The England Prison

Level by Fabio (NG) (July, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Look left on the floor for the crowbar. Use it to open the door. Kill the two guards shooting at you and get into the corridor. Go to the north-east for Uzi ammo but the door there does not open. The door in the west wall also does not open. Go to the south-west corner for flares. Enter the doorway in the south wall and go down the steps to a large empty room. The door to the east is for later. Open the door in the north wall. Go to the left and up the steps to open another door. Watch out for the fire platform. Go inside and kill the guard. Go into the north-east opening and go north to get a flyby of the sentry gun. Do not enter but go south to get into a crawl space. Follow it to a room and use the jump switch on the wall. The door behind you opens. Go in and use the floor lever to get a cut scene of a door opening back in the first corridor. Go get and get armed. Pick up the revolver, laser scope and revolver ammo. Go back and blow up the sentry gun and climb into the hole it was guarding. Turn around and kill a guard and pick up a small medipack. Look to the dark west wall for a jump switch. Use it and the door besides you opens. Go inside and use another jump switch.

Go back and climb up, go through the next two rooms, go through the room with the fires and go east to the now open door. Pick up Uzi ammo from the first stall. Climb the partition to pick up the Uzi's. Go to the north-east and climb the partition for a large medipack. Then climb in a hole. Pick up flares and find yourself in a room with a large pool. There is a closed door in the middle of the west wall. Go to the north-east for flares. Dive in and swim into the opening in the north wall. Pull up into a room and use the floor lever. You get a flash of a cut scene, but swim back and the west wall door is open. Pull the jump switch on the wall and get a cut scene of the door near the fire platforms opening. Enter the door and go north and kill a guard. Enter the next room and go to the north-west and drop into a hole. Follow the tunnel and pull down a trap door. Pull up and go east to pick up a large medipack. Continue to the end to use a jump switch and get a cut scene of the last door in the first corridor opening.

Go to that corridor and enter the doorway. There is a closed door there. Dive into water and swim north. Just pass the drop, pick up flares. In the doorway, pick up Uzi ammo. There are two openings. Go to the west one first. This is not a maze and getting to the end is easy. Pull up and use the jump switch on the wall. The door besides you opens. Go inside and use the floor lever to get a cut scene of the door by the water opening. Swim back and when you get to the room you found the Uzi ammo, swim to the south-east corner for more Uzi ammo. Then swim through the north opening. Keep swimming until you see two openings. Pull up into the left one and pull a switch. Then swim into the left opening and pull up. Pick up the crossbow, poison crossbow ammo and two explosive crossbow ammo. Now swim back to that room with the open door and enter the doorway. Kill two guards and pick up revolver ammo. The south door is closed so open the west door.

Just inside the door use the jump switch. This opens the door outside although there  is still a closed door in the north-east corner of this room. Enter the other doorway and kill two guards. Go south, hop the panels and dive into the water on the other side. Dive into the hole at the bottom and follow the tunnel to pull up into a large room. Pick up the large medipack and flares in the corners. Use the floor lever and swim back. Go to the room with jump switch, jump the panels and enter the now open door. Enter the room and go north to kick the door in. Kill a guard and use the switch to get a cut scene of the big gate outside opening. Go there and shoot the barricade. Slide down the hill and the level ends.