Level by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



After the brief flyby around a country manor during a shower, begin in a bedroom.  Grab the flares in the N window sill and activate the jump switch in the dark SW corner to open the nearby door.  Exit and go S down the Main Hallway, passing first a closed door, then a keyhole to your left.  At the wall turn right and find more flares in an alcove. Return to the Main Hallway and turn left opposite the closed door.


Keep going essentially straight and you'll come to the kitchen, where you'll find a wall switch. Pull it down, reverse roll and exit the kitchen through the same doorway, loop around right in the narrower hallway and come to another wall switch. Pull it down to open the bathroom door.  Step in the shower stall and pick up the MOLD.  Return to the narrow hallway and go straight across N into the den.  Find the INGREDIENTS on the floor near the guest bed.


Return to the kitchen, combine the Mold and the Ingredients and place the PIZZA TO BAKE in the oven next to the entrance. A door opens.  Return to the Main Hallway and go to the S end.  Turn right to find a large pushpiece. Pull it back once, take a swan dive over it and pick up a green CRYSTAL. Swan dive back over it and turn left to go downstairs.  The door you opened by baking the pizza is here. Turn left and go past a closed door through the dining room and an archway into a lounge.  Pull down the timed SE wall switch and hurry to the raised block in the opposite corner. Use it to pull down a second wall switch. The door in the Main Hallway opens.


On your way back through the dining room, hop into the SE window sill and pick up a TORCH. Light it in the flame just past the keyhole, go upstairs and into the open E door in the Main Hall. Light the fireplace to your right and take your torch with you back to the S end of the Main Hall and back down the stairs through the dining room and into the lounge. Step on the lowered block (you don't have to raise it again) and hop up N where you see a hint of steam. Light a fire here as well and now you can toss your torch.  Exit NE and come to a wall switch that opens a door to another bathroom.  Pull up into the window sill for a SMALL GREEN APPLE, then step into the tub and pull up the trap door.


Swim down into the lower area for the SPA KEY and return to the bathroom.  Exit to the narrow hallway and turn right into another lounge. Vault up into the E window sill and pull down the wall switch. Exit to the hallway, go across SW to the open doorway and go downstairs to note the wall stain in the W alcove. Go back upstairs to the hallway, turn right and take the first right into the lounge and through the dining room.  Exit SW and go up the other stairs back to the Main Hallway, where you find that the Spa Key fits the keyhole here.


Enter the spa and note the large paddle wheel outside that you may recall from an earlier level. Pick up the CROWBAR lying on the floor in front of the television. Go back down the stairs near the large pushpiece, left to the dining room, left again to the lounge and NE to the narrow hallway. Turn left and left again to go down the stairs. At that ugly wallpaper stain, use the crowbar to open the hidden door. Follow the passage to a lower hallway and locate a moveable crate NW. Pull it two times out of its alcove, go around it and into the revealed passage.  At the N end is a BANANA, at the S end are the HOUSE KEYS (stoop to pick them up).


Exit this area, through the crowbar door and back upstairs to the narrow hallway, right and then left into the lounge, use the House Keys in the E alcove and go outdoors.  Run across the bridge and follow the path to the left.  At the closed gate look for the SPYGLASS on the pavement, then go back across the bridge and head right to where those beach umbrellas are. On the ground between two of the umbrellas are flares. From here go SW and up the steps to the outdoor pool. Jump into the water and find another BANANA on the bottom.  Pull the S underwater lever to open a gate somewhere and pull out.


Run S along the walkway, past a closed door and around the corner at the end.  Hop E over the railing to the veranda below and find a SMALL GREEN APPLE at the SW corner.  Make your way E, hopping over railings, and jump into the idyllic pond near the giant paddle wheel. Locate the S floor opening underneath the waterfall and swim down inside. Follow the passage and wade out at the end. Run up the ramp and follow to a pool room where you find the PISTOLS on a central slab.


Return to the idyllic pond, swim toward the bridge past the giant paddle wheel. There are flares on the ledge to the left, but I couldn't get Lara to pick them up (you don't need them anyway).  When you pass under the bridge, wade out left and enter the house at the W end of the bridge.  Now for more backtracking. Left into the narrow hallway, first right, through the dining room and exit SW, use the House Keys there to open the S door. Emerge in an outdoor area you visited not long ago.


There's nothing to do here at the moment, so reverse roll and go up the stairs near the fireplace to the Main Hallway. Go straight across and enter the side room through the E door. Shoot out the N window and go outside for an EMERALD.  Back to the Main Hallway, straight across through the W opening and right through the narrow hallway into the lounge.  Shoot the picture in the E wall and vault up inside for the STAFF.  Back to the narrow hallway, right into the kitchen and use the House Keys to open another door leading outdoors. But to what purpose? Go out, turn left and follow the walkway around the corner. Find a receptacle in the W wall and insert the Emerald to raise an underwater block at the far end of the idyllic pond.


You know how to get there, so do so.  Climb up onto the raised block and use it to access an opening in the foliage-covered wall. Run past the hanging ivy and reach a closed gate. Combine the Staff and Crystal and place THE CRYSTAL STAFF (naturally) in the receptacle to open the gate.  You're now in the greenhouse area.  Go all the way to the back and jump over the railing at the NW corner to drop into a hole. Continue downward and crawl to the end. Drop down into a dark passage, light a flare and follow the passage to a closed door with four stars.  Pick up the nearby RED ROSE and go back the way you came.  When you reach the beginning of the crawl space, hop up onto the ramp and follow up to pull out into the greenhouse area.


Go to the front end and find a receptacle in the SW corner that accommodates the Red Rose. The door to the greenhouse opens behind you. Enter and find a TREE STONE PIECE near the back. Exit S and return to the idyllic pond. Wade out near the W end of the bridge as you did before and enter the house via the W opening once more.  Left to the narrow hallway, right and immediate left to go downstairs, right at the crowbar door and use the Tree Stone Piece to open the final door.  Follow the long passage to another closed door.  This one doesn't need a key, but only brute strength. Push it open and enter the aquarium.


Go across and push open another door. Follow to Lara's girl cave (if the men are allowed to have one then surely the gals are as well) and pick up JOANNE'S LETTER.  Whoever Joanne is, she has either suffered her last illness or has decided to end it all before seeing Lara again.  In either event she's no longer here, and the level ends on a somber note as Lara exits SE.