Level by Pascal Scherer


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


I was able to find only three secrets on my own.  The locations of the others were provided by vimmers and by nad, to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude.



After the flyby, shoot three scorpions and run around the area to draw out a ninja.  One of the small NW pots contains flares.  From the E side of the pyramid where you started, look up NE and you can see an object high up on the sand. Go to the NE platform near the Jeep there and take standing jumps (two NE and one NW) up the dunes until you reach a BRONZE SPHERE for SECRET #1.  Grab the nearby small medipack and slide back down. Go to the W side of the pyramid and jump up to a hole beneath a jumpswitch. Pick up the uzi ammo, then activate the jumpswitch to open a grate on the other side of the pyramid.  Go there and save your game before dropping down into the hole.  You'll slide down two slopes and will need to jump over two blade traps on the way down.  When you land on a block overlooking a spike field (the camera becomes fixed here) you'll trigger a descending boulder, so quickly face the wall and climb the foliage to escape the boulder.  When it passes, drop down and pick up the small medipack


Climb back up the wall, and when Lara's hands are at the top of third block (you can see the lines pretty clearly) take a rolling back flip to the slope behind you, slide and jump to grab the wall.  Shimmy right past the flames and pull up to shoot two scorpions.  Take the uzi ammo from the container next to the pool and shoot the large NE vase for more uzi ammo.  The demigod guarding the closed N gate is dormant for the moment.  Note the closed floor grate in front of him.


Jump into the pool and swim E to pull out in a small room. Take the ANKH from the plinth and walk through the SW foliage to find a closed gate for later. Exit N and turn right to find a floor lever. Push it to lower the floor grate you saw earlier. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder, awakening the demigod in the room above. Climb and pull up prepared to engage that demigod as well as a harpy.  When all is quiet, hop onto the E ledge to place the Ankh in the S receptacle. The N gate is open, but before leaving this area climb the W ivy and pull up onto the ledge. Turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing along the ivy to the N wall in front of a crawl space (if it was there earlier, I didn't see it). Release, grab the edge and pull up inside. When you can stand up, turn around and activate the jumpswitch. Crawl back out and safety drop to the floor.  Jump into the pool and return to the Ankh room. Go through that SW foliage and find that the gate there is now open. Enter for SECRET #2 and take the SILVER SPHERE from the plinth. Pause for a small medipack and shotgun ammo, then return to the demigod room via the ladder and go through the N gateway.


Don't attempt to jump over the spear field. Instead, turn around, save your game and climb down the vine ladder. Drop down onto the slope below and gird your loins for an invigorating breaktile jumping exercise. Jump immediately upon landing to the first breaktile, side flip left to the second and back flip with a roll to the third. Stand jump to the fourth and curve left with a running jump to three grouped breaktiles. Continue with a running jump into the SW opening and pick up the small medipack.  Continue forward for SECRET #3 and take the BRONZE SPHERE from the plinth.  Go back to the edge of the opening and jump out NE to the remaining breaktile in the former group. Continue with a running jump N to the next breaktile, side flip right onto the slope and jump forward to grab the edge of the next slope. You might want to save in a different slot while you're hanging here.


Pull up, slide down the other side and jump off to the next breaktile ahead.  As you land, curve right and runjump to the lower breaktile against the N wall.  Stand jump forward and grab the edge of the next breaktile. Hang left, pull up and take a running jump S to grab the next breaktile (being mindful of the low ceiling).  Pull up and runjump forward and a bit to your right to grab the next breaktile.  Hang left, pull up and curve right to runjump to the lower corner of the central pillar where you can finally pause to catch your breath. Don't pull up S, as there's a spike trap there.  Instead, turn around and jump up N to grab the ivy wall.  Climb up to the top and pull up into a passage. Follow through the open gateway to trigger a flyby.


Go up the stairs to alert two ninjas and two harpies.  The last pot on the right hides a small medipack. You need to find an Ankh to place in the receptacle behind one of the dormant demigods.  Note that the nearby column is spike-protected.  Just beyond the railing on the N side of the stairs, jump to the sloped pillar. Jump E through the water curtain to grab the rope.  Swing forward and jump off to land on a short column with the uzi ammo.  Jump to the ivy-covered E wall and climb up into the opening.  For a secret, face slightly SW and take a running jump to grab the ivy in the S wall beyond the opening. Shift right until you're over the column you can see below you. Take a rolling back flip and grab the ivy on the block supporting the rope. Shift left around two corners and, from the lowest point on your far left, back flip into the high opening in the N wall. Slide down and grab the edge. When Lara's feet get set on the ivy, shift right and drop down onto a safe ledge between two spike traps.  Hop W and turn right into a new room. Shoot the SW vase for shotgun ammo, approach the winged statute N for uzi ammo and more shotgun ammo on the steps, take the SHOTGUN from the NW pedestal and a large medipack from the NE pedestal. Finally, step up to the statue and take the GOLDEN SPHERE lying at its feet for SECRET #4.


