LEVELS BY Nigel Redfield

WALKTHROUGH BY Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: I have listed no secrets or pickups unless the pickup is in a secret or is something that the player needs to perform a task. Sorry, but I feel that the players should not be given everything in a walkthrough and that they should just use a walkthrough as a guide to get from the beginning to the end of a level. Everything else in the level should be done by the individual players.

The level starts with Lara sliding down a sloping passage, when she reaches the bottom she is in a room with a closed gate before her. Head toward the gate, jump over the fire pit and the gate opens. Go into the next room and up the steps to the closed door with two buttons on either side of the door. Press both buttons, then turn around and deal with the two ninjas, then head into the next room. Go into the passage and down the slope to the room below. Turn left, shoot the vase, then shoot the scorpion, then press the button the vase was hiding to open the closed gate. Now head through the open gate and jump into the water and open the underwater door on the east wall. Swim through the underwater passage til you can surface, exit the water and grab the vraeus off the pedestal, then watch a flyby.

Next, head back to where you jumped into the water, avoiding the two crocs that are now in the water. When you get to the room with the wooden bridge you jumped into the water from, surface and exit the water. Now go through the door that is now open into the next room. Head through this little room to the room with the wooden monkeyswing and use it to cross the water below and avoid the ninja that comes up from behind Lara to kill her. When you get across to the other side, turn and make faces at the ninja, then turn around to the closed gate on Lara's side of the water and use the vraeus to open it.

Go through the now open gate into the next room and climb the ladder to the room above you. In this room there is a button on the wall to your left, press it then turn around and head through the open gate to your right. Head down the darkened passage to the crawlspace at the bottom to your left. Go through the crawlspace to the next room. In this room you have to maneuver around some vases til you come to a button on the wall. Press the button, watch a cut scene and head back to the room above where you used the last button on the wall. When you get back to the room, head through the open gate across from the gate you just exited from into the passage and drop down into the next room. There is a button on the wall to your right; press it, watch a cut scene, then head back to the main room. Once back in the main room, head toward the closed gate to your left, which will open as you near it. Head into the next room and watch the flyby.

Now make your way to the floor of the room below. Once there, head north and cross the water by using the blocks and bridge there(the water will kill Lara). Once on the other side of the water, head south through the opening, trigger an earthquake and press the button there. Next, head back out into the room and climb the blocks to your left. When you reach the top run/jump/grab/pullup onto the ledge, then head into the room to your left (triggering another earthquake) and get the guardian key off the pedestal. Watch the flyby to see where you need to go to next and head there.

When you get back to the room with the pool and the wonkeyswing you left the ninja at, make more faces at him, then dive into the water and swim through the opening to your right. Swim til you can surface and exit the water in the next room. Now head into the next room and place the guardian key in its receptacle to open the closed gate. Go through the now open gate into the next room, deal with another ninja and press the button on the sloping block to your right.

Next go and climb the wire blocks that have risen next to the open gate, then turn and pull up onto the catwalk and head to your right and go through one of the two doors there into the next room. There is a pool in this room and a ladder to the far right. Climb the ladder to the top to the ledge to your right, then turn left and jump/grab the crevice, then shimmy left til you can pull up and stand. Now turn around, then jump/grab the monkeyswing and cross to the ledge, then climb the ladder to the next room.

When you reach the room above, watch the flyby, then head to the room you saw in the flyby. Grab the ankh and head back to the pool room, turn left and head through the open gate, slide down the passage, then avoid the two ninjas waiting at the bottom for you by dropping down the hole in the floor to the room below. You notice that you have been in this room before, also remember the ninja you made faces at; well, he is in this room, so head back to the start of this level and avoid the ninja. When you jump back over the fire pit, turn and make more faces at the ninja, then turn to where the sloping passage was that you entered this place by and notice that they have been turned into steps, so go climb the steps and end this level.