Level by Osvaldo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (see also Doggett D. McDog's video walk)



Draw your pistols while sliding down a long chute and shoot a bat upon landing. Note the nearby closed trap door next to the slowly spinning fans and run the other way around the corner.  Drop down at the end and shoot an SAS in the room below.  Pick up his small medipack and push the SW button to open the trap door you saw. Note the closed secret door in this room. Go back to the opened trap door, drop down and follow the passage to a gap with electrified flooring.  Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the gap past a couple of steam blowers.  Drop down and continue along the passage to a button that opens a door.


During the monkeyswing back you alert another bat.  Continue to the opened door and follow the new passage to a connecting room.  Continue through the N opening and pull up left into the crawl space.  Follow past two flame blowers and come to a crossing.  Go left and find a button that opens a trap door just to your left but beyond your reach.  For a secret, press the button a second time to open the door you saw near the beginning of the level but also closes the trap door you just opened (sneaky). Crawl back and loop around left to find flares.  Return past the flame blowers and jump out of the crawl space (jump key and up arrow).


Return to the connecting room, follow the W passage just past the opened door and take an immediate left into the W passage. Continue to the end and pull up into the hallway where you began the level.  Go around to the hole in the floor and drop down into the room where you found the first SAS.  The N door is open, so enter and turn the corner for SECRET #1. Shoot the jar and pick up a large medipack, 3 x shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN. Retrace your steps to the connecting room and continue to the crawl space.  Go to the button and push it a third time to re-open the trap door in the connecting room.


Return there, find the opened trap door and drop down into the room below. Climb up onto the blocks for shotgun ammo and open the SW door. Go down the ramp and engage the SAS in the next room.  Another SAS follows you down the ramp.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and go E down the passage past a closed door on your left and a keyhole on your right. When you reach the corner another SAS challenges you. In the N passage activate the jump switch on the W wall and continue to the next corner to trigger a cut scene warning of a sentry gun poised in the next passage. Another SAS sneaks up on you from behind.  Don't enter the E passage but go back the way you came.


There are two open S passages now.  Enter the second one (between the crates) and follow the passage to a new room.  Shoot the SAS and pick up his uzi ammo. Check out the area before proceeding. There's a closed door S, a button SE and and a button NW, and four central columns, each with a different color and each bearing a button. Stand between the columns facing S and save your game for a timed exercise.  Push the button on the green (NE) column and the button on the red (SW) column to open doors S. Reverse roll and run past the first opened door to the SE button and push it. Hit the look key to kill the cut scene, reverse roll and run across the room to push the NW button. Hit the look key again, reverse roll and run to the opened S door.  Veer left and jump to the first raised platform over the toxic trench.  Run jump at an angle to the second raised platform, jump again and continue through the opened S door before the platforms collapse.  Save your game again upon arrival.


In the next room shoot two SAS and pick up the flares and an ID CARD they drop. Enter the NW passage and turn right into the side passage. Push the floor lever to open the N door and shoot the SAS who emerges. Wind your way around to the room where you initiated the timed run. Exit NE and follow the passage to a familiar hallway with crates.  Turn left.  Your card doesn't fit the receptacle in the N wall.  The S passage behind you leads to a room where there's nothing yet to do, so continue E around the corner and past the jump switch. You can turn the next corner safely, as the sentry guns have now been neutralized.


Enter the N room and shoot an SAS. Pick up his small medipack and push the button on the back side of the central block. Note the closed trap door in the corner.  Exit this room and shoot another SAS if he shows up (he didn't in my game). Run E past one disabled sentry gun and turn left to pass another one.  Turn left near the S wall and shoot two SAS in the next room. Pick up the shotgun ammo near the SW corner. Go to the NE corner and push the button to your left (yes, I know, there are lots of buttons in this game) to open the W door. Enter the short passage and pick up the SECURITY KEY


Exit to the hallway (note the closed door in the corner) and run all the way back to that receptacle you noted earlier. Insert the Security Key to open the door and shoot the SAS waiting for you in the dark room. Light a flare and see that you have four buttons to choose from. The one in the entrance hallway turns on the lights dimly for you. In the room proper, don't push the left button in the E wall if you want the other secret in this level.  It can only be pushed once and is for later.  The other two buttons open the corner trap door in the floor of a room you visited earlier, so go ahead and push those.  


Exit this room, run straight across the hallway into the next room and jump into the now-accessible water hole. Swim down and E all the way to the wall.  Find the underwater lever to your right and pull it.  Flip turn and swim into the SE opening and up the ramp past an opened door. Loop around left to find an opening where you can get air. Swim S toward the gray blocks and find an underwater lever on the right side of the SE block. Pull it and swim around the block into the red-tinted W passage where you can see a third underwater lever.  However, you need to fight the strong current to reach it. Pull it, flip turn and stay left as you swim back E. Get air if necessary and swim all the way to the back S wall and find revolver ammo behind a gray block. Swim up past the opened trap door in the SE corner and pull out N.


Shoot the SAS in the next room, find uzi ammo on one of the crates and push the floor lever to open an underwater trap door. Go back to the water hole, jump in and swim to the N wall, left into the E passage, down the ramp and left where you see that diamond-shaped opening in front of you. Swim straight into the N opening and up the shaft past the opened trap door. Pull out into an empty room (no SAS, no buttons) and climb the SE ladder.  Here in the upper room you'll find a button NE that opens another underwater trap door and attracts an SAS who drops a small medipack.


Climb back down the ladder and return to the water. Swim down, then S, then left into that diamond-shaped passage. Follow to a shaft leading upward and swim past the opened trap door to another small and empty room.  Kick open the NW door and shoot the SAS who comes to greet you. Pick up his revolver ammo and continue along the passage to another small room.  There's uzi ammo on the floor and the MAINTENANCE KEY on one of the crates.  Picking it up turns on the sprinkler system. Exit this room, shoot another SAS, jump into the water hole and swim back the way you came. When you emerge from the diamond-shaped passage, loop around right and pull out through the opened W trap door.