Exit E and time your way over the bridge past the blowers. jump into the open S gateway and see a rope beyond the second S gateway (to your right is the opening to which you climbed up earlier). Beyond the rope you can see an opening in the cave wall with something in it. However, if you try to jump to the rope and swing across, the rope will disappear the instant you touch it, dropping you into the water below.  Therefore, instead jump SE to the ledge, slide/grab and shimmy right, and back flip to a lower ledge. Walk to the S wall and climb up the ivy into the opening. Take the BRONZE SPHERE from the container for SECRET #5. Hidden in the fern is a small medipack. Drop down into the water below, wade S and walk up into a cave, where you'll find three wolves.  Go through the SW opening and continue until you trigger a flyby that takes you through the area ahead.


Walk down to the bottom of the broken bridge and jump across the gap. Quickly, before the flame blowers activate, jump over the first one onto a slope and jump back and forth between the slopes, using the arrow keys to bring you closer to the second flame blower.  Time your way past it and continue until you can land safely. Activate the jumpswitch in the S wall to lower spikes protecting another jumpswitch down below. Deal with two incoming harpies. The spikes and flame blowers are now dormant, so make your way back E to the near end of the broken bridge.  Turn left and stand jump down to a triangular stone ledge. Jump W to grab the pole and slide down to the bottom. Hop down E to the left of the spikes and jump over the deadly water. Activate the now safe jumpswitch to open the gate back up in the bridge area.  You will have noted the nearby spikes with a clue involving the number 5, a red tile and a secret. Walk safely through the spikes to activate the first such red tile.


Face N and jump up to grab the thin stone ledge. Pull up and take a running jump SW to the sloped ledge. Slide down, grab the edge, shimmy all the way right, pull up and take a rolling back flip with a sharp left curve to land on the corner of the jagged pillar. Jump N to the pole, climb up and jump E (you don't back flip off poles in this game) onto that triangular rock ledge. Stand jump to grab the bridge and pull up (the rope railing doesn't hinder you).  Go E past the disabled spikes to the opened gate and note the closed floor grate to your right as you enter.  Turn around, hang from the edge and release to grab the crawl space below. Pull up inside and grab the SILVER SPHERE for SECRET #6. As you crawl toward the shotgun ammo and small medipack, the grate you saw earlier drops to allow access back up to the entrance. Get there, time the dart trap and jump SW into the alcove. Take a running jump N across the gap and activate the jumpswitch to turn off a dart trap further ahead.  Jump back across S. The floor lever ahead is timed, so save your game before pushing it to raise a platform behind you.  Reverse roll and run out jumping left onto the raised platform and take an immediate standjump into the NW alcove.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and take a running jump S across the gap. Pull up and time a jump past the dart trap to the NW jackal-head tile.  Hop N over the spike trap onto a red tile, the second of the five you need to find.


Jump back to the jackal-head tile.  You can see another red tile down W, but save your game before jumping to it.  Take a running jump to land on the red tile (3 of 5), slide down and at the very last instant take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder just above the deadly lava.  Climb to the top, pull out onto the jackal-head tile, hop S over the spike trap and grab up W. Shimmy along the wall crack around several corners (over the inactive dart trap) until you can drop down safely.  Turn around and engage two wolves, a ninja and a harpy. In the green-tinted cave, hop up NW and crawl through the triangular opening.  As you turn the corner to your left, get up on one knee and draw your pistols to shoot two advancing scorpions. Continue along the passage and pause for shotgun ammo and a small medipack in an area where you can stand up. Advance, crawl to the far end and emerge in a new area.  Loop around left to find a crawl space with a fourth red tile inside. Crawl onto it and back out. Approach the dormant demigod E to trigger another flyby. 


When you step on the jackal-head tile, the demigod wakes up. Ahead is a field of squares with chess piece designs.  Some are safe, but most are deadly.  First, jump E to the black knight square formerly occupied by the demigod.  You can see a jumpswitch on the wall to your left, but it's over a deadly tile. Instead, jump NE to the white bishop square. Stand jump SE to the adjacent white rook square. Stand jump E onto the white pawn square.  Walk forward E onto the black knight square. Hop forward onto the black rook square, and finally hop E into the helix over the jackal-head tile. 


