Level by Alex Chap


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Lara awakens in the dark boxcar of a moving train.  If raucous music gets on your nerves, you may wish to delete the two .ogg files from the audio folder before proceeding further. Run forward and press the button to open the door to the passenger section.  Lights start flashing.  As you walk forward Lara becomes disoriented. Stagger along the aisle to the other end of the passenger car and open the door.  Fight a splitting headache and pick up the nearby uzi ammo.  Go up the stairs, push another button and walk down the aisle until you reach more uzi ammo, then the TRANQUILIZER and the BLUE DRUG at the far end. Use the Tranquilizer for some instant relief.


Go back downstairs to find your first enemy, a guard who drops a large medipack. You need a key for further progression, so use the Blue Drug and hallucinate the TRAIN KEY into existence near one of the windows.  Use it to open the door to an empty room with a spinning globe hanging from the ceiling. As you walk under it you experience another splitting headache and find yourself in an altered plane of existence.  You can't draw your pistols to shoot the guards (who don't bother you anyway), so open the door to a disco-like room.  Your greatest need at the moment is another Tranquilizer, so walk forward, vault up onto the central platform, climb the pole and back flip into an upper room.  When you pick up the TRANQUILIZER and the RED DRUG, you're dumped back in the room with the spinning globe.


Continue through the next passenger car, open the door at the far end and find a button to push, opening a door that allows you to leave the dubious safety of the train. Climb the ladder and pull up at the top to break the fixed camera. Run toward the front of the train (don't fall into the opening along the way) and engage a guard.  When he dies he leaves behind a large medipack. Continue to the very rear of the train, turn around (fixed camera) and open a trap door.  Drop down into a familiar passage car and use the Red Drug here to cause a stuffed teddy bear (PLUSH) to materialize in the aisle for SECRET #1.  Run down the steps ahead and to your left to alert another guard who drops a large medipack.


Run back toward the front of the train underneath the spinning globe, exit the train to the right and use the ladder to climb back onto the top of the train. This time open the nearby trap door to your right (facing the rear of the train) and safety drop down. A worker is waiting down below, and he drops the ROOM KEY, which when picked up induces more hallucinations in poor Lara.  Time to look for more Tranquilizer.


Don't bother with the pole.  Just jump forward through the hole down to a parlor and look to your right for the nearby keyhole.  Hop off the platform, use the Room Key to open the door and enter. Turn right, walk past two inert guards and open the door to a larger parlor. Angle to your right and keep walking until you reach stairs with a wooden railing. Go up the stairs, walk past the tables until the camera angle changes, pick up the TRANQUILIZER and quickly use it.


Go back downstairs and look for an open doorway to your right opposite the one by which you entered this large room. Go on through to find two closed doors.  Open the one on the right.  Two more closed doors inside. Open the one on the left and go inside. Step forward and find yourself transported to a watery world outside a sunken vessel.  Swim forward and slightly to your right to a larger seaweed patch near the far corner and pick up the GREEN DRUG, transporting you to an enclosed area from which there's no apparent escape. Use the Red Drug to create two ladders and open a trap door above one of them, and climb the ladder opposite the red panel. Take a rolling back flip to grab the other ladder, then climb up onto the top of the train.


Turn around, hop over the gap toward the front of the train and open the next trap door. Climb down to find a confined area with a ladder on one side and a closed door on the other.  Open the door, ignoring for now the nearby button, and enter the next room for uzi ammo. Continue forward, opening three more doors (kicking open the last one) and push the button on your left before entering the next passenger car. Pick up more uzi ammo on the way to a fourth and final door, open it and push the button in the alcove to your right, but don't exit the train quite yet. Go back through the passenger cars to the stairs you undoubtedly noticed earlier and go up to the upper level. Push the button on your left and go down the aisle to find more uzi ammo. Continue forward, open two more doors, push the button between them and pause for still more uzi ammo in the next passenger car.


Pull up into the crawl space and lower Lara down the other side. Drop down into a control room, use the Green Drug here, pick up the TRAIN KEY that has appeared at your feet and insert it in the nearby keyhole (cut scene of an outside view of the train).  Reverse roll, turn left at the door you opened earlier and exit the train.  Climb the ladder to the top of the train and turn right. Hop over the gap between the cars and climb down the ladder on the other car. At the bottom, step forward and find yourself swimming again.  Locate a square object to your right on the sea floor near the far wall and pick up the SCOTLAND FLAG for SECRET #2. Look left to find a nearby sunken vessel and swim up through a ceiling hole to find yourself in a familiar room. Exit diagonally to your right, and in the next room go diagonally to your left, use the Green Drug to open the door to the right of the stairs, go inside and push the button to create a colorful effect in the room behind you.  Note the pattern in the dance floor as shown by the overhead view in the cut scene.


Save your game before proceeding.  Go back to the large checkerboard dance floor.  You need to follow the path marked by squares of the same color.  The problem is that the colors change along the way, but the pattern doesn't.  Start at the square on the near right corner and weave your way along the path marked by squares of the same color until you reach the far opposite corner.  The door ahead should now be open.


Enter an auditorium.  Turn diagonally left (don't step on the raised seating area) and locate the railed stairway against the wall. Go up the stairs and pick up the much-needed TRANQUILIZER and the UZIS when you reach the top. Run forward, pause for uzi ammo and continue forward down the other stairs. Go up the steps to the performance area and turn right at the piano.  Loop around right through a phantom curtain into a short passage with the YELLOW DRUG (cut scene of the dance floor with someone standing there in the center of it).  Go back to the dance floor room, avoiding that raised seating area, shoot the waiting guard and pick up his large medipack.


Start running around and you'll soon be fired upon by two or more guards.  Go to where they came from and open a door. Kill two more guards in the next room, exit through the open doorway across the room and kill three more guards in the next room.  There's an open doorway to a side room flanked by two more guards. Kill them and go inside.  Turn around and shoot two more guards who were lying in wait, then approach the closed door in the alcove for another hallucinatory experience.


Arise and go up the stairs. Open the door and shoot the worker in the engineering section. The gadget in the corner is a pushblock. Pull it aside and pick up the VINYL DISC it was covering for SECRET #3. Exit down the stairs and climb the outside ladder to the top of the train. Run toward the rear of the train, killing a guard along the way and taking his large medipack, and climb down the first open trap door you reach. Shoot three guards, pick up a large medipack and go up the stairs to the upper passenger section. Kill the guard up there and continue forward until you reach the crawl space.  Use the Yellow Drug before pulling up inside, pick up the TRAIN KEY that magically appears and drop down the other side. You've already used the nearby keyhole, so step outside the train and climb up the ladder.


Pull up at the top, turn right and hop over to the next car, climb down the ladder there and re-enter the train.  This time you don't go swimming. Run up the stairs to the engineering room and use the key there to end the level.