Levels by Ray Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Begin in a small room. To your immediate right is a dark passage, but if you save that for later you won't alert the mummy inside prematurely.  You have no weapons at the moment. Step forward a bit, turn right and climb onto the SE platform.  Run/jump and grab the W opening, pull up and run forward to slide down a short slope.  At the far end, carefully jump down to a safe tile and make your way to the E ledge.  Hop down and take the BA CARTOUCHE from the plinth next to the grate that separates you from the opening room.


Go back to the opening room and pull up onto the NW platform. Hop down into the next room, go around the large hole in the floor and push the button in the NW alcove. Drop down through the hole in the floor and find the door you opened in the N wall.  Go inside and insert the Ba Cartouche to open a door in the room above. Climb out of this lower room and return to the opening room. Enter the dark SE passage to alert the mummy, and wait for him to approach you before you run past him and pick up the uzi ammo


Return to the NW room and enter the open doorway in the W wall. There's a deep room below where a misstep and a fall will kill you, so save your game here.  Take a curved running jump N and grab the wooden platform.  Pull up, turn around and jump up to grab the marked ceiling. Monkey swing to the SW platform and release to the sound of a toilet flushing (actually, the room is being partially filled with water), then pick up the automatic pistol ammo. Drop down into the water and swim through the NW opening.


Swim down and up and locate an underwater lever. Open the nearby N door and swim through the opened gate. Pull out and enter a huge room.  To your left is a ladder guarded by a swinging blade. The nearby pool is filled with deadly water. Climb up onto the central slab and take the harpoon gun explosive ammo from the plinth. NW is an opening where you lose camera control on the way to it.  Let's save that for later, as you need a weapon first. NE is a side room. Note the closed gate N and jump over the pool. Move the S pushblock (revealing a closed facetile door in the process) over to the NE corner.  Get up onto the N ledge and pull out a second pushblock. Move it under the button, get up and push it.  Return to the huge room and find that the blade guarding the SW ladder is no longer moving.


Climb the ladder two rungs beyond the tiles with the pharaoh heads. Take a rolling back flip and grab the floating tile. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up in the far corner.  Wait for the flames to subside and take a running jump N to the next tile. Grab, shimmy left around the corner and pull up in the far corner. Take a running jump E to the next tile. Grab, shimmy right around the corner and pull up in the near corner. The next tile against the E wall serves no purpose, so take a running jump N to the wider ledge area.  Note the chest in the NE corner.


Loop around left and hop up onto the higher S ledge. Jump up to grab the ceiling, start monkey swinging S and wait for the flaming tile to subside before turning the corner.  When you get past the flame tile, continue to the E wall and drop down to activate the jumpswitch (and alert a harpy).  Pick up the small medipack at your feet and safety drop to the floor.


Run NE toward the pool while the harpy gives chase. The N gate you noted earlier is now open, so hop inside and wait for the next gate to open. Enter a maze-like area and veer right, then left and go to the N wall. Turn right and make your way toward the NE corner. When you get there, turn right and run S to the plinth with the HARPOON GUN.  Dispatch the harpy with two explosive bolts.  There are no other pickups in here, so return S to the pool, hop SW and loop around right to the NW area you investigated earlier. The camera becomes fixed here, so climb the blocks into the alcove. Use a normal harpoon to shatter the box and pick up the CROWBAR.


Get down and climb the SW ladder once more.  Repeat the jumps along the flaming tiles until you reach the N ledge.  Shoot the chest in the NE corner for the SHOTGUN and SECRET #1. Safety drop to the floor, return E to the side room and jump over the pool.  Get on the block to the right of the S facetile door and jump W to the higher block for some flares. Return and use the crowbar to open the S facetile door and enter a new room.  The jugs are empty, so don't waste ammo on them. Pull out the NE pushblock to reveal an alcove with a large medipack.  The E passage leads outdoors, but first, get on the N ledge and take a curved running jump SW to grab the upper ledge next to the fence.  Pull up and open the W crowbar door. Follow the passage to a scissor trap and run past it into the next room.


"Viridian leads to success. The flames lead to frustration." Whatever that means. Shoot two bats and note the moveable statue in the middle of the room.  Your first inclination is to move it onto the pharaoh tile next to the E wall, but if you do that you'll get spiked.  Instead, move the statute into the green light against the E wall, two squares to the left of the pharaoh tile. The SE door opens.  Enter and take the MISTLETOE from the plinth. Exit this room (the corner pools are empty and the scissor trap is now dormant) and follow the passage back to the previous room. Safety drop from the ledge and use the E opening to go outdoors. Hop over the obstructions and reach the N wall.  Climb down the ladder in the NW hole and watch out for the flame blower as you enter the next room.


