Levels by Jeff Sadler


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's 16-part video walk that can be found here.


You can play these seven levels in any order you like, but since you go back and forth between levels as the game progresses, it is strongly suggested that you play in the order presented below.






Run forward a bit to your right and pick up the BINOCULARS in front of the E block.  Ignore the annoying tutorial language and pull up onto the SE block.  Climb around right, hop to the N-S ledge and turn around to shoot a ninja. Pick up the shotgun ammo and go back SE.  Take a running jump and grab the E opening. Pull up onto the beetle tile and in the next room jump the columns E to the SE corner. Shoot the vase, pick up the SHOTGUN and drop down the blocks to the floor.  Grab the shotgun ammo in the SE corner and avoid the slowly approaching mummy. Run to the pole in the NE corner, climb it and back flip onto the top of the nearby column as Lara's theme music plays.


Jump and grab the ledge with the floor lever, pull up and push the lever to raise a gate high up in the NW corner.  Jump to the adjacent columns for revolver ammo. Jump W to the next column and pick up the small medipack. Continue to the opened gate in the NW corner and ignore for now the nearby pole.  Turn W to face a new room and take a running jump to grab the first column. Pull up, jump W to the next column and hear spikes starting to snap. Hop NW into the mist-shrouded opening, slide and safety drop to the floor in the room where you started.  Deal with five ninjas, one of which may stay away while the rest approach you en masse.  Climb the SE block once more, jump to the higher block with the beetle tile and return to the next room where a second mummy is now waiting as you drop to the floor.


Run to the NW corner and crawl to the pole you ignored earlier. Climb it and back flip onto the column next to the opened gate. Jump the columns W again, but this time continue all the way to the wall. Turn left and jump to the next column, then to the crawl space. Pull up inside and drop down the other side. Shoot the vase to get it out of your way and drop down N into the next room.  Run NW toward the vase and a spike ball drops down behind you.  Shoot the vase to summon a ninja, then pick up the nearby COMPASS.  Go back E and look left to see an opened door.  Enter the next room and climb the blocks in the NW corner.  Jump S to grab the crack in the tall column and shimmy left around corners until you can pull up.  Push the floor lever and use the block to your left to get back down to the floor.


The N door is now open, so enter and go down the stairs. The door ahead opens as you approach it.  In the next room you hear the retching sounds of a mummy, but there's not one in sight.  Climb up onto the nearby block for flares and drop back down to the floor. Go to the SE opening and drop down several blocks until you reach a slope.  Slide and jump over the spike trap.  Pull up left onto the N ledge and push a floor lever.  Get back and drop down E into a lower passage. Pull up more blocks N.  Follow the passage around and climb more blocks W until you return to the room where you found the flares.  The NW door is now open, so enter and follow the passage to a T-intersection. Enter the crawl space on your right and vault up for a small medipack. Return and follow the passage W. Loop around right, climb a block and continue E to the wall.


The room starts shaking, so wait for the spike ball to roll down the ramp in the next room. Hop over the spike ball and engage a ninja. Run up the ramp. At the end you can see a cartouche receptacle ahead. Turn around and climb down the ladder to the floor where you get a fixed camera. Push the statue forward to reveal the BA CARTOUCHE and climb back up the ladder. Jump over to the receptacle and insert the Ba Cartouche to open the gate near the statue.  Go there and turn right at the wall to find a split passage.  Take the left passage into the darkness and follow to where you can see an outdoor area and another split passage.  Crawl into the right passage and follow to the UZIS.  Go back and run W up the ramp. At the top jump NW to the ledge for 2 x uzi ammo and to the SW block for more uzi ammo. Safety drop to the floor.


Hop N over the trench (down to your right is a closed door) and turn right into the outdoor area you saw earlier.  Climb the marked column jutting from the S wall and push the floor lever. Two ninjas are shooting at you from behind. Get down and into the trench you hopped over earlier.  The door at the bottom of the steps is now open. Beyond is another floor lever to push. The closed door to your right doesn't budge, so go back up to the room where you encountered the ninjas.  Climb onto the SE ledge next to the palm trees for 2 x uzi ammo, then drop down the S side and enter the SW passage.  Run W down and up the ramp, turn left at the top and loop around to follow the E passage to a crawl space. Crawl through and pull up two blocks past the opened doorway.


In the next room take the small medipack from the plinth and jump into the water hole to enter a labyrinthine underwater area. Swim N and left through the narrow opening, straight and up to exit through a ceiling hole.  Pick up the shotgun ammo, small medipack, normal crossbow arrows and poison crossbow arrows. Jump into the water, swim back through the narrow opening and swim straight E and down through the floor hole. There's another narrow opening down here. Swim through and around the corner to find shotgun ammo on a plinth. Near the S wall are normal crossbow arrows and uzi ammo. Go back through the narrow opening, turn right and swim S and short distance and locate another narrow opening in the wall to your left.  Enter and swim up the shaft for air, then pull out into a larger room. 


