The Halls if Records


Levels and Walkthrough by Baddy82


A savegame for the Giza2 level can be found here


Game Prolog

Great Pyramid, Giza


Go forward (you will automatically pick up RESEARCH PDA and NOTES PDA) and through tunnel. At intersection turn left, you will find (now) locked iron gate to pathway to lowest burial chamber. Go back and follow tunnel upwards to grand gallery. There you find a (now locked) iron tunnel gate. Go straight to find second burial chamber ('queens chamber'). Go back and climb up into grand gallery (camera sequence shows opening in ceiling at the end). Go upwards the grand gallery. At the end you see the opening at ceiling top.


Don't climb up now, just enter entrance to antechamber that leads to third burial chamber ('kings chamber'). Look upwards in antechamber, notice opening to the top right. Enter kings chamber, look around. Pull the hidden granite stone block next to the sarcophagus, enter connecting chamber. (to the right you can climb up and crawl to see down into antechamber). Push granite stone block, enter first corbelled chamber, and further into second. Push granite block, crawl into hidden connection channel and down the long staircase. Pull granite block and enter first burial storage room, then second. In the third, shoot all vases. Push stone block, enter secret room. Climb down into hidden 'Khufu's boat room'. Notice three niches with three burial flame stands. Step on plate to drain room from water. Climb/jump down and dive into water chamber. Climb out of water, push stone block, enter secret room. Open sarcophagus to get secret Item (blocking stone).


Go back, into water again, climb up to stone step, out of water. There, push stone block over ledge (now you can't dive back anymore). Jump straight at wall before you (stay on the right side), climb up. Go all the way back to grand gallery. Remember the opening in the ceiling of the grand gallery? Standing at the end of it, right before the antechamber, jump at the wall and climb up to the opening in the ceiling. Crawl forward and lower into lowest relieving chamber (medipack). Jump at the back of chamber and climb upwards. (here is a second relieving chamber on the way up, but you can skip it).Climb into the uppermost third chamber, notice small wooden box at the end. Get grand gallery key out of it. Climb back down into first relieving chamber to get back again onto the connecting channel you first came from. Climb down into grand gallery again.


Go back to locked gate at the end. Unlock gate, enter small chamber, climb and slide down. Before you is an ancient well, climb halfway down, enter narrow passage right, crawl to get crowbar (optional). Get back to the well shaft again, turn around (quicksave) and let you hang from the ledge. (This is the shaft you saw from the camera animation for the blocking stone). Slide down till you almost pass an envy, there jump straight up to grab the ledge over you. (quick load if you missed)


Pull yourself up into connecting channel, crawl forward, enter 'blocking stone room'. Use blocking stone to unlock blocking stone, push blocking stone. Enter small room behind it. Crawl into connection and jump into Khufu's real burial chamber. There, open

sarcophagus and get secret Item ( Khufu's secret book'). Animation shows exit in upper small room where you just came from. Jump on the burial wall, climb up and pull yourself into the connection. In the small room again, push the hidden blocking stone in the corner. Enter exit room. Go and crawl the channel. Enter exit room, jump into hole. (level jump)


** If you climb up to the top at this point, you will get the grand gallery key, can unlock the grand gallery gate, but you will most probably miss the later íblocking stone room'. Even if not, you can't unlock it. In any case, you canít get back from a lower point. If you have to get into the grand gallery again: just go all the way down into the pyramid into the lowest burial chamber. There, crawl into the small channel in the corner to get a crowbar. Go back and run the long pathway all the way up to the locked iron gate you saw in the very beginning. Use crowbar to unlock the iron gate and go back up to the grand gallery again. 




