Levels by Osvaldo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Lara slides down to a hallway.  Run forward (S), past a closed door with a knot receptacle, and shoot the jars ahead and to your left for shotgun ammo.  Continue S to a seeming dead end.  There's a W crawl space down at floor level, so enter and follow the winding passage until you can stand up. Go around left and splash through some shallow water, pausing for a small medipack. Continue around to a narrower passage with the PHAROS KNOT at the end. On the way back, go behind the block in the NW corner for shotgun ammo, then return to that door you passed by earlier, avoiding a skeleton on the way back to the crawl space.  Use the Pharos Knot to open the door, then step forward and save. 


Slide down one slope, and when Lara drops to a second slope, get ready to jump and grab a ladder.  Climb to an upper room and pull up for SECRET #1.  Grab the flares, a small medipack and 3 x shotgun ammo, then push the face button. Climb back down the ladder, release and slide to a room at the bottom of the slope.  Note the closed doors to your right and left.  The pots in the area are all empty. Pick up the flares and push the nearby floor lever to open the adjacent door.  Enter the passage, note the bird statue in the corner alcove and continue down the steps to observe that you're being followed by a skeleton.  Time a run past the spike trap (the skeleton won't follow) and enter a large room.


Hop onto the ledge against the N wall and step on the face tile to raise a timed block on the S ledge. Go there and use the raised block to reach the upper ledge supported by the columns. Jump over to the W alcove and shoot the pots for a small medipack. Make your way to the NE corner and push the floor lever to move a block out of the wall down below. Note the nearby closed N door and star receptacle. Safety drop to the floor and find the block to the left of the face tile in the E wall.  Get on the block and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and back flip onto a ledge.  Go to the S wall and turn left.  Start a running jump just before the spikes are triggered, and jump the gap to the next ledge. Push the face button to move another block out of the wall down below.  Go back the way you came and climb down the ladder.


The new block is right next to the first one, allowing you to reach the ladder on the other side of the tall column. Climb up, back flip and jump across to the ledge with the floor lever. Push it to lower an underwater block somewhere and get back down to the floor. Ignore the SE opening for now and go back through the W passage to the former room. Turn left and go to the S room where you see a central structure surrounded by a shallow moat.  The skeleton is likely lurking here as well. Go around the central structure into the S opening and turn right at the wall.  Shoot the ornate jug for the SHOTGUN.  Enter the W hallway to awaken a second skeleton.  Ready the shotgun, turn right at the wall to awaken a third skeleton, and shoot it into the pit when it jumps across toward you.  Deal with the other two skeletons in the same manner and find more shotgun ammo next to the block in the W hallway.


Jump over the pit where the third skeleton was, and enter a large room. Turn right and find the open face door at the top of some steps. Enter for SECRET #2 and pick up the shotgun ammo, large medipack and explosive crossbow arrows.  Exit the passage, run diagonally to your right across the room and go through one of the S archways to awaken a skeleton.  Note for later the nearby trigger face tile. Turn right and run all the way W to a room with a pool, awakening two more skeletons along the way.  Blast all three into the pool with the shotgun.  One of the pots in the previous room hides shotgun ammo. One of the pots in the pool room (N wall) hides a small medipack


Go back W past the wall torches (left) and flame blowers (right) to the trigger face tile.  Step on it to raise a timed block next to the nearer of the two flame blowers.  Run to it, jump onto its corner and jump E to a corner of the flame blower block where you'll be safe.  Turn right and jump up to grab the N pillar.  Pull up to awaken two skeletons.  Draw your shotgun and wait for them to come to you.  When they jump across a gap, blast them to the floor below (the fall kills them). Jump along the pillar tops to the N ledge. Push the face button to bring a block out from the wall near the trigger tile. Safety drop to the floor and run to the SW corner and up the ramp to the raised block.  Use it to access the upper ledges and awaken another skeleton (you know how to deal with it).


Jump E from ledge to ledge and pick up normal crossbow arrows. Jump back W and make your way to the N ledge. Push the floor lever to raise a stone door between the wall torches you passed by earlier and also awaken a mummy. Safety drop to the floor, run E toward the pool room and locate the opened doorway on your right.  Run past the mummy into the N passage and follow to a seeming dead end where another skeleton is awakened.  Lure the skeleton back to the pool, past the bewildered mummy, and blast it into the water.  Go back through the mummy passage, pause for shotgun ammo next to a block near a wall torch, and return to where the skeleton was awakened.  Hop up into the NW corner and jump up to grab a hard-to-see opening in the W wall.


