Levels by HSwyming


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with thanks to scottchu for identifying two secrets that I found but did not hear the accompanying chimes over the looping music track)





Drop down beside a horse that refuses to be mounted. Draw your pistols and deal with the charging tiger that takes an inordinate amount of ammo to kill. Run forward (W) to the closed double doors between the dragon statues.  Push the button to the left of the doors to open them and trigger a flyby through the colorful area beyond.  Enter, turn left at the mural and jump over the railing into the water.


Note the closed W door, then swim N, take the first right and loop around right to follow the winding corridor to an underwater lever.  Pull it, flip turn and swim back to the intersection.  Continue straight N and follow to a second underwater lever. Pull it and return to the S pool for air.  The W door is now open, so swim inside, turn left, then left again to an underwater lever, pull it and flip turn, swim to the wall and turn right, then grab the flares before entering the opened doorway to your right.  Turn left and follow to a small room where you'll find flares, 2 x revolver ammo and a large medipack surrounding a deeper depression containing the SHAN ZHUANG KEY 1 (screen shot of an outdoor keyhole). Return the way you came and surface for air.


Swim N to the next pool.  You can pull out NW, but don't do so yet. Swim into the opened W doorway, take two rights, pull down the E underwater lever, flip turn and swim to the W wall, turn left and find the opened doorway to your left. Enter and follow to another small room with a large medipack, a small medipack, 2 x revolver ammo and the REVOLVER in the deeper central depression for SECRET #1. Return to the pool, pull out NW and follow the W channel for a large medipack. Go back E, jump over the railing and follow clockwise around this large room to a companion channel with revolver ammo at the SW end.           


Return to the E double doors, exit to the dragon statues and turn right. Turn right again into the W alley and find the keyhole to your left just past the ornamental plant.  Use the Shan Zhuang Key 1 to open the door and enter. Push the button on your left (note the closed door on your right) to open the corresponding door. As you enter a flame is ignited in the large hibachi ahead. Go up the steps and pause at the window for 2 x shotgun ammo, revolver ammo and uzi ammo.  When you reach the upper floor, loop around right, climb up onto the NE block and note the jumpswitch in the E wall.  Side flip right onto the slope, jump and activate the jumpswitch.  The W door opens, so stand at the opening and note the flaming block at the far end.  Most of the tiles in between, both the white and the red ones, are fire traps.


Step down onto the first safe white tile.  Take a running jump NW onto the white tile against the wall (between two red tiles). Turn to face SW and take a running jump over a red tile to a white tile (not the leftmost white tile). Turn to face NW (the wall mural is directly ahead) and take a running jump over the red tiles to the white tile.  Turn to face SW and take a long running jump to the white tile against the S wall.  From there, stand jump W and pick up the revolver ammo and the uzi ammo.  The flame on the block has gone out, revealing a batch of torches.  But for now, hop over the block and pick up the large medipack that's lying on a trigger tile in the NW corner.  Turn around to find that the window in the SW corner is now open.


Go there and walk along a ledge.  Use the first two translucent platforms to face a revolving blade.  Time a jump to the platform against the N wall, then quickly turn right and take a running jump E to the next platform.  Stand at the corner where the blades can't reach you.  Take a running jump SE to the next platform and hop back to grab the edge so the circular blade won't cut you.  Pull up at the right moment and jump SE to grab the sloped platform.  Shimmy left, pull up, slide and jump to the larger E platform.  Pick up the shotgun ammo, the explosive arrows, a small medipack and the LASER SIGHT for SECRET #2


Save your game. Jump NW to grab the sloped platform, pull up, slide and jump at the last instant to grab the next sloped platform.  Pull up and make your way back along the platforms the same way you came.  In the flaming tile room, vault up onto the raised block for a TORCH. Go back the same way you came (it's easier now because the deadly tiles are highlighted by flames) and go downstairs to light the torch in the flaming hibachi you saw earlier.  Go W and light the wall lanterns on either side of the closed door.  Go inside and light two more lanterns on the N wall to open a trap door in the floor next to the W wall.  Pull up into the window opening between the lanterns for flares and a large medipack.


