Level by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Doggett D. McDog's video walk



An opening cut scene shows Lara's traveling companions impatiently awaiting her return, but she's busy elsewhere on a raid.  Run across the sand-filled courtyard and hop up N for an on-screen explanation of Lara's action. Ignore for now the pushblock in front of you, loop around right and follow the ramp down to a water hole. Jump in and swim to an underwater room with flares. Continue through the W opening and surface immediately. Pull out right for shotgun ammo (just for fun, if you like you can hop across to the other ledge and pull the skeleton into the wall), then swim further W to the end. Pull out and follow to the ramp to a room with a wall switch. Pull it down to raise the E gates.


Before proceeding, pull back the skeleton to reveal the ANCIENT STONE.  Hop up E and find yourself back in the opening room. Go to the N pushblock and pull it back twice to reveal an opening. Go inside and use the Ancient Stone to open the gate. Enter and hop up NW. Use the raised mound of dirt to jump up W and grab the slope. Shimmy left a bit, back flip with a roll onto the facing slope, slide and grab the edge. Pull up and back flip with a roll to grab the S ledge. Pull up and take a running jump NE to the far slope. I suppose a banana jump E is possible, too, but I've always hated those. Slide, grab, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge.


Pull up, step forward and jump up to grab the unmarked ladder. Shift right and up along the greenery until you can drop down onto a ledge with a fixed camera. Reverse roll, jump up to grab the ceiling and follow the monkey bars until you can drop down into front of an opening in the SE corner. Turn left, run down the E passage and crawl through to opening that overlooks a deep, large room. Take a running jump NE to the large column with the obelisk, follow with a running jump E to grab the next column, another running jump slightly SE to grab the next column, and finally a running jump SW to the ledge with the jumpswitch. Activate it to lower a block.


Jump back to the previous column and climb down the ladder on the E side. Release, slide down to the floor and shoot a jackal. Head W to alert three more jackals and pull back the skeleton for shotgun ammo. Continue to the W wall, turn right and run all the way to the NW corner for a small medipack.  Run toward the center of the room and wait for two more jackals and a bat to arrive.  Push the floor lever to lower another block. You now need to get back up, so run toward the NE corner and hop onto the short block.  Jump into the space created by the broken column in the E wall and take two running jumps S to the next broken columns, and finally a jump SW to grab the ladder. Climb to the top of the column and take a running jump W to the next column. Turn right and take a running jump (no grab) N to where the block lowered.


Run toward the jade cat statue and wait for a bat to arrive. Take a running jump NE and approach the plinth with the CURSED GEM to arouse a wraith. Jump down W into the water-filled trench below. This doesn't extinguish the wraith, so swim down and open the underwater gate. Swim forward, pull out, turn left and run into a room with a modified bird statue. Wait for the wraith to self-destruct and go back to place the Cursed Gem in the eye socket of the bull. The gate to your right opens, so step out to face a partially flooded room.


Take a running jump NE down to the large slab slightly below the water's surface. Jump slightly NE to grab the central column with the column.  Take a running jump N to grab the greenery on the left side of the wall ahead. Climb up and take a running jump E down to the pole in the NE corner. Drop into the water trench for flares, then climb the pole nearly to the top and back flip onto the S block. Climb up higher S, shoot a bat and drop down the other side.  Take a running jump S to grab the ledge, pull up, run to the far end and take a long running jump W to grab the ledge with the floor lever.  Push it to open the underwater S gate, jump into the water and swim through the opening.  Watch out for the spike trap as you turn the corner left. Pull out at the end into a small sun-lit room.


Go to the E opening and pull back the pushblock. Jump into the water, time your way past the spikes and return to the partially flooded room. Pull up onto that large slab, face SW and take a running jump to a flat triangular spot below the opening. Pull up W and jump into the water hole in the next room. Swim to the large room you explored earlier and make your way around clockwise the way you did earlier, beginning with the short block near the NE corner.  When you reach the upper levels and start running N past the lowered block toward the jade cat statue, go NW instead of NE this time and use the crack in the wall to shimmy left and drop down onto a corner ledge. Pull up into the W opening and watch the block lower in front of you.