Shoot the nearby small coffin for shotgun ammo. Note the closed E gate and push the button to the right of it. A door opens near the NW corner, so go there and come to a pushblock. Push it W once, get around it and pull it N once, get around it again and push it N twice. Get on it, jump SE to activate the jump switch when the flames are down, and side flip right before the flames return. The SW gate is now open, so enter the alcove and take the SERPENT STONE from the plinth. Return to the previous room and insert the gem in the snake head receptacle. The gate opens, so enter and place the Mistletoe in the next snake head receptacle to open the next gate.


Enter the next room. Go around the plant to the E ledge in front of the pool. Jump SE to a gap in the fence and go around for shotgun ammo.  There's a closed gate (a timed gate, for later) in the E wall, and the coffin in the SE corner is empty. Jump into the pool and swim into the N opening. At the corner, swim up against the ceiling and turn left to avoid the deadly swinging blade. Swim up through the shaft and pull up into a dark room. Light a flare and pull up into a high crawl space behind a column at the NW corner.  Crawl forward for SECRET #2 and pick up harpoons and shotgun ammo.  Get back down, pull up onto the S ledge and save your game in front of the timed button in the W wall.


Push the button, turn right and run to the water shaft. Swim down and out to your right (E) above the blade trap. Veer left as you exit the passage and swim up to pull out E. Run forward before the timed gate slams shut and use the rope to get across the pit to the far ledge.


There's no ladder in the deep shaft ahead, and if you safety drop into the shallow water below you'll die.  But if you simply run E off the edge you'll land safely. Go figure. Vault out E and make your way past a blade trap, possibly sustaining some loss of health.  Beware of the spike pit as you emerge from the passage and look right and left for uzi ammo and explosive harpoons.  Jump over the spike pit and leave the empty coffin alone. Locate the lion's head mounted up in the NE corner. Use an explosive harpoon to shatter the gem in its mouth and open the door in the E wall.  


Go there and shoot the jackal waiting inside.  There are two spike-protected jump switches here.  Use only the one in the N wall. Pull up at the middle of the sloped block, facing N, slide and jump to grab the switch.  The NE door opens, so enter and grab the PISTOLS and JEFFREY'S PDA. Examine the latter for information and leave this room.


The N gate outside is now open, so slide down into a new area. Hop NW over the pool and alert a harpy. Proceed W toward the sunshine and go through the W opening.  Shoot a scorpion and use the crawl space to your left. When you can stand up, push two buttons, then continue crawling in a clockwise direction until you reach the TORCH. You can't crawl while carrying it, so pick it up and toss it, crawl to it and repeat as necessary until you're out of the crawl space.  When you can stand up, pick up the torch and carry it with you back E where you can see the flame in the alcove.  Enter the alcove and carefully light the torch without getting too close to the flame.  Get back W and light the two shell-like wall sconces in the passage.


The N gate next to the shallow pool is now open, so drop your torch and enter. Take a standing jump over the deadly water. Jump immediately off the slope and grab the crack in the column. Shift left around the corner and back flip to a ledge. Push the floor lever, jump back to the crack and shift right around two corners. When you're close to the wall, back flip into the passage. Enter a room sprinkled with spike traps and meet a demigod.  You should have sufficient explosive arrows to deal with him from a distance. When he dies a second demigod replaces him, and you may have to finish him off with your pistols at close range (stoop while firing and his deadly bolts sail harmlessly over your head). Each demigod drops an IDOL PIECE. Combine them to form the GOLD IDOL and insert it in the receptacle next to the E gate. Slide down to end this level and progress to the next one.




You begin in an Arctic setting. Climb the N ladder, back flip onto a ledge and pull down the W wall switch to open a gate down below. Get down and go E to a room with a closed gate and a pushblock.   Pull the pushblock and move it E so you can pull up into the high crawl space.  Flip out (jump + up arrow keys) into the next room and go outdoors S to engage an owl


In the far S room you'll find a closed gate, three receptacles and an underwater lever that's not under water yet.  This room is obviously for later, so return to the N room and find a trap door to open.  Jump into the water and swim down, along the passage and into a multi-colored room. Swim to the middle of the N wall and look up to find an underwater lever in the ceiling alcove. Pull it to open a gate in the previous room. Swim up through a hole in the ceiling and look for a triangular hole in the wall NE. Swim in and up for air. Pull out S and go to the next room to find a baddy who drops uzi ammo.  Search the cabinet SW for an ANCIENT MASK (1 of 3). 