Return to a familiar hallway and turn left. Follow to the N opening near the first sentry gun and go to the opened corner trap door in the next room where an electric current has been activated. Drop down into the lower passage and follow around, shooting a bat along the way and negotiating past a steam blower right around one corner. Use the Maintenance Key at the end of the passage to open the double doors and continue along the passage and down a ramp until you reach an opening that overlooks a large room.  Shoot a bat before dropping down, pick up the nearby shotgun ammo and shoot another bat. Enter the N doorway for SECRET #2 and pick up 2 x uzi ammo and the UZIS inside.  If you had pushed the button I suggested you not push earlier, the door to this room would have been closed with no way to open it.


Return to the larger room and follow the SW passage.  Pull up right at the end and back flip into an alcove with a button. Push it and return to the larger room. Pull up onto the E gray block beneath the entrance, turn left and jump to the SE corner block.  Stand jump and grab the W ledge, shimmy left around two corners and pull up in a corner where the flames won't ignite you. Stand jump to grab the next W ledge, shimmy all the way around to the wall and pull up.  Turn around carefully and stand jump NE with grab to the next ledge. Repeat with the next flaming ledge and the next, and shimmy past the last flame to pull up safely. Take a running jump and grab E to the ledge at the NE corner and enter the N passage.


You get a fixed camera as you run into the small room, but what you need to do is to open the ceiling trap door in the NW corner (face W). Pull up into the upper room, push the floor lever to open a door elsewhere, and shoot an SAS who drops shotgun ammo. Go back the way you came, drop down into the room with the flaming ledges and exit E. Mind the steam blower as you wind your way along the passage. Climb the ladder at the end and exit to the main hallway. Turn left and follow to the doorway you opened earlier with the Security Key.  In the dark room it's now time to push that button on the left in the E wall, bringing three SAS on the run and leaving behind a large medipack.


Again go back the way you came, following the main hallway past both sentry guns and entering the opened SE doorway. Follow the ramp down to a closed door and push the button to open it. Continue down the ramp to an underground area and shoot the waiting SAS. Stand on the S rock slab and look up N to see the swinging blue ball.  You can shatter it with your pistols by jumping up and down while firing. As you approach the E dropoff you trigger a cut scene showing SAS rapidly approaching.  Turn around and shoot three SAS. Unfortunately, none drops anything.


Go back to the E dropoff and jump SE to the ledge with the closed door. Jump to the E ledge and find that even down here they have buttons. Push it to open the door behind you and jump back there. The SAS who emerges drops shotgun ammo. Refrain from pushing the button just inside the passage and turn around to look N across the canyon.  You see two more swinging blue balls, one of which is too high to reach.  However, you can shatter the lower one (easier with the uzis), so do that. Jump back NW to the dropoff ledge and take a running jump N to grab the smaller ledge, pull up and climb the blocks to the NW corner. Turn left and see yet another swinging blue ball.  Shatter it.


Face S and take a running jump to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and jump further S to land on a corpse. Hop up to the SW corner and pick up the LASER SIGHT.  Reacquaint yourself with the corpse and hop down N to the dropoff ledge. Jump back SE to the ledge with the door you opened earlier and enter the passage.  Turn right into the red-tinted E passage and note the suspended spike ball as you run by. Sprint down the ramp and turn right to avoid the pursuing spike ball.  Continue to find another suspended spike ball. Repeat and allow the spike ball to break through the wooden barrier.


Continue W into the next room and shoot the SAS. Pick up the revolver ammo on the W side of the central column. Use the nearby rock ledge to jump onto the central column and shoot the swinging blue ball near the S wall. Hop down, find the CROWBAR near the corpse at the SE corner and kick in the SW door. Follow to a floor lever and push it to open the nearby door. Continue around the corner and shoot a bat and an SAS. Pick up his uzi ammo and pull the corpse back from the NE corner. Pick up the REVOLVER and go back to the large cavern with the central column. Exit NE and run left up the ramp. When you reach the shaft where the spike ball was suspended, look up to see a swinging blue ball.  Combine the revolver and the laser sight, face N, look up and shoot it.


Go back down to the large cavern with the central column and run across NW to find an opened door. Enter and follow to a crowbar switch. Use the crowbar to open the nearby door and prepare to engage an SAS. Continue and find another swinging blue ball to shoot. Return to the underground cavern and exit E. This time go all the way back to the large canyon and jump NW to the dropoff ledge. Jump across to the NW corner of the canyon as you did earlier, turn around and jump S to find a raised platform.  Use it to jump across and grab the ledge. Pull up, run forward into the passage and turn right in front of the closed door. The pattern is familiar by now. Push the floor lever to open the door and continue. Take the first right, turn around at the wall and activate the timed jump switch.


Quickly run forward, loop around right and dash into the timed corner doorway. Take the left fork and go around to find a button. Push to it open the door to your left. Shoot the SAS inside, loop around left to see another closed door, then go back the way you came and shoot a bat on the way to a corpse and a large medipack.  Hop onto the rock ledge and pick up the STRANGE ARTIFACT.  A door opens way back at the beginning of the level and a swarm of locusts attacks. Exit this area, turn right at the E wall and continue to engage two SAS. Go E, then S and around the corner to return to the large cavern.


Take a running jump across the canyon to grab the raised platform, pull up and run off SW to land on the dropoff ledge. Shoot four waiting SAS and run N up the ramp. Back in the main hallway, run past the two sentry guns and continue all the way to the opened W doorway. Enter to trigger the closing credits.