Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - THE LOST EGYPTIAN HAND


Level by Lore the Raider


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with help from the builder to locate two of the secrets)



Begin under the Egyptian moonlight. After the opening flyby, which reveals a number of pickups on the pyramid, start by pulling up SW for some flares. Runjump N and pull up W.  Trigger the boulder above and hop back before picking up more flares. Runjump down to the NE corner and stand jump W to a flat spot on the N face. Pull up, pick up a large medipack and wait while another boulder rumbles down. Pick up the small medipack and runjump W to the next flat spot. Hop down to the NW corner, turn left around the corner and pull up to a flat spot in the W face. Stand jump S and pull up E to trigger another harmless boulder. Pick up the small medipack and hop down SW two times to reach the next corner. Walk left around the corner and pull up onto a flat spot on the S face. Runjump up NE to a niche, pick up 2 x uzi ammo and shotgun ammo and pull down the wall switch to lower a trap door somewhere.


Hop up NE and take a tricky runjump N to the next flat spot. Pick up the UZIS, 2 x uzi ammo and the small medipack for SECRET #1.  Slide down to the ground and go around to the S face of the pyramid to find the opened trap door at ground level.  Light a flare, stand right, hop down onto a slope and take jumps as you slide down, curving to the right so that you land in a niche where you find uzi ammo, 2 x shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN for SECRET #2.


Continue sliding down, shoot a few bats when you reach the bottom and make your way past the swinging blades to a room where two jackals attack. In the N wall are three switches.  On the E and W walls are unlit torches.  Near the W wall is a trap door you can open, but there's a closed gate at the other end of the passage.  Get up onto the block near the E wall, jump W to the next block and get an on-screen message related to the torch. Runjump S to activate the jumpswitch to open the gate at the end of the trap door passage. 


Go there, but watch out for the spike pit ahead as you enter. Jump to the W rope and swing across the gap where four scorpions are waiting for you. Note the closed gates in the W wall and go to the NW ledge.  Use the rope to get across another spike pit and hold the action key down to glide into the W opening. Run up the ramp to a new room, and a door slams shut behind you. Locate the pushblock against the W wall and push it one time N (if you push it two times you'll release a trap door and fall down prematurely). Pull down the wall switch to open a gate (one of the two you saw earlier).


Now push the block one more time N to release the trap door.  You'll drop to a slope and start sliding. Jump off near the bottom and run along the ledge toward the helix before the spikes start popping up behind you.  Don't go all the way to the helix, but jump to your right near the end and grab the crawl space in the N wall. Crawl forward for the SECRET KEY.  Don't release and drop down into the deadly water, but shimmy left until you can drop down onto a ledge near the helix. Step into the helix to be carried back to the previous room.


Exit E through the passage and use the rope to get across the spike pit.  Go to the SW ledge and use the rope there to get over another spike pit into the W opening. Go up the ramp into a room where another door slams shut behind you. Push the block in the W wall one time S to reveal a wall switch that opens the second gate in the previous room.  Now push the block into the S alcove to release a trap door.  Wait until you've slid nearly to the bottom of the slope before jumping off onto the first sloped block.  Slide and jump, making your way left as you progress, so you can jump off the last sloped block to grab the crawl space in the S wall.


Crawl forward and grab the second SECRET KEY. Hang from the edge and shimmy right until you can drop down onto the ledge and step into the helix. In the previous room, exit E and use the rope to get across the spike pit.  Go to the opened W alcove and take a TORCH from the plinth.  You can get across the E spike pit without having to use the rope by taking stand jumps along the right side.  Go up the E ramp and hop up past the opened trap door.


Now it's time to devote our attention to those three wall switches. First, however, jump from the lowest block to the highest block and draw your pistols to deposit the torch at your feet. Drop back down and pull down the second and third wall switches (counting left to right) to raise the blocks.  Get to the highest one, pick up your torch and jump N into the opening.  Light your torch halfway up the passage (there's a closed door at the end), hop down to the highest block and throw your torch to the ground.  Get back down (it appears that one of the wall torches has already been lighted, but the illusion vanishes when you pick up the torch) and light the four wall torches at ground level.


You'll need the torch to get a later secret.  To bring it with you, push both switches back up, deposit the lighted torch on the highest block as you did before, then pull the same switches back down again and make your way to the top. The wall switch on the left also lowers and raises two of the blocks, but it doesn't need to be used to complete your tasks here.  Grab your torch, hop into the opening and find that the door at the end of the N passage is now open.


When you step into a new outdoor area, a flyby is triggered and the door closes behind you. Leave your torch here and step forward to alert two jackals.  Jump into the fountain pool and pull the underwater lever at the end of the W passage to open the W gate above. Before proceeding, however, use your two Secret Keys to open the E gate and step inside. The next door opens automatically and reveals SECRET #3.  You are invited to choose the outfit you want Lara to wear and step into the selected helix.  I stepped into both of them and nothing seemed to happen either time, other than hearing Lara's voice.