Toss your torch down the hole and climb down the ladder after it.  Shoot two bats in the dark room below, retrieve your torch and light the wall torches in the W wall to open the door.  Go inside and take the YANG from the plinth (screen shot of an outdoor receptacle).  Climb back out and exit N to the alley outside.  Turn right (left leads to a closed door) and follow the alley back to the lion statutes.  Run past them and turn left at the corner. Push the button to open the N door and watch a block rise as you enter.


The ornate block is a pushblock, so push it W once and N three times (against the raised block) and finally E one time.  Go to the SE corner to find a smaller pushpiece.  In the NE corner is a wall switch for later. Pull the pushpiece N one time and W one time onto a rising block tile. Find another smaller pushpiece in the SW corner and move it E and N onto a second rising block tile.  Pull down the NE wall switch to raise both pushpieces.  Move pushpiece #1 past the ornate pushblock onto the adjacent block.  Jump over the pushpiece and push the wall switch back up. Move the pushpiece N onto another raised block.  Pull down the wall switch again to raise that block even higher, then push the pushpiece onto the ornate tile in the NE corner.  The block that rose as you entered this room now lowers.


Now for pushpiece #2. Hop down (note the button revealed by a lowered block) and move the ornate pushblock W one time, S two times, and W one time to form a bridge, then move pushpiece #2 S and W against the wall.  Push the ornate pushblock two times against the W wall to form another bridge, then pull up the NE wall switch to lower the blocks.  Move pushpiece #2 N onto the lowered block, pull down the NE wall switch once more, and finally move pushpiece #2 onto the ornate tile in the NW corner. A block in the N passage lowers.


Get down to the floor and push the N button.  A gate opens above you, so hop into the opening, run past the lowered block to the far end and climb the ladder.  Back flip near the top, push the button to open the gate and enter a new room that presents a new, but much easier, pushblock puzzle. 


Move the E block to the red SE corner.  Pick up the revolver ammo and the uzi ammo lying on the central square (which is really a rising block), then go around to the S side and find a plinth with 2 x uzi ammo and the UZIS.  Push the S block two times to the yellow SW corner, turn right and push the W block two times N and one time W to the blue NW corner, and finally push the N block two times E and one time N to the green NE corner.  The central block rises, and you can jump to the top of it by using any of the corner pushblocks. Pick up SHAN ZHUANG KEY 2 and pull up through a hole in the ceiling. Light a flare in the dark room and collect shotgun ammo, flares, revolver ammo and a large medipack from the corners for SECRET #3.  Drop back down to the floor and exit N, down the ladder and out the S door to the alley.


Turn right and run past two ornamental plants.  Find the keyhole and insert Shan Zhuang Key 2 to open the door.  In the next room you find a plethora of goodies on the plinths against the W wall.  Two out of the four times you grab them, however, you release a couple of Oriental baddies who require a lot of ammo to kill.  From left to right you get (1) 2 x large medipack, (2) flares and revolver ammo, (3) shotgun ammo and revolver ammo, and (4) 2 x explosive crossbow arrows.


Go toward the NE corner and save your game in front of the raised platform.  Without stepping on it, face slightly SE, stand jump over its corner and grab the crack in the E wall as the room magically changes.  If you had simply stepped onto the raised platform, you would have dropped down to the floor below.  Shimmy right around the corner and drop down into an alcove.  Look out into a room filled with sloped pillars, stand left and face SW. Stand jump to grab the nearest pillar (if you miss, the central areas of the floor below are deadly), shimmy left, pull up and slide a bit, jump to the second sloped pillar and jump off with a left curve to land on a flat pillar against the S wall.  Jump up (action and up arrow keys only) to grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right and around the corner.  Drop down onto another flat pillar, turn right and jump to two higher pillars to a ceiling opening in the NW corner.


Pull up through the opening and hop over to the central area.  One plinth has the YIN (same screen shot you saw earlier when you picked up the Yang), the other has 2 x uzi ammo. Jump back to the N ledge, and underneath the wall torch you can run right through the wall. Go up the steps to trigger a slowly revolving blade trap in the next room. Time your way along the blades to grab 2 x shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and a small medipack for SECRET #4. There's nothing more to do here, so go back down the steps, jump along the pillars starting with the one at the NW corner, and when you reach the last one down below, stand jump E to slide or land on a safe part of the floor.  Climb the S ladder and exit to the outdoor alley.