Step outdoors and jump into the water below. Open the gate in the NW and follow the passage. Pull out into another sun-lit room and use either of the W openings to access the next room where two jackals are waiting. Climb onto the SW block and find the N ladder. Climb up onto the block, step forward and climb still higher. Jump up to grab the grated ceiling and monkey swing toward the SE corner. Locate the jumpswitch and release to activate it. Slide and grab the bottom of the slope. Don't drop to the floor, but pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge. Pull up, turn right and pull up higher N once more.  Drop down the other side (near the wall) onto a ledge with a plinth. Take the ANKH and now you can drop to the floor.


Exit E through either opening and jump into the water hole. Swim back to the outdoor area, turn right and swim up SE to emerge from the water.  Wade out to the right and jump S to grab the ledge. Pull up, step forward and pull up right. Jump to the flowing water, turn to face E and take a running jump to the bank. Re-enter the temple via the E opening, drop down to the lower ledge, face N and press the action and up arrow keys to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right and around the corner, and drop down next to an opening to a familiar large ledge with a palm tree.  You've already explored this upper area thoroughly, so dive down into the water-filled trench far below. Surface and pull out E. Run SW across the long room while drawing the attention of a bat.  Locate the hole in the floor, surrounded by four closely spaced pillars, and drop down into a lower room.


There's a pushblock in the center of this room, but ignore it for now and enter the SE opening and follow past three sets of teeth doors until you reach a receptacle for the Ankh.  The large doors to your right swing open, so enter the E room and, if you want to have fun with the skeleton, pull it into the wall. The jars are empty, but there's a SHOTGUN on one of the plinths.  Pull up onto the N ledge. Hidden by all that hanging vegetation is an opening in the NE corner next to the cat statue.  Pull up inside, drop down the other side and find a pushblock that you moved quite some time ago in anticipation of this very moment.  Push it forward two times to reveal another pushblock to your left (later) and a shortcut to a previously explored area to your right. First, deal with the charging jackal from your right, then run E across the room to a flaming block.


Use the raised pile of sand to jump to grab the block, and pull up in the corner next to the wall. Face the E wall, wait for the flames to subside, sidestep left and pull down the wall switch, then side flip right to avoid the returning flames. The gate in the NE corner has opened, so enter and loop around left.  Hop up onto the SW ledge, shoot the jar and pick up the shotgun ammo. The jar on the SE ledge is empty, so enter the NE passage to encounter one of Lara's traveling companions.  Note the onscreen dialog and when it has concluded, hop down into the hole and pick up the GREEN KEY.  Go back S into the large room, run past a mummy and locate dead ahead a greenery-outlined receptacle for the Green Key. Use it to open the SE gate to your left and enter.


Go around either right or left and step onto the S ramp. Get out of the way as a boulder comes tumbling down. Go on up the ramp, loop around left and pull up into a small room. Continue NW to the opening that overlooks a familiar room and hop down to the closest platform.  A skeleton awakes, so draw your shotgun and blast it over the edge. Another skeleton attacks from the N platform, so wait until it makes its leap toward you and blast it into oblivion. Shatter the bones with your pistols (just to be on the safe side)and jump across to the N platform for flares. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the W platform. Pull up and jump to the next W platform. Jump into the opening in the W ledge and pull down the wall switch to open a gate in the S wall. Jump back to the previous platform, look down NW and run off the edge onto the block below.