Crawl forward, turn left (bottom stone crumbles), and jump (or use move crawlspace roll) into the íTomb of Osiris'. Get out of water, you see an ancient submerged sarcophagus in the middle of the chamber. Go to exit tunnel at the end, jump at the wall of the tunnel that leads upwards, climb up (ledge jump recommended).Pull up into ancient burial chamber with three sarcophagi. Turn left and jump at the wall of the tunnel that leads upwards, climb up. Pull yourself up into a small burial chamber with construction fences, get crowbar (optional). Again, jump at the wall of the tunnel that leads upwards. Pull yourself up into a small room with locked iron gate. Unlock with crowbar, turn left. You can run around the Giza plateau with Sphinx and valley temple. You can climb the sphinx. Notice the areas behind the ancient arch in the back and also the old mastabas.


* If you want the secret (sphinx stele): Go to the sphinx, notice the rock drill at the left paw. Go to valley temple, climb to the top. Notice a broken ceiling stone at one place (crumbles). Jump down, go and crawl the channels to the end (crawlspace jump recommended). Push (do not pull) (notice *IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY TIPS in main folder) blocking stone to get excess to connecting tunnel. Crawl into tunnel (under the sphinx). At the end, pull up into small sphinx chamber. Pull blocking stone, pull up into another small chamber, now inside the sphinx. Shoot vase, get secret item (sphinx stele) (PDA update). Go back.


Go to the small construction site with wooden fences to the left of the sphinx. Shoot fences, look down into the pit with broken wooden scaffolding inside. (quicksave). If you now just jump into it, you won't be able to get out of it anymore, it's too deep. Instead, go behind the stone block and push it into the pit. Let yourself hang from the ledge and fall into the pit. Climb out and enter tunnel to the end. At the end, push blocking stone to enter small room.( pull another blocking stone to get excess to exit). Push the third blocking stone into another small room. Notice ancient well shaft. Climb down into well shaft. Look into the very deep pit with water at the bottom. Jump in. Swim around the well and dive into the small underwater tunnel at the edge. (level jump)

Giza 2


Dive underwater tunnel to the end, pull yourself out of water, follow subterranean channels. Dive again into water pit and follow underwater channel to the end. Pull yourself out of the water into a gigantic subterranean ancient cave system. Go to the top left platform. (camera sequence shows exit at the end). (notice *IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY TIPS in main folder)  Jump to the stone ceiling hanging in front of you and monkey-swing to the small block to the right. Fall onto it. Again, jump to the stone ceiling hanging in front of you and monkey-swing to the small block to the left and fall onto it. Jump to the stone ceiling hanging in front of you and monkey-swing to the right (caution), left and left. Now you are hanging right in front of a platform ledge. Let yourself fall down to it and grab the ledge, pull up. Turn around and jump to the ledge in front of you, pull up. Turn left and pull up. Crawl into small tunnel and climb down. Climb down again. There is a deep pit, you won't be able to get out if you fall. (quicksave ) Let yourself hang from the ledge. Use move 'ledge jump 2' to jump, turn and grab the ledge on the other side. Use 'ledge jump 1' to grab the ceiling above you. (notice *IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY TIPS in main folder) Turn around and monkey-swing (more to the left) along the ceiling, turn left. Now you hang in front of a ledge under you. Let yourself fall and grad the ledge. Use 'ledge jump 1' to grab the ceiling above you, pull up. Crawl inside the narrow cave tunnel to the end and fall/slide into a bigger cave. From the platform you landed on, jump to the ceiling and monkey swing into the connecting cave.


Fall onto the end platform and crawl into the small tunnel at one end. You enter a small cave with a waterfall. Slide down and dive into the water tunnel. At the end, pull out and climb the steep rock steps up to the top. Then follow the cave tunnel to the end to a small cave. Find the hidden blocking stone and pull. Enter tunnel to the end, enter cave with water. Jump into and dive to the end. Pull out into an artificial, ancient temple. Walking around you'll notice a collapsed old exit. Parts of the ceiling will crumble and show

a possible new exit, but not for now. Find another blocking stone and push it. Enter connecting and enter an ancient roundish temple structure. In one of the burial rooms there is a hidden blocking stone. Push it and climb down into tunnel that leads in lower burial room. (notice gigantic sarcophagus) Push another blocking stone to open the Egyptian hall of records. Shoot vases and take secret items (Atlantean tablets, Ra-Ta's tablets). Go back to the first temple cave.


