Create a Classic – 20 Years of TR – Catacomb


Level by Sabatu


Authorized walkthrough by Josι


Moveable Pillar Puzzle


Shoot the smaller vase to get flares and slide down the ramp in NE corner. Continue down the next ramp (notice the closed door in the opening to your right, near the corner, for much later), jump over the pit, check the shootable vase to your left to get more flares and go through the NE opening. Shoot the harpy in the next room and look for shotgun shells and more flares in the small pools. Now drag the moveable pillar 4 tiles to the S and 2 tiles to the W, placing it just in front of the column in the SW pool [look to the ceiling, one of the faces is mirrored (thanks Sabatu)] and the E doors open.


The First Torch – First Secret


Run up the stairs and when entering into the new room Lara will look to the pedestal with the torch. There are also shotgun shells in the nearby pool. Go to either of the E passages where the skeletons came from, light a flare and jump and grab the edge of the W slope; hoist up and jump back and forth to land onto a flat ledge above; turn around and take a running jump with grab to the E dark opening and get SECRET #1: a large medipack and flares.


Back to the previous room, pick up the torch, avoid the skeletons and light it near the entrance; go back down the stairs and light the wall torch in the S opening to open the door. A fire wraith appears so jump into one of the nearby pools to defeat it. Deal with the giant cigar-cutter and use the monkeyswing to cross to the other side of the deep pit (notice the goodies at the bottom).


The First Star


Follow the path and in the room with the small scorpions pick up a small medipack in the niche to your left; to your right there is a dark room, light a flare and climb the opening in NE corner, turn around and jump to grab the edge of the high ledge, hoist up and pick up the shotgun shells; also pull the floor lever (no camera shot this time). Back down to the dark room, go left and pick up the small medipack before getting the first Star. Quickly go back the way you came to the room next to the pit to get rid of the fire wraith in the small pool.


Second Secret


Don't cross the pit yet, go back to the room where you shot the small scorpions to find an open trapdoor; climb down the ladder to find yourself at the bottom of the pit and get SECRET #2: the shotgun and shotgun shells. Now go back up the ladder, cross the pit using the monkeyswing, back to the room with 4 small pools, climb the W ladder and continue a short distance to find the receptacle for the star.


Room with Transparent Ledges – Third Secret


Use it, deal with the circular blades and continue until you find a water hole. Follow the underwater passage to a room where you can surface (look for a small medipack near the SE corner, underwater). Go out of the water, climb the E ledge, turn around and light a flare to see the transparent ledges and use them to cross to the W side of the room where the floor lever is. Pull it to open the doors in the room with the water hole. Before going there, go back to the E ledge, jump to grab the rope and swing to a flat tile in the dark NE corner and get SECRET #3: a large medipack and flares. Jump into the water and swim back to the room with the open doors.


Room with Three Stacked Columns


Run N to the very end (notice the closed door to your left) and safety drop through the hole in NE corner. From the top of the pillar, take a running jump to the W ledge and climb down the ladder to your left. There are shotgun shells at the other side of the room but also some floor blade traps on your way. Drop down to the very bottom and place the moveable object onto the marked tile; this will open the door you saw moments ago before dropping through the hole. There are also uzi clips in the NE corner of this pit and an opening which leads you to a dead end (for much later).


Room with Pillars and Fires – The Second Star


Climb from the W side and go through the passage with the circular blade to find a room with a deep pit and pillars with fires. Pull the switch and jump fast from pillar to pillar to finally reach the other side of the room. Once there, climb the ladder in the corner and jump back at the top, facing the entrance of this room, take a sideflip to land onto the slope and jump to grab the monkeyswing above; swing to the other side to get the second Star. Safety drop to the entrance ledge and go back to the main room.


Room with Three Floor Levers – The Horseman's Gem


This time go through the E passage and watch the flyby; take care with the spike traps in the small pits and also the floor blade traps in several places of this room. Shoot the vases in the E side of this room to get 2 X shotgun shells, now go through the E corridor, time the moving pillar and continue to a room with more smashing pillars. Time the three pillars and pull the wall switch; safety drop to the dark room below and pick up the Horseman's Gem (watch out for more floor blade traps in this pit and an horde of hungry scarabs). Run to the other side and use the pole to go back up.


