Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - THE TEMPLE OF ISIS


Level by Shakira Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



During the opening flyby Lara comes in driving the Jeep recklessly and smashing up against a fallen statue.  Shoot two approaching scorpions and examine the temple entrance to draw out two more scorpions.  Note the Golden Star embedded in the SW archway and enter the S courtyard.  Go by two gem receptacles and turn left to find an open gate in the middle of the E wall.  Note the the large green jars ahead and find the nearby floor lever on the NE ledge. Push it to open a door elsewhere. 


Drop down to a lower area and head E into a passage. Turn left at the wall, go up the stairs and find the door you opened. Go in, turn right and climb down the ladder to a lower outdoor area.  Go to the NW alcove and push a button there (screen shot of a pole). Go to the SW alcove and push a similar button (screen shot of a trap door dropping at the pole). The pole in question is at the E end of this area.  Go there, note the raised cage and climb the pole through the opening.  Back flip onto a veranda and shoot the black tongue of the face in the E wall.  Water starts flowing from its mouth.


Make your way clockwise around the ledges, pausing to shoot another stone face tongue in the S wall. (The two obstructions are easy to pass.)


WARNING: Unless and until the builder releases a version that prevents this, you could now turn around and shoot the tongue in the N stone face across the way, by jumping up and down while firing your pistols. However, if you do that you will bypass a substantial amount of intended gameplay as described below, so I strongly recommend that you refrain.


At the W wall you reach a small room with another Golden Star embedded in the wall.  Go through the W opening into the next room and take the DIARY KEY from the plinth.  Push the button in the W wall and hear the sound of a trap door lowering behind you. Exit to the previous room and drop down through the hole onto a tile in an area you've already visited. 


Go S down the stairs back to a familiar outdoor area. Go up the S steps and continue up the steps around to the right and exit W to the large outdoor area near the beginning of this level. Go across to the open W gate and go NW or SW to the far wall.  Look for a nearby alcove with a button that opens the doors at the top of the nearby stairs.  Go there and enter a room with long hallways going to your right and left.  The way left (S) is riddled with spike traps. Jump over the first two, and at the third one the corner where the skeleton lies is safe.  Pick up the REVOLVER and jump to the S wall.  There are separate mirror rooms to your right and left.


Go right (W) first and runjump SW into the alcove. Look in the mirror for the wall switch and pull it down to open the door at the far end of the room.  The way to the E wall is clear. Jump S to the next safe tile and walk forward onto the next one. The mirror clues are obscure at this point, but you can hop S to the next safe tile. Walk forward onto the next tile and hop SW into the opening. Climb the cage, turn around and activate the jumpswitch. Go through the mirror room, reversing your route, and cross the hall into the other mirror room.


The tiles in front of the first alcove are all safe, so jump into the second alcove to see a wall switch in the mirror.  Go to the W wall and pull down the switch to open the S door.  Hop S to the next safe tile, hop SE to the next one, and hop S over the spike tike with grab to land inside the entrance. The jumpswitch you activated in the other mirror room has raised a cage in this room, so get on it to activate the jumpswitch over this entrance.  The cage lowers, allowing you to push the floor lever. You have an idea what that does, so exit this mirror room, go to the other mirror room and find that the cage there has lowered. Cross the room as you did before and pick up the GEM.


Exit the mirror room section and jump over the spike traps in the N hallway. Continue N and down the stairs. To your right is a pole, to your left is a room with deadly water and a gem on the far side. There are tiles bearing various symbols on the ceiling. Climb the pole and back flip into an upper room where the floor is covered with the same kinds of symbol tiles.  Most of the tiles will set you aflame if you step on them. There's a plinth to your left, so take a TORCH from it. Your job now is to find a place to light it, so throw it down the hole, climb down the pole after it and take it with you S up the stairs and left at the intersection.


Go down the stairs and through the E opening.  Go across the large outdoor area and through the next E opening. Get down to the lower level and into the E passage. Go up the stairs to your left and find a flame to light the torch. Nearby is a block that has been raised in your absence.  Take your lighted torch the long way back (W) to the room with deadly water. Carefully light the two golden bowls and watch the flyby.  Drop your torch and climb the pole to the upper room. Jump to the illuminated safe tiles across the room (use the walk-jump technique) and push the button in the W wall to raise some cages in the room below.


