Level by Osvaldo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walk




Step off the central platform and search the surrounding ledges for flares, a large medipack and revolver ammo. Push the W floor lever to open the S doors (yes, even in Osvaldo's earlier levels the compass is haywire). In the next room all the corner jars are empty except for the SE one (flares). On the middle W ledge you'll find revolver ammo and uzi ammo in the corner alcoves. Push the floor lever there to open the next S doors. Get the shotgun ammo in the SE alcove and uzi ammo in the SW alcove before entering the next room.


Climb up onto the raised central platform and pick up the small medipack before a ninja has a chance to steal it. Push the floor lever near the NE corner to open the next set of S doors. As soon as you step onto the ramp two spike balls come rumbling down, so run back to safety on either side of the doorway. Go up the ramp to a ledge overlooking a deep pit. You can't get across from here, so jump into the water below and note the closed SE gate. Pick up explosive crossbow arrows near the NW corner and find the underwater lever high up on the left side of the N column that opens a gate somewhere.


Surface and pull out onto a ledge. Grab the UZIS in the NE corner and climb the nearby ladder. Proceed past the first ledge, shift right and drop down onto the second ledge. Pull down the wall switch to open a gate in the next area you'll explore.  Jump from here back into the water. Swim into the narrow opening near the floor on the right side of the W column. Follow to an opening where you can pull out. The nearby jar is empty, so go around the corner and engage two ninjas, one of whom drops crossbow arrows. The E side passage leads to a closed gate, so go back to where the ninjas came from, ignoring for now the opened SW gate, and follow around the structure to find a ladder on the back side. Climb up into a dark room with a jar containing uzi ammo. Time your way past the nearby flame burners and grab the CROWBAR from the plinth around the corner.


Go back, climb down the ladder and go to the SW gateway you opened earlier.  Follow the passage to a room with a closed gate and three wall switches. The door closes behind you as you enter, and corkscrews start descending from the ceiling, so quickly pull down the three wall switches and exit through the opened E gateway before you're skewered. Follow to a closed gate and a wall switch that opens it, together with a trap door elsewhere.  The gate closes behind you as you continue N along the passage. Follow to a familiar area, turn left and jump into the water hole.


Swim back to the pool as debris falls from the ceiling. Pull out NE, climb the E ladder and this time shift right and drop down onto the first ledge you bypassed earlier. Hang from the N edge, shimmy right past two statues and pull up in the NW corner.  The trap door you opened is here, so climb the ladder past the trap door, shift left and drop down onto an upper ledge. Go to the other end, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing S past the flame blower until you can drop down onto the ledge with the plinth. Take the EYE PIECE, which opens the underwater gate you saw earlier, and jump down into the water. Swim SE past the opened gate and follow down to an underwater lever on your right as you level out near the bottom of the passage.


Continue E and up past the opened trap doors and pull out into an area guarded by five scorpions. No, a sixth scorpion is lying in wait near the middle of the room. Locate the hole in the NW corner and slide down the pole to a lower passage. Side flip past the giant cigar cutter and proceed to a dark room where you're attacked by four (maybe five) more scorpions. Pick up the REVOLVER for SECRET #1, get back past the giant cigar cutter, climb the pole and back flip into the previous room.  Go to the SE corner past a closed gate to find a floor lever. Push it to open the gate and enter another dark area.  Follow NE until you get a fixed camera with a mummy coming at you from your right. Loop around left until camera control is restored, run forward into the S passage where another mummy waits, and pick up the CROSSBOW at the end.  Corkscrews start descending from the ceiling, so exit this area before arming your crossbow with explosive arrows and dealing with the two mummies.


Investigate this area for two crowbar levers, one near the NE corner and the other near the SW corner next to shotgun ammo. A door has opened at the NW corner, so go there and enter a large room with a central sarcophagus and much to do here. You can hear the retching sounds of a nearby mummy, but ignore them for now and climb the steps ahead. Enter the W opening, light a flare and crawl to a ledge overlooking a flameblower-trapped stairway. You're too high to drop from here to the stairs below, so run to the N end of the ledge and make your way S past the flameblowers. Continue to the S wall for SECRET #2 and the SHOTGUN.  Go back N up the stairs and pull up left onto the ledge. Go back to the opening and crawl back to the large room.


Make your way to the NE corner and hop over the flaming trench for a large medipack. Go to the S alcove opposite the sarcophagus and pull the statute out and aside.  Climb the revealed ladder into an upper room where two mummies are waiting. Take the HAND OF ORION from the plinth and run over the breaktiles if you like. Climb back down the ladder and wait for two ninjas to appear.  Go to the SE corner and, if you want the final secret in this level, save your game before pulling down the wall switch. The following sequence needs to be done without wasting any time or pausing to deal with any enemies. Exit this room via the SW doorway and return to the room with the water hole. Jump into the water and swim back to the familiar pool. Pull out NE and climb the E ladder once more. Drop down onto the first ledge and shimmy right past only one statue this time.  Pull up to face an opening to a ramp (a ramp you ran up earlier).


Sprint down the ramp to a familiar room and continue N into the next room to encounter an assassin. Ignore him, continue into the third room (the beginning room) and locate the receptacle for your Hand of Orion behind the NE column. A trap door opens in the opposite NW corner, so hop into the opening without wasting valuable seconds climbing down the ladder and follow the lower passage to a room where three scorpions are waiting. The timed doors on your right lead to the final secret, and if you get there in time you can enter for SECRET #3, shoot a mummy and select what you want from one of three plinths.  When you make your selection the other two plinths are set ablaze. Exit via the NE crawl space and deal with the scorpions that were alerted when you entered this area. Run E past a closed door, turn left and pick up a small medipack.


Turn left again and time your way past a flame blower to pull the wall switch in the NW corner. Go back to the E wall, turn left and pull down a second wall switch. A door opens in the N wall, so go there and deal with the demigod guarding the N room. Take the second EYE PIECE from the plinth to activate a brief earthquake. Go back S, climb the ladder and watch out for the falling debris in the beginning room. Shoot the waiting assassin and run S, pause to shoot a ninja in the next room and continue to the ramp. Run to the top (the earthquake has stopped by now), jump into the water and swim into the SE gateway.


Pull out at the other end, run forward through the E gateway, loop around right into the room with the central sarcophagus, run forward to the N iris door, combine the two eye pieces to form the EYE OF HORUS and insert it in the receptacle to open the door. Run up the ramp, jump over the spike pit and get past a flame blower. Pull up into a higher passage and run forward to alert a ninja hiding in a side passage. Continue N and slide down toward the Jeep to end the level.