The gate in the N wall opens as you approach it, letting a ninja out. The two jars in the larger room are empty, so enter the N gateway and find another water hole. Jump in and swim N to find a ceiling hole where you can pull out. Pull the statue one time into a fixed camera to open the NE gate and release a pair of ninjas. Go where they came from, light a flare and pull up into the dark E crawl space. Drop down the other side and go up the steps to the SE floor lever. Push it and jump into the water below. Swim into the E opening and follow the winding passage to a T-intersection. Turn right, then left into a room with a ceiling hole and pull out.  Pick up uzi ammo, grenade gun ammo and shotgun ammo in three of the corners and jump back into the water. Swim back the way you came, take the first right, then right at the W wall and follow to a shaft. Swim up and pull out.


Go up the stairs and stand jump forward to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the spike-trapped corridor, turn right at the end and drop down into the passage. Follow to the flares, go back up a bit and jump up to grab the ceiling once more. Monkey swing to the end, release and grab, and pull up into a fixed camera. Turn around and climb the W wall to a higher passage. There's nothing on the ledge, so drop down the other side and follow the passage a long way (jumping a block) until you reach a room with columns of many sizes and shapes.


Start by going toward the NW and climbing the blocks there. When you reach the actual, turn to face S and see a large medipack on top of a column.  Monkey swing over there and pick it up.  Turn around, monkey swing back and continue around the room in a clockwise direction until a ninja starts firing at you. Continue quickly to the E passage where you can drop down and deal with the ninja. Continue along the passage (the vase in the alcove is empty) and proceed to an intersection where you must turn left.  When you run S along the passage, there's a slight earthquake and you appear to go through a level change, although the level title remains the same.


Anyway, pull up S, drop down and run forward to the edge of a ramp apparently leading down to shallow water.  However, it's only a thick fog. Slide down and jump off right or left near the bottom to avoid the spikes. Or drop down right or left from the top of the ramp and avoid the spikes altogether. Run to the middle of the S wall, step back twice, jump up and grab the pole. Climb up a lost distance and back flip into an upper room. Shoot the vase for shotgun ammo and push the floor lever. Jump back to the pole and slide down to the floor. Run N and up the NW ramp. Go past the opened doorway and into a room with a fixed camera.


Climb the wall straight ahead and pull up to another fixed camera. Turn left, run along the ledge and turn right at the end. When you reach a wall, turn left and take a running jump S to grab a ledge. Pull up, turn to face NW and take a running jump to the stairs. Push the nearby floor lever and then go up the stairs.  Pull up E at the end and run toward the far wall. Turn right when you near the wall, hop back and grab the edge and safety drop to the floor below. Safety drop down the nearby floor hole, go to the S edge and safety drop one more time. Shoot two waiting ninjas and light a flare. It gets confusing here, so save your game and run W into a room with two Jeeps and a bunch of columns.  The fixed camera is annoying, so make your way E past the Jeeps and between two lion statues into the opened doorway where camera control is restored. Go up and around, pull up at the end and follow the winding passage to some steps that take you up to a seeming dead end.


However, you can jump up N to grab a ledge. Pull up to another fixed camera and go up more steps to a W opening that overlooks an outdoor area.  Slide down, run around until camera control is restored and make your way W toward a large temple. Climb the ladder between the two lion statues, pull up and deal with a ninja, then safety drop down the floor hole. Follow the passage, killing two ninjas along the way, and finally reach a room with a floor lever in the NW corner. Push it to open the exit door E and release two more ninjas. Run forward, hop down the blocks and go past the opened door to start the next level.




Safety drop down the hole in the corner, shoot a bat, run to the ladder and climb up to a room with ice-covered slabs. Stand on the slab to your left, shoot two scorpions and turn around to stand at the E wall. Jump up to grab the crack and shimmy right until you can pull up into a crawl space for a small medipack. Crawl S past the ice and follow to an opening where you alert a bat. Drop down near an iris door. You can do nothing more at present, but now you know where it is.


Go back to the crawl space in the ice room and continue shimmying right and around the corner to the end. Pull up and follow the winding passage to a room with a floor lever.  Push it to open a gate somewhere and shoot a bat, then note a second floor lever beyond a gate, guarded by jackals. Return to the ice room and run up the ramp starting at the N wall, shooting a scorpion along the way and passing a ladder to your left.  The gate you opened is ahead in the S wall, so jump inside with grab and follow the passage to greet a total of seven jackals.  After the mayhem is over, continue to that floor lever you saw earlier and push it with no discernible effect.  Return to the ice room, deal with the lone jackal near the end of the passage, and hop to the ramp.


Climb that ladder you passed by earlier. Pull up into a green-tinted room, go through the opened E door and shoot a bat, enter a large room dominated by statues and shoot a couple more bats. At the E end of the room enter a crawl space and crawl to another large room E. Run straight forward as spike balls drop on either side of you and pick up the TIMELESS SANDS near the E wall. Go back W through the crawl space to the previous room and shoot another bat and a jackal as you make your way to the green-tinted room. Drop down to the ice-covered ramp and run down it. Hop down left near the bottom, note the closed grate and go around to find a statue SE. Place the Timeless Sands in its lap to open the door behind you.