The Third Star


Going out from this room you'll see that the door in front of you is now open; climb the blocks and turn right to find yourself at the top of the room with the spiked pits. Jump to the ledges to your right to pick up uzi clips in the NE corner. Use the rope to reach the three alcoves in the opposite side of the room where the floor levers are. From the central one you can shimmy right to get access to the right one, but not to the left one so I had to time the smashing block and climb the blocks again to reach the last lever (tricky swing with grab). Once the three levers are pulled, the door below opens. Go inside and kill a demigod; he will drop the third Star when dying. There are also shotgun shells and uzi clips in the dark corners.


Area with Two Toxic Pools


Return to the main room and go N to use the stars. There are uzi clips near the W wall and a shotgun on the stairs near the receptacles, but don't try to draw pistols to shoot the white vases or the game will crash. Once you use the stars you'll find a new area with a closed door and two deadly pools in left and right sides. You can use the monkeyswings to cross the pools and pick up the uzis and 2 X uzi clips in one side and a wall switch to open the door at the other side.


The Second Torch – Fourth Star


Go through the new passage and at the top of the ramp find a new watery area, where you'll be received by a harpy and a couple of crocs in the pool. Once the calm is restored jump into the water and explore the bottom to find a small medipack and flares. Surface near the W opening, go inside and move the pillars onto the patterned tiles to open the next doors; shoot the vases to get 2 X uzi clips. In the next room with the small pools you'll have to kill a couple of demigods. There are 4 triangular openings here and in the first pool you can pick up uzi clips and a torch. First go to the SW opening, shoot the scorpions and light your torch; then you'll need to light the wall torches inside the other three openings, where you'll find a harpy, more scorpions and 2 X uzi clips. Once all three torches are burning, the door in the second pool opens and you can get the fourth Star. Go back to the main room.


Room with Phantom Floor – Fifth Star


Forget the E opening, jump into the water and swim to the NE area where you'll find a new passage; continue through the corridor to find a room with another pool but the receptacle to use the horseman's gem is still underwater so, pick up the small medipack at the bottom, surface and continue to the next dark room with a phantom floor. In this room only the tiles under the burning lamps are safe so jump only onto this tiles to cross to the other side of the room and get the fifth Star. Go back to the main room and this time to the E opening you ignored moments ago.


Moving the Water


Use the shotgun to push the skeletons into the water, shoot the vase to get flares and pick up 2 X uzi clips in the window sill. Place the stars to open the door and deal with a harpy and another skeleton inside. Pull the lever to see how all the water in this area was moved to previous areas (the main room where you used the second and third stars). This also awakes a fire wraith so, quickly, go out and climb to the entrance of the W opening, climb the block to your left, take a running jump with grab to the S ledge and from here another long running jump to the entrance of this area; run down the ramp and jump into the water hole just in front of you to get rid of the ghost.


[NOTE]: At this moment you can go all the way back to the room where you saw the receptacle for the horseman's gem time ago, but I placed the gem and the door never opened. [End note]


The Sixth Star


From the water hole, swim to the room where you used the  second and third stars a long time ago and look for the air hole in the ceiling, above the three stacked columns. But don't go there yet; do you remember the passage leading to a dead end in the pit with the moveable? It's time to go there (S wall near the very bottom) to get the sixth Star and now you can swim to the air hole in the ceiling. Go out of the water, advance a bit to the S and in front of the fat column is the door you opened ages ago when you dragged the pillar onto the marked tile in the now flooded room you came from. Go inside to pick up the uzis, a shotgun, uzi clips, flares and a small medipack. (I think this could be a secret, but there's not a secret chime and it doesn't count in the statistics).


Last Stars - The Ankh


Continue S and W to the door you had opened with the very first star; now turn right (S), jump over the pit and near the slope check the corner to your left to see that a door have opened in that opening. Go inside, use the star to open the door, slide down the small ramp and kill a couple of demigods. They will drop the last Stars to open the next door so, do it so and go inside the treasure room to get your prize: the Ankh. When you pick it up the exit door opens so go there and climb the long ladder to find yourself back at the very starting room of this level. Go up the ramp and when stepping on the marked tile, quickly sprint down the ramp and to the left to avoid the rolling ball. Now the path is clear and you can safety run up to the daylight to finish this adventure.


December – 22 - 2016