BtB 2016 - 10 - Lara of Arabia.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

7 Secrets

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

Desert Trail.

Say bye to your camel and follow the desert valley to a dark spot in the ground, push that statue on it and you’ll go down into a cave. Drop down, look behind the pillar for a Full Survival Kit. Follow the cave to the end and drop down to the right. Shimmy along the edge of the pit to the other side and pull up around the corner. Jump up SE and follow to a huge valley. Find a good spot to slide down (left).

Secret: Take a right and go up in the NW corner, there is a crawlspace with Secret #1, a Full Survival Kit, Shotgun ammo and Persian Light Sticks.

In the other end of the valley is an opening, get in there and left around a corner someone dropped Persian Light Sticks, a bit further you’ll get a flyby of a Buried Temple complex.

The Stone Key.

In the far right hand corner (SW) is an opening in the rocks, get in and follow down to where a lot of critters attack. In the back is a deep valley, in the back of that something on a pedestal as you can see. Jump and grab the rock ridge to the right (S) and shimmy left till you can drop on a small corner ledge. Hop towards the pedestal via another small ledge; grab the Stone Key.

The Shotgun.

Safety drop from the ledge to a gate below and go to the other end of the cave. In some skeleton remains are 2x Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun, shoot all the critters that appear. Climb the block left (SW) and jump grab up N to the ledge above.

Make your way back (W) up to the Temple, left towards the door there and open it with the Stone Key.

Hot Chain, Dagger of Time, the Iron Key.

Inside go left and a vase in the first room contains Arrows. In the next room, on a block is a chain up to a trapdoor. A vase in the right hand corner has Barbari Bread and in the alcove left of that is a lever opening the trapdoor. Time the burner and go up the chain into the room above, in one of the corners are Persian Light Sticks (NW), Barbari Bread in the opposite corner (SE). Go into the passage N to a large room with a bright blue light with the Dagger in it, just grab the Dagger of Time and walls go down left, a Sword yielding Giant emerges. Shoot him and go in where he came from to get the Iron Key. Back to the room with the light and use a lever on the wall straight ahead (E), through the door and loop around right to use the Iron Key, trapdoors will rise behind you making the jump to the rock ledge E possible. We’ll go there later as we need an Hourglass first.

Cage Fight, The Hourglass.

From the trapdoors, drop down onto a sloped rock; go back into the door W and straight to a door you can open with the Dagger. A flyby will show you around. Then go fight some leopards, I jumped on the table as a coward and shot them.

Go into the opening W and up one of the stairs to the first level of the big Hall. In the far right hand corner is a pillar with cracks, go up twice and then left along the edge till you can pull up. Run jump around right to that white ledge and from there grab that Gold Cage go up and left around to pull up on top of the Cage. When you pick up the Hourglass, all hell breaks loose. I ducked in a corner to shoot the Flying Phantom and all of a sudden I was down in the cage, with another Flying Phantom.

2 Star Buttons.

When that one is gone, pick up the Barbari Bread, climb up all the way to a jump lever (W) and you’ll end up on top of the cage again. Jump up to the monkey climb, go to the climb wall, then right around the corner, go down quite a bit to back flip with roll and grab the crack in the pillar. Around to the other side and pull up at the corner into the gap. Jump and grab the crack in the S wall; go right to where you cannot go further and jump up to the ledge. Turn left, shimmy around the pillar and run past the Axe. Grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy left around the corners to the dark ledge where you can pull up at a monkey climb.

Go over the other corner where you can push a Star button; spikes retract and a block goes up under the ledge you’re on. Do safety drops down to the first floor landing and go up the cracks in the SE corner again; jump to the white ledge and to the Cage once more. Right around one corner and then back jump onto the ledge where the spikes were. Jump straight to the ledge N and go up the Golden grate into the opening above. Left is a trapdoor, open it, go down and use a lever in the window. Climb back up in the same corner and now you can pull out a cage twice. If you want all pick-ups, first go where the cage was and shoot the vase for Barbari Bread, then push the cage to the opening to the room.  

Safety drop down and climb up using the push cage to the climb wall above, left around and up to the top of that pillar to push Star button 2 (it is a bit buggy). A door opens on ground floor. Climb down to the ledge again.