Turn left, then right at the E wall and right into the W doorway between the dragon statues.  Turn right at the mural and loop around left to find the receptacle in the screen shots. Combine the Yin and the Yang and insert the TAI JI SHI in the receptacle to open the rice-parchment doors.  Ahead are more rice-parchment doors requiring a different artifact.  Loop around left to find a pushblock.  Move it onto the ornate dragon tile near the entrance. Do the same with the pushblock in the other corner of this room.  A rope appears near each pushblock.  These pushblocks aren't the climbable type, so climb onto the pillar against the N wall, turn around and jump to grab the first rope, swing forward and jump off to grab the second rope, and swing to jump off and grab the taller pillar against the S wall.


Pull up into an upper room. Ahead in the N wall you can see a jump switch.  Next to it is a lion's head, and behind you is another lion's head high up on the S wall.  Combine the revolver and laser sight, and shoot the gems in the mouths of both lion's heads.  Again, two ropes appear. Climb the SW pillar, jump to the first rope, then to the second one, and jump off to activate the jump switch. You hear a door opening as a block rises beneath you to cushion your fall.  Go out to the NE courtyard and push the floor lever to open the door to the SE courtyard. Go there, push the floor lever and hop through the SW opening in the fence to land on the roof.   


Follow the roof line counterclockwise, all the way past the NE courtyard, until you reach a ladder. Climb up through the opened trap door and enjoy the scenery as you pull up onto the highest part of the roof.  Run forward to the plinths and take the golden rose or JIN MEI GUI (screen shot of a window in a previous area) and the diamond or LAN BAO SHI. Go back to the N end, jump to the translucent platform and from there to the roof of the adjacent N building.  Continue to a dip in the roof and find a treasure trove of explosive crossbow arrows, flares, a large medipack and the CROSSBOW for SECRET #5.


Get back to the first building via the translucent platform, climb down the ladder and follow the lower roof line around to the SE courtyard, run off S onto the sloped roof below, slide and grab and safety drop to the ground.  Return to the rice-parchment doors you opened earlier with the combined Yin and Yang, enter and pull up onto the pillar against the N wall. Insert the Jin Mei Gui in the receptacle to open the window to your right (and another one in the other corner of this room).  Go there and pull up into the opening for the FA BOA. Go to the SE window and grab the flares you'll find there.


Get down and insert the Lan Bao Shi in the W receptacle to open the rice-parchment doors.  Enter a beautiful room with a central pond.  Ignore the buttons in the NE and SE corners (they only open doors leading to alleys you've already visited), and note three pushpieces resting on platforms in the pond. Simply push each piece one time toward the center of the room, causing a block to rise on the fourth platform. Go there and jump to the raised block. Pull up onto the roof of the central structure and shoot two harpies.  Face W and find two lion's heads in the far wall.  Shoot the gems in their mouths to release two boulders and lower two blocks in the roof behind you.  Drop down into one opening for the SHOTGUN and find a large medipack in the other opening.  Climb the ladder to a translucent upper area and take the green dragon or LV LONG from the plinth (screen shot of closed doors at the top of some steps).


Either climb down the ladder or take a swan dive from where you are into the water below. You'll attract at least four snakes, so pull out onto a ledge and deal with them before jumping back into the water.  In the SE alcove you'll find explosive crossbow arrows and a small medipack.  In the NE alcove is an underwater lever that opens a generously timed door in the opposite SW corner.  Swim inside to the left for explosive crossbow arrows and shotgun ammo on the plinth, then swim through the narrow N opening to an underwater lever that opens the door at the other corner. Before exiting to the pond, take the second FA BOA from the plinth. Pull out of the pond onto a ledge and go to the W side.  Place a Fa Boa in each of the two pedestal stands near an ornamental plant.  The W doors open, so enter a long hallway.


