Level by StormChaser


Walkthrough by José


First Room


Shoot a couple of vultures and a couple of monkeys if you want (they wont attack if you don't shoot them) in the first room; jump into the water and look for a hole in the river bed near the wide grate, pull the UW lever at the end of the winding passage and swim back to the first room. Climb one of the pillars near the wide grate and jump to the ledges attached to the walls in an anticlockwise direction (pick up flares on your way) all around the room until you find the open door near a corner.


Second Water Area


Climb the blocks at the end of the corridor and in the next watery area jump into the water and look for an UW crawlspace in the central building to get shotgun shells, swim back outside, left/left and find a low ledge so you can climb to the top of the central building; pull the switch to open a door in the water level (for later).


First Secret


Detour for a secret: go to the opening with the open door, slide and jump to grab the ladder, climb and get the SECRET #1: a rocket. Go back to the ladder, slide to the bottom of the ramp, advance and find yourself back in the first room. Go all the way back to the second watery area as you did before and climb again to the top of the central building with the switch.


The Kayak


Face the wide cataract, grab the monkeyswing and swing to the other side, walk slowly through the spikes and pick up the nearby SHOTGUN; continue swimming always to your right until you find another UW hole in the floor; at the end of the UW passage pull the lever to open the next door. Continue swimming and swimming following the only possible way until you eventually find a large outside area with the KAYAK. Pick up the shotgun shells at the top of the small island, mount the kayak and ride along the river.


Back to the Starting Area


Soon you will find familiar parts of the river you've already visited so continue riding and taking care in the corridor with the spikes to get back to the watery area with the monkeyswing. Continue riding through the opening with the open door where you got the secret time ago and get back in the starting area. Now that you got the kayak you can go up the cataract in the right hand side and continue riding down a spiked ramp to a large watery area with two crocs. Dispatch them from the nearby island.


More Secrets


Detour for a secret: before you slide down the spiked ramp there's another cascade to your left; park the kayak there, jump into the water (End key + left or right arrows) and look for an UW crawlspace to get the SECRET #2: another rocket. Swim back to the kayak and ride down the spiked ramp to the area with the crocs.


Detour for another secret: look for an UW crawlspace in that island to get the SECRET #3: another rocket.


The Caves


From this outside area there are only two possible routes, but one of them leads you to a spike trap so take the other one (beware of the falling stalactites). In the cave with the cascade you can find uzi clips on a dry ledge.


Detour for another secret: look for another UW crawlspace next to the cascade to get the SECRET #4: another rocket.


The Campfire


Now ride up the cascade to find a large outside area with a campfire. In this area shoot all the baddies and search the corpses to find 2 X shotgun shells and the UZIS. At the end of the river, near the last cascade, jump into the water and look for the OLD KEY near the corner. Use it to open the next door and shoot a snake on your way to the pool with piranhas (if you don't go next to the center they wont attack).


Pool with Piranhas Area


Detour for a secret: look for a bush in one of the corners of the pool; behind it there's a hidden crawlspace leading to SECRET #5: another rocket.


In the side of the pool opposite the area with the monkeys there is a bush hiding a small medipack, through the arch leading to a dead end look for uzi clips and in the area with the monkeys look for a bush in a corner hiding shotgun shells.


Deadly Swamp


Continue through the next dark caves and don't forget to pick up the M16 gun in the left hand side. To save the deadly swamp with the green steam, climb the sloped ledge in the right hand side and take a running jump with grab to the niche in the opposite side, another diagonal running jump to the sloped ledge across, slide/grab the edge and shimmy left. Advance and shoot a couple of tigers and a vulture when entering into the next area.


Area with the Deep Pit


Cross the fallen-trunk-bridge and look for a small medipack hidden in a bush, jump to the area near the corner to find one more small medipack in another bush. Go back to the start of the bridge, near the entrance and look down: drop/slide/grab the edge and shimmy right until you can hoist up; continue and climb to the other side of this jungle area. I found nothing to pick up in this side so look for a hidden crawlspace disguised behind a bush very near the hole you came from, climb down the ladder to the very bottom and save your game when hanging near the floor. Once you touch the floor a moving spiked wall will approach from your back so quickly roll and sprint against the moving wall with a right curve so you can go through the opening in the right hand side and slide to a safe place.


Underground Area


In the underground area take some running jumps over several pits and jumps over several slopes too until you eventually find a ladder; in the corridor with the dead end locate a hole in the ceiling and climb another long ladder to the very top. Continue until you find a hole in the floor with another ladder to climb down, further on you'll find a wide passage with a spiked wall at its back; it's really the passage you visited when entering into this underground area, so run directly to the opening in front of you and continue avoiding the spike trap until you find a closed door. Climb the block to your left to get a large medipack, run up the ramp and roll over the marked tile on the floor to sprint down the ramp and avoid the rolling boulder. Run up the ramp again, press the button to open the door and continue through the dark passage until you eventually find a dead end with a brown texture to your left. It's really a movable block so push it twice to clear the way.


Dart Traps Room


In the room with the poisonous dart traps move the block under the hole in the ceiling so you can climb it and grab the ladder above; use a medipack if needed. Advance through the crawlspaces, take a standing jump with grab to save the pit and in the outside area slide down the ramp and jump in last moment over the row of spikes.


The Swamp


In the swamp area notice the different texture tiles on some parts of the mud; you can take running jumps onto that safe tiles to cross the swamp. From the partially sunken tile in the corner you can advance walking through the corridor.