Detour for a nice Secret: After climbing down to the ledge, turn to the E and jump to the ladder, climb to the top and hang, shimmy around the corner and jump up. Use the cracks to go right around the pillars, all the way along the wall to the far end of the hall, up to the ledge above and follow the ledge back to the Second Axe N. Behind the Axe you can see a blue screen in the wall, run in there to get Secret #2, the Vizier’s Staff. Two ways of getting back, #1: run out right, do a trick move down into that high triangular opening of the crack below and shimmy left around the pillars to where you can jump back to the ledge at the gold grate. #2: Just go back the way you came…

Run jump from the ledge to the spike ledge and then jump to grab the Gold Cage, right around and safety drop onto the bridge, down the stairs W and on ground floor of the Cage hall go to the open door left (N).

Laser Sight.

Go straight and climb up onto the bed to get the Laser Sight. A Flying Phantom appears, go take care of him and get some Vizier’s Staff ammo from a vase NW.

Aladdin’s Lamp. (Torch)

In the niche left of it is a crawlspace, get through and find the Oil Lamps there, go left through the crawlspace to the bathroom and push a button on the left wall (E) to lower blocks, go back and get an Oil Lamp, throw it through the opening to the bathroom and go out to the Cage Hall (S) with the Oil Lamp. Go left, back into the bedroom and standing on the bed, ignite the Oil Lamp. Go back out of the room.

The Turkish Bath, the Magnum, Stone Prayer I.

Now to the far wall of the Cage Hall and ignite the two lamps there, don’t get too close. Leave the Oil Lamp and enter the Turkish Bath, go left behind the curtains and push the button to lower a block right of you. Inside shoot a vase left for Arrows, run after the blade so you are down before it returns and follow the passage to a spike pit. Hop over the pits, under the vase left in the back are some Arrows. Jump back and now go right, a dark passage, don’t wait there too long…Quickly sprint around the corner into a storage and find the Magnum in the back under some vases.

Secret: First climb through the crawlspace near the crate, shimmy right before you drop (on the sand) and get Secret #3, Poisoned and Explosive Arrows. Get back through the crawlspace.

Shoot the vases on the wooden crate, climb up and shoot the Gem in the gargoyle through the crawlspace. Sand flows and something shows up in the Turkish Bath.

Go back and left before the spike passage, a gate opens. Make your way back up to the ground floor. Left into the Turkish bath and in the pool is the Stone Prayer.

Secret: In a pillar E is a crack, grab up and back jump onto the roof over the pool and get Secret #4, Persian Light Sticks and the Crossbow.

The Tomb, a Crossbow.

Get out to the Cage Hall, another Flying Phantom shows up. Leave E through the crowbar door and take a right to that hot chain on the block. Climb up on a corner in the back and run jump N to that jump lever. The Tomb in the back moves aside. Climb down and get the Crossbow.

Over the trapdoors.

Back up and up the Hot chain again to the first floor. N and right to the ledge outside and jump from the trapdoors to the rock ledge E and use the Dagger on the crowbar lever left to open the door.

Mirror Puzzle, Star Emblem.

Another Hot chain to climb (face W) and a back flip onto the ledge above. At the green vase left (SE) grab up to the ledge above, the other corners have nasty lamps. Go right and shoot a vase S for Arrows, run through the corner to the ledge W and use the lever to open a gate below. Shimmy along the edge to the right passing the pillar and shoot more vases for Barbari Bread and Arrows (N side). A vase E also has Barbari Bread. Drop down, go to the opposite side and place the Hourglass, sand will fill the lower part of the ground floor.

Drop down, pull the Mirror out of the passage behind the opened gate (S) and push it onto that orange tile, a ray of light appears and a block goes down at the ladder (N). Climb down and get the Star Emblem from behind the cobwebs. Left of the table is some Barbari Bread on the floor.

Back a bit and jump up to shoot the Gem from the gargoyle (S) and a block goes down left, go in and grab Secret #5, Persian Light Sticks and Vizier’s Staff Super ammo behind some vases.