When you reach the stairs you have a choice of three directions to take.  Turn left and go up the S stairs and insert the Lv Long in the receptacle to open the doors to another new area. Run all the way across to the S end.  Check the bamboos near the SE corner for a large medipack (stoop to pick it up). Jump into the nearby water and find the channel alongside the E wall.  Look up near the SE corner to see an alcove with an underwater lever. Pull it to open a nearby door (timed, but generously so). Swim out into the open water and toward the building at the NW corner.  Turn left between the building and the N wall and locate the open door in the building to your left.  Swim inside before the door closes, but stop before you're skewered by the spikes inside.


Time your way past the spikes and swim left into the window opening for a large medipack. Continue S past the next set of spikes and find a small medipack in the window to your right.  Finally, swim S past the third set of spikes and take the SHAN ZHUANG KEY 5 from the plinth. The nearby door opens, so swim out but avoid the blue area ahead lest you be drawn into a strong current to your death.  Turn left and pull out onto an E ledge.  Nearby is a keyhole, so use your newfound key to open the S door. 


Enter a dark cavernous area and light a flare. Go on around to your right. Don't jump into the water (remember that current), but rather hop up SW into an alcove and pull up right.  Turn around and jump up to grab the monkey bars.  Monkey swing past two flame blowers and drop down onto a ledge at the end. Hop down a few blocks to the ground that's strewn with egg-shaped boulders. Search them for explosive crossbow arrows at the NW corner and something called XIAO SHI TOU near the E mural. You can pull out N, where there are more monkey bars, but doing so requires you to negotiate three flame blowers instead of two. It's easier to climb the blocks SE to return the way you came, although it's a little tricky to grab the monkey bars here unless you stand at an angle (maybe the builder intended it to be that way).


Exit N to the outdoor area and cross the red bridge to the yellow W building.  Place the Xiao Shi Tou in the bowl to your left to open the door to the yellow building.  Enter and push open the doors to your right. Run past the pole and pull down the middle wall switch (the other two are spike-trapped) to raise a block in the room behind you.  Go there, jump onto the raised block and pull down the wall switch.  Return to the pole, climb up a bit facing the E window and back flip into a higher window.


Face the translucent sloping pillars, take a running jump slightly NW to the first one and jump off immediately with a left curve to land on a flat pillar and trigger a flyby through the bamboo patch below.  Take a running jump W over the first roof with a right curve onto the next roof, slide, grab and safety drop into the bamboo courtyard. Run around to the SW corner, walk to the edge of the spiked trap and save your game. The instant the spikes spring up, run forward with the action key depressed (yes, into the spikes, taking a small amount of damage) and pick up the golden rose (JIN MEI GUI). Back flip immediately before the spikes return.  Go to the other end of the bamboo patch and pick up the large medipack, then climb the NE ladder, slide down the other side and drop down into the water.


Pull out onto a ledge and return to the yellow house. Enter, turn left and insert the Jin Mei Gui in the receptacle to open the door.  Run forward past the waterfall and light a flare.  This is the area with the strong current, so don't fall into the water.  At the end of the ledge, face SE and stand jump to the slope.  Jump off with a left curve to land on a flat surface.  Jump SE over the water to another flat surface, take a running jump E to the next ledge and arm your crossbow with explosive arrows.  Aim S and fire when Lara targets a monkey (their presence here reportedly causes unwelcome game crashes).  Stand jump S to the next ledge, take a running jump SW to the next ledge, and stand jump S to the end of an alley leading off to your right.  Look up W to see if Lara targets another monkey;  if so, kill it.  Head W down the alley to awaken two tigers.


Light a flare if necessary and follow the winding alley to a SW corner.  Pull up left there and enter a well-disguised crawl space. Drop down the other end and pass through another crawl space into a shallow underground river.  Crawl E, avoiding the blades in your path, and emerge in an upper area.  Grab the shotgun ammo to your left, light a flare and jump up to grab the monkey bars.  Monkey swing across the river toward the red structure you can see in the distance.  Drop down at the end and take the tin dragon (SHI LONG) from the plinth for SECRET #6.