Get back to the water and swim back to the trap door you opened. Pull out and find the open gate at the S end of the burner tiles. Jump to it with grab to glide inside the opening. Follow the passage to a room with a central pool.  There's a small medipack on the SW plinth and shotgun ammo on the SE plinth. There are two high openings that cannot be reached, and a dangling rope that likewise appears to be inaccessible.  The flare bug is already present (but not later in the level), so get up onto the block where the dead body is impaled, light a flare and drop it.  You should see the glow of an invisible tile a bit SE. Jump to it and take a running jump from there to grab the rope. Swing to the S opening and jump inside.


Jump into the water in the next room and find a timed underwater lever near the SW corner.  Pull it to shut off the flames on the tile above, then quickly swim NE toward the closed gate and find a second timed underwater lever which turns off the flames above for a much shorter period of time.  Quickly swim back, pull out and jump the tiles to the S ledge.  Pull the wall switch to open the underwater gate and swim through to a plinth with the ANCIENT MASK (2 of 3).


Return to the room with the central pool, get back onto the invisible ledge and this time jump to the NE opening. Take side flips over the first two blade traps, then pull up S onto a ledge.  Jump with grab into the opening and push the button. Jump back to see that there's a companion N ledge and button, so repeat and return to find that the E gate is now open. Jump to it, go inside and take the ANCIENT MASK (3 of 3) from the plinth. Side flip over the blade traps and return to the room with the central pool. Exit W and follow the passage to the burner tiles. The flames are off on the first one, so jump into the room, loop around left and go outdoors to the S room you looked at earlier.  Insert the Ancient Masks in their receptacles.


The pool is still empty, but the SE gate is open.  Go inside, shoot the baddy and pick up the CONTROL ROOM KEY he dropped. Go back N to the room with the burner tiles and hop onto the E ledge. Use the Control Room Key in the N keyhole and turn around to see that the S gate is open. Go into the next room and turn the wheel to fill the pool in the S room.  Go there, jump into the water and pull the underwater lever to open a gate. Return to the N room, pull up into the W crawl space and get back to the room with the pushblock. The S gate is the one you opened, so enter a new room.


Hop onto the W ledge and jump to the S crawl space. Drop down into the water on the other side and pull out S. To the right of the stairs is a closed gate, and to the left of the stairs is a water hole. Jump in and time a swim past two spike traps. Pull the underwater lever at the end and carefully make your way back. The W gate is now open, but when you enter it closes behind you. 


You're in a maze of sorts. Work your way to the NW corner to find harpoon gun explosive gun ammo in the alcove. Near the SW corner is a button.  Go to the S wall and work your way left until you find an open floor gate near the SE corner, across from a ledge with two dead bodies. Climb down the ladder and push a button at the bottom of the shaft to open a door. Climb back up and find that the E exit gate has reopened. The S door at the top of the stairs is open.


Enter a dark room and see that you need to raise a block on the E side.  Go around the central structure to find the W opening.  Before entering, look up to see monkey bars along the W side of the ceiling. Stand one step back from the W wall, back flip onto the slope behind you and jump off to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the NW corner, release and grab the crawl space. Pull up inside and crawl around until you can stand up. Hop down into a small room and continue to a water hole in the NW corner.  Swim to a room with a closed underwater gate. Pull out onto the E ledge and move the pushblock to the S wall. Get on the block and climb up higher. Enter the NW opening and follow to a seemingly empty room.


However, the lamps are pushable. Look through the mesh floor and see three face tiles down below.  Move the lamps over the three face tiles (a screen shot indicates a correct placement)to open the underwater gate. Go there and swim into the S opening. Pull down the ceiling lever for a sceen shot in the room with the monkey swing. Exit E and pull out into the room with the crawl space. Go on through to the dark room and head to the W opening.


Jump past the swinging flame pot and look left for a high jumpswitch in the alcove. Activate it to retract spikes elsewhere. Continue into the W passage to alert two Tinnos mutants.  Shoot them before they can inject you with their poisonous stingers. In the dark alleys before you enter the next room you'll find harpoons to your left and uzi ammo to your right. Go up the steps to the W wall and see openings to your right and left.