You're still in the room with tiles bearing chess piece designs, but things have changed.  There are now corresponding designs on the ceiling tiles, which evidently serve as a clue of some kind, but it's easier simply to follow the road map I'll give you now.  The tile underneath the jumpswitch is now safe, so walk forward E onto the white tile and the E white bishop tile and jump NE to the rust-colored tile next to the N wall.  Activate the jumpswitch to open the gate on the far side of the room, and also to make visible the fifth red tile near the E entrance to this room.  Go back there, step on the tile (against the S wall) and return to the chess piece room and get on the white bishop tile. Jump SE to the solid black tile against the S wall. Take a long running jump NE to the farther white knight tile. Hop NE (not SE) to the solid white tile. Hop E to the black knight tile. Take a long running jump SE to the jackal-head tile, and you're safe. For now.


Walk past the open gate and step on the jackal-head tile to your left for a cut scene of a mirror room with spikes on one side and a floor with alternating plain tiles and designer tiles on the other side.  If you walk, not run, through the spikes you'll take no damage. Start from the black and white tile and walk forward E into the spike field.  Look into the mirror to see that you're standing on a designer tile. From here walk NE onto the next designer tile (the one next to the mirror), then E onto a plain tile, then E onto a designer tile in the corner, then S onto a plain tile, then S onto a designer tile, then SW onto the next tile (you can now see yourself in the S mirror), then S all the way to the mirror and onto a designer tile, then E onto a plain tile, and finally E onto the jackal-head tile at the exit. The spikes there retract, allowing you to take a running jump slightly NE to grab the first pole. It might be a good idea for you to save before making the attempt (the second pole's reflection in the mirror should be slightly to the right of Lara's pigtail). 


Once on the pole, face NE.  If Lara's head is just covering the yellow cube in the distance (or is maybe just a bit to the left of it), between the blue and green cubes, you should be able to jump to grab the second pole safely.  From there, face the mirror and jump due N to a pole on the other side of the mirror.  Face NE and jump to an area cluttered with pushpieces. Grab the shotgun ammo, the uzi ammo and the small medipack, then take the SILVER SPHERE from the central container for SECRET #7.  Jump back to the pole, jump due S to the pole on the other side of the mirror, face SE and jump to another area with only four pushpieces on this side.  Pick up the shotgun ammo in the central container, then face the N mirror and number the columns from 1 to 5 starting from your left.  Assign letters to the tiles in each column, with A being closest to the N mirror.  Move the colored pushpieces as follows (all on white tiles):


Yellow - 1C

Red - 2B

Green - 4D

Blue - 5C


Head E into the cave and awaken two ninjas and two wolves.  The grate that formerly covered the floor opening in the back should now be open by virtue of moving the pushpieces.  Drop down into a shallow pool of water onto a closed floor grate.  Wade S toward the cave (or save time by running along either side). Having stepped on the five red tiles earlier, the W gate should now be open. Enter, step into the helix and find yourself in a different room. Pick up the large medipack at your feet, continue W into the room and grab the UZIS and 4 x uzi ammo on the other side of the sarcophagus, and take the GOLDEN SPHERE from the container from the far end for SECRET #8.  Go back, step into the helix again and return to the first room.  Go out into the cave and save your game before pushing the timed floor lever.  None of the three nearby gates opens, but that grate in the pool does.  Run along the left side of the water, jumping frequently to save precious milliseconds, and when you near the grate jump diagonally to your right onto a particularly shallow spot in the water (just beyond the lily pads) so you can veer left and continue with a runjump into the hole as the grate closes.  This requires incredible precision and will likely take a number of tries.  Save your game again when you succeed and pull out N in front of a jumpswitch.  Activate it to open one of the gates in the previous area and return there.