Money swing back across the river and slide down two times N.  Look up NW to see a lion's head across the river, and shoot the gem in its mouth to open a door at the end of the alley.  Turn around and follow the winding alley past the crawl space you used earlier and find the opened doorway.  Pull up into a dark room with a closed door flanked by two statue guards.  Run to the N edge of the water flow and hop up NE onto a ledge. Pull up E and follow to a pushblock. Pull the block onto the red patch to open the door between the two statue guards. Go there but enter cautiously, as squishy blocks (spiked, at that) are activated in front of you.  Time your way past the first one with a standing jump. You need to enter both passages, E and W, that are protected by the second squishy block, as there's a wall switch in each alcove.  After pulling both of them down, time a jump past the third squishy block and turn right past the opened door to activate a reach-in switch for a large medipack.  You can activate it a second and a third time, but it's not known whether this has any effect.

Reverse roll and head toward the E wall, and stop at the squishy block.  Jump NW into the alcove, then jump NE into the N passage.  A blade ball drops in front of you. Get past it quickly but stop in front of the next squishy block. There's nothing in the NW alcove, so time a jump NE into the passage. Follow the passage past closed double doors requiring a key, and push the button at the end to open the door to your left.  Enter and turn right at the flaming hibachi into a sloped passage.  Turn right and go up the slope close to the right wall.  When spikes start springing up, reverse roll and run back down and into the opening to your left to avoid the triggered boulder.


Go back up the slope through the spike gauntlet, and when you trigger two more boulders beat a hasty retreat back down to the opening on your left.  Now it's safe to go all the way up the slope, avoiding the spikes along the way.  Step forward into a blue-tinted room with sloped ledges. Save your game, then stand jump SE to the corner slope, slide and grab, drop and grab the slope below, release and jump off the next slope with a right curve to land on a W slope.  Slide and grab, shimmy right, release and jump off the next slope to land on the S slope with a ladder.  Climb down and back flip onto a block with the SHAN ZHUANG KEY 2.  When you pick it up spikes start popping out, so jump back to the ladder, climb up and take a rolling back flip when you reach the top. Grab the slope, shimmy left around the corner, pull up and take a back flip to the slope behind you.  Jump off immediately and grab the thin slope.  Shimmy to the left corner, pull up and back flip.  Jump off with a left curve and keep the jump key depressed as you make several more jumps upward.  You should finally land safely at the entrance.


Make your way carefully down the spike gauntlet and follow the passage back to those closed double doors.  Insert the Shan Zhuang Key 2 in the keyhole to open them.  Draw your crossbow, armed with explosive arrows, as you enter.  Three hydras appear simultaneously on the platform ahead as the door closes behind you, but seven arrows should be sufficient to take care of them.  Run forward and take the red dragon (HONG LONG) from one plinth, the FEI CUI 1 from the other (sound of a trap door opening).  Locate a pushblock near the SW corner, underneath the opened trap door, and move it around the platform onto an ornate tile near the SE corner.  A ladder appears on the wall underneath the opened trap door, allowing you to climb up past it.


Back flip into the upper room and approach the N opening to trigger a boulder gauntlet.  Save your game before attempting to make your way past the boulders.  It's a matter of timing. One way is to run straight forward past the first four rows, jump up left as the fifth row boulder is rolling away from you, zig zag your way past the next couple of rows and finally jump N to safety. However you do it, once you're past the boulders, hop up into the N opening, vault up to a bamboo patch and slide down to overlook the pond area. Look W and kill a monkey if it shows up there. Jump across to where it was and continue W as far as you can.  When you can go no further, jump SW to grab the slope, slide, grab and shimmy right until you can pull up for grenade gun ammo and the GRENADE GUN.  If you see another monkey in the area, kill it.  Step forward S and pick up the green dragon (YU LONG) hidden in the grass for SECRET #7.


Safety drop to the roof and jump into the water below. Pull up onto the nearest ledge and exit this area via the NE opening.  Run down the stairs and straight across at the intersection and up the N stairs. Insert the Hong Long in the receptacle to open the doors.  Pick up the revolver ammo to your left, then push the button to open the N door leading to a small room.  Pull down the E wall switch, then reverse roll while drawing your crossbow.  Jump and fire an explosive arrow through the timed doorway to blast a gem out of a lion's head mouth and open the N door. Do the same thing in the second room, and again in the third room. Step out into an alley and turn left. Push the button to open a door leading to another bamboo-infested area.