Follow the passage to a ledge overlooking the central structure with the surrounding moat. Take a running jump W and grab the ledge, pull up and take a running jump slightly SW to the face button. Push it to open a nearby door below you.  Safety drop to the floor and enter the opened W doorway into an area with multiple openings.  As you enter, turn right and drop down into the trench for the CROWBAR.  Pull back out and continue W through the next two openings.  Turn right at the W wall and climb the ladder to an upper ledge.  Note the closed door to your right as you pull up.  Jump the ledges E and pick up the shotgun ammo.  Push the floor lever to awaken a skeleton, blast it as it jumps toward you and jump back one ledge W for more shotgun ammo.  Jump to the next ledge W and find the N door open. Go up the stairs and emerge in an upper area with more ledges.


Blast the skeleton to oblivion and jump the ledges to the W alcove with the pole. Climb the pole and back flip into an upper room.  A sleeping skeleton lies beside you. The nearby pot hides shotgun ammo. Go W to find three more sleeping skeletons. When you take the PHAROS PILLAR from the plinth, guess what happens? Right, all four skeletons awaken.  Blast them into the pole pit and make sure you shatter any bones you may find in this area. Slide down the pole and jump over to the S archway.  A skeleton awakens, so blast it over the N edge.  Jump into the hole (opened when the bones above shattered) for SECRET #3 and pick up the CROSSBOW, 2 x normal crossbow arrows, poison crossbow arrows and the DOOR KEY.


Go back to the N ledge. Safety drop to the ledge below and from there to the floor. Exit E through the openings back to the central structure with the surrounding moat. Go around to the N side and find the receptacle for the Pharos Pillar.  Enter the central structure and deal with the skeleton inside.  Jump up to grab the pole, and when the flames subside climb up and back flip into an upper room. Shoot the ornate jug (the others are empty) for shotgun ammo and take the HATHOR EFFIGY from the plinth.  Drop down when the flames aren't active and exit the central structure. Go around through the S opening and turn left at the wall.  Continue around and jump over the pit into a room previously visited.  Run E to the pool room and jump into the water.


Swim into the opening at the bottom and follow the narrow passage to an opening where you can surface. Pull out and run N to a wide corridor.  There's a stone door on your left and a downward ramp to your right.  N leads to a dead end, so run E down the ramp to a lower room.  Push the SE face button and deal with a skeleton.  Loop around left and pull the pushpiece over the raised block. Move it onto the ornate tile to open the stone door you saw earlier. Go back up and enter the E opening to find another pushpiece. Move it outside this room and push it N down the corridor into the next room and left onto the ornate tile. The nearby door opens, so enter and find a GOLDEN STAR that you can pry off the wall with your crowbar. A wraith is released, so beat a hasty retreat to the pool and dive in.  Unfortunately, water doesn't bother this wraith.  Remember the bird statue you saw at the very beginning of this level?  I'm afraid you'll have to go all the way back there (through the water passage to the other pool, out and W through the next room, left at the wall and over the pit, right at the next wall to the moat room, around and into the N passage and right into the doorway to the bird statue).


Wait for the wraith to self destruct, then run down the nearby S passage and past the spike trap into a room you visited earlier. Use the trigger tile on the N ledge to raise the timed block on the S ledge, return to the upper ledge and jump over to the closed N door. Insert the Golden Star in the receptacle to open the door, and enter to find the ORNATE HANDLE on the central plinth. Exit, drop down to the floor and leave through the W opening.  Back in the starting area, run across to the closed E door, combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the short pole.  The door opens, so follow the passage and time your way past two spike traps.  In the next room, shoot the jug in the NE corner for flares and continue through the passage to an intersection at the N wall.


You can go right or left, but for now go left and time the spike trap onto a ledge overlooking a water-filled room.  Jump into the water and swim into the N opening. Follow around past a closed door and pull out. Enter the W opening, follow around and save your game at the top of the slope.  There are time-delayed spike traps below, and if you simply slide to the first one at the bottom you won't make it. Jump just before you reach the bottom and continue with a fluid running jump to the next spike tile slightly to your left. Don't stop, but take another running jump to the next spike tile, followed by a standing jump with grab to glide into the W opening. 


