hit the finish trigger.