Enter and follow the passage, shoot a bat and come to a room with an EYE PIECE on a corner platform. Go to the SW corner and hop over the rocks into a hole. Follow around, climb some blocks and jump a spike pit. Continue down a long N passage to a ramp. Slide down into the room with ice-covered slabs.  Run halfway up the ramp and see a lowered rope E.  Take a running jump to grab it and swing NE to jump off and land in front of an opening. Enter a small room and shoot a bat. Push the floor lever, shoot another bat and exit to the previous room. Drop down and find the opened grate at the NW corner. Follow the passage and pull up left at the end.


Immediately drop back down as the slicer dicer passes by overhead. Climb back up and run straight S to the wall. Turn around and crouch as the slicer dicer makes another circuit, then climb up the E ladder. Pull up, turn left and jump N to the ledge. Wait for two bats to arrive, dispose of them and jump NW to land in front of an opening. Shoot another bat and enter the next room. Shoot three or four more bats and pick up the second EYE PIECE.  A block has risen to block the entrance. Either use it to run jump and grab the rope or simply jump from where you picked up the Eye Piece.  Swing forward and jump off to land in the S opening.  Follow the passage around and drop down at the end. Continue down the ramp and slide down into a new room.


Note the deadly blade traps ahead, face E and reverse roll to trigger the traps. Pick up the nearby small medipack and run past the now-dormant blades. Pull up NE and follow the ramp down to a fixed camera. Continue forward and drop down into the room with ice-covered slabs. Go over the ramp to the E wall and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy right and pull up into the crawl space where you found the small medipack earlier. Crawl around to the opening, drop down, combine the two Eye Pieces and place the EYE OF HORUS in the receptacle to open the iris door. Run forward to an opening that overlooks a lava room and save your game.


Wait for a bat to arrive and shoot it. You can take a running jump E and try to grab the first rope, but you probably won't make it.  If so, take two steps back and jump straight up to grab the rope.  Swing forward, jump off to grab the second rope and repeat to land in the E opening.  Run forward into the darkness to end the level.




Follow the passage around and turn right at the wall (closed gate left). Continue to a large vase and shoot it to get it out of your way.  When you hear a burst of warning music, turn the corner and run past the scissor blades.  Wait for the crocodile to come down to ramp toward you, kill it and go up the ramp, turn the corner and go down the W ramp. Run past the empty plinth and the columns and up the stairs to engage an assassin.  Climb onto the E mound, jump to the W mound and jump W to grab the crawl space in the wall. Pull inside and crawl forward for a small medipack. Get back down and shoot another crocodile.


Return S to the ramp, loop around right and go up W to its highest point, turn right and climb up N at the end.  Pick up the SHOTGUN and push the button to open an underwater gate. Get back and go all the way down the ramp. Jump into the water and swim into the W passage.  Follow to the corner, note for later the shaft leading up to an outdoor area, and continue N past the opened underwater gate.  Pull out at the end into a small enclosed area and hop into the nearby water hole W. Swim around the corner, up at the end and pull up into another enclosed area.  Use the nearby reach-in switch (up to three times, with no discernible effect after each one) and climb up on the adjacent block for flares. Jump into the water hole, swim back to the previous room, jump into the adjacent water hole and swim back past the opened gate and up the shaft at the corner to pull up into an outdoor area.


Run S and turn left into the opening just before the columns to find flares (you saw these from the other side earlier). Come back out to engage an assassin, note the opened door in the S wall but go N and enter the NE doorway.  Run down the steps to a fixed camera and jump into a water hole at the end. Swim to some underwater steps and wade out past an empty plinth. Go up more steps and through a smaller opening. Follow to a larger area with steps and ramps. Go W up the ramp and deal with an assassin who drops revolver ammo.  Go down both ramps to the end if you wish to kill two scorpions. There's nothing else to do here, so return through the passage to the underwater steps and swim through the passage to the ceiling hole.


Pull out S and follow the passage up the steps and through the W gate. Turn left into a familiar outdoor area and run to the S wall. Enter the opened doorway you noted earlier and follow the passage to a wall, which is the entrance to an elaborate maze. Turn right (left leads to a dead end) and run N to the NE corner. Continue until you reach another wall and turn right (N). Continue and loop around so that you're running S, and go past the opening on your right. Continue to another wall and turn right (N) again. Follow the winding passage until you reach a dead end. Climb the blocks to your left and note the closed NW door. Climb still higher and find yourself on the ledges overlooking the maze. 


Jump the ledges for the nearby 2 x shotgun ammo, then make your way E for more shotgun ammo. Go to the SE corner and find a button in the S wall that opens the door back at the NW corner. (There are two assassins patrolling this area, but if you follow the foregoing directions you won't trigger them, or at least I didn't. There are also four scorpions to greet you if you make a wrong turn in the maze and arrive at a dead end, but there's no need to engage them unless you just want maximum kills.) Go there, slide down the slope and drop down into some water.


Swim down the shaft and up the other side. Pull out and climb blocks until you reach a wide staircase. Go up the stairs and shoot the vase at the top for shotgun ammo. Continue E up more stairs and come to a large outdoor area.  Wait for two ninjas to arrive and then jump into the central pool to explore the corners for crossbow arrows, shotgun ammo, a small medipack and the LASERSIGHT.  Swim up into the hole above the laser sight, swim past the startled crocodile and continue N down the passage to a shaft leading upward. Swim up, pull out and follow to a grated bridge. Run across to a slope and slide down to end the level.