Three tigers are headed your way, so deal with them.  Head SW up a slight hill.  Pull up onto the square stump, turn right and take a running jump along the left edge to grab a higher N branch. Pull up and jump NW to the next branch, then take a running jump W onto the branch of the next tree.  Kill the monkey now (if you had tried to do so from the other tree, it would simply self-resurrect and cause you to waste your ammo). Turn around and engage the harpy shooting at you from behind (it may retreat out of range before you can kill it). Grab the revolver ammo on the W branch of this tree, then activate the jumpswitch on the N face of this tree (you're facing S) to lower a nearby rope.  From the S branch, on the other side of this tree, take a running jump S to grab the branch of the next tree.  Take two standing jumps SW to the next tree and climb the vines encircling the truck to a higher branch.


Shoot the monkey there and pick up shotgun ammo and explosive crossbow arrows, then take the golden dragon (JIN LONG) from the plinth for SECRET #8. Climb back down, take a running jump NW to the next branch and shoot the monkey sitting there. Take a running jump N and grab the rope. Without sliding up or down, swing and jump right or left of the tree trunk to land on a branch. Go to the other (N face) side of the tree and activate the jump switch there.  A flyby takes you through the area below and into an underwater tunnel with blade traps and a lowered trap door at the end. Safety drop to the ground and run S to find the mound with the water hole. Jump in and swim N as the blade traps come to life. Swim over and under them and pull out at the end into an indoor room. There are four plinths, one with shotgun ammo, one with revolver ammo, one with uzi ammo and one with a golden rose (JIN MEI GUI). 


Swim back past the blades and pull out to greet three tigers.  After disposing of them, head S and find a tree you can climb. When you're past the leaf canopy, shift left around the corner and drop down onto a branch. Take two standing jumps NE, turn left and take a running jump N toward the trunk of the next tree and grab the hidden branch. Pull up, stand jump NE to a branch, then take a running jump E onto a branch on the next tree.  The harpy you might not have been able to kill earlier may choose to show up here. Jump SE to the adjacent branch and NE to the next branch and run out to the E end.  Take a running jump onto the roof of the building ahead.  Turn left and locate a long ledge jutting out N.  Safety drop from the N end and slide down into a bamboo patch. Hop onto a short E block to trigger a leisurely flyby.


Shoot a monkey if it's hanging around nearby.  Then jump slightly NE onto the higher block. Turn left and jump N to grab the ladder in the tree.  Climb up and pull up at the top, jump NE to a higher ledge and hop down onto the branch to your right for revolver ammo.  Pull back up W, turn right and save your game before taking a running jump onto the slope ahead. Slide and jump off with a left curve to land on the next slope, slide and jump off to grab the ladder ahead. Climb up through the foliage, pull up and back flip, jump off and grab the monkey bars.  Monkey swing forward and left around the corner. Drop down for 2 x revolver ammo and take a running jump S to grab the ledge with the wall switch. Pull up and use the wall switch for another flyby of the forest floor.


Jump N to the previous branch and safety drop from the W end.  Shoot the monkey down below, then the hovering harpy.  Safety drop one more time to the forest floor and deal with five (yes, five) tigers and another monkey. Pull up E into the opening in the side of this huge tree.  Face S and back flip onto the sloped block. Jump off and grab the ladder. Climb up and shift right at the top.  Pull up and back flip to the slope behind you. Jump off with a right curve to reach a higher slope. If you miss the first time, that's okay. Jump off a second time with a right curve and you should get there this time.  Keep jumping until you can grab a flat ledge. Pull up and run forward quickly to avoid a rotating blade to your right. 


Stand jump to grab the pole, and time the higher blade to climb safely past it. Back flip into the upper room and take the FEI CUI 2 from the plinth.  The E door opens, so shoot two monkeys on the branch out there and walk around the circumference of the tree to flush out a harpy.  Safety drop from the doorway to a branch below and shoot a monkey.  Pull back up, go around and safety drop from the middle of the S side to a lower branch with revolver ammo, another monkey and flares for SECRET #9. Pull back up, go around to the W side and find a ledge with a tightrope.  Navigate the tightrope to the other side and stand jump NW down to a ledge near the edge of the waterfall.  Run forward to the W and note the opening up left, but don't go there now.  You'll return soon enough.