Enter the left (S) area and vault up onto the ledge.  Light a flare and toss it forward into the spike field. You can see an invisible tile ahead and slightly to your right. Jump across the spike field and from there to the button. Push it and return to the invisible tile. Look down W and see a triangular opening. Run off the edge with grab to land inside the opening.  Step forward for the TREASURE ROOM KEY. Walk to the edge, stand jump and grab an invisible ladder. Climb up to the top and jump N to the ledge. Hop down and, if you'd like to backtrack for the first secret in this level, read on. Otherwise, skip the next paragraph.


Turn right and head back E over the bridge. Turn left in the dark room and go down the N stairs to the water. Jump NW to the crawl space and go through. Continue N to the room with the pushblock. Use it to access the E crawl space. Go through and jump into the water through the opened trap door. Swim to the multi-colored room, up through a hole in the ceiling and into the opening near the ceiling in the E wall. Follow the passage to a room with several large jellyfish. Shoot the frogman with an explosive harpoon and find an underwater lever in a block against the E wall. The gate in the SE corner opens, so swim up the long shaft, pull out and follow the passage where you can climb down a ladder into a lower room.  Use your Treasure Room Key in the SW receptacle to open the gate behind you.  Enter the room for GOLD BARS and SECRET #3. Grab the shotgun ammo and the UZIS before leaving, and retrace your steps to cross the bridge where you encountered the Tinnos mutants.


Enter the N room, take the flares from the SE plinth and climb the NW ladder. Back flip near the top onto a ledge and go through the opened gateway into a pool room. Jump into the water and swim down into an underwater cave populated by giant jellyfish.  Dispatch the approaching frogman (an explosive harpoon does the job nicely). You now have several choices. What I did was to swim to the upper middle portion of the N wall and find an opening to my left. Pick up the small medipack near the entrance and surface for air past the rotating blades. Time your way into the three passages past the upper level blades and pull an underwater lever at the end of each one. Do the same at the lower level blade and see a block lower to reveal another underwater lever at the SE corner.  Pull it to open a door elsewhere, grab air as necessary and return to the jellyfish room.


In the lower SW corner is a small opening leading to a room with deadly water. Take a running jump SW to the first block and make your way counterclockwise around the room, jumping and sliding until you reach the SE corner. The door you opened is here, so go inside and pull down the wall switch to raise a block in an earlier room. Go into the N alcove for the SMALL WATERSKIN. Return to the deadly water room and time a running jump to the N slope. Jump off into the E opening and take the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo from the plinth. Jump to the NE block and use the ladders in the N wall to get back to the entrance.


Swim back to the jellyfish room and exit SE for some unfinished business. Surface, pull out E and return to the dark room where you used the monkey swing earlier. Find the raised block and back flip onto the S slope. Jump off to grab the tall block and pull up. Jump to the higher ledge and move the pushblock underneath the wall switch. Climb up and pull it to open a high gate in the S wall in the dark room below. Go there, climb the ladder and pull up into the opening.  Turn around, climb up higher and find two wall switches on the statue bases. Jump over the skeleton for a small medipack, then pull down the two switches. One opens a door elsewhere, the other triggers spikes that would prevent you from getting that medipack if you hadn't gotten it already.


From the SE corner jump to the ledge with the large vase, walk to the NW corner and jump to the plinth atop the central structure and take a TORCH. Exit W past the swinging flame pot and get onto the ramp to your left. Look down over the edge and see a column with a ladder. Throw the torch onto the snow down below and climb down the ladder.  Retrieve your torch and find the opened door in the SE corner. Go through a shallow pool of water into the next room and engage a tinman.  Pick up your torch again and walk slowly backwards up the E ramp.  When the boulder above is triggered, dash back down and to the side as the boulder drops into a hole. Move the pushblock underneath the wall sconce and get up onto the pushblock to light your torch.


You now need to find four similar wall sconces to light. One is near the shallow pool, you need to hop SW through an opening in the wall. The next is in the snowy room near the NE corner. The remaining two are back in the room where you lit the torch, but at the moment they are beyond your reach. Hop onto the central block and draw your pistols so that your lighted torch drops on top of the block.  Climb the N ladder and pull down the wall switch. Hop down to the raised block, pick up your torch and jump back up to the ledge. Light the two wall sconces up here, throw your torch down to the floor (it's no longer needed) and climb back down the ladder.