Jump onto the hanging roots from the ceiling. Use move 'pole jump' to get to the next root, then to the third. From there jump and grab the ledge of the exit hole and climb up. Pull up and crawl inside a narrow tunnel. Follow it and climb into a small cave. From there,

jump up to the edge and pull up. At the end is a tunnel upwards. Jump to the end wall and climb up. Pull up and crawl into an abandoned Egyptian tomb. In one of the small rooms is a tunnel upwards. Jump to the end wall and climb up. Pull up and follow the tunnel to another small tomb. Try to avoid the mummy and crawl into a small tunnel to get to the exit. (level jump back to giza 1 for ending)


Jump to the wall and climb up. Pull up and climb the rocks to the top of the small mountain you first saw when you were in former level. (level jump to Guatemala)

Guatemala 1

(fall down from helicopter)

From the platform you landed on, jump to the next platforms till you see a platform on the other side you have to jump to. From there find the entrance to a valley below it. Jump/climb down the huge steps into the small valley ( camera sequence shows the next two exits you have to go to, one on top left and the exit on the top right. To get to the first top left, go to the waterfall left (notice small underwater tunnel).Dive into water tunnel and swim to the end. Get out of the water. Go to the mountain and climb up, hang and swing till you can pull up to the cut through the mountain top you saw from the camera sequence. From there, there are two ways to get to the upper valley exit on the opposite side:


over left side: jump to the small platform to the left and swing from its ledge to its end. Then use move 'ledge jump' to jump, turn and land on the opposite side. Pull up and jump higher till you can walk/ jump almost over the whole side of the mountain side.(careful, otherwise you will slide the whole way down to the bottom of the valley again) At the end, jump to the small platform to reach the exit.


over the right side: climb/ jump from the platform to the right and jump upwards to reach the edge of the mountain top and swing a long way to the end of it. There, pull up twice. From that platform, run (quicksave) quickly to its end and jump to the opposite side. From there, jump till you reach another mountain edge and swing to its end till you reach the exit platform.


Jump down the steps till the bottom of the next valley. Go straight to a large platform with old, abandoned huts. (PDA update) go back halfway and pull up on the old ruins' stones. From there you can see another small Valley. Slide down. From the edge you can see another valley down. Slide down. There you can see an old small mayan well with scorpions on the bottom. Push the stone block over the edge to squash them, then jump down on the stone, pull up and crawl into the tunnel to its end. There, dive into the water tunnel and swim to its end. You will come out in an old submerged Mayan temple. Dive to its exit on the left and exit the water. Pull up into another Mayan temple and follow the way to its end. There, dive again into the water and swim the underwater tunnel to its end, then pull out into a huge, three story high, open cave system with waterfalls. Go to the opening left, jump on the ledge before you, pull up. Go around the corner, climb the stone blocks and jump onto the long, hanging roots from the top. Climb up and turn, till you see a near ledge before you. Use move Ďpole jumpí to get to the ledge. Go around the hole and inside the small cave. Jump to itís ledge and pull up. Go through the bigger cave to its end. The cave opens into you see a small valley with waterfalls. Climb down, dive into the small lake and swim to the water tunnel at the end. (quicksave) (level jump)

Guatemala 2

Dive through the water tunnel, turn right and up into a yellowish, bigger cave, which is poisoned, your health level decreases. Quickly swim through it into another cave. The ceiling collapses, find the small hole in the bottom to escape. (If your breath isnít long enough, swim to upper left side of the caveís ceiling, there is a small opening, pull up an regenerate). Follow the small underwater tunnel to its end, you will come out in a small cave system. Pull out and climb into another bigger cave, jump into the small river. The river runs into a landscape with three waterfalls. Pull out, to the left is a waterfall. Climb the steps up and jump to the edge of the mountain, swing to the left under the waterfall and let yourself fall. Climb up the steps and go inside the hidden, small cave behind the
waterfall. Shoot the Mayan vase and get secret (olmec ritual knive). Go back and find the small hut in one corner of the valley. Find 1930ís expedition diary and medipack.(PDA update). Use PDA NOTES to get infos for usage of old dugout wood canoe and quest objectives. Enter water, climb into canoe and follow river. There is another small valley at the end with another waterfall.

