Level by MBog


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Bug alert:  I experienced consistent crash issues late in the game, which happened every time I died or attempted to save.  Other players reportedly experienced similar issues much earlier.  I found that the level played just fine using the unpatched executable in levels formally submitted in the Create a Classic competition (this level was apparently intended for the competition but not completed in time), and there were no more crashes after I substituted files.  For this reason you may want to replace the tomb4.exe file before you even start playing this level.





After the opening flyby, head W toward the swimming pool and go SW into the kitchen.  Loop around right and push the button to open the S door.  Go outdoors into a TR1 area and pick up 3 x shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUNEvery time you enter and exit one of these areas, there's a flash of light and Lara's outfit changes. Arm yourself with the shotgun and proceed around the corner and over the blocks to find a raptor.  Go where it came from and find more shotgun ammo.  Return to the main area and alert two more raptors.  Search the area SW for a small medipack


Find a moss-covered slope and use it to jump to the higher ledges. Get to the NE corner and find a wall switch. In the SW corner is more shotgun ammo.  Hop up into a SE alcove to the right of the swinging blades and use the slope to get up still higher. Get to a block at the NW corner and jump E to grab a crack.  Shimmy until you can pull up in the other corner.  Pull up higher. Go to the other end of the ledge and you can see the T-Rex that's causing all that commotion.  Jump S to grab the crack, shimmy around to where the T-Rex is and dispatch with a single shotgun blast to the belly. Pick up the MEMORY and jump back down to the NW block.  Get down to the ground and return to Lara's home.




Pick up the large medipack and proceed to a pit.  Look down, find the wooden platform and run down onto it. Drop down and head N to reach a much larger and deeper pit.  Hang from the edge, find the ladder and climb down as far as you can.  Release to land on a safe ledge. Jump E to a corner ledge below. Jump W to another lower ledge. Run off E onto a still lower ledge, from which you can climb down and drop to the ground. Go around to the N side and enter the crawl space.  Stand up to face three sets of swinging blades.  Time your way past them, climb the block and pull down the wall switch to raise a platform.  Get back to the deep room past the swinging blades (this time single blades only) and a fourth blade in front of the crawl space.


That raised platform is near the NW corner. Jump onto the nearby rock formation, stand at the highest NW tip and stand jump N to grab the platform.  Pull up, turn around and run SW onto the adjacent ledge, take a running jump S to grab the next ledge and pull up.  Turn around and pull up higher. Make your way clockwise around the ledges, pulling up higher as necessary, and wind up at an E opening.  Vault up inside for a large medipack, then take a running jump W across the gap and grab the other side.  Pull up and run forward for another MEMORY.  Turn left and climb blocks until you arrive at a slope.  Jump over it and continue climbing up until you can climb no further. Safety drop to a triangular ledge below, jump E and follow the short passage back to Lara's home and the pool.


Turn left and exit the pool area E into the huge entrance hall.  Flanking the front door are six stands to place your Memories when you've found them all.  Go back NW toward the pool and find a button that opens the door to your left.  Slide down into a new area.




Pull up left into the crawl space to avoid the laser.  Drop down into an alcove at the other end and run across the laser's path E to the next alcove.  Pull up N and slide down the slope. Crawl NW and drop down into a VCI area.  Shoot two guards and pick up grenades and the GRENADE GUN. In the SW office you can see the next Memory through the window. Enter the NW office and pull up E into a duct.  Monkey swing over the laser and crawl to a crossing guarded by a laser.  Wait until it passes to your left, then turn left into the dark passage and make a quick right. Follow to a slope. Slide a bit, jump over the laser and grab the other side. Pull up and run W past two lasers.  From the safe spot, wait for the third laser to pass to your right and turn left into the passage.  There's an empty crawl space to your left and a slope to your right.  Jump over the slope and follow the passage to an opening.


Drop into the water and take the MEMORY you saw earlier.  Pull out S through the hole and follow the passage to drop down into the office you visited earlier.  Exit via the SE crawl space and get past the laser the same way you got here.  Drop down out of the crawl space and quickly jump up to grab the E ladder. Shift up along the slope until you can drop down in the hallway in Lara's home.  It has become obvious that you don't need to perform the required tasks here in any particular order, so run upstairs and turn right to find a button in the N wall. Push it to open the door, go forward and slide down the slope to your left into a dark corridor.


Pick up 2 x flares, desert eagle ammo and the DESERT EAGLE at your feet.




Walk forward to the edge of a deep pit and light a flare.  There's a crawl space to your right, but inside is a closed grate to your right.  At the end of the crawl space is a small room containing a guard who carries a CARD of some kind (shows up as LOAD in your inventory). Return to the dark corridor and take a running jump slightly NW to land on a ledge. Run forward W off the edge to land on a lower ledge. Jump SE around the corner to another ledge. Drop from the S side and walk N to find a wall switch.  Hop back and drop down to a lower ledge. Continue dropping down blocks until you reach the floor.  Climb up onto the W ledge and pull down the N wall switch.