Go back up the ladder; out to the cave and find a nice spot to drop down (NW at the crowbar lever), you can use that Emblem on a door E behind the slope.

Cascade Caves.

Better use some explosive arrow as you go in… Dive into the water below and find an underwater ceiling lever between the pillars W. A block goes down in another pool, swim E and just swim to the right down the waterfall. To the left is where that block went down (SE), swim into the narrow passage and follow through to a shallow pool in a room with traps. Climb left onto the block and shoot the snake.

Jump Lever Quest for the Stone Key.

Jump to that crack E, right around the corner is a jump lever bringing out a rope. A block also lowers so you’ll have a deep part in the pool where you’ll land later.

Look up in the room and spot three jump levers high up (NW, SW and S) and some trapdoors, go to a Timed lever (NE) on the block at the N wall and save. This Timed lever raises platforms and blocks so you can go up in the room.

1- Lever up NW and SW: Pull, step left and hop up onto the lever block, roll and run jump to that crack E again, right around the corner and pull up, turn a bit left. Hop onto the spike ledge and a running jump left onto the trapdoor and a running jump through to grab a crack W. Left around the corner, up one crack and left to the wall, go back to the right one grab and you are over the lever. The spikes are gone, so roll and run jump to the trapdoor, run against the plants and jump up to the lever just wait and drop into the deeper water below. If the trapdoor dropped before you could reach the lever, do the same run again, this time directly to the ledge where the spikes were.

As you can see, a trapdoor went up on the S wall, just under that Sword trap. The next lever can be reached by two routes; the familiar one and a new one

2- Lever up S-Up to the Rope: Route 1- Pull the lever, turn left and run to jump onto the dark block SE, jump to the one up right and grab up right to the trapdoor, run and jump to the gold block. Grab up the crack straight ahead, up once more and pull up to the top, back flip with roll onto the highest trapdoor from where you can jump and grab the climb wall straight ahead. Go up to the ledge above (savegame.0).

Route 2- Do the route along the N wall to the trapdoor under the SW lever, run jump left to the highest trapdoor at the Sword trap from where you can jump and grab the climb wall straight ahead. Go up to the ledge above.

Stand jump and grab the rope and swing to that ledge left of the pedestal. Go up to the monkey climb (just keep going up) and turn around, to the jump lever at the other end and the spikes at the pedestal are gone. Now get to the rope a last time and swing to the pedestal to get the Stone Key.

Using the Stone Key.

Hop W to the ledge, run jump with a right curve into the gap in the pillar and grab, go down to the crack and right around into the opening (savegame.1). Follow through to a jungle area, climb the grate to the ledge (face S), go left and run jump into the upper pool N, straight to a grate you can climb. Back flip off onto the bridge, kill the tiger and go to the gates E, open them with the Stone Key.

Temple Courtyard.

Go to the far left corner and hop into the pool below, use the underwater lever to open the gates above. Climb out in the opposite corner and go through the gates (N) to come to the Gardens of the Temple.

The Ornate Key.

See that golden block in the wall N? Go there and left or right into the shallow channel, crawl under the floor and take either a right or left into the opening under the golden block, go up to a Garden, two leopards attack.

On the ledges E are some vases you can shoot, one has Vizier’s Staff Ammo, another Barbari Bread.

A pillar NW has a crack by which you can get onto the bridge above. On top of a single pillar NW are Arrows, the one SW hides Vizier’s Staff ammo in a vase.

Go to the E end of the bridge, over the block and use the jump lever, screenshot of a tunnel in a pool. Hop back over the block and on the bridge hop left down into the pool (SE), find that narrow tunnel in the S wall. Swim through and in the end, on the bottom under a trapdoor is the Ornate Key.

The Treasury.

Climb out and you’re back in the first area, head into the opening in the middle of the W wall, make your way up the right hand side till you get a camera screen. Run jump over the waterfall to grab the plant and climb up to the right, drop and jump back to the other side where you can now jump up to the Keyhole for the Ornate Key.

Raising the First Trapdoor.

Take a right and jump to that gate N, it will open as you approach.

Just inside, to the right and hidden behind the plants over the spike trap is a crawlspace, jump and grab, get in for Secret #6, Arrows and a Full Survival Kit. Hang out and back jump.