Slide down into a large room featuring columns of different sizes. Most of the jars scattered about are empty, but if you wish to take the time to shoot them you can acquire four small medipacks. You can also shoot the bones near the center of the room to open the SE door, leading to a small room with SECRET #1 (that doesn't register in your stats) and a pot with uzi ammo.  If you shoot one of the jars near the NW corner, the NE door opens. However, this leads only to a small room with a skeleton, but there's a useful disposal pit on the other side of the large room.


A pole has appeared near the E supporting column, but first push the SE floor lever and watch the flyby.  Go to the opened W door (note the other closed door inside) and pick up the CROSSBOW and explosive arrows.  Now you can climb that pole. Back flip near the top onto the upper ledge. The jars are all empty, so jump NW around the supporting column and run into the W opening to awaken a skeleton.  Lure it back to the ledge unless you wish to invest an explosive arrow. Go around the corner to a torch-lit area and pick up the small medipack near the closed door.  Return to the ledge past a horde of beetles and run jump NE to grab the rope that has appeared.


Turn slightly left, swing forward and jump off into the E opening. Follow the passage to a crawlspace, enter and continue down a ramp to the GATE KEY. Go around the corner past the now-open door into the torch-lit area you visited earlier. Return to the ledge, jump SE past any remaining beetles and the supporting column toward the pole, and go to the SE corner.  Turn left and take a running jump N to grab the ledge. Pull up and turn right into the torch-lit E passage. Continue around the corner and deal with a skeleton. Pull up into the NE opening, step forward and slide down into a room where three skeletons come to life. Wait for them to congregate so you can dispose of them with a single explosive arrow.  Jump E over the chasm and go to that central mound.  There's a hole at the top. Jump inside and fall down into some water.


Swim E and around the corner, surface and pull out. Pick up the flares and push the face button to lower a nearby block. Enter to a fixed camera and follow the passage up to some steps leading up to a dead end.  Climb up and step forward into a small room with a raised platform. Use the platform to pull up through the ceiling hole. You hear a false alarm burst of action music. Pick up the nearby explosive arrows and step out S into a larger room.  There are jars and bones to shoot, but doing so availeth nothing.  Run W to a raised platform with a TRIDENT, a TOKEN and explosive arrows. Continue W down the stairs, turn left at the bottom and slide down into a familiar room.


The second door in the W opening is now open, so enter and follow to a small room with empty containers. Go around into the N opening and follow the passage to an intersection.  Turn left and go up the ramp to note a pushpiece (the lower surrounding floor is deadly). You first need to raise a block, so go back down the ramp and drop left into the hole. Follow around and up the winding steps to a room with another pushpiece. Hop down and push the face button. The smoking tile next to the pushpiece will set you aflame if you step on it. That's all for here right now, so go back down to the first pushpiece and find that the block has been raised.  Hop the gap, pull the pushpiece onto the raised block and go back upstairs to the second pushpiece.  You can now pull/push it onto the non-smoking W tile to open the S door.


Enter, turn right and climb the wall to an upper W passage. Run forward and safety drop down the other side near a room with flowing fountains. Hop across W and go up the steps into another room.  You can shoot the bones (combined lasersight and crossbow with normal arrow) next to one of the columns to awaken a skeleton, but there's nothing else to do here.  Go back down the steps, jump into the water and locate the N opening about halfway down. Swim inside and follow to end the level.




Swim forward and pull out left. Step forward and use the Gate Key to open the gate. In the outdoor streets go NW and kept right until you reach an intersection. Go right (SW) and follow to an open area with revolver ammo in the NE alcove.  Insert the Token in the receptacle there and loop around left into the open area. Run straight E into the alley (note the spike trap and skeleton to your left) and pick up the REVOLVER.  Go to the closed gate and use your pistols to shoot the lock. Step inside for revolver ammo and see that you need another token to open the next gate.


Turn around, loop around right and find another LASER SIGHT in the alcove. Turn around, run to the S gate and turn right into the passage.  Turn left and run past the flaming pot and see if you can trigger the spike trap by jumping over the corner of the nearby pit. Follow S and shoot the wooden barriers.  Go around and up the steps to a mirror room.  There's nothing revealed on the floor except a few spike traps. Arm your crossbow with normal arrows (you've got plenty), combine it with the laser sight and shoot the eight targets above the jackal head. A TOKEN appears on the platform beneath the jackal head. Go pick it up, being mindful of the spike traps, and return to the streets.


At the bottom of the steps loop around right and run past the flaming pot and spike pit. Turn right (E) into the next opening and find the receptacle beyond the opened gate in the NE corner. Insert the Token to open the gate to your left. Enter and pick up the GATE KEY that has slipped off the hook onto the floor. Run back past the flaming pot and turn right at the S wall.  Use the Gate Key there to get outside the Coastal Ruins.  Hop down, run S toward the water and shoot two wild boars. Jump into the water, swim W and at the corner pull up to your right. Shoot the crocodile that was following you, then go to the N gate, shoot the lock to open it and enter a barren room. Shoot the skeleton and find a large medipack in the alcove.


