Level by DaroRaider


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



After some welcoming commentary issuing from someone in a space suit who appears to be cracking his or her knuckles, step forward out of the blinding light.  Use the short block in the corner ahead to pull up higher.  Pick up the nearby flares as the door in front of you opens.  It closes again as you pass through. Step forward around the corner, slide down a slope and allow Lara to drop down to a water hole.  Pull out and run straight ahead past a picture window, turn right at the end and stop at the entrance to the next room.  If you simply walk in, you'll alert the robot sentries, which would be disastrous for you since you have no weapons.  Get down on your knees and crawl looping around left to a passage where you can safely stand up.


Run forward and pull down the wall switch on your left.  A trap door opens at your feet, plunging you down into more water. Swim down, follow the passage, swim up at the end and pull out of the water.  Climb the ladder to your right and pull up into a crawl space.  Crawl underneath the mesh flooring to the other end of this area and turn left to find another crawl space. Lower Lara into a dark passage, light a flare and follow to the other end where you can pull out. Pull down the wall switch to open a nearby trap door, turn around and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up to the top and shift left to drop down into a higher passage.  Run to the far end and climb the ladder there to the top. Shift right and drop down into a glass-lined passage.  Run past an enclosed office, noting that knuckle-cracking entity in the space suit, and turn left to find another wall switch.  You may step on a trigger tile as you approach it, opening a trap door somewhere in the distance. Pull down the wall switch to open a trap door in the enclosed office to your left and drop the space-suited figure (actually, your best friend, as you'll soon learn) down to the area below.  The trap door closes again in a few seconds.


Go back the way you came (along the way you hear closing the trap door you may have opened by stepping on that trigger tile, but don't worry about it) down the two ladders. At the bottom of the second one, turn around and pull up into a familiar area.   Run past that long picture window again to find the door leading to the room on your right is now closed.  Go up to the closed door to attract the attention of the robot sentries inside, as well as your patron saint in the space suit.  Wait for the latter to dispose of the former. You should hear three death cries.  If you get tired of waiting, go back the other way to find an opening on this side of the one you pulled out from.  Drop down into that opening and find a wall switch that opens that door you were standing in front of, releasing any remaining enemies.  Climb the ladder to draw their fire, then quickly drop back down while your patron saint completes his work.  Then you can safely climb the wall and back flip toward the picture window.


One of the enemies has dropped a CODE BREAKER DISC, so search the bodies until you find it.  If it's not in the room guarded by the enemies, go there and note the deadly flashing blue and purple lights to your left and a closed Bay X door nearby, then run past the crates diagonally to your right and find a pushblock in the corner.  Pull it back twice and enter the short passage to find a receptacle for the Code Breaker Disc. When you insert it the Bay X door opens.  But first, go to the pushblock and move it painstakingly past the Bay X door and one square in front of the flashing blue and purple lights, so you can use it to reach the nearby taller block. Turn around and jump to grab the higher crawl space. Pull inside and crawl around to the other end.  Drop down, reverse roll and loop around left to a wall switch (screen shot of the flashing lights). Return via the crawl space to the room with the crates.


Now you can go through the open Bay X door, find the ramp and jump to a crawl space with a large medipack.  Drop from the crawl space and run down the ramp. A door opens upon your approach, so continue past an opening (for later) and around the corner to a ladder. Climb to an upper room (screen shot of an underwater area from the other side of the glass).  Move the pushblock to the opposite corner and use it to climb up higher.  Pull down the wall switch (next to one you used earlier) to deactivate the flashing blue and purples lights back in the crate room.  Return to the lower room, climb back down the ladder and go to that open doorway you passed by earlier.  Enter, jump into the water hole and swim along the long passage, trending upward and going through what appears to be a storage area, until you can pull out into an upper room with another knuckle-cracking space-suited figure (who now identifies itself as a cyborg).


