Level by Opaque79


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walk



After the opening flyby through old-school surroundings augmented by TR3 music, walk forward to the edge of the shallow water and jump N along the tree limbs until you reach the flares and shotgun ammo. Safety drop from there and land on top of a native. Shoot him and the baby dinosaur, then locate the small medipack on the W bank.  Find a TORCH in the waterfall niche, jump out NW onto the bank and carefully light the torch with the nearby campfire. 


Find and light two wall sconces here on the jungle floor (NW and NE in the tree trunks) and hop up onto the block near the closed E gate. Jump up twice to reach the limb where you found the pickups, then light the third sconce to open the E gate. You're done with the torch, so jump back down and exit this area via the opened gateway. Slide down the waterfall and drop into deeper water. Swim and wade around the corner. Before emerging from the water, draw your pistols and shoot a half dozen baby dinosaurs.


In the large cavernous area, first go to an alcove near the NW corner and pull down the wall switch to open an underwater door. Run E toward the waterfall and jump into the water.  Find the opened gateway, swim over the first blade and under the second one, continue forward and swim under two more blades, and pull out at the end into a small room.  Pick up the large medipack, pull down the wall switch to open a door near the waterfall by which you entered, and go back the way you came.  At the waterfall, loop around left into the opened doorway.  Follow the passage, shooting a baby dinosaur around the corner, and emerge in an outdoor area with a small lake.


Two closed doors bar your further progress, so jump into the lake and swim down through the floor hole. Search the floor on the S side of one of the plants for the SHOTGUN (easy to miss) and return for air if necessary.  Note the closed gate at the end of the NW passage and swim through the E opening. Pull out into a small room and pull down the generously timed wall switch to raise three timed platforms.  Turn right, step forward, turn slightly left and back flip onto the lowest one, turn slightly right and stand jump SW onto the next one, turn and stand jump NW onto the third one, roll, step forward and stand jump to grab the E ledge.  Pull up, step forward and pull down the wall switch to open the underwater gate you saw earlier. Turn, jump W down into the water hole and return to the lake.  Swim forward and slightly to the right into the NW passage. Pull the underwater lever to open one of the closed doors above and swim back up through the ceiling hole.


Wade out N, pull up onto the ledge there and find the opened door.  Enter the next room and shoot two baby dinosaurs.  Note the panel of switches in the E wall.  Grab the small medipack and shotgun ammo on the W ledge and step on the N ornate tile for a cut scene of the floor beneath the grate. Operating the wall switches moves a block down below.  Your objective is to move it onto the S trigger tile.  To do this, number the wall switches from left to right.  Pull down #2 and #4, push #4 back up and pull down #1. Pull down #4 and push #4 back up, and the block lands on the trigger tile to open the second door in the outdoor area. Return there, pull up onto the E ledge and find the opened door. Enter and pull down the wall switch to open a trap door somewhere.


Return to the lake and exit this area via the S passage. Back in the large cavernous area, go NW and behind the tree near the N wall for shotgun ammo. Run S across the clearing and into an opening with a shallow stream. Wade straight forward to the S wall and jump up to grab the vines. Climb up past the opened trap door and pull up into a dark passage. Run forward for the small medipack, then go the other way and jump N over the gap.  Continue to the upper reaches of this outdoor glade. Jump N to the central tree and continue NE over a gap to another tree where you'll find SECRET #1 on the left side of the trunk. Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and the UZIS, then continue with your jumps S along the tree line until you reach a small medipack on the limb nearest the waterfall.


Go back to the ledge where you entered this upper area and follow it all the way N, ignoring the opening on your left, and loop around left at the end to find a wall switch.  Pull it down to open a timed gate signified by action music.  When the cut scene and music end, save your game and pull the switch a second time, hit the look key and reverse roll. Run out right, slide down to a level surface, turn around and safety drop to the ground.  Reverse roll, run forward while looping around right and get past the timed W gateway.  


Find the floor hole in the corner and drop down into the water below. Pause for the shotgun ammo and pull out N. Prepare to do battle with three natives and a raptor.  Go to that hut right (E) of the entrance to this area, turn around at the entrance to the hut and look up to see a ledge. Light a flare and stand directly beneath the corner (you have to be precisely positioned). Jump up to grab the flat surface and pull up. Turn around, hop onto the roof of the hut and find the SE opening. Enter the underground room for SECRET #2 and take 2 x revolver ammo and the REVOLVER from the raised mound as your reward.