Pull up N onto the ledge and enter the crawl space. Follow the long and winding passage up to an open air room. There's a distinctive floor tile but no pushblock in sight.  There's nothing in the NE passage but a wooden barrier to shoot. Go up the steps, jump E to grab the platform, pull up and go through the E opening to end the level.




Swim forward, surface and pull out next to a sleeping skeleton.  The way ahead is blocked by spike traps, so hop over the skeleton and come to another spike trap.  However, you can get past this one by jumping up to grab the ceiling, then monkey swing to the other side. This awakens the skeleton, so turn around and invest an explosive arrow.  In the next room shoot the coffin for the CROWBAR and explosive arrows. Run down the stairs, shooting a skeleton along the way, and near the bottom climb the ladder to your left in the N wall. Drop down left, take a running jump and grab E over the gap and shoot both coffins if you like. One releases a skeleton and the other hides a spare CROWBAR and a large medipack.


Take the S branch (watch out for the spike trap) around the corner and go through the N doorway past the scissor blade trap. Open the sarcophagus for an extra LASER SIGHT and exit. Loop around left and up the steps. Go up more steps W and engage a harpy. Enter the next room to trigger a gauntlet of spikes. Time your way past them and grab the shotgun ammo at the top of the steps. Note the closed doors and go back past the spikes (that are dormant until you pass them).  Exit and turn left. Locate the face tile in the W wall, which is really a crowbar door. Open it and go inside. Open the sarcophagus for flares and exit.


Loop around left and pull up onto the ornate block. Jump W to grab the crack and shimmy left around corners until you can pull up for SECRET #2 (which again fails to register). Shoot the coffin for a small medipack and activate the nearby jump switch in the S wall (no idea what it does). Continue around to the SE opening and hop down. Go W until you reach a face tile to your left. Use the crowbar to open it and hop over the spike pit at the entrance. Open the sarcophagus for the PHAROS KNOT and exit. Loop around left and find that you've made a complete circuit around this area.  Continue around counterclockwise again, up both flights of steps and into the room where the harpy came from.  In the back left corner the door is open now, so enter and run down the passage until you hear the other door behind you opening.  Continue to the reach-in switch on your left for a small medipack, then run back N through both opened doors.


However, your way is blocked, so go back E past the spike trap, down the stairs and left, follow around to the W section and just past the second spike tike find an E opening between the pillars. Step inside onto an unmarked trigger tile and go all the way back to the E section, up the steps and past the spike trap.  A block has lowered beyond the NW doorway, so enter and follow around to an ornate block. Pull up to a fixed camera and hop forward into a small upper area. Use one of the corner platforms to grab the edge of a ceiling hole. Pull up into an empty room, go to the S wall and jump up to grab the edge of a ramp.  Run down into a room with ledges and water that appears deadly but isn't.


Note the inaccessible beetle above the entrance and insert the Pharos Knot in the nearby receptacle to raise a block behind you. Of course, this also awakens two sleeping skeletons.  They can't reach you from where they are, so blow them to oblivion at your leisure.  Get onto the raised block and pry the BLACK BEETLE off the wall. Jump into the water and pull out onto the E ledge. Take the WINDING KEY from the plinth and jump back into the water. Locate the underwater door near the NE corner and open it.  Swim through and emerge in a small pool room. Pull out and find a second BLACK BEETLE in the W wall. Use the reach-in switch at the end of the E passage and return to the pool. Swim back to the previous room, pull up onto the W ledge, run to the S end and pull up onto the large platform. Shoot an approaching harpy and note the sleeping skeleton on the adjacent platform.


Get over to the SE platform and pull up E through the ceiling hole. Run forward through a channel of shallow water and find two more BLACK BEETLES at the far wall. Go back W through the shallow water and shoot the coffin that's blocking your way to the jump switch. Activate it (still no clue) and return to the platform overlooking the water. The skeleton has awakened during your absence, so dispose of it. Jump to the NE platform and pull up W through the ceiling hole. Follow over the wooden flooring to a pyramid. Insert the Black Beetles in the four sides and enter to pick up the MECHANICAL SCARAB.  Exit E and drop down onto the platform.


Jump across S onto the SE platform and continue with a runjump into the S opening. Go down the long ramp. When you reach the bottom, slide and jump to avoid the spike pit. Go out W to the ledge.  Take a running jump across the gap and grab the W ledge, and safety drop from there to the ground. Turn around and go to the SE opening. Combine the Winding Key and Mechanical Scarab and place it on the scarab tile. Wait for the spike traps to be activated, then run forward and pick up the MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH KEY. Continue forward and raid a sarcophagus with flares. Turn around, go back N and turn left to go up the stairs. At the top turn right and use the ceiling monkey bars again to get past the spike trap.  Loop around left and use the Mechanical Scarab With Key once more.  Retrieve the device at the other end and continue around to a narrow opening.


Shoot the coffin for flares, then run up the ramp and use the Mechanical Scarab With Key one final time. Retrieve it and run forward into the darkness to end the level.


