Levels by TRLEQuack


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Level 1: CROFT MANOR           


Begin by facing the front door of Lara's mansion.  You could end the level now by turning around and approaching the exit doors, but you'd miss out on all the fun. Run to the front door and it opens for you.  Run forward and take the left hallway to the dining room.  Turn left into the kitchen and loop around to find a floor lever.  Push it to open the door to the meat locker, but there's nothing inside. Exit to the entrance foyer, loop around left to take the right hallway and enter the gymnasium. Loop around right to find another floor lever on a block against the W wall. 


There's nothing in the adjacent pool room, so exit the gymnasium and turn left into the opening in the hallway. Follow down the steps to an unadorned room.  Pull up into the ceiling hole and jump into the water. Locate another ceiling hole and pull out to find a third floor lever.


Return to the entrance foyer and go up the main stairs on either side. Turn left at the landing and enter the NE bedroom to find a fourth floor lever. Return to the landing, go to the SE doorway and up the stairs to the attic, where you'll find your first pickups: REVOLVER, LASER SIGHT and 3 x revolver ammo, GRENADE GUN and 5 x grenade gun ammo, 3 x large medipack, 3 x small medipack, SHOTGUN and 4 x shotgun ammo, and UZIS and 4 x uzi ammo.  Now all we need are some enemies.


Return to the landing, go downstairs and out the front door, continue W to the exit doors and wait for them to open. Step forward to end the level.





Lara slides down a long slope toward three waiting scorpions. Draw weapons and don't bother jumping, as you'll drop down on the other side of a lava pit. Dispose of the scorpions and disregard the Ladder to Nowhere on your left.  Run W down the long corridor, hurdling minor obstacles along the way, until you reach an intersection near the end.  Turn left into a room with many blocks.  Go SW along a row of blocks, past a closed gate on your right, and pull up onto the ledge at the far corner.  Push the floor lever to open the gate you passed. 


Return to the opened gate, jump into the water and swim S to find half of the EYE PIECE.  Get back to the opened gate and turn left as if you were going to leave this area.  However, pull up on the last block E, turn left and jump over toward the well-lit NE opening.  Enter and jump over the N gap.  Run forward and slide down into a room with five albino dogs.  Push the floor lever in the corner.  The gate in the S alcove lifts, allowing you to step inside for the other half of the EYE PIECE


Go back up the slope and hop down at the gap you jumped over earlier. Turn right and run W toward the red-tinted area.  Just before you reach it, there's an iris door to your right.  Combine the two eye pieces and insert the EYE OF HORUS in the receptacle to open the door. Enter and step on the obvious trigger tile to open the gate. Pull up and hop down the other side for the CROSSBOW and 5 x crossbow arrows (all different flavors).  You're still flare-challenged, however, so run forward N into the darkness until you reach an intersection.  Turn left (closed gate ahead, lava pit to your right) and run almost to the wall.  Turn right, light your last flare (probably) and follow the passage to an opening where you can pull up N and follow a passage to a drop-down leading to a floor lever.  Push it and retrace your steps, using your pistols for light, until you return to the intersection.  At this point I gave up on finding any additional flares and used the GUNS cheat to manufacture an unlimited supply.  You're welcome to continue using your pistols if you like, but be warned that there are many pitch-black areas still to come.


The N gate is now open, so go that way and pull up onto the ledge. Run forward to end the level.





You now have plenty of light, at least for the moment.  Run E until you reach a smaller (and darker) opening.  Continue until you reach a closed door.  Pull up left and follow past the darkness to a well-lighted area where you meet up with two ninjas.  Go across the grated floor and step on an apparent trigger tile in the alcove to your right.  Go back, pull out S and find that the door to your left is now open.  Step forward into the opening that overlooks a room with a pit and a central column.  Take a running jump to the top of the column and continue with another running jump into the E opening.


Time a run past the two scissor traps and turn left (N) in front of the closed gate.  Follow the passage to an empty room.  Cross it and pull up onto the W ledge.  Enter the opening and follow to a trigger tile.  Step on it and return to the intersection.  Continue S and follow to the opened doorway.  Enter the lava room and pick up the COMPASS on the ledge.  Take a running jump over the lava and grab the ledge.  Pull up and run forward to step on the trigger tile.  Return to the intersection and find that the E gate is now open.


Enter a room with blocks and pull up NE.  Hop down into the water and follow the long passage until you reach an air hole.  You can pull out, but there's nothing there. Continue along the passage (follow the arrows) until you can pull out at the end. Follow the passage until you emerge outdoors at the bottom of some stairs.  Go up the stairs and run NW toward the structure in the water to end the level.





Run up the slope and past the ceiling hole.  Turn right into the opening (just before the closed W door) and note the coin slot in the SE corner.  Go up the W steps and hop up right. Follow to an underground lake and deal with two crocodiles. Wade into the lake and swim E to find a TOKEN.  You know where that goes, so return to the coin slot and insert the Token to open that W door.  Proceed to a thatched area and pull up onto the block to your left.  Note the closed N door higher up and follow the S passage to an apparent trigger tile (note its appearance, as there are tons of them in this level).  Go back the other way, and sure enough, that higher N door is now open.  Jump to the opening, pull up into the crawl space and lower Lara down the other side onto another trigger tile.