On the way back, jump to the non-illuminated safe tile in the S wall, climb up left and enter the small room for an EYE OF HORUS and SECRET #1.  Get down and jump the tiles to exit this room, climb down the pole to the lava room and use the raised cages to reach the W plinth with the second GEM.  Get back and exit this part of the temple compound. Head E toward the main entrance where you began the level and go NE to place the Gems in the receptacles you saw earlier (in the small obelisks). Watch the long and impressive flyby while the place fills with water.


Jump into the nearby channel and swim into the S opening to draw out a crocodile.  Kill it from a safe position and swim through the S passage into a new area with four side rooms. Enter the E opening and follow the long passage to a larger room where you'll find a random flame on the floor and a pair of knot receptacles (one already filled) at the entrance.  There's also a Golden Star embedded in the S wall. Loop around left and push the button in the N wall to lower a rope outside.  Exit to the hub room and go across into the W opening. Follow a passage that looks much like the previous one and emerge in a new outdoor area. 


Go to the W wall, go up either the NW or the SW steps and enter the nearby passage. Locate and climb the pole.  Almost at the top, back flip onto a higher level.  Go E and find the lowered rope.  Save your game first, as the jump is unusually difficult.  When you finally grab the rope, swing and jump across to the other side, being careful not to fall through the hole.  Activate the jumpswitch you can see at the edge of the hole, and drop down into the water below.  Pull out and shoot a harpy, then see the opened SE gate with a Golden Star embedded in the wall.  Enter the NE opening and follow to a room with a central fountain.


The N opening is closed, the E opening leads to previously explored territory, so enter the S opening and Lara's attention is directed to her left.  There are four receptacles in this room, three of which are empty, but the most important thing for our present purposes is the CROWBAR that's partially obscured by the skeleton. Stoop down to pick it up, go around to the other side of the skeleton and stoop to pick up the LOCKED DIARY. Combine this with the Diary Key to form the DEAD MAN DIARY, and read the message that provides clues for tasks still to come. Return to the hub room, exit W and once outside go to the SE gate that you noted earlier. Put that crowbar to use and pry loose the first GOLDEN STAR. Return to the hub room via the NE passage and jump into the water. Swim N through the passage to the opening courtyard, go outside N where you started the level and loop around left to claim that GOLDEN STAR you noted at the very beginning.


Return to the courtyard and go through the E opening. Go down the large winding staircase and get on the ramp to your right before reaching the bottom.  Look SE for the ledge with the vines hanging from it, and jump to it. Take a long running jump NE to the next ledge, and another long running jump NW to the next ledge (curve right and grab at the last instant). Face SE and take a running jump with a midair roll to the broken column. Jump off and activate the jumpswitch in the N wall to open a trap door beneath the first ledge (the one with the hanging vines).  You can get down there and have a look, but there's nothing to be done at the moment.


Exit this area via the E passage and go up the stairs to your left. At the E ledge turn around and climb down the ladder. Go across to the E side and climb the pole once more. Back flip to the upper ledge and make your way clockwise around the periphery as you did before.  When you reach that small room at the W wall, pry the third GOLDEN STAR from the wall.  Drop down through the nearby opening and go down the S stairs to the lower outdoor area. Continue up the winding staircase and exit W back to the entrance courtyard. Jump into the water and swim through the S channel to the next hub room. Pull out and follow the E passage to a room you visited earlier. Go to the back wall left and take the fourth GOLDEN STAR


Return to the previous hub room, jump into the water and swim N back to the entrance courtyard. Pull out and go back through the E opening. Go down the winding staircase and at the bottom turn left and go down to a new area.  As you enter, make note of the planetary diagram on the S wall, then continue N into a partially flooded planetarium. Take the ANCIENT SCROLL from the W plinth and examine it for some important information.  Place the four Golden Stars in the receptacles in the E and W walls. When you're done, the five pushglobes are raised to floor level. You now need to move them to their proper positions, and this is where the diagram on the wall outside becomes important.