Level 5: COASTAL RUINS (revisited)


Loop around right into the streets and wait near the wooden barrier for a skeleton and a crocodile to show up (one from front, the other from behind).  Continue S and deal with another skeleton.  Go SE into the passage where another skeleton awaits, then shoot the lock on the gate and enter for the GATE KEY. Reverse roll and head W into an open area and hop down to engage two wild boars. Go to the water's edge, target a crocodile swimming about below and then jump in. Swim W and around the corner to wade out toward some steps. Go up the steps, turn right at the wall and stand in front of the gate until it opens. There's nothing to do inside, so exit and go W past a second gate with a keyhole to the third gate SW.  It also opens, but again to an empty room with nothing to do inside. 


Return to the second gate and open it with the Gate Key. Enter and follow to a similar room with a large central block.  Here, however, you can go up the NW steps and overlook an empty moat. Slide down and deal with a wild boar. Climb onto the short block and jump W to the mound for shotgun ammo. Take a running jump and grab SW to the next block and pull up for explosive arrows. Get down and run across to the NE corner to a closed gate and a passage leading down to a new room. First, go along the E ledge to the face tile and pry off the GOLDEN STAR, then go down the steps to a room with another GATE KEY.


Go back to the first step and climb the E ladder to a crawl space. Get in and drop down the other side. Hop over the spike trap and pick up the PHAROS KNOT. Go back through the crawl space and see the large medipack ahead. Jump over and get it, then go up the steps and back outside. Loop around left and use the Gate Key to open the closed gate. Step in for a useless CROWBAR and insert the Pharos Knot in the receptacle.  Exit and loop around right to find another opened NE gate. Slide down into a new area and shoot two crocodiles. Run W past another closed gate requiring a key (or so it seems), pause to pick up a TORCH, note two sleeping skeletons and come to a room with two receptacles.  Insert the Golden Star in one of them to light the pot behind you, and use it to light your torch (don't stand too close).


Hop onto the SE block next to the series of closed gates, note for later the crawl space, jump over E into the next room, light the rope so that it burns and releases the boulder to open the first gate in the previous room, as well as a nearby trap door.  Leave the torch here, go back the way you came and note that the flaming pot is no longer flaming. Pause for the large medipack (I believe that picking it up, or at least stepping on the tile on which it rests, may cause the Hathor Effigy to appear) beyond the first opened gate. Run past the first sleeping skeleton, note the opened trap door near it, run past the second sleeping skeleton and step up to the closed gate.  It now opens automatically and the nearby skeleton is awakened. Go inside and find the ORNATE HANDLE. Exit, turn right and go SE up the hill. Jump up past the opened gate, turn left and then right down the steps into the room below and find the HATHOR EFFIGY on the ground in front of the W face tile, and the HORSEMAN'S GEM on the ground in front of the E face tile.  You know where the gem goes, so return to the room where you used the Golden Star earlier.


Insert the Horseman's Gem in the adjacent receptacle. The pot bursts into flames once again, so look around for a spare TORCH (several have appeared nearby), pick one up and light it on the flames, and go to that opened trap door next to the other sleeping skeleton. Hop down several times and set the rope on fire to release the suspended boulder so that it drops down a deep shaft.  Climb back up past the opened trap door, and of course the skeleton is now awake. 


Go back to the room with the flaming pot, jump onto the SE block and enter the S crawl space you noted earlier. Drop down several times, follow to a gap where the boulder dropped down and jump over it into the E passage. Follow around to a pole. Combine the Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle, then place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the pole.  For a short cut, return to the gap and jump NW toward the block and ladder. Climb up through the opened trap door, go back to the room with the flaming pot and find that all the S gates are now open.  Run into the darkness to complete this section.


Level 6: CLEOPATRA'S PALACES (revisited)


As you go down the steps a harpy attacks. Continue down the steps and follow the passage to an apparent dead end at a S closed door. Reverse roll and run to the N wall. Jump up to grab the crack and shimmy right until you can pull up into an opening. Run forward into a room lined with columns. Ignore the opening guarded by a scissor blade trap and go down the NE ramp to find a jump switch at the bottom. Activate it to raise a block behind you and go back up the ramp.  Now it's time to enter that N passage with the scissor blade trap.


Run forward and jump into the water. Swim to the bottom, locate the NW underwater door and open it. Swim inside for a small medipack.  Go back and up the central opening to find another underwater door N on the second tier. Open it, grab the small medipack and note the closed face door. Flip turn and note the blocked opening in the S wall. Surface for air and pull out. Exit SW and follow the passage to the room with columns. Look opposite the scissor blade trap to see a jump switch up in the S wall above the opening. Activate it and return to the pool via the NW passage. Jump into the water to find that the N face door on the second tier is now open. Swim inside and pick up the BROKEN GLASSES.


The water level has risen, so swim up and into the NE opening. Follow and go up through the ceiling hole. Pull out and run N toward the closed door.


Level 3: TEMPLE OF KARNAK (revisited)


Go up the steps and pull up onto the near ledge left. Run N to the corner and pick up the HYPOSTYLE KEY as things get much brighter. Hop down and run toward the central building. Climb up onto the central block and pull up through the ceiling hole. Exit N and follow the passage to a fountain area. The large jugs are empty, so continue N down the ramp and into a new room. Enter the NW crawl space for flares and then continue E across the bridge. Hop down at the end and slide down through an apparent level change to land in front of a door that opens automatically.