Return to the ledge, stand right facing N and save your game.  Take a running jump slightly NW with a left curve to land on a slope around the corner ahead.  Slide a bit and jump forward into (or grab) the N opening. If you miss and drop to the ledge below, simply turn around, pull up onto the slope and take a rolling back flip into the opening.  Drop down the other side and from the plinth take the flares, shotgun ammo and large medipack for SECRET #10.  Pull back out, drop down to the ledge below and look out SE at the large tree in the distance.  Find the lion's head and shoot the gem in its mouth (you may have done this inadvertently earlier while you were shooting monkeys and harpies in the area).


Drop down into the water trench below, pull out and go to the large tree.  Pull up into the E opening, drop down the other side and repeat the moves described a few paragraphs back to get to the top of the tree. Exit and walk around to the W side, shooting any monkeys you may encounter along the way.  Go across the tightrope again, jump down to the NW ledge and this time pull up into the S opening you noted earlier.  Walk forward and save your game at the edge. Slide down two slopes, grab the bottom of the second one and pull up immediately as a boulder rolls by beneath you. When the danger has passed, release and slide the rest of the way down. Hop back, jump forward and slide down some more to the bamboo forest floor.


Run S and find a tree with a vine-covered trunk.  Climb up past the foliage, shift left around the corner and drop down onto the branch. There may be a monkey nearby to kill.  Jump NE to a branch on the next tree, take another stand jump NE to the next branch and turn left.  Take a running jump N to grab the branch of the next tree, pull up and hop NE to the adjacent branch. Take a running jump E to the next tree, go around to the other side and jump E onto the roof of the building. Go to the SE corner, hop to the blue-gray ledge and drop down into the inner courtyard. Go down the S stairs and turn right at the intersection to go up the W stairs.  Insert the Jin Mei Gui in the receptacle to open the doors.


Run forward to the closed red doors. Combine the Fei Cui pieces and place the FEI CUI in the pole receptacle to the left of the doors.  They open, but don't enter yet. Explore the NE and SE corners of the bamboo garden for 2 x large medipack. Now you can enter the W room. Loop around left and find a wall switch near a jade warrior statue.  Go back outside and loop around left to find an opened door at the NW corner. Don't rush into this room, as there are deadly flame tiles on the floor. Standing at the threshold, jump up SW onto a block. Turn and take a running jump N to grab a higher block. Pull up and face W. Back flip onto a slope, jump off to grab the ceiling and monkey swing along the ceiling track, timing your way past two flame burners. Drop down at the end and drop down N two times onto a safe floor tile and push the button to open the door to your right.


Enter, pull up onto the central ledge and push the floor lever to open a trap door at the W wall. Drop down the hole and shoot a bat.  Hop down to the floor and take a candle (LA ZHU) from the E device. Climb out of this room, return to the deadly floor tile room and jump up NE onto the short block. Turn right and jump S to the higher blocks, grab the ceiling and monkey swing past the flame burners once more.  Drop down at the end, hop down S onto the safe gray tile in front of the entrance, exit and run S to find an opened door at the SW corner. 


Enter a mirror room but beware of hidden spike tiles ahead. Stay on the first row of tiles and loop around left to find a button. Push it to activate the spikes so you'll know how to proceed from here. Go back two squares and face W. Run forward two squares.  Time the spikes and run diagonally right two squares to the N wall and turn left to walk two squares W (also against the N wall).  Run two squares left (S, facing the mirror).  Turn right and run safely to the W wall.  Turn right, go one square and pull up into a phantom opening in the W wall. 


Your dealings with spikes are not over.  Hop NW over a flame blower hole. Face SW, and now you have to time a jump over another flame blower hole as well as a spike trap. You would be well advised to save your game after each successful jump. Continue in a similar fashion until you reach an intersection of sorts. Jump up E and activate the reach-in switch two or three times for a large medipack. Get back down and continue SW, then around the corner until you reach an opening over the spiked mirror room.   