*optional: To get into the second cave, get out of canoe, climb the hill that connects the two waterfall valleys. On the top, jump to the small platform and again jump to the mountain side towards you with the old, big oak. Jump to the edge and swing to themiddle, above the cave opening. Let yourself fall. Crawl inside cave behind old oak. Find dead expedition member.

Paddle with the canoe behind the third waterfall and follow the cave system. You will fall above some edges with your canoe till you reach a bigger cave to its end. Get out of the canoe, hold left, climb out of the opening. You will see another Mayan valley with a second, abandoned expedition hut. Get inside hut (PDA update). Behind you there is another small lake valley with small island in its middle (crocodiles). Dive into lake, swim to the bottom, find exit under water next to underwater Mayan temple. Follow underwater tunnel. Tunnel ends in submerged Mayan temple. Quickly find exit hole on top of ceiling, pull out. In Mayan temple pull blocking stone to get into second room. There, pull another blocking stone to reach connecting tunnel, slide down. (level jump)

Guatemala 3

Climb up the big steps and follow tunnel into mayan temple. At the end pull blocking stone and reach the Valley of the Shadows. There are four ancient abandoned Mayan pyramid temples with smaller structures on their tops. Search the temples. One pyramid has an old oak on top. Climb it, jump into hole, crawl to its end (crawlspace roll recommended) to find opening into room underneath. This room is inside the pyramid that lies on the opposite side of the pyramid you first entered the valley. On one end is the exit, but which is blocked for now. Go back and push the blocking stone. Follow the tunnel into a temple. Jump into the connection, crawl through it and jump out. Jump into the collapsed bottom into cave with another blocking stone. pull it and follow the tunnel. At the end you will find an old sacrificial mayan temple with skeletons. Pull one skeleton to get secret (olmec ritual knife). Notice the opening in the bottom of temple with long root rope in the middle. That will be your way of exit later. Jump into the opening into water. Pull out and enter tunnel. At the end you will reach another bigger cave with water at the bottom. Climb down and into water. Dive through water tunnel that leads to ancient staircase. Follow to its end.


Push blocking stone. You see a huge cave with black pyramid and three giant, white crocodiles. Shoot them to get access to short underwater connecting tunnel. Pull out and turn round. Jump onto back side of the vertical tunnel in front of you, climb on top of pyramid. (camera sequence). Look straight above and notice the opening in the ceiling. This is the exit for later but not for now. Climb back and push the blocking stone. Enter the Anteroom of the Mayan Hall of the Records.

Climp onto the blocking stone and jump to the ledge of the ceiling and monkey swing to the end. Fall down and crawl through tunnel. Fall down into roundish temple with three chambers. One exit leads to a system made of huge monolithic stones. Pull up onto one of the stone carriers above to reach a platform. Pull the blocking stone and climb down into the hidden Iltarís Temple. Open sarcophagus and get secret (Iltarís Tablets). Climb out again and get back to the roundish temple you came from. Crawl into the collapsed burial chamber and climb into the bottom hole. You get in an older burial chamber with another giant ceremonial sarcophagus (like in giza). Get in the water (quicksave) and swim quickly to its end and climb out. Go through the room with the ancient monolithic well. dive into water and swim to its end into a temple with water around. Quickly pull out of the water and kill giant white crocodile. Dive in water and swim to entry of temple. Pull out of the water and climb up till you reach the top of the temple. Enter Iltarís Temple with secret Firestone altar in the middle. Pull right blocking stone, crawl into small room behind. Notice activation stone at the end. Shoot vases to get Iltarís crystal and second Atlantean tablet. (PDA update).

To activate secret firestone, go back, climb (not jump) onto Firestone altar, stick Iltarís crystal into it. Earthquake. Quickly run back to the small room and step on activation stone to deactivate earthquake. Climb onto altar stone again and get Iltarís crystal, now charged.