Pick up ELEMENT 115, listen to the cyborg's commentary, then locate the pushblock next to more flashing lights and move it painstakingly all the way into the next room leading off from the opposite corner of this room. Stop at the next-to-last square, get up onto the pushblock and pull up (facing the water hole and flashing lights) through a phantom hole in the ceiling light fixture.  Pull down the wall switch (cut scene of a trap door opening in that storage area you swam through earlier), get back down to the former room, jump into the water and swim back to the storage area.  Locate the opened trap door near the far end to your left, and swim up.  Move quickly, because two frogmen will come to the attack, and swim into the open area and turn to your right.  Locate an opening in the green ceiling and swim up to a room with a health crystal for SECRET #1.


There's nothing else here, so jump back into the water and swim past the frogmen through the opened trap door and all the way down to the beginning water hole. Pull out, exit to the passage, turn left and return to Bay X and from there to the crate room.  Remember that the blue and purple flashing lights are now gone, so jump to the long ladder and climb all the way to the bottom, where you'll find two closed doors and a crawl space (for later). One of the closed doors will open upon your approach. Go on through (the door closes behind you) and turn left to find a wall switch.  When you pull it a trap door opens at your feet, revealing a crawl space. But first, pull up right and shimmy right or left to alert one of two sentry robots, drop back down and wait for it to cross the room to your right, then pull out and quickly run to your left into the side room. You'll be fired upon by a machine gun mounted in the ceiling when you trigger the green lasers, but there's nothing you can do about that.


Locate the pushblock, pull it once, get on it and jump to grab the upper crawl space. Pull inside, drop down the other side and follow past two unavoidable lasers to a wall switch. Pull it down to release a friendly cyborg and wait for it to dispense with both sentry robots, then go past the lasers and climb back out. Return to the main room, watch out for the machine gun and pick up the BLUE SECURITY PASS dropped by one of the sentry robots. Hop down into the hole created by the opened trap door and crawl to another opening. Climb down the long ladder and follow to an apparent dead end.  However, you can pull up through a lowered trap door to a small room where you'll find a pushblock. Move it under a ceiling hole so you can get on it and jump and grab to pull up into a larger area guarded by a sentry robot.


Jump down toward the sentry robot into the water below. Locate an opening just to your left (but note the spinning fan blades in the larger area ahead) and swim inside for shotgun ammo. Go back, surface and fill your lungs with air in preparation for a long swim. Save your game and swim along the right side into the open area, as far away from the fan blades as possible.  If you're sucked into their strong current there will be no escape.  Enter the small opening to your right across from the fan blades and follow the long winding passage to an underwater lever that stops the fan blades from spinning. But don't be fooled, as there's still a strong current there that will cause you to drown if you're caught in it. Return for air, then swim past the dormant fan blades along another long and winding passage until you can pull out into a small room.


Locate the ladder in the far left corner and climb up to a hallway. Follow around the corner to an opening and climb down into a room with shallow water. Splash and wade your way to a wall switch that opens a nearby door. Return to the ladder and climb up to the hallway.  Find the opening you created and save your game in front of the deadly flashing blue strips. Take a "walking running jump" (press the shift key, hold down the up arrow key while releasing the shift key and pressing the jump key) with an appropriate curve to the slope just past the strips, slide and grab, then shimmy to the corner and save again in a different slot as you're pulling up. Take a rolling back flip with a hard midair curve to land safely in the facing hallway.


Follow around the corner to an opening, turn around and slide down backwards, grab the edge at the end of the slope and drop down into a water hole. Pull out to find your PISTOLS on a raised block.  A nearby cyborg makes a congratulatory speech before abandoning you, then doors open to allow entry to three robot sentries. Put those pistols to good use, and when the carnage is over search the bodies for a large medipack, a small medipack and shotgun ammo.  One of the opened doors leads to another water hole. Jump in and swim along and up until you can pull out.  The door around the corner opens upon your approach, so step out into a familiar passage.