Exit, drop down to the jungle floor and now enter the hut. Drop down through the floor hole into the water below and locate another hole between the tree and the N wall. Swim down and follow the passage for the SAPPHIRE KEY. When you pick it up a trap door opens in the previous area. Get back out and use the vines in the SW corner to climb back up through the hole. Exit this hut and explore the other nearby huts for uzi ammo and shotgun ammo in one of them, and shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and revolver ammo in another.  The opened trap door is near the W wall, so face S or E and jump up to grab the opening. Pull up into a small room where you can use the Sapphire Key to open a door between one of the huts and the E wall.  Locate that opening and follow the passage past the opened door (which closes behind you).


Emerge to face a lake with purple (but not deadly) water. Turn left and shoot a raptor.  You can see an opening ahead in the N wall, but it leads to a closed door requiring a key. Turn right and enter the E opening. Go up the N ramp and turn right at the top to enter a larger room with two side passages. Take the left (N) passage first and enter a room with a shallow pool. Climb the ledges against the N wall and pull down the wall switch.  Drop down to deal with two natives, then enter the SE opening and follow around to another wall switch to open a timed door high up in the S wall. Save your game, pull the switch down, quickly climb the N ledges again and jump to grab two ropes in succession, then take a final jump to reach the timed doorway. Dash inside and pick up the hard-to-see COG (1 of 3).


Safety drop to the floor, exit SW to the hub room and locate the floor hole near the SE corner. Climb down the ladder to a subterranean lake with more purple water (but here it's deadly). Light a flare to illuminate the translucent platforms, hop to the nearest one and take a running jump NE to the next one. Hop E onto the ledge and pick up the COG (2 of 3). Go back the way you came and climb the ladder to the hub room.


Take the S side passage and walk down the ramp.  Save your game, safety drop at the end (grab and release immediately) to trigger two boulders and run forward to take a precise running jump across the gap to safety.  Loop around right past the spikes and pull down the wall switch, go back to the boulder pit and loop around left past more spikes and a flame blower to another wall switch. Now make your way N past another flame blower and more spikes to a closed door on your left. Turn right there and go around the corner past two more sets of spikes and a flame blower to a third wall switch that opens the door you saw.  Go back there (NW corner) and find the COG (3 of 3).  Return to the boulder pit, jump over it and run up the ramp, turn around and jump to the ladder, climb up to the upper ramp and return to the hub room.


Turn right to the middle of the E wall and place the three cogs on the empty spindles. After all have been placed, a block lowers in the W room, allowing access to a wall switch that triggers a couple of cut scenes.  Reverse roll, run S down the ramp and return to the lake.  Wade N through the shallow water toward the opening you noted earlier.  Sidestep right near the N wall and pick up the EMERALD KEY in the water. Pull up into the N opening and follow just around the corner to a keyhole. Use the Emerald Key to open the door and follow to a subterranean cavern.


To your left is a path leading to a closed door requiring a key. Turn right and jump up E to the right of the tree trunk. Walk forward and take a tricky stand jump up S to a stable surface. Hop E to the wall with the vines.  Climb up and back flip to where three raptors are waiting. When the last one has died the S door opens.  Enter and pick up the GOLD KEY.  You know where that goes, but before returning to the forest floor explore this upper area for shotgun ammo.  Shoot two natives awaiting you down below, then follow the N path and use the Gold Key to open the door.


Enter and pick up the large medipack.  Continue N up the ramp to trigger a boulder, reverse roll and run back the other way, veering right or left at the bottom to evade the boulder. Go back up the ramp, reverse roll at the wall and jump forward to grab the upper passage.  Pull up, run forward and use the SW alcove to reach the S wall switch. Pull it down to open a door and release two raptors, jump back to the alcove and run W up the ramp.  Shoot two natives, pick up the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo they drop, and continue to a S passage where your approach triggers spikes.  Run past them, crawl underneath two spike balls and run past more spikes. Slide down to where the raptors are waiting and deal with them.


You're in previously explored territory, but now the N door is open.  Enter and follow the passage to the lair of a T-Rex couple. When both are dead, run across the clearing through the N opening into a temple area. Pull up onto the temple ledge (note the closed entrance), pick up the shotgun ammo and uzi ammo behind the columns, and jump back down to the ground. Enter the SW opening and enter a room guarded by three natives. Explore the room and find the STORAGE KEY in a W alcove. 


Return to the temple ledge and use the Storage Key (left of the door) to enter. Run forward and take the JUNGLE STONE from the plinth. Reverse roll and go back to the temple entrance.  Shoot four raptors roaming about below and exit through the S opening. Turn right in the open air area and run up the W ramp toward the daylight to end the level.