Push the face button to start the elevator.  When it stops rising, hop into the SE passage and follow to an intersection at the E wall.  The hole on your right leads back to the way you came, so turn left and negotiate your way past the ceiling spikes to a ledge spanning the water-filled room.  Push the face button in the S wall to open an underwater door and drop down into the water.  Swim W into the small room and claim the BLUE GEM. Return to the pool and pull out S onto the lowest step.  Go up, time your way past the spikes and continue W to a closed door.  Go left around the corner and push the face tile in the next room to start another elevator.  This one takes you up to an opening in the NW corner.


Watch out for the flame blower around the corner and time a run past it into a hole. Go forward, drop down and negotiate another flame blower.  You come to a small room with a spike-protected pole extending down through a hole in the floor.  There's no need to use the pole, simply wait for the spikes to retract and run off and drop to the room below.   Take the second BLUE GEM from the plinth and hear a nearby door opening. Shoot the jug for a small medipack and exit NW. Turn left, left again in front of the spikes and go to the closed E door in the next room.  Use the Blue Gems to open the door and follow the passage around past two wall torches to trigger a level change.




Run around the corner to meet two flying crystals that sting when they bite, so shoot them.  Hop over the hole (not trapped) in the E passage and run a bit N to alert another flying crystal.  Continue N and around the corner to pass a closed door and a Poseidon statue.  Jump into the pool and pull the underwater lever to your immediate right (screen shot of a closed door). Swim E, note the bird statue at the end of the passage ahead, pull the nearby underwater lever (same screen shot), flip turn and locate the revolver ammo near the W wall.  Swim N and see a third underwater lever beyond the columns.  Pull it to open the door shown in the screen shots. Swim to the SE corner and pull out S between two face tiles to see the opened door. Enter and shoot two flying crystals before taking a TORCH from the plinth.


Use the column caps and ledges to jump back the way you came to the room with the Poseidon statue.  Use the flaming wall sconce to light your torch, then light the sconce next to it.  Go back along the passage and find another unlit sconce S. Before you reach it a skeleton awakens, so drop the torch and invest an explosive arrow. Light the sconce, go around the corner and jump E over the pit, step into a new area and encounter another skeleton. There are three flying crystals sleeping on the walls nearby, which can be awakened and then destroyed by pistol fire.  A jug on the lower ledge next to the deep chasm hides a small medipack.


Go N past the broken column and look up right to see a crawl space in the E wall.  Pull up inside and crawl past the steam blower.  A flying crystal attacks, so quickly turn left and flip down into the shallow hole (jump key + up arrow key) so you can draw your pistols. Go around the nearby block and pry off the BLACK BEETLE with your crowbar.  Time your way past the steam blower and flip out of the crawl space.  Retrieve your torch and enter the N passage. Go past a closed stone door and around the corner to find a wall sconce to light.  Jump over the dart trap and drop the torch to pick up normal crossbow arrows. Retrieve the torch and follow the N passage (the S passage leads to a trap door) to another wall sconce. Light it to open that stone door you passed by.


Approach the E trench to awaken a skeleton on the other side.  Either blow it into smithereens or blast it into the trench. You can leave the torch here for now. Jump over the trench and go NE at the crossing (the S opening is for later). You'll come to a lava pit that's too long to jump over, so use the crack in the wall to shimmy to the other side. Drop down and follow the passage to greet a flying crystal. Around the corner is a flame blower, so wait for the flames to subside before dashing into the next room.  Push the floor lever to open the trap door referred to above. Go back the way you came, retrieve your torch and continue through the winding passage to the dart trap.  Leave the torch here, go S and around the corner to find the opened trap door.  Climb down the long ladder to a lower passage and follow to a ledge overlooking a deep room.


Jump to the S ledge for a small medipack.  Ignore the W passage for now. Return and note the opening in the N wall.  Jump back to the entrance ledge, hang from the edge and shimmy left around corners until you can pull up into the opening. Light a flare if necessary and crawl until you can stand up in the SECRET #4 room. Quickly run forward and pick up the grenade gun ammo, small medipack, GRENADE GUN and large medipack before you're skewered by the descending corkscrews.  Exit through the crawl space and shimmy back to the entrance ledge. Jump to the S ledge again and this time enter the W passage.