Enter the S gateway and trigger a flyby that centers upon the eponymous Golden Seraph surrounded by a helix.  All the jugs are empty save one SE that hides a small medipack.  When you take THE SERAPH a second gate in the previous area opens. The S jumpswitch you may have seen in the flyby is spike protected, but over the entrance is an unprotected jumpswitch that begins the painstaking process of gaining another secret in this area. If you're not interested, skip down to the next paragraph.  Activate the entrance jumpswitch, then jump W to grab the block with the winged creature. Shimmy around to the other side and activate the second jumpswitch. Climb up beside the winged creature and jump back to the walkway. Go up the stairs toward the helix, turn around and look NE. Jump over the railing to grab the ladder (rather tricky, so save first). Climb to the top and face SW.  Take a running jump onto the higher platform (again, quite tricky). Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and locate the ledges jutting out E and W.  Use them to jump to the third and fourth jumpswitches.  Activate them and, standing on the E ledge, hop down slightly SE onto the block with the winged creature. The fifth jumpswitch is on the E face, so activate it, climb back up and take a curved running jump NW to land near the helix. The spikes that formerly protected the sixth jumpswitch S are now deactivated, so pull down the jumpswitch and return to the entrance to find some raised blocks. Use them to reach the N ladder over the entrance. Climb and pull up into the high opening.  Turn around and take running jumps in succession S to a breaktile and to a rope. Swing and jump off the rope onto a platform. Use the zip line to get down to the terrace, but don't wait until the end to release or you'll land in a spike bed. Go to the E end and hang from the edge. Down below to your right you can see another jumpswitch.  Pull up, hop back and wait until you clear the edge before hitting the action key so you'll glide onto the ledge below. Take a running jump to activate the jumpswitch, and back flip to safety upon landing. Jump the ledges W and jump further to grab a ladder near the SW corner. The spikes on top have been deactivated, so pull up in confidence and climb the next ladder. Jump N to a pole, climb to the top and turn to face the ladder. Slide down just a bit to give yourself some clearance, then jump and grab the ladder. Shift around right or left to the other side and back flip onto the roof. Find a large medipack, 2 x shotgun ammo and the UZIS, then go to the S gate that opens upon your approach and enter for a GOLDEN SPHERE and SECRET #9. Back on the roof, use the green ceiling strip to monkey swing N to the platform, safety drop twice and head N around the raised blocks to the entrance.    


Return to the previous area and enter the E gateway. Step into the helix and exit W into a new area.  Turn right and walk carefully to the edge of a sneaky spike pit.  On the right side you can see a ladder leading down. Light a flare, climb down, and at the bottom back flip into an alcove for SECRET #10. Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and a BRONZE SPHERE.  Jump back to the ladder (don't get too close to the spikes), pull out, jump across N and take the ANKH from the container.  Continue to the N wall and pull up into the E crawl space. Crawl forward and climb the ladder.  Crawl forward some more and lower Lara down the other side. Release and slide, grab and climb down another ladder.  Drop a long distance from the bottom and sustain considerable but unavoidable damage.  Top up your health and hastily engage an awakened demigod and two harpies. Of course, when the demigod dies the second demigod becomes active. When all is quiet, insert the Ankh in the W receptacle to open the gate. Before leaving, you can try to get the next secret, one that I couldn't manage myself because I was unable to make that initial jump to grab the ivy (download here a savegame, if you need it, with Lara hanging on the wall). From the SE ledge next to the flaming bowl stand, you are to take a curved running jump with a sharp left curve to grab the ivy on the E wall.  Shift right around the corner and drop down onto the S column.  Pick up 3 x uzi ammo, jump N to the rope, turn to face SW and swing to jump to the ledge with a small medipack. Pull up onto the slope, slide down the other side and jump off to find a container with a SILVER SPHERE for SECRET #11. To get back, face the S wall and jump up to grab the ivy.  Climb up and shift left a short distance to clear the lower-hanging ceiling, and two steps from the top take a rolling back flip to grab the ivy-covered block. Shift around to the other side and back flip down to the big steps near the open W gate.


Slide down to a ledge below and watch the long flyby. Run to the other end of the ledge and take a running jump W to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and deal with two ninjas and a harpy.  Jump up to the higher W ledge and push the floor lever to raise a nearby gate.  Hop down to the lower ledge and jump to the stairs against the N wall.  Climb the long ladder nearly to the top and back flip onto a balcony.  Go to the other end, hang from the edge, pull up, roll and take a long running jump to grab the smaller E ledge.  At the highest point, face S, jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing S and veer slightly left to the small balcony for a small medipack.  Save your game and take a long running jump to the W structure. Pull up and engage two harpies before picking up the ANKH (1 of 4).


Pull up N to the top of the structure, turn left and hop W. You'll slide down and land on a stable ledge. Take a curved running jump W and grab that dark crack in the wall. Shimmy left and pull up in the corner for SECRET #12 and 2 x uzi ammo to go along with a BRONZE SPHERE.  Face S, jump up to grab the ceiling and follow the vines as you monkey swing SW to drop down onto a balcony.  A demigod below you is awakened. Take a running jump E through the green film to grab a thin ledge where you can pull up and deal with the demigod, together with a ninja who has materialized on the balcony you just vacated. Climb up the NW block and kneel to pick up the ANKH (2 of 4).