Run forward up the steps and turn left at the wall.  Enter the open outdoor area and engage two assassins. Climb the central block again and pull up through the ceiling hole. Exit N again and hop over the fountain. Run down the ramp into the next room and turn right onto the bridge as you did earlier.  But this time safety drop from the bridge into water far below. Swim to the bottom of the shaft and pick up the CANOPIC JAR 1.  Swim into the N opening and up the long shaft. Pull out and use the reach-in switch. Get back into the water and swim down, then up and surface. Pull out S and follow the passage to a new room. Loop around left for a large medipack and use the Canopic Jar 1 in the nearby receptacle to set off an electric current. Go down the stairs toward the closed door for another level change.


Level 4: CATACOMBS (revisited)


There are pots and bones to shoot on the ledges spanning the waterway, but all you get for your trouble is a LASER SIGHT that you already have.  However, it's necessary to shoot the bones near the W door to open it.  Before leaving, jump into the water and search for a TRIDENT, 3 x revolver ammo, a large medipack, and the REVOLVER.  Pull out, enter the W doorway and take another TRIDENT from the plinth. Return to the ledges to find that the stone door in the S wall is now open. Go there and follow the passage to a column-lined stairway. Go down W and turn right at the wall to enter a small room where you'll find a TRIDENT on the blocks.


Go W into another area with ledges, this one without water.  Safety drop from anywhere into a dark area guarded by two skeletons. There's nothing else to find down there, so proceed W through the opening, up the steps past empty pots and drop down into an ominous-looking room.  The lower floor is a fire trap, but you can walk out W on the extended ledge and jump safely SW to the next ledge. From there go around to find yet another TRIDENT on the plinth. The lower floor here is safe, so simply run NW and pull up into the W opening. Go up the steps and follow to a deep pit.  Take a running jump across. You won't make the far edge, but you'll grab a climbable surface so that you can pull up on the other side. Follow to a room with a strange floor plan, turn right into the dark N opening and conclude this section.


Level 2: THE TOMB OF SETH (revisited)


Run down the ramp and drop into a room where bats are swarming. Go to the S opening and slide down into a room with rising sand. Climb up SW and follow up to an attic-like room. Pull the chain and hop across to the N opening. Run up the ramp, loop around and slide down to a flat surface, continue down the ramp and drop down to a familiar room.


The E gate is now open, so enter and drop down the hole into a lower passage. Follow, turn left at the crawl space and continue to another crawl space.  Shoot the bat and a jackal, go back past the second crawl space and hop N into the hole. Shoot a bat (maybe another bat shows up later) in the lower passage, hop over the gap and push the floor lever. Go back, pull up into the higher passage and turn right. Enter the crawl space to your left and when you can stand up, turn right and hop the gap. Go around the corner and shoot a bat.  Go N at the intersection past the opened gate and pull up for a large medipack.  You're back in that familiar room. Run W into the rising sand pit and vault up W. Run forward and turn left into the darkness to make a pit stop in the next level.


Level 1: PLAYABLE TUTORIAL LEVEL (revisited)


Slide and drop down into the room where it all started. Run across to the SE corner, climb the blocks and step into the open S gateway.




Slide down into an outdoor area with a green sky at dusk or dawn. Run forward past the palm tree, climb the block and take a running jump W for the shotgun ammo.  Slide down to the ground, go into the E alley and turn right at the closed gate to vault up into the S opening.  Enter a room with blocks of different sizes.  Climb and go around in a clockwise fashion to the highest one, then jump down NE to the timed gate and into the alcove before the gate slams shut (obviously one of the blocks has a trigger tile, probably the first one). Pick up the BA CARTOUCHE and drop down to the floor.   


Exit this room and make your way N along the E wall until you reach an open gate to your right. Enter and run around the ledge to the S side to find a receptacle. Insert the Ba Cartouche to open a door. Drop down and enter the lower S room. Push the floor lever, turn around, run up the steps and turn left to exit to the outdoor area. Loop around right to enter the adjacent room only to find an empty plinth. Exit, turn left and follow the E wall S to find another opened gate to your left. Step into the alcove and pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE. Go back N to find another opened N gate near the empty plinth room.  Enter and climb the block to your right. Turn around and hop SW into the alcove for the other CARTOUCHE PIECE. Jump over the dragon statue (bad collision), locate the floor hole and drop down onto a ledge.


Go down the blocks to a lower room, combine the two pieces and place the BA CARTOUCHE in the receptacle. Climb back up and pull out through the ceiling hole. Exit to the outdoor area and turn right. Pull up W onto the ledge and hop down the other side. Loop around right and follow N until you reach a clearing NW with burning vehicles. Shoot two ninjas and pick up 2 x grenade gun ammo.  Locate the open gate in the N wall and go on through. Shoot two scorpions and search the sand dunes ahead for a large medipack. Continue N into another clearing and shoot four more ninjas.  Search the area around the vehicles for the GRENADE GUN, 2 x flares, and 2 x grenade gun ammo.