Shoot a flying crystal, then jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the lava pit. Another flying crystal starts annoying you before you get all the way across. Watch out for the flame blower around the corner and another flame blower just before the small W room. Shoot the flying crystal inside and take the MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH WINDING KEY from the plinth.  When you do so a horde of beetles gushes forth, so beat a hasty retreat past the flame blowers and monkey swing over the lava pit.  Guess what? Some of the beetles make the trip with you, so exit to the ledge, turn right and jump N over the gap. That does the trick. 


Return to the ladder and find a mummy waiting for you.  Start climbing the ladder, and look up to see that a flame blower has been activated in the shaft near the top.  Time your way past it and pull out. Run past your torch into the N passage, jump the pit where you encountered the skeleton and follow to that S opening you bypassed earlier. Enter and place the Scarab and Key on the face tile. Watch it trigger the spike traps, run forward and pick it up.  Turn left and face an obviously booby-trapped room.


Walk onto the first tile and stand jump W to the next safe tile. Stand jump SW to the safe tile against the wall, another stand jump S to the opening and go inside to use the crowbar switch and open a trap door elsewhere. Go back the way you came, shooting a flying crystal while jumping the safe tiles (assuming it enters the room you're in), and take a right once outside, jump the pit and return to the dart trap.  Retrieve your torch, toss it beyond the dart trap, crawl W under the darts, pick up the torch and go back past the opened stone door and left into the W opening. Jump the pit and go around the corner. Enter the W opening, jump the pit and follow around for another visit to Level 1.




With torch in hand, run along the passage to the brightly lit hub room.  Turn left into the N opening, turn right at the wall and follow to an unlit wall sconce. Light it and then run E (toss the torch, it's no longer needed) past the spike trap and jump into the water.  Swim through the N opening and turn left at the wall into the opened doorway.  Go around the corner into the underwater room for SECRET #5. Grab the small medipack, large medipack and grenade gun ammo and return S to the main pool. Pull out onto the lowest step as you did before and go up W past the spike trap.


Turn right into the S hub room and go straight across into the S opening. Time two spike traps and follow into the next room.  Go across into the W passage with the bird statue and turn right and go down the S steps past another spike trap.  In the large room turn left and enter the SE opening. Follow just past a closed door and deposit the Scarab and Key in front of the small N opening. As it goes through (you can't follow and pick it up) the door behind you opens.  Enter and take the TRIDENT from the plinth. Go down the N passage and turn left at the wall for a large medipack.  Reverse roll and go the other way to pick up the Scarab and Key. Go back, loop around left and return to the large room. Exit W past the spike trap and go up the steps.


Turn left at the wall and in the next room turn left again and go down the S hallway to the room with the moat and central structure.  Go around and through the S archways. Turn left at the wall and follow around to jump the pit into the S room with the timed trigger tile. Turn right and follow E past the mummy passage (pause to blow him away if you wish) and jump into the pool at the end.  Swim down into the hole in the floor, through the passage and pull out on the other side. Run down the N hallway and place the Black Beetle in the receptacle next to the closed door.  The door opens, so go inside and follow to a dark room for the LASER SIGHT.  Return to the pool and swim back through the passage to the other pool. Pull out and run W toward the far wall and turn left to go through the N archway. Jump the pit and run E past the next archway. Turn right into the N passage and go to the room with the moat and central structure.


Go around and down the N hallway. Turn left in the next room and follow the passage past the two spike traps.  Turn left in the next room and go E through the gem passage.  Follow around the corner to another level change.




Follow the passage, jump the pit and turn right at the E wall.  Continue to the Poseidon statute and screw the Trident head onto the shaft to flood a pool in the E area. Jump into the pool, swim through the N doorway into the flooded pool and locate the underwater lever at the NW corner. Pull it to lower a trap door elsewhere. Pull out onto the pillar cap in this room and jump N to the wall ledge. Side flip right onto the higher ledge and exit to the W room.  A skeleton awakens. Go to the N wall.  The face tile on the left is actually a pushblock.  Move it all the way across the room underneath the push button in the S wall.  Push the button and hear the faint sound of a door opening across the room.


Turn around and stand jump to grab the pillar cap, which is part of a long ledge spanning most of the room. Pull up and shoot the large jug in the NW corner for a spare SHOTGUN (the other jug is empty).  You can see another inaccessible push button, so enter the N doorway and loop around to push the block onto the ledge.  Move it under the button so you can push it and open the nearby door.  Don't go there yet.  Instead, jump back to the pillar ledge and run to the S end.  Wait for the flames to subside, then take a running jump to the W pillar and stand jump to the ledge.  Use the Door Key you picked up long ago to open the door. Enter for SECRET #6 and grab the flares, small medipack, 2 x shotgun ammo and grenade gun ammo as your reward. 