Hop back down to the ledge, hang from the S edge and safety drop onto the green block below. Stand jump SE to the lower green block and note the ladder in the E wall.  Hang from the S edge of the block, release and grab the crack below. Shimmy left around the corner and drop down onto a lower ledge. Step on the jackal-head tile to deactivate the spikes protecting the floor lever (but not the other spikes). Go there and push it to open another nearby gate. To get back, return to the ledge with the jackal-head tile and take a running jump SE to the sloped block. Slide and jump to grab the ladder, climb nearly to the top and take a rolling back flip to grab the vine-covered block. Climb up until Lara's feet are set, shimmy right or left around two corners and back flip to a familiar ledge.  Hang drop again to that green block below and this time jump to the lower NW block.  Jump even lower NW to the small island with the palm tree and pick up the ANKH (3 of 4).


Jump W to grab the protruding ledge.  Pull up and face S at the end of the ledge. Step back three times, hop back once and take a running jump to grab the spike field. Shimmy right and pull up in the safe corner.  Get over to the SE corner and stand jump E to the slope down below.  Slide and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up to near the top and take a rolling back flip to grab the block as you did before. Shift around to the opposite side and back flip to the upper ledge. Go to the W end and take a running jump through the green film to grab the next ledge.  Pull up and go to the SW corner to run and jump to grab the rope.  Swing W and jump off onto the arched roof.  Push the floor lever behind the dragon statue to open a gate. Shoot the approaching harpy and climb down the ladder in the SE corner.  Shift left around the corner and drop down. Note the spike-protected jumpswitch and the W openings (one of which is still blocked by closed gates) requiring two Ankhs each to continue.


Use two of your three Ankhs to open the gates in the NW passage. Go into the N room and shoot two wolves.  On the E side of the central structure are two pushcages.  Move one of them W into the alcove.  Move the second one next to the first one.  Get up and pull the W pushcage on the second row one time. Get up and pull the pushcage on the third row one time to bridge the gap between the two ledges. Climb up further and move the uppermost pushcage W onto the jackal tile. Music starts playing as if something wonderful has just happened, but when you get down and exit this room to look around, no discernible change has taken place (maybe you were intended to have all four Ankhs before doing this room).


Climb back up the SE ladder, shift right around the corner and pull up onto the arched roof. To your right in the distance you can see an opening in the N wall.  Use the rope to get across to the W balcony. Go to the N railing and runjump over it with the action key depressed to glide into the opening you just noted. Kill two wolves and take the ANKH (4 of 4) from the sun-drenched container. Shoot the empty pots to give yourself room, then stand on the S edge facing S and jump up into the bright light to grab an opening. Pull up for a small medipack and 3 x uzi ammo, then step forward for a SILVER SPHERE and SECRET #13. Drop down, return to the S opening, look for the flame-guarded floor lever down below and stand jump to land safely next to it. Hang from the edge and shimmy left past all the flames until you can pull up near a jumpswitch. Activate it to turn off all the flame blowers. Hop over to the floor lever and push it to open the lead gate in the SW ankh-receptacle passage. Shoot the nearby jug for a small medipack.


To get back, you'll need to take the long way around.  Jump back to the N opening, pull up and exit E by sliding down and jumping to the ledge in the central structure.  Pull up to the floor lever ledge, hop down SE and jump across to the spike field as described earlier. Repeat the steps following until you reach the arched roof via the rope. Climb down the ladder and shift left to drop to the floor.  Use your two Ankhs to open the remaining gates in the SW passage. Save your game at the W entrance. Step forward onto the bridge to slide down and trigger a pursuing boulder. Jump before you reach a stable surface and stumble, then sprint for dear life and jump at the very end to land on a block bearing the number 54.  Look at the spike-protected jumpswitches ahead.  Each is assigned a Roman numeral.  You remember from your earlier school days that 54 is the same as LIV, so walk carefully through the spike fields and activate only the three jumpswitches with those Roman numerals (this doesn't have to be done in proper order).  The spikes lower and a boulder is released with each successful activation.


Jump back to the bridge and exit this room. The spikes protecting the jumpswitch outside have retracted, so climb up onto the block and activate the jumpswitch to open the nearby N doors.  Jump there to find a room with 12 receptacles for secret spheres, 6 on each side.  Place 12 of the spheres you're carrying to open the gates up ahead and to your left. You still have a Golden Sphere in your inventory, so head for the open gates and place it in the final receptacle. The gate to your left opens, so enter a large outdoor area for SECRET #14. Take three PIECES OF THE SCION from the central container and exit to the previous area. Run E toward a fixed camera and the exit gate, which opens upon your approach and leads you to the finish trigger.