Go W to flush out another ninja, then go down the steps and through the N crawl space. In the dark room ahead, turn right and run down the steps between the lion statues. In the room below, climb the block to your left and hop onto the central pillar. Pull up through the ceiling hole and approach the S gate, which opens automatically. Enter and follow to a pit. Use the tall pillar to jump the gap and find a closed door. Go back to the pit and drop down. Light a flare and slide down S.  Jump into the water at the bottom and swim along the passage until you reach a wider area.  Swim down and locate the EYE PIECE at the SW corner. Continue N and swim up at the NE corner. Pull out into the sparse room and run to the N opening. Follow the passage to a wall.


To your left is a closed gate, so turn right and go through the crawl space into a small room. Shoot the vase, blast away the mummy with a grenade and pick up the second EYE PIECE.  Go back through the crawl space and run W to the gate, which opens upon your approach.  Crawl through and climb the block once more. Jump to the central pillar, pull up through the ceiling hole and go through the S gate (which once again opens upon your approach). The S door up ahead is now open, so use the tall pillar to jump the gap and enter and pull up through a crawl space. Crawl up the ramp, turn around at the top and drop down right or left on the other side to avoid the steam emitter.    


Drop down for shotgun ammo in one corner and grenade gun ammo in the other corner. Go to the S wall, combine the two eye pieces and insert the EYE OF HORUS (called the WEAPON CODE KEY here) in the receptacle. Run down the passage and turn left at the wall. Save your game as you enter the next room. If you're quick, you can jump the pillars to the far side before the flames ignite. Find 2 x small medipack in the corner alcoves (mind the steam emitters), then take the STAR OF ORION (here called the MINE DETONATOR) from the central plinth and immediately back flip into the water below to douse the flames.


Swim through the E opening and follow to an underwater cave. Swim up N and pull out onto a rock ledge at the end. Climb onto the NE block and pull up E onto the ledge. Turn left and safety drop at the end, go N and drop down again. Turn to face a partially water-filled room below. Hop down NE onto a ledge fronting a receptacle and insert the Star of Orion to open the W gate. Swim through and turn right to follow the smaller N passage. Turn left at the wall and follow to a now-flooded area. Swim up and surface at the ceiling hole. Pull out and exit E. Slide and jump until you're able to reach a stable surface at the S opening. Run forward and follow E until you reach a clearing of sorts. Turn left and find an opening in the dark wall. Run down the ramp to your next destination.


Level 5: COASTAL RUINS (revisited)


You're back in the streets. Turn right, vault up into the opening and pick up the REVOLVER. Go out NW, follow to another open area. Continue N into a dark alley, go NW into the sunlight and loop around left for the LASER SIGHT next to a closed gate. Go back around, turn left at the dark area and go E up the steps into an empty room. Turn right into the opening, turn right again and find revolver ammo in front of the wall hooks.  Go S into the next room, turn right at the opening and see a target across the way. Combine the laser sight with either the crossbow or the revolver and shoot the target. Go back past the harmless mummy that pops out of a coffin and pick up the GATE KEY near the E opening.


Continue N into the next room and into the N opening. Run down the ramp and follow to two openings on your left. Both are blocked by invisible force fields, so go back to the previous room, turn right and exit W to the dark area. Turn right, then left and encounter a skeleton. Continue to the gate that's now open and follow around to a closed gate. Use the Gate Key to open it and step forward into a fixed camera. A trap door opens, so drop down and follow the lower passage to another level change.


Level 2: THE TOMB OF SETH (revisited)


Turn around, loop around right at the steps and follow to a block that lowers as you approach. Turn left, then right, and pull out left at the end. Ignore the crawl space on your right and jump W over the gap. Turn right through the weeds and follow past an opened gate to an intersection. Go left (N) past a closed gate and pull up into a higher room. Exit N through the weeds and splash through the muddy water and go NE into an open area (note the block at the opening) where four jackals are waiting. Loop around right and go past a lowered block in the S wall. A friendly guide is waiting for you there. Pick up the nearby flares while the guide lights a torch and then proceeds E.


Follow the guide as he lights wall torches along the way.  Shoot three bats that attack at various times. The guide stops in front of a closed door, so walk up behind him and prompt him to open it. Follow him inside, loop around right to push a floor lever and find a large medipack a bit further on.  The guide has gone back the other way, so try to follow him only to discover that he has vanished. You're on your own, so go back to where you first met the guide. (There's an ornate door and an unlit wall torch in the S wall.) Enter the opened N gateway opposite the ornate door and turn left. Run W past the raised block, turn left at the corner and go through the triangular opening and left past the weeds into a passage. Continue to another level change.


Level 7: CITY OF THE DEAD (revisited)


Reverse roll and run along the ledge to the plinth. Pick up the STAR OF SIRIUS (here called the HORSEMAN'S GEM) and drop down from the ledge. The receptacle for the Star is right there in the W wall, so insert it to open the S gate to the treasure room that profits you not at all. Watch the flyby, listen to the words of commendation and warning and return to the plinth, where the two EYE PIECES (it's irrelevant what they're called here) now rest. Go through one of the opened S gates to an outdoor area and run past the sand dunes to a deep pit.  The game essentially ends here.  Whether you try (in vain) to jump across or hang from the edge, a flyby with two ninjas kicks in and there's nothing more to be done.