Find all the way back to the Anteroom of the Hall of Records you came from. One exit is blocked, pull the blocking stone to get back to the black pyramid with the three giant crocodiles. Climb top of the black pyramid again. Jump to one side of the exit hole and climb into tunnel above. Crawl through to its end, climb out to land an a collapsed cave, follow to its end. Climb down through the hole in its bottom. You land on the other side of the big cave you entered before. On the platform, jump to the ceiling and monkey swing to the exit you earlier came from. fall down and slide down, grab the edge to not fall down and swing right. Climb up, through the tunnel, back to small mayan well the hanging root rope from earlier. (quicksave) Run, jump and grab the rope. Climb up. Jump off the rope and go all the way back to the Valley of the Shadows. Remember the one exit which was blocked? It is unblocked now. Pull that blocking stone and reach the outside again (camera sequence). (level jump)

Bimini 1

(fall down from helicopter)
Slide down, you land in a cave with water.(helicopter causes little earthquake).Dive through water tunnel to its end. Pull out.You are in a sand cave with open ceiling. Jump onto root rope and climb upwards, jump off to edge. Go to small bay nearby and dive through water tunnel. At the end, pull out. Go around, you see a bay with an old, rusted tank ship, stuck in the sand. Swim to its end and and top of tanker ship. Go down the entry and dive down into top chamber of the tanker. In front of the rusted locker, get the crowbar.Dive back to the entry.(quicksave)

Dive back into and lower down into the second level. At the end, through the bottom opening into the lowest third level. At the end, swim through the ceiling top.Pull out.Use crowbar to unlock iron door. Go up ladder. At the end of room, dive into water again, through opening of tanker into small underwater cave. Swim into water tunnel in front to its end. You reach a bigger sand cave with open ceiling. Get out of water and notice small exit tunnel. Crawl through it into gigantic cave system (camera sequence).You have to get to the other side of the cave. Slide down onto the lower platform. Jump to the next stones till you reach the other side. (quicksave) Climb up the stones till you reach the top of the other side. You have to reach the platform with exit hole on the other side in front of you. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey swing forward, turn right, left and left till the very end. Fall down and grab the wall. Climb down onto the platform. Crawl through the small connection into another cave with a slope. Slide down and into the water.(quicksave). Quickly dive through the water tunnel, higher and higher, till itís end. Pull out and go through Big cave with front end that opens into two bays. Dive into water, pull out water to get to the old, abandoned expedition hut. There get expedition
diary (PDA update). Dive back into water, turn around and look for small under water opening. Swim into it, at the end, open under water door.In the small room, take rusty key.Swim back and to the other end of the bay. Get into the small wooden shack. Notice box with explosive device. Take it and jump into bottom hole. Unlock iron door with rusty key.Shoot wooden fence and use explosive device at the wall(countdown).Run back. After explosion, go through the new opening through to the other side. You see a rocky bay with deep water hole in the middle.(quicksave) Dive into it and through water tunnel. (level jump)

Bimini 2

Dive through water tunnel, straight, turn, then upwards, into another cave system. At the ceiling is a small crevice for getting fresh air.(quicksave). Dive down and into the next connecting cave. At the end, through the opening in the ceiling, turn around, through the next caves till you reach a small crevice at the end. Swim through till the end. Pull out. You are in a crystal cave, follow it through. At the end is a big crystal cave, slide down.(quicksave). Dive through the floor hole into a huge underwater cave with a very ancient monolithic structure. Swim through the cave, into a connecting cave. Look for exit hole at the bottom. Swim through it into another tunnel till the end. Pull out. You are in a huge, three story high cave system. You have to get to the very top. In one corner, jump to reach one edge and pull up. Turn around and jump to the opposite side and grab the edge. Swing to the left and pull up. Go to the left and climb onto the stone step platform. Jump to the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side and fall down. Climb the steps till you reach the top of the cave. Go to the end and slide down the long tunnel till you fall into another cave.