You could now go through the crawl space ahead and use your Blue Security Pass, but if you want to detour for a pickup (otherwise, skip the rest of this paragraph and the next one), first turn left and go through the door that opens upon your approach. The cyborg is still there, running about aimlessly, but ignore it and drop into the hole beneath the wall switch. Crawl forward and climb down the long ladder on the other side. Go into the next room, loop around right and go up the steps. Pull up at the wall ahead and go around to the other side of the pushblock. Get up on it and take a running jump to grab the hole in the ceiling. Pull up and eliminate that robot sentry that was harassing you earlier.


Take a running jump to grab the platform resting on the green mound across the right, turn right and jump to the next platform, then jump to where the dead robot sentry lies. Pick up the large medipack and drop down into the water. Go through the large opening and allow the current to carry you past the fan blades. Swim up to where you can pull out into a small room.  Climb the ladder in the far corner and save your game before repeating that hazardous jump over the deadly blue strips. Slide down the slope at the other end and drop down into the water. Pull out and jump into the larger water hole in the next room. Swim up until you can pull out. The door around the corner opens upon your approach, so step out into a familiar passage.


Step forward and enter the crawl space. When you can stand, go around the corner and insert the Blue Security Pass in the receptacle to open the door.  Loop around right to find a wall switch. Follow a short passage and enter a large room where Lara's attention is drawn to her left.  Deal with two robot sentries, one of which drops a large medipack.  If you run around a bit, you'll attract the attention of a third robot sentry on the other side of this room.  Locate a closed door in a wall alcove (note the pushblock at the end of the passage) and it opens upon your approach. Go down the ramp and shoot the robot sentry. Enter an alcove and watch the door open.  Enter a crate room and shoot two robot sentries that behave somewhat peculiarly. Go to a glass wall and note the artifact beyond it.  Save your game in front of the nearby timed wall switch. Pull it down, reverse roll and exit this room as fast as possible. Turn right in the passage and push the pushblock before the timed door behind it closes. You can now push the adjacent pushblock into the crate room, revealing the CODE BREAKER DISC at your feet.


Go back up the ramp to the larger room.  Run to the corner where Lara's attention was directed earlier and turn left to find a long ladder.  Climb up to a room where you can use the Code Breaker Disc in a corner receptacle. All hell seems to break loose. Climb back down the ladder and run across the room to find that some serious devastation has taken place. Jump carefully past the burning debris and climb another long ladder.  Back flip near the top onto a ledge and pull down the wall switch to open the double doors. Jump across to the central ledge, note the covered wall switch (there's another one on the other side) and follow the ledge to some steps leading to an intersection. Turn left and run up the ramp.  In the upper room, shoot a robot sentry, take its small medipack and pull down a wall switch to open the gates.


Go up the next ramp, loop around left about halfway up and locate the crawl space. At the top of the ramp is a covered wall switch for much later. Take a running jump from the top of the ramp and grab it. Pull up inside and crawl until you can stand up. Continue around the corner and pull down the wall switch to open gates elsewhere. Crawl back and return to the intersection at the bottom of the first ramp. Turn right into the former room, go around the central structure and jump to the ladder. Climb to near the top and back flip onto an upper ledge.  One of those electric dune buggies is patrolling the area, so quickly run to the pushblock and jump on top where you'll be safe for the moment.  You can see a wall switch in the distance, and it's obvious that you need to move the pushblock underneath it while avoiding the dune buggy. Go to it, saving your game at frequent intervals. When the dune buggy gets too close for comfort, you can either jump back onto the pushblock or find safety on a ledge on the other side of the wall switch column.