The N gate in the scales room is now open. Climb up the ladder and take the LARGE WATERSKIN from the plinth. Get back down and note the diagram on the N wall to the left of the ladder, indicating that you need four liters for the scale puzzle.  Go to the shallow pond and fill the large waterskin. Combine it with the small waterskin, leaving two liters in the large waterskin. Empty the small waterskin and then combine the large waterskin with the small waterskin. Fill the large waterskin and combine it with the small waterskin once, leaving you with a full small waterskin and a large waterskin with four liters in it.


Go to the scales in the next room and get onto the highest ledge facing the jug (S) on the left. Save your game before pouring the water from the large waterskin into the jug, just in case you happened to mess up.  (If you did, the ledge behind you becomes spike-trapped.)


A block has been raised behind you in this room, so climb up E and jump to the ladder. Climb up and shimmy right or left around two corners. Pull up in front of the opening and follow to a room with the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and the SKULL KEY.  Exit this room, standjump to the raised central block and drop down to the floor. Return to the jellyfish room (N to the snowy room, up the ladder, W along the Tinnos mutant bridge, N into the small room and up the NW ladder, back flip onto the ledge, into the water and down). Swim through the large hexagonal opening high up in the N wall (near the NE corner) and down in the next room.  Swim into one of the E openings near the bottom and  locate the underwater lever. Pull it to open a gate in the W wall. Swim there for air and pull up into the opening. Walk across the frozen pond and climb the NW ladder. 


Use the Skull Key to open the door to your left and enter a large room with many available options. You can start by climbing the ladder column in the E wall, hop to the S pillar and then to the S ledge for some flares. Hop over W, shoot the small pot and pick up the LASER SIGHT. Combine it with the Automatic Pistol and drop down to the ground. If you'd like the final secret of this level, read on.  Otherwise, just skip the next paragraph.


Backtrack through the jellyfish room and to the bridge where you shot the Tinnos mutants. About halfway across the bridge, turn around and look up N.  You can see a lion's head high up in the NW corner.  Use the combined Automatic Pistol and Laser Sight to shoot the gem in its mouth, then return to the large room you accessed with the Skull Key.


Go to the SW pool and jump in. Swim across, pull out and enter the W room. Move the pushblock onto the obvious raising tile. There's a wall switch in the W trench, but pulling it down does not raise the pushblock. Climb the ladder S or N and pull up onto a ledge. Enter the S room to find a closed gate and a pole in the SW corner. Climb the pole and wait for the flames to subside before taking a back flip into an upper room. Take the shotgun ammo from the SE hole before pushing the booby-trapped button in the E wall.  Immediately back flip as a boulder comes crashing down. The flames are off, so climb down the pole to the room below. Exit N to the ledge and find that the pushblock has been raised to this level.


Move the pushblock onto the ledge and use it to activate the N jumpswitch. The gate in the S room opens, so move the pushblock there (shoot the pot first) and onto the face tile at the end of the passage. A cut scene shows a gate opening in front of some swinging spike barrels. Exit this area and swim back to the main room.


Go to the NE corner and pull up into the opening in the E wall. Pull up into the crawl space and crawl to a room where you see the gate you opened to your left.  But first, go to the SE corner and find the gate that you opened by shooting the lion's head gem.  Enter for uzi ammo and automatic pistol ammo left and right, then pull up onto the S block for the GOLDEN MASK and SECRET #4. Get back, enter the NW passage and jump past the swing spike barrels. In the N alcove with the shallow water, pick up the STONE OF WATER and return to the main room.


Go to the closed doors in the N wall and locate the pushblock to their left.  Pull it back to access a button that opens the door. Go inside and follow to a room where the gate closes behind you.  Deal with two tinmen while avoiding the spike holes. Pick up the ANCIENT MASKS they drop and use them to open the W gate. Enter and follow to another room where the gate closes behind you.  This one has a pool of deadly water.  Kill two more tinmen and pick up their ANCIENT MASKS along with a small medipack. Open the E gate and enter the next room.


Move the pushblock onto the nearby face tile to drop a trap door blocking the SW ladder. Climb up and back flip into an upper room. Shoot two Tinnos wasps and push the button in the S wall. Climb the E ladder and pull into the crawl space for the second STONE OF WATER. Get back down to the lower room and find that all gates are once again open.  Exit to the main room.


Go NW and jump into a pool.  Follow the trench N into a larger underwater room. Surface and pull out onto a corner ledge.  Jump into the N opening and find closed doors to be opened with your Stones of Water. Jump into the water and swim S and left until you reach a room with stairs. Go up the stairs and pick up what looks like the ORA DAGGER to end the level.