LEVEL BY Bianka Droese (Bibi Kroft)


{NOTE: I have not listed any of the pickups other than the puzzle pieces, nor have I listed any of the secrets in this level. I feel that those are for the individual player of the level to find...Good luck!}

The level starts off with Lara standing with her back to a closed door on a dirt path that goes ahead of her and to the right. So, go forward and over to the left to a climbable wall leading to a crawlspace. Once in the crawlspace turn left at the "T" crossing and get the hand of orion, then head back the other way past where you entered the crawlspace and go into the barely lit room. Now head over to the pit against the wall and jump down. Looking down to the bottom of the ramp, notice that there is a ledge on either side of the ramp. Well, just run left or right and go off the side of the ramp from where you are at now. Then head to the back of the area which is very dark, watch out for some spikes that pop up. When you make it to the very back of the area look for a floor switch and use it, then watch the flyby of where you need to go next.

So, head back to the other side of this area and sidejump onto the ramp and slide down to the bottom, just make sure you avoid the spikeball that will come after you (you have to jump into the waterhole to your left at the bottom of the ramp and avoid the ball). Now turn around and swim to the opening to your left, then make another left, then a right, then another right, then a left, then up, surface and exit the water. Next, turn around and head to the raised blocks under where the climbable wall is. Once at the top and through the opening you find you are back in the area you started the level, but this time the door you had your back to is open. As you head towards the open door, two ninjas will attack (if they did not attack as soon as you reached the top of the wall)so deal with them, then go through the open door, turn right and get the ba cartouche from the raised blocks and then head back to where you exited the water to use it.

Take care of two more ninjas once you reenter the area to place the cartouche. When you place the cartouche in its receptacle you hear the sound of a gate opening up, so turn around and take about ten or steps towards the way you came, turn left and climb the blocks to the open gate. Go through the gate into the next room and watch the flyby, then head over to the southeast corner into the passage and place the hand of orion in its receptacle. The gate to your right will open, go in the next room, deal with the ninjas, then go to the left and get the eye piece off the pedestal, then go back to the main room. Now go through the open gate on the north wall, climb the wall all the way to the top into the next room. Turn right, head towards the opening. Spikes will pop up as you make your way to the opening, but it's no big deal if they poke Lara, she will take damage but not be killed; however, if you can avoid the spikes that is better. At the opening turn left then right, go through the next room past the closed door on your left, into the passage beyond, deal with the ninja, then climb down the ladder at the opening to your left. At the bottom in the passage below climb the block, run/jump/grab/pullup onto the next block, then run/jump/grab/pullup onto the next block, then run/jump onto the next block, then run/jump onto the next block. Next turn right and climb the block onto the walkway, deal with the ambushing ninjas that attack, next jump to wall below(jump/hang/drop) and get the second eye piece, then go to the northeast corner of this little room, climb up on the wall again, then climb the block to your right, turn and face the slanted block, jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump to the next block, turn right run/jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump/grab/pullup/run/jump/ to the next block, turn right jump/jump to the next block turn left run/jump/grab/pull up back on the walkway.

Now head to the northeast corner of this area into the next room. This room is dark, to your left a little ways in is a closed gate, to your right is a deep pit with ropes hanging down for Lara to use to cross with. Go to the other side of the room to a ledge you cannot see in the dark, once there light a flare and use the floor lever, then head back across to the other side and through the now open gate. Now that you are in the next room you notice the floor slopes down, ok, this next move is tricky and takes perfect timing. Run down the slope straight ahead and jump/grab/pullup into the opening before a spikeball comes down and makes Lara pancakes out of our heroine. After you have made it safely to the opening, go into the next room, hop down light a torch and use the eye of horus to open the big door. After the door is opened go through, slide down to the pool below, swim through the underwater tunnel at the bottom of the pool and the level ends.