When the pushblock is finally in place, pull down the wall switch (the cut scene was too brief to tell me what happened). For a secret, jump to the ledge on the other side of the column and save your game. Take a running jump with a midair flip to land on the Bay X slope, which is actually a trigger tile that opens a timed door.  When you land, slide a bit and jump to grab the previous ledge. Pull up and take a running jump to the pushblock ledge (hoping that the dune buggy is nowhere nearby) and continue with a jump to the ledge near the wall. Turn left into the short passage and climb the ladder to the top.  Pull up to where the timed door is hopefully still open, reverse roll and drop down into the next room for SECRET #2


Grab the health crystal as your sole reward and climb back out and down the ladder on the other side. Jump to the pushblock ledge in the large room when the dune buggy is moving away and go to a spot where you can drop to the ledge directly below. One of the wall switches on the central structure is now accessible, so pull it down, go around the central structure and jump to the opening by which you entered this area earlier.  Climb down the long ladder and take another careful jump past the burning debris. Run across this lower room and exit via the opening to your left next to the flashing blue strips. Run down the ramp to the bottom and turn right into the crate room. Find a now-accessible water hole to your left and jump in after saving your game.


Swim down to a large underwater area guarded by a frogman.  Quickly locate the underwater lever and pull it to open a trap door below that allows you to go even deeper. There's another frogman down there, so locate the air hole in one of the two large side rooms and surface for air.  Turn around and shoot the second frogman, then turn around again and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing past a series of flame blowers and drop down at the far end. Pull down the wall switch to lower a trap door. Run off into the water below and find a crawl space above the corner passage (leading to a door that's now closed). Pull up into the crawl space and find a wall switch that opens the door below.  Get back down and swim into the passage past the opened door into a familiar area.


Swim all the way across into the other side room and find the opened trap door at the floor next to the far wall. Swim down into another deep room and find a purple-tinted passage at the bottom. Follow to a door that opens upon your approach and swim up to pull out into a glass-enclosed corridor. Pick up the BLUE SECURITY PASS and listen to the countdown, followed by a brief earthquake.  Save your game in preparation for a long swim, and jump back into the water. Swim out and up, then out and up again past the first frogman and through the hole in the ceiling, then follow the passage and swim up some more to pull out in the crate room.


Exit the crate room, run up the ramp and continue straight ahead into the room with the flashing blue strips as another earthquake hits. Turn right and jump past the burning debris yet once more and climb that long ladder yet once more. Those earthquakes appear to be occurring periodically now, so just ignore them from now on. Back flip near the top and jump to the central ledge.  Note that the second wall switch is still covered.  Go through the opening to your left and go straight at the intersection. Follow down the ramp and loop left around the passage until you reach a control room where you can use the Blue Security Pass. That second wall switch is now accessible, so return there and pull it down. The nearby doors open in the central structure.


Drop down into the water and swim through the narrow opening.  Pull out  (watch out for the flame blower) and pull down the wall switch. Swim out and right, and find a second wall switch at the end of the passage.  Swim out and straight across, watch out for the flame blowers and find a third wall switch. Swim out and left and pull out to find a fourth wall switch. The gates to the rocket launch pad are now open, so swim down and past the opened gates. Swim up at the guided missile and find the EYE OF ISIS. Continue up to surface past a lowered trap door, and pull out into a room with two closed doors.  Hop on the block in front of one of them, and the door opens to reveal another cyborg with a speech.  When he's through talking the other door opens to release a robot sentry.  Pick up the large medipack he dropped, then go where he came from and jump into the water.


Follow generally upward until you can pull out to where two more robot sentries are waiting. Go up the stairs, turn left into the large room and jump right into the opening, climb down the long ladder, jump past the burning debris, run all the way across the lower room and exit via the opening in the far left corner. Follow the passage around to a new opening in the corner where you can jump to a ladder. Climb down and follow around to a health crystal for SECRET #3. Return and climb back out.  You may have to deal with a quirky trap door, but you can climb right through it and back flip to solid ground.


Go back to the large lower room.  Yes, I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell you to jump past that burning debris one more time, and to climb that long ladder one more time.  When you get to the central structure, go through the opening to your left again and turn left at the intersection to run up the long ramp. Shoot the robot sentry in the room above and exit through the far open gates.  Run up the wide ramp and loop around left at the top to find a wall switch that up until now had been covered like the other ones.  Pull it down to open the door and enter the next room to end the level. Enjoy the closing credits, including the promise of a continuation of this adventure.