Last Secret


In the next large area explore the floor level to find uzi clips and 2 X shotgun shells (or at least it's what I found). From the entrance hole turn left and go to the wide herbaceous slope, then turn right and advance some meters until you find a low ledge between two high trunks, climb it, turn left and climb the next one, jump to the top of the rocks to get the SECRET #6: another rocket.


Underwater Room with Piranhas


Now jump into the water hole near the wall opposite the entrance and swim a long distance to find an UW room with piranhas. There is an air hole in the ceiling to take a breath and a large medipack to pick up too. There is a rocky structure from the floor to the ceiling, swim to the upper part and locate a hole with a lever to open the exit door. Look for an opening in another rocky structure near the corner to discover the passage with the open door.


Last Jungle Area


In the next jungle area there are a vulture, some monkeys and a snake to shoot; the snake is protecting a small medipack. Climb the rock under the big tree branch and grab the unmarked monkeyswing to cross to the rocky ledge with the opening, advance, slide down the slope and avoid the blades in the narrow corridor the best you can.


Room with the Long Bridge


In the large room cross the small bridge and run up the steps to the top of the long stone bridge above; from the top turn right/right to find a narrow corridor with a wall switch; pull it to open to open a door in this higher level. A baddy will be released too. The door is timed so sprint, cross the long bridge and go anticlockwise to find the timed door. Once inside the building pull the nearby wall switch twice to open the timed door again if you want, but there are more tasks to accomplish here yet.


First Movable Blocks Puzzle


Forget the corridors with the grated walls; go to the short corridor in the corner to find a grated movable block, push it twice and from its right side push it twice again. Now push the second block twice to find a third block, push this third block into the niche in the corner and pull/push the second block against that third block to clear the way. Now you can get access to a small room with a central pillar and more blocks; you know what to do now: move the block in the corner all around to the entrance and pull it against the second block, and pull/push the next block to the entrance too (blocking the exit) to clear the way so you can pull a last block 4 times and go around the pillar to the end of the corridor to pick up the GATE KEY.


Using the Gate key


Now move the two last blocks so you can go out to the previous room with the wall switch, but don't go outside yet: take one of the lateral corridors with the grated walls (better the left one when facing the exit) and run/sprint all around until you eventually find a closed door with a keyhole; use the key to open it and pull the wall switch to open a door somewhere. Now it's time to go outside: go back to the room with the switch, pull it twice to open the exit door if you didn't do it before, go outside and safely drop to ground floor. Look for the open door in one of the openings near the small bridges (no compass, sorry).


Room with Three Wall Switches


Go either left or right and in the corridor with the three wall switches only one of them will open the next door and the other two trigger fire traps, but you'll always have enough time to take a sideflip to avoid the fire emitters. Once you have opened the door, go outside and to the opening in the opposite wall.


Second Movable Blocks Puzzle


In this room pick up the uzi clips and the shotgun shells near the corner in the right side. Now:

1.- Move the block in the ground floor inside the narrow corridor to create a bridge so you can move both blocks in the first floor to the other side (only two times, don't place one of them inside the niche).

2.- Climb onto that blocks and pull the block in the second floor only once onto one of the movable blocks and pull it once again onto the rocky ledge.

3.- Move the block in the ground floor (if necessary) so you can push one of the blocks in the first floor into the niche.

4.- Climb onto that block and you can drag the block in the second floor in front of the block in the third floor so you can drag it outside the wall.

5.- Go down to ground floor and create a bridge again so you can maneuver one of the blocks in the first floor to place it against the block located into the niche.

6.- Pull the block in the second floor once onto the block in the first floor and push it against the wall.

7.- Finally you can move the block in the third floor aside to discover a hidden passage.


The Old Key


Beware of the falling debris when you go down the stairs and in the room with two wall torches pick up the OLD KEY. On your way back outside you'll have to shoot a couple of baddies and they will drop 2 X M16 ammo. Once in the main outside area look for the remaining opening you've not visited yet and open the door with the key.


Sheeva Room


Enter and quickly kill two poisonous lizards before they can attack; in a corner next to the closed door there is a snake hidden in a bush but also a wall switch to open the door. Go inside the temple and pick up 2 X M16 ammo next to the left and right walls; when you go up the stairs one of the Sheeva statues comes to life so you know what to do. Also dispatch up to four baddies on the left and right stairs. From the top of the stairs take a running jump to the ledge under the monkeyswing and swing a long way to the other side of the room.


Blades and Fire Emitters


In the dangerous corridor with fire emitters and blades make your way to time the traps the best you can; you can find a small medipack in one of the niches to your right. At the end of the passage the doors will automatically open.


Final Fight


In the final room, shoot the baddies from the ledge near the entrance and when you jump to the central platform the Boss will be triggered. Quickly run to the other side and to the ledge with the small pool in case you catch fire, draw the M16 and shoot the Boss while doing continuous sidejumps left and right to avoid being toasted until eventually the Boss explodes. When he is defeated jump to the central platform and pick up the OLD KEY he dropped; use the key in the keyhole near one of the doors and enter to get the TUNHOO RUBY. The exit door will open.


The Escape


Go there and slide down the ramps, quickly climb the ladder to avoid being impaled by the moving spiked ceiling. In the huge room use the zip line to cross the pit and advance straight ahead to the darkness to finish the level.


November – 14 - 2019