Return to the N ledge and enter the two doorways. Enter a new room where two flying crystals attack.  Look around the room and see two closed doors, two pushpieces and a floor lever.  First, push the floor lever to raise a block next to the N pushpiece. Move the N pushpiece laboriously along the channel onto an ornate tile against the E wall (to the right of the entrance).  This raises the block next to the other pushpiece. Move that pushpiece in a similar, but even more excruciating, fashion onto the ornate tile in the SE corner. This releases a wraith, so exit this room E, jump down to the floor of the next room, exit E and follow to the pool.  Jump into the water, swim out S and turn right, then swim E into that passage with the bird statue that you noted earlier.  After the wraith self-immolates, return to the pushpiece room to find that the W stone door is now open.


Enter the small room to find a third pushpiece on a sinking floor. Pull down the wall switch to open the S door in the main room.  Go there and turn left in front of another closed door. Follow the passage down to a lower room where a flying crystal attacks.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and pull back the pushpiece to stabilize the sinking floor above. Return there, enter the W room and move the third pushpiece out into the main room and onto the only remaining ornate tile which is just around the corner to the left against the W wall. This opens the second door in the S passage, so go there and follow to a small room with a push button. Push it to start the elevator and get off at the NE opening.


Use the crowbar switch to your left and watch a large section of floor lowering somewhere. The door around the corner also opens, so follow the passage and drop down at the end into a familiar pool. Swim out S, turn left and exit the pool W in front of the Poseidon statue. Run past the still-closed door and find the lowered floor section around the corner.  Drop down and find shotgun ammo at the lowest area. Go around the corner into the next room and awaken a skeleton. Find the hole in the floor and climb down to a lower passage.  Slowly walk forward until the spikes are triggered, then time a run past them. Take the SACRED PARCHMENT from the plinth and deal with another awakened skeleton.


Go back past the spikes and up the ladder. Enter the W passage and place the Mechanical Scarab on the tile around the corner. After the spikes are triggered, run forward, retrieve the scarab and face a scroll on a flame-protected plinth.  Place the scarab back on the tile at your feet and watch it explode.  Return to the previous room and stand on the timed trigger tile to extinguish the flames briefly.  Run back to the plinth and take the second SACRED PARCHMENT from the plinth and awaken a skeleton. Return to the previous room and exit N. Run up the ramped passage and pull down the wall switch at the end to open the door. Exit to the hallway near the Poseidon statue.


Run past the Poseidon statue and jump into the pool. Swim E, turn right at the bird statue passage and swim around to the back area with four columns. Locate the opened trap door at the SE corner and swim down into the hole. Follow the passage to a blue-tinted room and pull out. Shoot the awakened skeleton and locate the SE crawl space partially hidden by a large jug. Crawl inside for SECRET #7 and take the poison crossbow arrows, normal crossbow arrows and flares. Return to the pool area and place the two Sacred Parchments to open the N door.  Go inside, shoot a flying crystal and pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall with your crowbar. Shoot the large jar (the others are empty) for a large medipack.


Return, jump into the water and swim back to the larger pool area.  Swim all the way to the other side and pull out W in front of the Poseidon statue.  Follow the passage around the corner to the lowered floor.  Get across to the other side and continue to the S wall. Turn right, hop over the pit and turn right at the chasm.  Enter the N passage and turn left into the E doorway you opened long ago.  Hop over the pit, run forward to trigger a spike ball, reverse roll and jump over the pit while the spike ball drops into the hole.  Go up the E ramp to a room where you'll find the REVOLVER and revolver ammo around the corner.  You can see a number of jugs and pots beyond the wall openings.  Combine the Revolver and Laser Sight and shoot them all.  I counted 11, but the area took on a greenish tint when I shot the 10th one.


Go back down the ramp and find that a stone door has opened to your right just before the spike ball pit. Enter the passage and pull down the wall switch to lift a platform in the chasm area. Go back there, shoot a flying crystal and jump across the chasm to grab the raised platform. Pull up and insert the Golden Star in the receptacle to open the door.  Enter to find the eponymous ELECTRIC CRYSTAL.  When you take it from the plinth the level ends with a concluding flyby and credits.