Return to the fountain area and see that you need four artifacts to open the N gate. Pick up your lighted torch, enter the W gateway and trigger a long flyby through a tall room. The idea seems to be to make your way up, so start by shooting some pesky bats.  Light the W wall torches to open the door between them, and take flares and 2 x uzi ammo from the plinth for SECRET #4


In the tall room, the block in the SE corner is a pushblock.  Pull it N once and W twice so you can use it to reach the lowest central ledge. Pull down the wall switch to open a door (not the one on this level).  Climb the ladder to the next higher ledge and pull down the wall switch (same result).  Climb the ladder to the third ledge level and pull up to face an opened doorway. You may as well keep going up, however, so pull the wall switch and climb the ladder to the fourth ledge level. Pull up to face another opened doorway, pull down the final wall switch and enter the S room. There's another closed door ahead, which opens when you pull down the wall switch to your right (behind the column).


Enter a lava room and jump the blocks as far as you can, then jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the S wall and drop to a ledge where you'll find an ANKH on the plinth. Monkey swing back, but this time you'll have to deal with flame blowers.  Time your way past them as you cross the lava room.  (I suggest you save your game before dropping onto the first block, as there's a good chance you'll miss and fall into the lava.  I also suggest you save after successfully reaching each of the remaining blocks.) 


When you return safely to the central structure, climb down to the third ledge level.  Enter the E doorway and find another closed door ahead.  It opens when you activate the jumpswitch to your right (behind the column, as before). Enter and run up the S ramp to the end. Turn around and hop up to the N ramp.  Run forward and press your nose against the wall as the boulder bounces harmlessly over your head. Continue up two more ramps until you reach a plinth.


Don't pick up the artifact yet.  Pull up into the N crawl space and crawl forward for the UZIS, a small medipack, a SHOTGUN and uzi ammo for SECRET #5.  Drop back down, face N, take the SEAL OF ANUBIS from the plinth and hop back immediately to avoid being spiked. Return down the ramps to the tall room, drop down to the second ledge level and enter the N room. Hop into the W trench and pull down the SW wall switch to open the second door. 


Drop into the water hole at the end of the passage and swim into a large underwater room.  Swim across to the N end and open the door above the Sphinx head while a shark gives chase. Swim into the passage and pull out left to deal with the shark. Hop W into the water hole and turn left at the closed door.  Pull out of the water and step on the timed NW trigger tile to lower a block overhead. Run up the wooden ramps until you reach a wall switch.  Pull it down quickly to open that underwater door you saw (and reveal another one).  The block will have risen under your feet by the time camera control is restored.


Run off the S side of the block onto the wooden ramp. Go back down and jump into the water hole. Swim N past the opened door and pull up into a dark room with a fixed camera. Run W to trigger a flyby.  Draw your favorite weapon and target a giant bug (maybe two) lurking in the darkness ahead. Use the ledge to jump W across the gap and activate a jumpswitch. Pull out of the water onto the E ledge and jump up to grab the S ledge. Jump across W again, but this time grab the far ledge and pull up.


Jump to the ledge in the NW corner and enter the passage there. Follow to a pushblock and push it two times. Get up onto it and jump to the higher E ledge.  Make your way along the ledges up here until you reach the SMALL WATERSKIN. When you pick it up, the second underwater door opens and a fire wraith gives chase. No problem, just drop into the water below. Pull out onto the E ledge, pull up onto the higher S ledge and jump into the water hole to leave this area. 


Swim S and turn right into the opened doorways. Pull out into an elements room. Fill your Small Waterskin, step forward to the scales and empty it in the bowl.  Two objects appear near your feet, but pick up only the SCARAB to your right (the one in the green light, as the other one is spike-trapped).


Back to the water hole, swim all the way E and pull out. Jump into the trench and swim past the dead shark back to that large underwater room. Swim across to your left and pull out at the SE ceiling hole. Pull out and return to the central structure in the tall room. Drop down to the lower ledge level and enter the W doorway. Loop around left and activate the jumpswitch behind the column to open the second W door. Light a flare and jump to the first translucent tile. Take running jumps to the next three tiles and a running jump with grab to the fifth tile. Pull up, jump to the floating island and take the EYE OF HORUS from the plinth.


Get back across the same way you came and drop down to the ground when you reach the room with the central structure. Exit E to the fountain room and go to the N wall. Use the Eye of Horus, the Scarab, the Seal of Anubis and the Ankh to open the N gate.  When you run up the ramp into the next room, an on-screen message warns you to save your game now, as you'll not be able to save during the forthcoming sequence. Also, the entrance gate has closed behind you.


Take the EGYPTIAN HAND (presumably the one that was lost) from the plinth and find yourself transported to a new place.  Shoot the demigod in front of you. When he dies a second demigod materializes behind you and drops the OLD KEY when he dies.  However, before picking it up locate and activate the jumpswitch behind the SE column.  A LEG appears on the plinth (nobody told us that was lost, too). Now pick up the key. You're transported again, this time to a room where you can use the Old Key to open the N gate.  Run up the ramp to end the level.