To get back up, start by using the ladder on the lowest block.  Continue up, using additional ladders along the way, until you can jump back E to the dark corridor where you began.  Get back into the N crawl space to find that the grate is now open.  Drop down into an alien display passage and use the Card in the N receptacle.  Gates open to your right, so drop down E into a room containing guided missiles.  Get down to the lowest level of this room to find a group of pushblocks.  The blocks are on three levels, and it appears to be your objective to create a bridge that allows you to move the topmost block over to the E ledge.


Begin by moving the first-level block, the one with a blue tint, two times S.  Get up onto that block (call it #1) and pull the second-tier block back one time. Hop back to the floor and push the other first-level block, the one to your left (call it #2), one time S.  Get up and push the same second-tier block one time S to get it out of your way.  Turn to your left and pull the other second-tier block back one time W. Turn right and pull the first second-tier block once N.  Your bridge is now formed.  Get up and pull the third-tier block back once E, get around it and push it once more E. Get up on the third-tier block and use it to jump E to a ledge between the missiles. Take running jumps and grabs N until you the corner where you'll find a wall switch. Pull it down to make the missiles disappear.  Get down to find a MEMORY in one of the missile alcoves.


Get back up to the alien display passage, turn left and use the SW crawl space to return to the dark corridor.  Use the ladder at the E end to shift up alongside the ramp and return to Lara's home.  Go around the landing to the S wall to find another button that opens another door. 




Drop down the blocks, pausing for 3 x uzi ammo and the UZIS along the way, and come to a pushblock.  Move it into the SE corner of this room and get up on it to pull down a wall switch. Return N to find another wall switch in the W alcove.  When you pull it the SW door opens so that you can go outdoors. Go along the W pathway to encounter five ninjas.  One of them drops a large medipack


The throne at the W end of the path partially blocks a wall switch.  Nearby is a receptacle for a star artifact.  Go to the sand dunes on the N side of the path and find a wall switch in the short wall.  When you pull it down there's a small explosion and one of the columns on the far wall vanishes.  Go there and pick up the STAR OF ORION.  Place it in the receptacle you saw earlier and another explosion destroys the throne.  Now the W wall switch is accessible, so pull it down to create a final explosion that reveals the MEMORY.  Return to Lara's home and go downstairs.  Head W to the swimming pool.




Jump into the swimming pool and find the small opening at the NW corner.  Swim into the Maria Doria TR2 area and pull out.  Proceed to a partially submerged room and get down onto the ledge at the water level.  Lara looks up at a jumpswitch.  Jump into the water and find an underwater level near the SW corner that's very near the surface.  When you pull it an explosion takes place nearby.  Get back to the NW ledge and jump SE to the higher block.  Jump SW to the slope, slide down and grab the edge, and shimmy to the left end.  Pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder.  Shimmy left around two corners without climbing up or down, and back flip to a block against the E wall.


Turn to face N and take a running jump to grab the lower ledge.  The explosion destroyed a pipe that was blocking a wall switch, so pull up and pull it down to lower a trap door.  Get back to the NW ledge and repeat the moves that bring you to the ladder.  Shimmy left around one corner this time and climb up through the open trap door. 


Pull up onto the upper ledge and go to face the N pillar.  Turn around and back flip onto it. Slide down the other side, grab the edge and release to activate the jumpswitch that Lara was looking at earlier. Pull out onto the NW and repeat to climb up through the open trap door. A rope has appeared, allowing you to swing into the NW opening.  Drop down into the water below, grab the MEMORY and return to the pool in Lara's home.


Pull out and exit E to the main hall.  Place your six Memories in the stands to open the front door.  Go outside and watch the overhead cut scene spelling out Lara's name with the hedge and pool configuration.  There are stands flanking the E exit gate to accommodate two additional Memories.  The NW and SW gates open upon your approach.  We'll save these for later. 




For now, from the front door head E toward the pools. Jump into the pool to your left (N) and find a small W opening. Swim inside, go SW a bit and continue swimming W.  Follow to an opening where you'll find 2 x shotgun ammo.  Continue a bit further for the LASER SIGHT.  Continue to an outdoor area where you can pull out into an Arctic setting.  Shoot four guards and turn to shoot two more guards firing down at you from the W wall.  


Use the taller NE crates to jump E to the storage area.  Explore both sides to flush out two more guards.  Drop back down to the deck and shoot one final guard.  This one is carrying a MEMORY.  Exit SW and swim back to the pool in front of Lara's home. Pull out and go to the gate in the SW corner.