Get through the first Axe trap and open double doors left. Climb the grate, pull up and back flip, jump again and grab the next grate. Up, pull up and back flip roll to grab the ladder behind, up to the top and back flip roll to grab near a ledge. Up and use the lever to open the small gate in the Axe room. Back down using the opposite grate and drop down from the slope. Go out and straight into the gate. Check the health, sprint down the waterfall and onto the waterfall below and slide jump out of the boulder’s path. In the pool where the boulder will end up, the water level goes up so you can pull the lever. A trapdoor goes up in the corner of the bridge. Now we need to do the second trapdoor.

Second Trapdoor.

Use the crack in the NW pillar again to get up to the bridge, go to that gold Shrine on the right (W) and pull it to the corner where the trapdoors are. Go to the W and up right onto the ledge, jump over the waterfall and find Arrows there. Go back to the other waterfall you came down from (S) and jump over for some Barbari Bread. Then jump in there, get through the Spikes.

On top climb up where the boulder was and get Secret #7, a Full Survival Kit and Persian Light Sticks. Go down.

Back in the Axe room take a right, through the Axe on the left and open double doors. Grab a crack in the right hand wall, go left around the corner and jump up, pull up into a crevice, walk left and close to the wall jump over to the ledge with the steam vents. Grab up in the corner and go left, up once and back jump onto a ledge. Grab the crack right of the vase and go up and left to get to a jump lever there opening the next gate. Get down using the cracks and in the corridor go straight through the now open gate. Just sprint down onto the waterfall below and slide jump out of the way. Pull the underwater lever and the second trapdoor on the bridge goes up.

Drop the Shrine.

Get up there (use the pillar with the ivy) and push the Shrine onto one of the trapdoors. Back down and to the underwater lever on the side where you pushed the Shrine, use the lever and it will drop to the ground. Now move it onto the Gold Tile next to it (N) and see a block go down in the top of the room (W).

The Unicorn Key.

On a block nearby (NW), is a lever, pull that to lower a block and climb up to the bridge, at the crossing take a left (E) and grab the Unicorn Key.

The Second Stone Prayer.

Turn around and go towards that door W, hop right onto the ledge and at the waterfall grab the crack in the wall, jump up and left to where the block lowered. Push the Star button and the plant platforms behind you will lower so you can jump to the last for Stone Prayer 2. Get to the ground and lower the gold block S with the lever left of it.

The Gold Emblem.

Go straight through the Courtyard to the big doors and use the Stone Prayers to get inside. Go right around the corner and go up the crack (pillar NW), shimmy left and jump up, shimmy to the right (facing the window) and back jump with roll to grab the bookcase, go up and left over the top to a Star button opening the gate below. Get down and into another treasury. In the back on a small table is the Gold Emblem. A screenshot will show where to use it.

Using the Emblem, Dark Places.

Out to the courtyard, left over the bridge and straight into the Cave with the trapdoors on the bridge, into the far left corner through that triangle opening and follow the path down into the cave where you found the Shotgun before. Open the gate in the back with the Gold Emblem.

Right around the corner and jump up left at the slope so you can see what lies behind it. Get to the back of the room, left of the spikes grab up to the crack, shimmy right around the corner and jump up to the jump lever. Through the gate and shoot a Sword Yielding Giant. In the NW corner is a Full Survival Kit and in the opposite one a floor lever. A wall goes down, another Sword Wielding Giants steps out, get in and use the lever there to open the next gates (E). A Flying Phantom appears, kill it. Get over the traps and come to a large underground area.

Fix the Ladder.

Hop down into the lake, swim to the tower and get out at the ladder, left around and shoot vases for another Desert Eagle, go to the other side and more vases, find a Laser Sight. Back to the front of the tower and look up left (SW). Shoot the Gem in the gargoyle and the other side of the lake fills up. Swim to an underwater lever W and use that to make the ladder in the tower climbable. Swim back and go to the back of the tower. Pull up and push the crate once. Hop down and now go to the front of the tower and climb up the ladder to the top (is a bit buggy).

Go up and grab the Hourglass and adventure ends abruptly.

G&D March 2017.