Turtle Temple 1
Pull out and go to the top of the temple. Notice the round stone hole in the ground. Go to the blocking stone in the wall behind near you. Push it till it fall into the water.(quicksave). Dive into the underwater tunnel to its end and into bottom hole. Get turtle stone and swim back. Put turtle stone into hole. Now a door opens on the other side in front of you. Go to the end of the platform and jump to the ceiling. Monkey swing to the end and fall in front of the open door. Crawl into the turtle room. Push the turtle altar stone to the end to get access to the bottom hole (quicksave). Dive into it, through the cave to its end and up into black monolithic temple. Find opening in the ceiling (where one column is broken).Pull out and crawl through temple to its exit hole.

Turtle Temple 2

You are in a big cave with another monolithic turtle altar.


(*optional Go to the top and climb up the stone steps till you are on top of the cave. Crawl into cave to get turtle sculpture. Climb back down.)


Push the turtle altar stone over the edge to crush bottom plate.(quicksave). In front of the altar, jump to the edge, fall down and grab the edge under it to get into the small tunnel underneath. (if you fall into the pit you canít get out of it) Crawl through it to get to another small room. Middle floor plate crumbles, you fall into lower cave system. You land in water, dive to the end of the tunnel, pull out.(quicksave) Next to this cave is a connecting cave with a pyramid with water around it. Shoot crocodile. On the pyramid backside is a underwater tunnel, now closed. To open it you need to get two stones. Push the left blocking stone and crawl into small burial cave. Push stone sarcophagus to break stone bottom plate. Dive into small cave beneath and get deactivation stone, then go back. Push the other blocking stone to get into a room with a moveable altar crystal. Push and pull it to the middle of the concentric room circles.(earthquake) Crawl into the now open small tunnel to get activation stone. You wonít be able to leave the room without push/pulling the altar crystal stone back to its original place. Then return to the pyramid. Dive through the now open underwater tunnel to its end.

You enter a huge roundish cave which opens up to an open top. There are four big round altar stones with inactive crystals in the room. To get to the top you have to activate the crystals. Jump into the hole in the middle and place activation stone into it. (earthquake).Pull out of the hole and jump onto the lowest, now activated and hovering altar stone. From there, jump onto the next altar stones till you reach the top of the cave. Jump off the altar stone and run into the connected, smaller room. Jump into bottom hole and place deactivation stone into it. (earthquake stops) Leave room through new opening and go down tunnel. (quicksave) At the end jump into water tunnel and swim to its end. You enter temple similar to that in Guatemala with water around it. Get out
and find underwater entry to temple. Dive into water, swim into opening and pull out. Get to the top and crawl into narrow tunnel to enter reddish temple with sarcophagus in the middle. Climb on top of the lid, jump up and grab the edge, then pull up to the top. Crawl through connection and enter Iltarís Tomb. Open Iltarís Tomb to get secret (Iltarís Tablets and Atlantean Tablets 3) (PDA update). (shoot vases to see some of Iltarís treasures).

Tuaoi Stone
Notice the opening in the ceiling. To get there, jump onto the arc above you and monkey swing to its very end. Fall off and grab the edge. Crawl inside the small tunnel to its end. You enter a big crystal room with round crystal altar stones in it. At the very top of the room you can see a huge crystal you have to activate. (quicksave) Go to the end of the room, jump onto the altar stone there and place Iltarís charged crystal from Guatemala into it. (earthquake) Go back into the crystal room, jump on the lowest hovering altar stone and jump to the next one and pull up. From there jump to the edge of the top. To get to the huge crystal on the top of the room, jump from the edge and grab the arch. Monkey swing to the top and fall off onto the huge crystal. In front of you is the activated Tuaoi Stone. Get it. (sequence to blackout) (sequence to fade in)

You wake up in the dark in an old burial cave. You must take a medikit now, as your health decreases rapidly. Turn round and crawl through the small tunnel. Climb up the huge stone steps till to reach the top and enter a big cave with open front.

(helicopter appears)

End of Game

Game Epilog

End Credits