Take a succession of jumps S to reach the open gateway in the wall. Enter the next room and loop around left. Hop up into the alcove and take the small medipack from the plinth. Hop down and go to the S wall. Note the onscreen text and turn left into a hub room with several options. First, turn left into the N opening and crawl through to a small room. Hop down N and follow the passage around to alert a jackal. In the next area drop down through the floor hole into a mirror room. The lower area is infested with spikes. First, go to the cat statues in the N alcove and find crossbow arrows at the NW corner. Go to the E wall, face S and jump onto the second tile (safe) in the first column. Face SW and jump to the fourth tile in the third column. Face SW and jump to the fifth tile (next to the mirror) in the fifth column. Now take a long running jump W onto the fifth tile in the seventh column and pick up the LASER SIGHT.  To get back safely, simply retrace your steps and pull up next to the NE cat statue.


Return to the previous room, note the closed NE gate if you didn't earlier, and exit W. Return to the hub room and go through the E opening. It's an easy matter to get past the sliding pole with the rotating blades. Follow it as it goes away from you, take refuge in a side passage until it goes back the other way, and dash E into the open area.  As you face the N passage horizontal blade traps are activated, so time your way past them with standing jumps and shoot a jackal on the other side.  Look up left to see a jumpswitch on the W wall.  Stand beneath it, back flip E onto the slope, jump off and activate the jumpswitch to open the N door.


Time your way N past the two buzz saw blades and find a pushblock in the next room. Move it aside to reveal an opening. Drop down into the lower passage, note the closed gate in the S alcove and encounter a giant scorpion in the next room. Pull the skeleton away from the NW corner and pick up the RED KEY. Pull up into the S alcove and pull down the wall switch to your left to lift the gate.  Hop down into the next room and continue S through the passage into the large room with the waiting mummies. Continue straight across into the SE passage and go to the top of the winding ramp. Pull out at the end and run to the W wall. Stand at the SW corner, jump up to grab the ivy and climb up to a crawl space. Enter, crawl forward and stand up to find a receptacle. Use the Red Key to open the gate and enter.


Turn right, slide down the slope and pick up the crossbow arrows at the opening. Hop down S and pick up the CROSSBOW. Drop down through the hole and find yourself in familiar territory. Go out S into the hub room and continue across through the S opening. Loop around right at the entrance and stand on the raised pile of dirt facing N. Pull up onto the sloped column and take a rolling back flip to grab the structure. Pull up and run forward to find flares. Pull up onto the nearby stone block and face SE. Take a standing jump to grab the vegetation under the bridge and monkey swing E to the other structure.  Turn left over the stone blocks, release and grab the edge, and pull up. Walk to the far end and jump up to grab the alcove. Pull up twice onto the top of the bridge.


Walk up W to the first palm tree, turn right and locate the opening in the N wall. Combine the crossbow and the lasersight and shoot the gem in the mouth of the gargoyle.  Don't stand right at the edge, but hop back once before aiming and firing. A door opens in the S wall, so jump over there and slide down the slope to trigger an earthquake. Read the onscreen dialog and hit the escape key to restore camera control. Turn left and approach the E door.  It opens automatically, so slide down as debris falls behind you.


Jump into the pool and swim through the NE opening.  Turn left and swim through the next NE opening. Continue N into the next room and pick up the large medipack. Go back through the previous openings and continue S through the wide opening, turn right and pull out onto dry land. Find the pushblock against the S wall and pull it two times. Jump forward onto it before the flaming tile ignites. Turn around and pull up W into a dark passage. Light a flare and run forward to find the YELLOW KEY. A skeleton attacks, and for some reason you can't shatter its head with a crossbow arrow.  However, a shotgun blast will stun it momentarily. Run past it, hop down onto the pushblock, then down to the ground and jump into the water. Swim back through the wide opening, turn left through the W opening and pull out of the pool.


The keyhole is in the SE corner. Use your Yellow Key to lower the block supporting a pushblock. Move the pushblock to the NE corner, get up on it and pull up N.  Take a running jump and grab across the gap, pull up and jump over the next gap, turn right at the Jeep and run E along the sandy path. A demigod steps out to challenge you, and when he dies he leaves behind the JEEP KEY.  Go back to the Jeep, get in and drive up the steep slope around the corner to end the level.