 Hop down and follow the clear path to the large medipack, then time your way E and enter the next room.  (The button in the NE corner is nonfunctional.) Shoot two bats and take a second candle (LA ZHU) from the stand. Hop out the opened W window into a bamboo garden and look for a hole near the SE corner with a small medipack and flares for SECRET #11. Pull up N onto the white wall near the NE corner and slide down to the stairway intersection. Turn left and run up the W stairs and through the opened red doors.  Place the candles on the stands on either side of the mural in the W wall.  A large platform rises in the center of the room.


Go up the spiral staircase and trigger a flyby at the top. Pull up to another spiral staircase and continue upward as torches become lit to mark your progress.  About halfway up, light a flare and look for a high crawl space in the N wall in the NW corner.  Pull up and follow the winding crawl space to a series of blade traps.  At the second blade, turn right and continue to an alcove with a small medipack and flares.  Go back to the intersection, go straight this time and follow to another alcove with a small medipack and flares. Go back, turn left at the intersection and follow to an opening. Drop down the other side to find another crawl space.  Follow it to a plinth with a red fan (ZHONG GUO SHAN). Return, pull out W and crawl to the intersection. Continue straight to the N wall, turn left and follow to the opening above the spiral staircase. Drop down and run to the top room.


Place the red fan on the stand to open the door behind you. Follow the E passage to end the level.





Run to the far end of the passage and climb the long ladder.  Near the top, back flip into a hallway. Go around E into a pushpiece puzzle room. Counting the pieces from left to right, push #3 forward onto the dark tile.  A red electrical arc sputters forth. Push #5 all the way E to the dark tile at the other end of the same row to evoke a blue arc.  Move #4 onto the dark tile on the S side for a purple arc. Push #1 all the way E for a yellow arc. When you move #2 onto the only remaining dark tile N, a green arc completes the circuit and a white arc shoots out to open a door in the E wall. Go there, hop into the alcove and pull down the wall switch to release a nearby dragon.


Exit this room and return to the ladder, where you're met by a horde of locusts.  Jump to the ladder and climb through the opened doors.  Pull up in front of the dragon and quickly run diagonally right (SE). Step on the white trigger tile to open the S door, hop over the water trench to the opened doorway and take a running jump SW onto the floating platform. By the way, the water is harmless and can be used to douse the flames should you be ignited (and can get there in time). Hop S onto what looks like a giant checkerboard, where you're out of range of the dragon's fireballs (and locusts, once they've dissipated). Push the pushpiece two times N onto a dark tile opposite the floating platform to open the E door in the dragon's area.


Go there to find another checkerboard. Move this pushpiece onto the dark tile next to the SE corner, but don't push it over any other dark tile along the way (here or anywhere else) or you'll be spiked. A door is opened far across the way at the NW corner. Go there, using the floating platforms as stepping stones. Push this pushpiece two times S, then return to the dragon's area and make your way SE.  When you reach the far corner, take a tricky running jump with a left curve to land inside the opened doorway. Move this pushpiece one square N, two squares E and one square N onto the dark tile.


Return to the dragon's area and run to the opened door between the blocks on the W side, but watch out for the ladder hole where you climbed up here. Hop over it to the checkerboard and move the pushpiece onto the dark tile next to the NE corner.  Get back to the dragon's area and make your way to the far NE corner, taking a running jump and grab to the ledge in front of the opened doorway. Pull up, hop to the checkerboard and move the pushpiece two squares S onto the dark tile. 


Get back to the dragon's area and run E along the water trench. Turn left at the end and make your way to the far SW corner via the floating platforms.  Move the pushpiece one square S, two squares E and one square S onto the dark tile.  Return to the dragon's area and run across to the open N doorway.  Get to the checkerboard and push the pushpiece two squares N onto the dark tile.  You now have access to four wall switches at the corner of the dragon's area. Go there, pull down all four switches and when the last one is pulled the dragon is rendered harmless.  You can see a fifth wall switch under its jaws, but first, go between the two W blocks, go left, light a flare and hang from the wall to find a long ladder.  Climb down and find a small medipack and a large medipack on the tiles near the solitary flame for SECRET #12.


Climb back up the ladder and return to the dragon.  Pull down that last wall switch to raise a block.  Go around the raised block and find two pushblocks. Move either one toward the raised block so you can use it to jump and grab the raised block. Pull up and take DRAGON'S DAGGER to end your adventure.