The big globe, the sun, obviously needs to go in the center, and you're rewarded with a screen shot. The globe NE is Mercury, and it goes next to the sun globe.  The globe SE is Earth, and it goes on the circle on the third ring. The globe SW is Venus, and it goes on the circle on the second ring. Finally, the globe NW is Mars, and it goes on the circle on the fourth ring.  When all globes have been correctly placed, the big wheels in the water-filled S room all stop spinning, allowing you to swim about in there freely. Pull the underwater lever on the middle W column to open a gate somewhere outdoors. Go to the middle E column and swim through the triangular crack in the wall to find an EYE OF HORUS in the next room for SECRET #2.


Return to the wheel room, pull out N, climb the pole and back flip into the planetarium. Exit S and return to the outside area. Go straight across through the E passage, up the stairs to your left and onto the raised block, and use the ladder in the W face of the ceiling shaft to climb up higher.  The opened gate is N where you pull up, so enter and jump clockwise from ledge to ledge until you reach the third stone face. I suppose that now is the time to shoot its black tongue, so do that and watch the flyby that tells you more flooding has taken place below.


Get back to the raised block by retracing your steps and climb down the ladder to the lower level.  Jump into the water and locate an underwater lever in the W wall. When you pull it the cage next to the E pole lowers, so go there and use the reach-in switch to set some machinery into motion. Turn around and jump from one of the corner ledges to the central structure for the PHAROS KNOT.


Safety drop into the water below, climb out W and run forward to climb up the ladder.  Go down the stairs to the lower outdoor area and check out that trap door you opened earlier (beneath the vine-droopy ledge to your left).  The trench below is now flooded, so swim inside the narrow opening and follow to a small room where you'll find an EYE OF HORUS for SECRET #3. Return to the previous outdoor area and go up the long winding staircase. Exit W to the opening courtyard and jump into the central pool. Swim S through the narrow passage and emerge in a hub room.  Pull out and enter the W passage.  Follow to the outdoor area you visited earlier and go to the NE opening. Follow the passage to that room with the central fountain.


Go through the S opening into the room where you found the crowbar and the diary, and insert the Eyes of Horus in the empty receptacles. A door opens in the S wall, so enter a darkened treasure room and find 2 x revolver ammo, a small medipack, a large medipack and the ANKH on the central plinth for SECRET #4. Return to the room with the central fountain and go through the E opening.


Follow around to the room with that strange flame on the floor.  Loop around right and insert the Pharos Knot in its receptacle.  An angry demigod comes to life behind you, so fire at it while its bolts sail harmlessly over your head. When it dies a second demigod is awakened, but unfortunately its aim is a little better.  When the second one dies part of the floor opens to reveal a staircase.  Go on downstairs to trigger an apparent level change.


You come to a hub room with many columns and a small central pyramid.  Turn right and exit W. Jump over the debris and come to an intersection. To your left is a pole leading to a closed trapdoor, so go right and enter a larger room. A central chain is protected by a cage. Pull the chain on the S tile to cause three Lara simulacra to materialize on the other tiles.  One (N) has a shimmering globe over her head.  The trap door above the pole has also lowered, so go there, climb the pole and back flip to an upper room.


Two harpies are awakened, and they start attacking the Lara simulacra, which in turn causes you to lose health, so get back to that room and kill the harpies without targeting the Lara simulacra.  When the threat has been removed, use the pole to get back up to the upper room. Run across N, jump to the N ledge over the chain you pulled, and note the orientation of the simulacra. They all need to be facing center, and that's what the overhead chains control. The central chain resets the other chains, so leave it alone unless you need to use it. The N simulacrum is already facing center (hence the globe over its head), so jump to the central ledge and from there to the W ledge.


Pull the chain three times, then jump to the N ledge and pull that chain once. All three simulacra should now be facing center, and the cage lowers. Safety drop to the floor and pull the central chain to open a door. Exit this room, jump E over the debris and return to the hub room. The opened door is E, so go there and enter a room with a goddess statue and a golden cat statue.  Take the ISIS PEARL from the plinth and the cat comes to life.  It acts strangely like a bull, however, so treat it as if it were one.


Entice the golden cat into the hub room and locate a column remnant NE and the high jumpswitch in the N wall.  You need to have the golden cat ram the white patch on the smaller column next to the column remnant. When you're successful in doing that, a brief cut scene ensues. The golden cat has knocked over the column, so hop onto it and walk to the top. Hop NW onto the column remnant and standjump N to activate the jumpswitch. The door in the S wall opens, so run past the golden cat into the open air to finish the level.