This one floods the previous area, so get back and jump into the water. Turn right, loop around right and pull out of the water into the NW opening.  Follow the moss-covered passage to a clearing with a closed door right (W) and steps to your left (E).  Climb the latter and follow the passage to a trigger tile.  Guess what that does?  Of course, so return and go through the opened W doorway.  Inside are closed doors N and S and a central trigger tile.  Stepping on it opens the S door, beyond which is -- you guessed it -- another trigger tile.  This one, however, is a trap, as stepping on it sets you aflame.  Ditto for the one in the alcove to your right. Maybe that explains the water hole in the previous room. Anyway, loop around left to find a third trigger tile.  This is the one that opens the N door.   


Go there and enter a room with a N slope.  Slide down and follow the dark passage with a low ceiling.  Run past the opening to your left and find a closed door at the end of the passage.  Return to the opening and step down N onto a bridge spanning an outdoor area.  The ground below is not deadly, so you don't really need the bridge, but cross it anyway and turn left to follow the ledge to a trigger tile.  Run back across the bridge, turn left and follow the passage to the opened doorway.  Pull up into another outdoor area.  You can see a closed W door.


Drop down into the shallow pit and locate the N alcove with a trigger tile.  Stepping on it causes an earthquake, but it also opens the W door.  Pull up onto the central blocks and jump into the W doorway to end the level.





Run forward into a hallway with an invisible force field at the far end.  Turn left into the N room and vault up onto the central ledge for the DESTINY ARTIFACT. Continue forward and activate the N jumpswitch. Return to the hallway to find that the invisible force field has disappeared and the E doors are now open. Enter a hub room.  The N and S doors are closed, so forge ahead E into a large outdoor area ringed by a ledge with several openings.


Go to the SE corner and enter a vine-covered opening with a trigger tile inside.  Exit and run N along the ledge.  Hop down at the dead end and loop around right into the E opening. Avoid the alcoves to your right and left, as the tiles there ignite if you step on them.  Again, there's water nearby if you mess up.  Continue straight E to the next crossing, and this time the alcove on the left is the only safe one. At the next E crossing the only safe alcove is the one on the right.  When you reach the back wall, turn right and follow to a trigger tile.  Go back the way you came, using only the safe alcoves, and when you return to the sand-filled outdoor area turn right and enter the crawl space in the middle of the N wall.


On the way in you'll trigger two rows of spike traps, so time your way past them and pull up into the W alcove at the end.  Run forward onto the trigger tile and watch out for a third set of activated spikes as you make your way back through the crawl space to the outdoor area. Turn right and enter the wide opening in the middle of the W wall, where you've been before.  Turn right once inside and find that the N door is now open.


Run straight forward and activate the jumpswitch between the two closed doors to open them both. Enter the next area and slide down to a water trench.  Jump in and open the door in the E wall. Swim into the red-tinted alcove, which apparently acts as another trigger tile. Swim back W and pull out of the water to your left onto a flat spot near the W wall. Jump up S and return to the hub room.  Run straight across into the opened S doorway and into a maze. 


Run W down the long passage and loop around left to run E.  Turn right into the S opening, take the first right (W) and then an immediate left. Run S to the wall and turn left.  Run E to the wall and turn left. Run N and take the first right (E).  Go to the wall and turn right (S).  Run forward and veer a bit left to continue to the S wall.  Turn right and run W along the long passage until you reach a jumpswitch on your right near the end.  Activate it and go back the way you came. Exit the maze to the hub room and turn right into the outdoor area. 


Turn right and pull up into the SW opening and enter a thatched area.  Locate the opened door to your right and enter the alcove to activate a jumpswitch.  Continue S in the thatched area and enter the helix to end the level.





Step forward off the burning block and hop into the pit.  Go up the central mound with standing jumps to the flat surfaces and find a hole at the top.  Climb down any side and run S down the passage past the open gates (which closed behind you) to an area with two openings and a closed gate.  Take either opening and follow the stepped passage to a floor lever.  Go back and loop around into the other opening and find a second floor lever.  Return to see, unsurprisingly, that the central gate is open. Go up the steps and pull up into a higher arena-like area.  Seth is waiting for you behind the pillar ahead. 


Run diagonally left (ignore the object against the E wall, as it cannot be picked up) to the SE corner and push the floor lever to open a gate near the SW corner.  Go there to find a second floor lever, which opens the gates in the S wall.  Enter to activate a jumpswitch, opening gates to your right.  Run through and the gates close behind you, providing some welcome relief.  Loop around left and activate the jumpswitch, opening a gate to your left that reveals a second jumpswitch.  This one opens the S gates, so run down the hallway to trigger an earthquake.  When you near the far wall a final level jump is triggered.



Level 7: CREDITS


Turn around and run into a dark E alcove onto a trigger tile.  Go back, learn the names of those responsible for this fine work and find a floor lever inviting you to endure this ordeal a second time.  If you push it, the game simply ends.  If you continue W you come to the doorway that you opened by stepping on the trigger tile.  The room beyond is lined with crossbeams, and there's nothing to do in there.  It reminds one of Lara in a Box on a grander scale.  If you wish to conclude in a dignified manner with a finish trigger, go back and push the floor lever.