Kamifukuoka Lab

Level by Nagae Takanori (January, 2001)

Walkthough by Harry Laudie

forward and pick up the Uzi ammo and the Uzi's. Kill two ninjas that appear and try to steal the ammo. Go to the south-west corner and dive into the water hole behind the column. Swim into the tunnel in the upper west wall. Follow the underwater tunnel to a large underwater room. Swim down to the middle and pick up the Hand of Orion. Swim up into the south-west corner for air but you cannot pull up to get out of the water. Dive into the room again and you can pick up Uzi ammo, large medipack, blue shotgun shells, and red shotgun shells in the four corners. Swim up into the south-west corner again for air. Them swim back to the first underwater room and surface for air. There is another underwater in the lower south-west corner but it leads to a pool that you cannot climb out. Surface and pull up into the starting room.


Go east and dive into the water pool. Swim to the bottom for grenade normal ammo. Surface and enter the tunnel in the south-east corner. Go east and see a closed gate to your right in the south wall. Opposite it in the north wall is a lower crawl space. You can enter the room there to shoot four vases and pick up a small medipack. Exit and continue east to see another closed gate in the south. In the north wall is an upper crawl space. Pull up into the crawl space and hear the secret sound but no secret is registered. Pick up a shotgun, blue shotgun shells, red shotgun shells, grenade normal ammo, grenade super ammo, and grenade flash ammo from the floor.  Use the floor lever and you hear a gate open. Exit and go west into the first gate and into a room. Pick up Uzi ammo and a large medipack from the floor. Use the floor lever and exit the room. Go east into the next open gate. Kill three ninjas and use the floor lever. Exit the room and go east through the open gate that was blocking the tunnel earlier.


Jump over the mummy and enter an opening in the south wall. Go up the stairs until you reach a corridor. There are more stairs to the west but they end in a closed gate. Enter the corridor and go east. Pick up crossbow normal ammo, crossbow, grenade gun, Uzi ammo, and Uzi's from the floor. Turn around and follow the corridor to the west. Enter the three north rooms to kill three ninjas. In the fourth north room is nothing. In the fifth north room is a hole to the water pool in the starting room. In the dark room to the south you can find six flares and a mummy. Exit and continue to the west. Run into a north room with a green floor as a spike ball rolls towards you. Go west and enter another room. Use the Hand of Orion in the receptacle on the north wall. Exit the room and go north a little to trigger another spike ball.  Run back into the green floor room while it passes. Exit and go north to back flip onto the slope. Jump forward and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing east over the spike balls. Another route is to fall into the hole to the water pool and run back up the stairs.  Go east and go up the other stairs to the gate that is now open.


Follow the stairs to a corridor with a closed door in front of you. To your left are also more stairs. First go to the closed door and turn to the right. Pull up and grab a crawl space. Drop down on the other side. Go north through and opening and down some steps. Use the north wall to climb down into a room. Go west into another room and search behind the sarcophagus for Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, and Cartouche Piece 1. Exit and climb the wall to back flip onto the ledges. Go west into another room and climb the north wall. Again back flip to some ledges. Go south and east to enter another room. Pick up grenade super ammo, grenade normal ammo, two grenade guns, crossbow, crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, large medipack, and the laser sight from the floor. Exit and climb down the wall to the lower room. The door to the south did not open, so return to the corridor by way of the crawl space. Go west and enter the dark south room for Uzi ammo, revolver and kill a mummy. The other rooms have nothing except a hole in the floor to go back to the pool in the starting room.


Go east and take the stairs that you passed earlier. Follow the stairs up to another corridor. Go west and enter the first north room to kill two ninjas. Continue west and enter the dark south room. Go to the right and kill three mummies and get grenade normal ammo from the floor. Then go left top kill a mummy and see a closed gate. You can destroy the two mummies behind the gate but I never found a way to open it. Exit back to the corridor and go to the last north room. Dive into the water hole in the floor. Swim to the bottom and pick up Cartouche Piece 2. Exit and go west to turn the corner. Follow to another corridor with rooms. You can enter the dark south room to kill two ninjas and two mummies. The three north rooms with green floor contain nothing.


Continue west until you find a large deep pit. The two openings you see to west lead to empty rooms. There is a small medipack in the far corner platform if you really want it. There are stairs to the south just beside the pit entrance. Go down the stairs and pick up Uzi's next to a jeep. Face west at the last step and side jump to the right. It will take a few tries to get over the jeep. Go down the stairs to the west to reach a lower ledge above the pit. Go east down then corridor. Enter the dark room to the north for three revolver ammo and kill a mummy. Return west to the stairs where you entered this ledge. Ignore the rooms to the west for now. Go south into the stairs and find another set of stairs going down. Follow the stairs down to a corridor and to the pit.


First, safety drop into the pit. Slide down to the ammo on the floor and jump out of the way as two spike balls fall into the hole. Then go back to pick up the grenade super ammo. Go to the south wall and jump into the tunnel as spikes balls fall behind you. Push the statue a little and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Continue pushing the statue as far as possible into a dark room. Pick up grenade normal ammo from the floor. Exit the room and go back into the pit. Pick up grenade normal ammo from the tunnel entrance. Go to the west wall but do not drop into the water hole. This leads to the underwater rooms near the level start.


Pick up the shotgun from the ground. Run back to the south-east corner and watch out for the deep pit. Pull up to east ledge and go to the north corner. Stand jump to the west and pull up onto a column. You can jump to the west for grenade normal ammo and a grenade gun. Slide down to the pit floor and climb back up to the column. Pull up north into a room to kill a ninja and a scorpion. Enter the west room to kill a mummy and two ninjas. Pull back the statue in the north-west corner and pick up an Eye Piece. Pull back the statue in the north-east corner for blue shotgun shells. Go back to the first room and run and jump to the east and into the corridor. Go east and enter the second doorway to the north. Enter the north room and kill two ninjas. After a few seconds, another two ninjas enter the room. Use the Hand of Sirius in the east wall receptacle and the gate opens.


Enter the gate and follow the rooms to the south and kill four ninjas. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the gate in the south wall. Enter and go left and follow the short tunnel to the circular door. Hop onto a block in the north-east corner. Slide down into the room and pick up the second Eye Piece. Hop back out of the room. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the circular door. Enter the door and run south to jump over a pit. The south doors open as you approach them.


You emerge into a large open outdoor area with a pyramid. Go east to kill three ninjas. Turn around and go west to kill two ninjas. Go the corner of the pyramid and then kill another five ninjas that appear. Go south to pick up two grenade normal ammo and the grenade gun. Do not dive into the pool. You cannot get out and you have to swim down the center hole and follow the tunnel back to the starting room. Run south to the large doors and the level ends.