Stop at the ledge, look down and you can see the next Memory on the floor far below.  However, getting to it is your immediate problem.  Take a running jump to grab the E ledge. Pull up, run to the far end and jump to grab the crack (noting the closed grate in the E wall). Shimmy right until you can pull up.  Turn right and take a running jump S to the slope, curving left so that you land sliding backwards.  Drop to grab the slope below. Shimmy all the way to the right, pull up and take a rolling back flip with a left curve so that you land on the next slope sliding backwards.  Shimmy to the right and pull up.


Take a running jump W and grab the next block.  Pull up, turn right and take a running jump S to grab the crack. Shimmy right around the corner, drop to grab the crack, shimmy right around another corner and release to land on a ledge.  Take a running jump S to land on a corner block.  Go to the E end and run off SE so you land on the slope below sliding backwards. Grab the edge and safety drop to the ground.  Turn around and go pick up the MEMORY.


To get back up, don't try starting with the ramp against the N wall, or you'll meet with frustration about halfway up.  It won't take you long to see what I mean.  Instead, go to the broken SE ledge and jump from it to grab the higher N ledge. Hop NW to the next ledge, get up onto the adjacent block and pull up S. Turn around and jump to grab the higher N ledge, pull up and enter the passage.  Take a running jump onto the slope, back flip onto the facing slope and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up a bit and back flip.  Climb the next ladder, and when you reach the closed grate take a rolling back flip to activate a jumpswitch.  The grate is now open, so get into the crawl space and crawl left to the alcove.  Take a running jump NW to the ledge, another running jump to grab the W ledge, and exit this area.  Run across Lara's front yard and enter the NW gate.




From the lava's edge, take a running jump to the N ledge.  From the far end, stand jump N to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right around three corners and pull up into a dark alcove. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the E block.  Pull up, turn right and take a running jump S to grab the ladder.  Climb up into the alcove for 2 x uzi ammo and a large medipack.  Get back onto the ladder and shift left and around the corner.  Hang far left about midway on the ladder and take a rolling back flip with a right curve to land on a slope.  Slide and jump to the next slope, jump off and grab the next ladder.  Shimmy right around the corner and take a rolling back with action to glide onto the E ledge.


Pick up the MEMORY and jump NW to the long ledge.  From the far end take a running jump slightly NW onto the slope, slide and jump W onto the flat block. Take a running jump slightly SW to grab the slope above the crack, shimmy left around the corner and back flip onto the ledge.  Turn around and jump S to exit. 




Place two of your Memories in the W stands, and the third one in the stand at Lara's front door, to open the gate.  Go on through and use the S zip line to enter a new area.  Shoot two wolves and pick up the CROSSBOW and five quivers of arrows.  The SE ladder and the high opening in the E wall serve no useful purpose, although you can certainly explore for yourself if you wish. Run past the open flame to the NE corner, turn to face the rock structure and jump up on its left side to grab the edge. Shimmy right, but not all the way.  Pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the edge of an alcove.  Pull up two times onto a veranda and locate the dead soldier.  Pull his body back to reveal a TORCH.  Use the rock structures to get back down.  Light the torch on the open flame, being careful not to stand too close. 


Go E to the dragon statue and light it.  A block is raised near the rock structures. Stand with your torch facing N with your nose against the raised block.  Back flip onto the slope and jump off onto the raised block. Stand jump to the NE corner of the rock structure. Take a walking-running jump E to the same alcove you jumped to earlier and hop up onto the veranda.  Light the lion statue that looks over the valley and see a block rising to the E.  You don't need the torch any more. Hit the look key to restore camera control and use the short slope to jump off and grab the raised block.  Pull up two times and pick up the MEMORY.  Get back down to the valley floor and exit this area via the SW zip line opening.   Run across to the S opening.




Use the zip line to get past an ice boulder gauntlet.  Grab the edge at the end, pull up and slide down as more ice boulders pursue you.  Don't panic, but simply allow Lara to land on a ledge where the boulders pass harmlessly overhead.  Jump E to the next ledge and pick up the MEMORY.  Pull up N and slide down to the small cavern below. Climb to the top of the pillar and take a walking-running jump E to grab the climbing surface.  Move around until Lara's feet get set, then climb up and shimmy right to the corner.  Back flip onto a corner block and pull up S.


Turn the corner, look up to see the poised ice boulders, and save your game.  Run forward up the ramp, loop around left and jump up to grab the ladder.  Climb up and wait for the boulders to come to a complete stop, then drop down and continue E up the ramp.  Turn the corner and climb over a block.  Slide down the other side and run forward quickly to take refuge in the alcove to your left as more ice boulders come your way.  Jump N up three slopes, climb the block and climb the ladder to a passage.  Continue climbing blocks and slide down onto a ledge. 


Jump SW past the zip line and grab the sloped edge. Shimmy right and around the corner, and pull up to the opening leading back to Lara's home.  Place the Memories in the stands flanking the mural.  It opens up so that you can step forward and finish the level.